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Not only with Forex and CFDs brokers, the trading platform has become an important feature and in some cases a decisive criterion for comparison, when traders make the effort to compare brokers with each other. There is a good reason why the trading platform is so important. After all, it provides the entire basis for trading financial products such as currency pairs, CFDs and binary options. That’s why in our guide, we’d like to provide you with some helpful information about what makes a good trading platform today, what you should look out for, and the differences between the various trading platforms. We also inform you about the type of trading platform Broker 24Option offers and what functions and features it has.

The trading platform – the basis for all trading

Perhaps you are still used to forwarding a securities order to your bank by telephone or fax, for example. These times have been history for quite some time now, because now almost all traders can place their trading orders online and have access to their trading account at any time. At the latest since the first online brokers appeared on the market, the entire processing has also become much easier for the customer. On the other hand, however, the demands of traders for a trading platform have also increased, so that brokers, especially in recent years, have made much greater efforts than before to offer a modern, functional and user-friendly trading platform.

This development has not passed 24option by either. This is reflected in numerous new and further developments, as 24option also knows that the trading platform has become a key feature when clients have to choose between different brokers.

What demands do traders make on the trading platform?

Surveys and studies have shown in the past that traders on a broad basis have ever higher demands on an optimal trading platform. In surveys, the following points are especially mentioned, which are expected from a well-functioning trading platform today:

  • appealing design
  • Usability
  • numerous features
  • simple tools (tools)
  • One-Click Trading
  • Chart display
  • extensive information about the account and current exchange rates

By the way, these requirements are independent of whether the trader is trading binary options, CFDs or foreign exchange. Therefore, brokers in each trading area are required to provide an attractive trading platform. The vast majority of brokers have succeeded in doing this without any problems, so 24Option is also one of the providers who can provide a functional and user-friendly trading platform. In the following section of the guide, we would like to explain in more detail what makes it stand out and what you as a customer should know about the trading platform of the broker 24Option.

Intuitive trading platform with Broker 24Option

One of the aims of Broker 24Option is to offer its clients a trading platform that is as intuitive as possible, which is popular with both beginners and professional traders. Therefore, the trading platform, which is of course especially designed for trading binary options, can be characterized by its simplicity and ease of use.

However, this does not mean that the trader would not be able to use extensive trading possibilities and features that are of greater importance when trading binary options in everyday life. Another feature is that the trading platform offered by Broker 24Option is web-based. This means that no software download is necessary, but the customer has the possibility to access the platform directly via the browser at any time. The trading platform is based on the well-known TechFinancials application, which is already used by several brokers. Both via the Internet browser on the smartphone and via tablet, trading via the Broker 24 option is also possible on a mobile basis. In addition, the trader can alternatively use corresponding apps, which are available for both the Android operating system and iOS.

Demo account and different account types

Before using the trading platform at Broker 24Option, every client has the opportunity to try out trading binary options or CFDs risk-free with a free demo account. For this purpose, Broker 24Option initially provides a virtual capital of 5,000 US dollars. It is particularly commendable that the demo account is permanently free of charge and that the customer also has extensive access to all the instructional videos offered. This is an ideal way to inform and educate yourself and to try out strategies without risk.

Although it is irrelevant for the trading platform, we would like to mention at this point that you can choose between different account types with Broker 24Option.

The main differences between the Silver Account, Gold Account, Platinum Account as well as the Diamond Account are mainly the minimum deposit amount to be made and which additional functions can be used. However, the trading interface is the same for every client, so you don’t need to pay attention to the account type if you want to learn more about the trading platform.

An overview of the trading possibilities with Broker 24Option

On the trading platform provided by Broker 24Option, you can first of all see from the current prices that there are a total of more than 100 underlyings from the categories currencies, commodities, shares and indices that you can trade with Broker 24Option in the form of binary options. The Broker thus performs very well in direct comparison with its competitors, some of whom provide well below 100 underlyings. Another important aspect is the trading opportunities that the broker basically offers. These can be seen directly on the left-hand side of the trading platform’s homepage and currently include the following trading variants:

  • High/Low
  • Short term
  • One hit
  • Border
  • Up/down

The broker currently offers you five different trading types in the area of binary options. Each trade type can be selected directly via the corresponding menu item and is quickly and easily recognisable due to the black colour design with which the trading program is equipped. By the way, various charts can be called up via the trading platform, whereby the start page always displays the chart that belongs to the currently selected underlying instrument.

Mobile trading for Android and iOS

Mobile trading is also provided by the broker, which we have already briefly mentioned above. On the one hand, you have the possibility to access the trading platform via tablet or a smartphone, directly via the Internet browser.

Alternatively, however, the Broker also provides corresponding apps, which can be downloaded and installed either via Google Play or in the App Store. For example, current users give the app, which can be accessed via Google Play, a good rating of 3.9 points (from a maximum of 5.0). This also supports our opinion that the trading platform is simple, yet functional and easy to use.

Conclusion on the trading platform at Broker 24Option

With the trading platform provided, Broker 24Option has certainly already gained several customers. In our opinion, the trading platform is suitable for both beginners and professional traders, it is user-friendly and yet has some important functionalities. Especially the start page is very clear and presents directly to the client all the possibilities that he can use the trading platform. The web-based version does not need to be installed and downloaded, but you can access the trading platform directly via the browser. This also applies to the mobile version, where apps are also available as an alternative. These can be downloaded either from Google Play or the App Store, so that you can also trade binary options and CFDs on Broker 24Option via mobile at any time.

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