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Mobile trading has become enormously important for many traders. This is less true for so-called hobby traders, who only place a trade order once in a while. Instead, it is especially experienced and professional traders who sometimes need mobile trading via app in order to trade successfully.

ActiveTrade MetaTrader5 Mobile
Trading possibilites

After all, access to the trading platform from a home PC is only possible from a certain location. In contrast, mobile trading allows all traders to access the trading platform from anywhere, provided that an Internet connection can be established. Therefore, it has been the case for quite some time that almost all Forex and CFD brokers have been offering mobile trading as an alternative or supplement to the stationary trading platform.

Which end devices can be used for trading with ActivTrades?

For many traders, an important question in connection with mobile trading is which end devices can be used for trading. This varies from broker to broker, because not all Forex and CFD brokers provide a corresponding trading platform or app for all operating systems that are integrated into mobile devices.

In principle, there are already numerous Forex and CFD brokers who make an app available both for end devices based on the Android operating system and for iPhones and iPads. Traders who own a certain device, for example, a tablet PC or an iPhone, should find out whether the provider offers a suitable app for this device before choosing a broker.

ActivTrades mobile 2

In the case of ActivTrades, the broker supports the following operating systems for mobile trading:

  • iOS
  • Android

As the majority of mobile devices used by clients are one of these two operating systems, most traders can trade using their smartphones, iPhone, tablet PC or iPad, via ActivTrades’ mobile trading app.

What are the features of mobile trading?

For most brokers, it is the case that the app provided for mobile trading includes many standard functions that can also be used via the stationary trading platform. However, the mobile trading platform is usually a somewhat slimmer and slimmed down version compared to the trading platform that can be accessed from the home PC. This is simply due to the lower memory capacities that a smartphone has compared to a desktop PC. Nevertheless, customers generally have access to almost all the basic functions required for trading.

For example, the vast majority of trading apps include the following functions, among others:

  • Display of real-time prices
  • Complete account and portfolio management
  • Sales view
  • Placing of trading orders
  • Calling up charts
  • Display of financial news
  • Access to account history

Of course, the scope of the functions also depends on the respective operating system and the app, which was either developed by the Broker itself or can be used comprehensively by a third-party provider.

Mobile trading via the broker ActivTrades

Now that you have received basic information about mobile trading and the apps offered by the numerous CFD and Forex brokers, we would like to go into more detail below about the detailed offer of the broker ActivTrades in this area. First of all, mobile trading is offered by the broker ActivTrades for the two operating systems iOS and Android. This means that all traders can use the offer who have either an iPhone, an iPad, or any other mobile device that runs the Android operating system.

A particularly positive aspect is that the corresponding app for mobile trading is available for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 as the latest version of this trading platform. Especially extensive are the functions that customers can use via iPhone with the mobile version of MetaTrader 4 or 5.

ActiveTrades MetaTrader4
ActivTrades MetaTrader4

With regard to trading and technical analysis, for example, the following features and characteristics of the app version MetaTrader 4 for the iPhone are the most important ones that make the offer stand out in a positive way:

  • Real-time quotes
  • All order types are available
  • The entire account history can be accessed
  • One-click trading from the chart possible
  • Current financial news
  • Real-time charts are displayed
  • Around 30 technical indicators
  • Display of three chart types (bars, candlesticks, and lines)

These and some more features make mobile trading via MetaTrader 4 on the iPhone a great experience.

ActivTrades add ons
ActivTrades add ons

If you, as a trader, prefer to trade via iPad, almost the same key features are available to you, regardless of whether you choose MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 as a variant. For example, you can also access real-time prices, use all order types, even access 14 technical indicators, and view three different chart types before one-click trading.

ActiveTrade Mobile and desktop
ActivTrades Mobile and desktop

The functions that can be used for mobile trading of the broker ActivTrades via a mobile device with the Android operating system are no less extensive. The standard functions, such as the display of real-time quotes, the use of all order types, the retrieval of trading history, and the tracking of charts in real-time are also available here at any time.

Only those customers who own a BlackBerry smartphone or a Windows phone, for example, are not yet able to participate in the broker’s mobile trading. For these traders, however, the stationary trading platform is of course available, which can be accessed from the home PC.

Conclusion on mobile trading with Broker ActivTrades

Mobile trading, which is made available by the broker ActivTrades via the app, can be characterized above all by extensive functions. This is especially guaranteed by the fact that mobile trading is possible via MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. Since most traders use either smartphones with one of the two operating systems, the majority of clients should be able to use ActivTrades’ mobile trading apps without any problems. For more information on the Broker including ActivTrades experiences of traders please see our ActivTrades review.

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