101Investing experience: trading over 250 CFDs with a regulated broker

In a comparison of CFD brokers, 101Investing scored a positive overall result. Traders can not only look forward to numerous trading opportunities with the CFD specialist, but can also choose from several account variants. However, a deposit of 100 Euro is required to start trading. For all those who would like to try it for free first, there is bad news: According to our 101Investing experience, there is no free demo account with virtual credit available.

Nevertheless, the 100 Euro minimum deposit makes it much easier to start trading than with many a competitor. The large offer of free training opportunities is also convincing. For beginning Trader optimally, because they can learn everything approximately around the trade, the market analysis and much more besides with the help of videos, Tutorials and eBooks, improve their knowledge. The well-known MetaTrader is then available for the implementation of the trading activity, which also convinces with a large number of features and an enormous user-friendliness. How the results in the individual categories in the 101Investing test look like, we show below.

1 – CFD trading offer: more than 250 CFDs of various assets

Our 101Investing experience with the trading offers is thoroughly positive. In total there are more than 250 CFDs on various assets to choose from:

  • Krypton currency
  • Raw materials
  • Forex
  • Shares
  • Indices
  • Metals

Traders have access to over 10,000 markets and can trade individual assets with a total of three different account models. To get a better overview of his trading options, we took a closer look at the assets in the 101Invest experience.


In the comparison of the brokers above all the offer of the Krypto CFDs shows up as particularly extensive. More than 50 of them are offered, among them naturally the most important ones such as Bitcoin, Dash or Ripple. Are traded the crypto-currencies against Fiat money, so that the CFDs look for example as follows:


In order to identify the optimal opportunities in the market for trading entry, more than 30 analysis tools are available, which can of course also be used for the other assets.

In addition to CFDs on Bitcoin and Co. other assets are also available for selection. Among them especially the raw materials. Traders can trade CFDs on Brent Oil, Cocoa, Coffee, Copper, Corn, Cotton, Natural Gas and Crude Oil. In total, the offer includes more than 17 CFDs in this area.

The experience with 101Investing is particularly positive when it comes to trading in the foreign exchange market. Countless currency pairs are offered, including the Minors. Trading is possible on NZDUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, among others.

But that’s not all, because CFDs on securities also convince in the 101Investing Test. Traders gain access to over 75 major stocks from a variety of industries and can take advantage of their flexible pricing. CFDs on are for example interesting:

  • 3M
  • AIG
  • Alcoa
  • Alibaba

In addition to the long-established companies, there are also trading opportunities for young companies and niche industries.


In order to round off the positive impression of the trading offers, the CFD offers on metals and indices may not be missing. Traders have access to the world’s most important indices, including the Dow Jones, FTSE 100, DAX NASDAQ 100 or Nikkei 225.

CFDs on metals are also particularly remote, as the commodity market in particular is subject to constant fluctuations and traders can make optimal use of the brokered contracts for difference. However, caution is advised, because CFD trading is extremely risky for inexperienced traders and with insufficient risk coverage. 101Investing offers support for this, for example through analysis tools or free trading knowledge. This may also make trading XAGUSD, XAUUSD, PALLADIUM or PLATINUM a little easier.

  • More than 250 CFDs on various assets
  • Access to more than 10,000 markets for traders
  • Especially large offer of Forex CFDs

2 – 101Investing CFD experience with trading conditions: competitive spreads

Depending on the selected account model and assets, the trading costs also vary. The 101Investing experience shows that trading with the silver account is a good way to start,

but has the highest spreads from 0.07 pips. On the other hand, traders have a lower minimum deposit with the Silver Account than with other account models.

In the test we took a closer look at the conditions for some of the most popular CFDs for the Silver Account:

  • EUR/USD: 2.2 pips
  • GBP/USD: 2.8 pips
  • USD/JPY: 2.3 pips

For other assets the conditions are as follows: Gold can be traded from 0.59 pips, crude oil from 0.07 pips. For comparison, in the test we also take a closer look at the conditions for the other account models. For the gold account, the conditions are as follows:

  • EUR/USD: 1.3 pips
  • GBP/USD: 2 pips
  • USD/JPY: 1.5 pips

These figures give an idea of how differently the trading conditions can be used individually by traders with the optimal account selection. The most favorable are the trading costs on the platinum account. For a better comparison the conditions:

  • EUR/USD: 0.7 pips
  • GBP/USD: 1.3 pips
  • USD/JPY: 0.8 pips

The trading costs are especially favorable for ambitious traders with a platinum account. However, if you are looking for a simple trading entry with a not too large minimum capital requirement, the Silver Account is a good choice.

  • Trading costs vary and are most expensive with the Silver Account
  • EUR/USD possible from 0.7 pips
  • Flexible spreads for assets

3 – Accounts & Accounts: 3 account models & 1 exclusive account for professionals

Every trader can gain individual 101Investing experience. Three different account models are available for private traders. In addition there is a trading account exclusively for trading professionals (proof must be provided by the broker) with very special conditions and VIP support. In the test, we especially looked at the trading accounts for private traders, because they also have it in them. To the selection stand:

  • Silver account
  • Gold Account
  • Platinum account

The Silver Account is ideally suited for trading entry, as it enables trading on the global markets with over 250 CFDs at attractive conditions. The minimum deposit is 100 Euro and the spreads start from 0.07 pips. Traders do not have to pay a commission and can draw on a maximum leverage of 1:30. 101Investing’s experience shows that, unlike many other brokers, traders can even use hedging and have their own account manager on request.


In addition to the silver account, there is also the gold account, which of course should not be missing in our test. Traders find improved trading conditions for this and can then become active in over 10,000 markets. The advantage: CFDs are also offered here free of commission. Additionally, there is a swap discount of 25 percent.

Those who do not want to use either the Silver or the Gold Account, but would like to obtain further trading advantages, can fall back on the Platinum Account. The spreads are particularly favorable here and start as low as 0.03 pips. The swap discount is also impressive, as it is 50 percent.


In the test, we would like to show not only the three account models for private traders, but also take a look at the offers for trading professionals. The professional account is available upon proof of suitability, which must be deposited with the broker. This gives the traders priority access to over 350 assets and a leverage of up to 1:500, and they can also benefit from a margin reduction of up to 70%. However, this also requires a higher trading volume, as the deposit of 100 euros as minimum amount is not sufficient to use the Pro-Trader account.


In the test of the different brokers we looked naturally also after the numerous account offers. Many offer traders a free demo account for practice purposes, which is equipped with virtual credit. However, our experience at 101Investing shows that this option does not exist here. Traders can only become active with a fixed deposit account from a deposit of 100 Euro, but cannot execute trades with virtual assets, for example to practice analysis in a protected environment and without risk.

  • 3 account models for private traders, one account for professional traders
  • Account opening from 100 Euro possible
  • No demo account available

4 – CFD trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 also as an app for CFD trading

The 101Investing Test also includes assessments of the trading platforms. The broker relies on well-known solutions and therefore provides the MetaTrader 4 and the WebTrader. There is no own trading platform. However, the traders do not have to do without innovative solutions for market analysis, because there are countless tools and support for the analyses, which are provided (free of charge).


In fact, MetaTrader 4 has proven itself as a globally recognized and widely used trading tool by many traders and brokers. The platform can be quickly installed on the desktop for free or used as a free download for the smartphone and tablet. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even for inexperienced traders. But even ambitious traders do not have to forego their in-depth market analysis thanks to the many tools and functions.


A look at the functions of MetaTrader 4 shows that traders actually get a small all-rounder for free. Besides the real-time quotes, all kinds of

trading operations, the complete trading history or numerous order types are available. Other functions, especially for technical analysis are:

  • Interactive price charts (in real time)
  • Technical indicators
  • Over 22 analytical objects
  • Various Timeframes

Anyone who wants to can use the free financial news push notifications to be informed (or have them informed) at any time about the latest developments on the market.


To use the trading platform, a free download is required. Whoever wants to can also become active via WebTrader and does not need to install anything, because all actions are performed in the browser. However, experience has shown that it is convenient to use the installed application on the PC or mobile device, because traders have everything at a glance with just a click of a button. The large language selection (over 18 languages available) makes it possible to use the MT4 in several languages.

To enjoy the benefits, the download can be made free of charge via the Apple or Google Play Store, for example. Within seconds, the application is downloaded and only needs to be installed. But even this works quickly and is almost self-explanatory.

  • MetaTrader 4 as App and PC version
  • No proprietary brokerage trading platform
  • MT4 WebTrader is also available for free use

5 – Website usability: smart solution for traders

High usability is the top priority at 101Investing. Traders will quickly find their way around the website because it is well structured and also follows a responsive approach. Traders can access all functions not only on their PC, but also on their mobile devices. There is no need to install the app, as the content automatically adapts to the reduced display size on the smartphone or tablet. In the test we saw that the content is self-explanatory due to the clear structure of the menu navigation (located in the upper area):

  • About us
  • Products
  • Platforms
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Contact us

It quickly becomes clear where all important information is located. For example, clicking on the “Products” category provides information about the individual trading offers. Here you will find a list of all tradable CFDs: Crypto currencies, commodities, forex, stocks, indices, metals.

All information about the trading platform, the legal basis or the company itself can also be found in the corresponding menu items. Particularly interesting is the area of education, because here those behind actually find all training possibilities, which 101Investing offers undoubtedly in large number free of charge.


In the test we also took a closer look at the website in terms of design and color scheme. Some brokers still have a dusty looking design, but this is not to be found at 101Investing. Instead, the broker convinces with clear colors, which make navigation even easier. On a white background, traders can find all information without being distracted by unreadable font colors or a bright background that is less pleasant to the eyes.

  • Clear menu navigation and structure
  • Modern design
  • Responsive website facilitates application

6 – Customer Support: 101Investing Support available 24/5

The 101Investing experience with customer support is also positive. Traders can use a variety of contact methods to get in touch with support with their concerns. However, there is one drawback: the contact is not available 24/7 as with many other brokers. No, the test shows that the availability is only 24/5 in the time from Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm GMT.


  • Contact form directly on the website
  • E-Mail to the support
  • Live Chat
  • Reachability by phone

In addition to the various contact options, however, the dealers need to know a thing or two, because by no means are all available free of charge. Those who opt for the live chat naturally have the opportunity to contact support free of charge. The same applies to writing an e-mail or using the contact form directly on the website. However, the situation is different when contacting us by phone. The number is registered outside of Germany’s borders and therefore additional costs may arise for the dealers when calling.


Not only the different communication channels are decisive for the evaluation of a broker, but also the processing speed. Here 101Investing convinces in the test, because in the live chat a support employee is actually available within a few seconds. However, anyone who sends an e-mail or uses the contact form on the website may have to wait a little longer for an answer. For a quick clarification of the concerns, the live chat is therefore recommended.

  • Various contact options available
  • Support available 24/5
  • Telephone support (with costs) possible

7 – Payment methods: free payments possible

Since a free demo account is missing, the traders must naturally pay a minimum amount of 100 Euro into their account when opening the account. For this purpose, the broker offers several trustworthy and above all well-known payment service providers. To it belong:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skill
  • Neteller

The 101Investing experience shows that there are a total of 10 payment service providers, which may vary slightly in processing time. The fastest way to capitalize your account is with credit cards or electronic purses. The value date is usually after a few hours, maximum two days. Due to delays of the payment service providers or problems with participating interfaces, however, in individual cases a longer waiting time may occur. In the test, the account capitalization was actually realized within one day with the payment options mentioned above.

Those who decide to use bank transfer have to wait a little longer. The transaction time can take up to five days, depending on the participating credit institute. For a short-term account capitalization, the bank transfer is therefore not recommended. However, if you are planning to trade longer term via your 101Investing account, you can undoubtedly use the bank transfer as a safe option.


In the 101Investing test we saw that all account offers are in USD. This can of course cause additional costs due to currency transactions. If you use bank transfer and have your account in Euro, you have to expect additional costs. Experience has shown that the costs of credit cards or electronic purses are significantly lower or are not charged at all.


The payment of the trading profits is of course also possible via different service providers. Here the principle applies: The payout must be made through the same way the traders have realized the deposit. It is also important that a verification has taken place before the profit payout. For this purpose, the merchants must confirm their identity with a valid identification document. A copy of the credit card used (for example, as a photo) can also be requested from support to establish the identity of the merchants and protect them from misuse.

  • Credit cards, electronic purses and bank transfers available
  • Account capitalization in mostly free of charge
  • There may be additional costs due to currency conversion

8 – Additional offers: free knowledge transfer

Especially for prospective retailers it is important to create a comprehensive knowledge base. Not all brokers are helpful in this respect. At 101Investing, however, traders can look forward to various training opportunities free of charge. To it belong:

  • VOD
  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Tutorials

There are also useful tools such as the economic calendar or the earnings report calendar. In the 101Investing test, we naturally examined the quality of educational opportunities. In the “VOD” section, for example, numerous videos are available, neatly separated according to trading level, for a better understanding of trading. Traders at the beginning of their

Trading career can find, for example, videos on: opportunities and risks, risk distribution, explanation of currency pairs. In further also fundamental Trading terms or the use of the Metatrader are explained.


The selection of eBooks can also be seen at the broker. Compared to other providers in the test, there are countless topics, which are available free of charge in the electronic books for the traders. To it belong:

  • the trading market
  • Strategies for newcomers
  • Explanation of terms
  • global trade and its interrelationships
  • capital management

In this way the dealers can train themselves further completely individually and get all information well prepared as eBook presented. The offer is rounded off by the numerous courses, which are likewise offered free of charge by 101Investing. They can select Trader from: Strategies, CFDs and shares, social trading, the trading market. The selection of the courses is particularly good for trading beginners and advanced traders, because in this way almost everyone can improve his trading level with the appropriate courses free of charge.

The tutorials also ensure that no questions remain unanswered, especially about MetaTrader. For this purpose, there are two comprehensive tutorials, which simplify the handling of the trading platform considerably. Due to the good graphics and step-by-step instructions, all tools and analysis options are also easy to understand for prospective traders.


In addition to the various training opportunities, the business calendar is of course also an essential tool. Listed are all events that could be interesting for trading decisions. A look at the economic calendar helps to forecast market movements and to use them for your own activities.

  • Training opportunities for different trading levels
  • free courses, eBooks or tutorials
  • Earnings report and economic calendar available free of charge

9 – Regulation & Deposit Protection: CySEC license available

101Investing is a trademark of FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd. 101Investing is also licensed in Cyprus. These are well-known and proven license papers, as they can be found with many other renowned competitors. This gives traders the security of knowing that they are dealing with a regulated company where, for example, deposits of up to 20,000 euros are also protected. Furthermore, to obtain the license, brokers must meet strict requirements, which are constantly reviewed.


Security is a top priority for the broker not only through the license documents, but also during data transfer. Traders can rely on a secure SSL connection. In addition, all data is processed via a certified data center, which gives us additional protection for sensitive data. If desired, a VPN service is even available, which can be used with the individual account options.

  • CySEC regulated broker
  • Deposit protection for traders
  • Data transfer via SSL connection and licensed data center

10 – awards: no awards, but positive trader feedback

If a broker has received awards from trade magazines or other juries, this is of course always a good sign for the traders. However, the awards alone are no indication that a broker is really convincing with a good trading offer and attractive trading conditions. That is why we took a closer look in the test to see whether 101Investing can convince even without prices or other mentions in trade magazines.

Our impression in the test is thoroughly positive, because the traders not only find an intuitive application, but also attractive conditions and a comprehensive trading offer. Above all the trading platform, the Metatrader, convinces many users in the test. A look at the reviews in the Apple Store, for example, shows that the feedback is predominantly positive. Praise is given, for example, to functionality and ease of use.

Also we could get a similar positive impression in the test, not only of the trading platform. Anyone who wants to get an impression for himself can start with just 100 euros by registering with the Silver Account.

  • So far no mention in trade magazines
  • Awards are not yet available for the Broker
  • positive feedback of the users for Metatrader in the Apple Store

Conclusion about CFD Broker 101Investing: very good overall impression, especially suitable for ambitious traders

The overall impression from the 101Investing test is almost exclusively positive. Not only the modern design with the innovative operation is convincing. No, the responsive website is also convincing. The traders also have many options when choosing trading instruments, as there are more than 250 CFDs on securities, foreign exchange, commodities or crypto currencies available. You can trade on one of the three real money accounts for private traders. Trading professionals can look forward to another account model with many extras. However, traders must make concessions with the demo account, because it is not available for practice purposes. But the traders have the chance to access the numerous free training possibilities.

The positive impression is rounded off by the trading platform. The familiar Metatrader is not only available for the desktop, but also as an app or option for the web browser. Traders can access numerous features and tools for analysis and even have all market news displayed via push message. If you are looking for an innovative broker who specializes in CFD trading, 101Investing is the right choice for you.

Strengths and weaknesses:

  • +more than 250 CFDs of various assets
  • +numerous account models
  • +innovative trading platform (also as mobile solution)
  • +free further education opportunities in numerous
  • +CySEC regulated broker
  • +secure data transfer (surfers in licensed data center)
  • -no demo account
  • -Minimum deposit 100 Euro

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