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If you want to trade with foreign exchange or CFDs, you must first of all create some basic conditions to actively participate in trading. In our view, the first step is to compare the brokers represented on the market as thoroughly as possible. This is the only way to ensure that you can find the Forex or CFD broker that best suits your needs.

ActivTrades Payments and withdrawal

We recommend not only pure comparisons of conditions but especially comprehensive reviews as they are available on our website. In the Forex Broker Comparison itself, there are various categories, such as the trading platform, customer service, or even the trading conditions. The categories that fall into the category of trading conditions include, for example, the minimum deposit, the level of spreads, and the conditions regarding deposits and withdrawals to be made.

Deposits with ActivTrades

After you have carried out a detailed comparison of the providers and decided on a broker, you can register online and thus make your application. If all the necessary data are available, the respective broker will open a trading account in your name. In order to be able to trade actively now, you only need to make a deposit into your newly opened trading account.

ActiveTrades Trading Account
ActiveTrades Trading Account

Professional traders in particular place great value on deposits, so that the deposited amount is credited to the trading account as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the deposit should not be associated with any costs, because professional traders in particular often deposit amounts to their trading account during a month, so that the fees would be clearly noticeable in the total amount. Therefore, the deposits and withdrawals should definitely be included in the aforementioned broker comparison.

With the broker ActivTrades it is so that this offers different deposit possibilities, namely:

  • Credit card/debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Netbanx (exclusively for traders from China)
  • Skrill
  • Instant bank transfer

This means that not only can you choose between the two classic and most commonly used payment methods, namely credit card or bank transfer, but there are also three other online payment systems to choose from Skrill, Sofortüberweisung, and Neteller. You will benefit from comprehensive customer service if there are any questions or problems regarding the deposit. The employees are available around the clock from Monday to Friday.

ActivTrades support
ActivTrades support

As mentioned at the beginning, for many traders it is important to know whether there are any costs associated with the deposit. With the broker ActivTrades it is the same as with many other providers, namely that estimated fees are based on the method of deposit. While deposits by Bank Transfer, Debit Card UK, Neteller, Sofortüberweisung and Skrill are free of charge, there is a fee of 1.5 per cent of the deposit amount for deposits by debit card outside the UK and for deposits by credit card.

ActivTrades Payment options
ActivTrades Payment options

Only the first deposit is free of charge. The speed at which the deposit is credited to the trading account is of course also an important factor for many traders. For bank transfers, the credit is on average on the same business day, while deposits by credit card, instant transfer, Neteller, Skrill, and a credit card are booked much faster within 30 minutes.

To sum up, the deposit conditions being made by ActivTrades, you can take a look at the following table:

TypesChargesStandard timeframe
Bank transferFree of chargesame day
NetellerFree of charge30 minutes
SkrillFree of charge30 minutes
SofortFree of charge30 minutes
PayPal Free of charge30 minutes
CREDIT / DEBIT CARD – UK  & EEA1,5%30 minutes
CREDIT / DEBIT CARD – NON EEA1,5%30 minutes

The withdrawals at ActivTrades

As far as payment methods are concerned, it is not only the possible deposits to the trading account that are important but also the withdrawal methods provided by the broker. In the case of ActivTrades, with the exception of instant transfer, the same payment methods are provided as those already known in the form of deposit methods. On the positive side, withdrawals by debit card, credit card, Neteller, and Skrill are completely free of charge.

This also applies to bank transfers, if they are SEPA transfers or transactions in Swiss francs. However, if withdrawals from the trading account are made by non-SEPA bank transfer or express transfer, a fee of 15 euros will be charged. For a bank transfer made in US dollars, the broker will charge ActivTrades a fee of 12.50 dollars. All withdrawals will be executed on the same day if the transaction is ordered by 12:30 pm UK time.

Let’s take a look at all withdrawal options:

Bank transferFree of chargeSame day if request by 6:30 pm
Debit card/Credit CardFree of chargeSame day if request by 6:30 pm
NetellerFree of chargeSame day if request by 6:30 pm
Skrill Free of chargeSame day if request by 6:30 pm
PayPalFree of chargeSame day if request by 6:30 pm
BANK TRANSFER – Citibank / MoneyCorp9 GBPSame day if request by 6:30 pm

Tips on deposits and withdrawals

Especially beginners, who have not had much experience with Forex or CFD brokers, often find it difficult to choose the right deposit and withdrawal methods. Therefore we would like to give some advice below on what you should generally pay attention to when depositing and withdrawing funds and what is important when using the broker ActivTrades.

  • Tip 1: If you are looking for speed in making a deposit, you should choose to use a credit card or deposit via an online payment system such as Neteller, Skrill, or Sofortüberweisung when using Broker ActivTrades. In this case, the transaction will take place within 30 minutes, whereas the crediting of the deposit by bank transfer can take a working day or even longer.

  • Tip 2: To save costs, you should choose to make a deposit with the broker ActivTrades by bank transfer or one of the online payment systems. Credit card deposits are subject to charges, but this does not apply to withdrawals initiated by the trading account.

  • Tip 3: If you have any questions or problems with deposits or withdrawals it is best to contact Client Support immediately. Customer Support is available from the broker ActivTrades 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

  • Tip 4: If you do not want to deposit or withdraw funds as quickly as possible and you do not mind paying small charges, it is best to choose the method of deposit and withdrawal that suits you best. Depositing by credit card, for example, is very simple, as the data is stored once and does not have to be entered again each time a transaction is made.
ActivTrades performance
ActivTrades performance

Conclusion: The deposits and withdrawals at the broker ActivTrades

In summary, the broker ActivTrades provides a good selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. Not only the usual bank transfer and credit card deposit and withdrawal methods have been considered, but also Neteller, Sofortüberweisung, and Skrill are offered to clients as alternatives. However, the trader must be vigilant with regard to any fees that may be incurred, as deposits by credit card are subject to a fee of 1.5 percent of the amount deposited.

Credit card withdrawals are always free of charge, so we recommend that you deposit funds to your trading account via bank transfer and withdraw by credit card or SEPA bank transfer. The comparison of deposits and withdrawals can therefore be seen as positive in total for the broker ActivTrades so that clients have made a good choice with the provider on this point.

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