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When comparing Forex brokers, there are several important features that you as a trader should pay attention to. In our reviews, which provide you with detailed information on numerous brokers, key data such as trading platform, customer service, training opportunities, and, of course, trading conditions play a major role.

ActivTrades traders
ActivTrades traders

Among the most important trading conditions, which also represent the main costs when trading foreign exchange and CFDs, are above all the spreads. A spread is a difference between the buying price to be paid by the trader and the selling price the broker is willing to pay. Typically, the spread ranges from 0.5 to over 20 pips, depending on the broker and currency pair.

These fees can occure with ActivTrades:

  • Market spreads
  • Trading commissions
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Inactivity fees

Fees occurring with ActivTrades

When trading with a broker, fees are often charged for various trading activities. While some brokers make the withdrawal of money free of charge, others don’t. Same it is for activity fees. Otherwise, overnight fees and market spreads are often charged through the markets and have nothing to do with the broker. Nevertheless, traders have to keep an eye out for fees that are charged. Indeed, ActivTrades is charging fees for trading.

Market spreads

The spreads are starting very low with 0.05 pips in Forex trading with ActivTrades. Still, some brokers charge a fee on top of it which reduces the profit of the trader. The good news is that ActivTrades don’t charge a fee on the spreads.

Trading commission

ActivTrades claims that there are no hidden costs while trading with the broker. Regarding the trading commission the statement is 100% sure. There are no fees charged when trading. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that there is a minimum deposit of $1000 when opening an account.

The only exception is when trading with CFDs. A fee is charged at any time while trading Stock CFDs. You can take a look at the table below. Moreover, traders have to pay a fee of 1€ per month when trading at the New York and European stock exchanges.

ActivTrades Commissions
ActivTrades Commissions

Withdrawal fees

When traders want to withdraw money from their ActivTrades account, they have to be aware of the possibility of fees that are charged. Not every withdrawal method with ActivTrades is free of charge. If you want to withdraw your money via USD bank transfer a fee of $12,50 is charged to your account. Although fees occur when withdrawing money, you can also withdraw money without paying a feed by choosing another payment option like PayPal. You can find all the withdrawal methods below.

ActivTrades Withdrawal options
ActivTrades Withdrawal options

Inactivity fees

Inactivity fees always come up when traders don’t use their trading accounts over a long period of time. Likewise, inactivity fees are also charged when trading with ActivTrades. When there is no activity to be seen over 6 months in a traders’ account, ActivTrades start to charge an inactivity fee of $10 per month.

The spread as a major cost factor

Especially new traders who have not yet traded currency pairs or CFDs need to first learn the basic concepts of Forex and CFD trading. In addition to margin, leverage and trading strategies, the spread is certainly one of these technical terms, the meaning of which is not immediately familiar to all traders. Therefore, we would like to explain briefly what Forex spreads are. As already mentioned, the spread is the difference between the buy and sell price. For the trader, the spread represents the main cost factor because he has to spend more money to buy a currency (always converted into Euro) than he would receive from the broker if the exchange rates were unchanged.

ActivTrades Trading
ActivTrades Trading

The higher the spread is, the higher the costs for the trader. Especially so-called day traders, who trade different positions several times a day, pay attention to the spread. The spread is usually measured and indicated in pips. A pip, in turn, denotes the smallest possible change that a currency rate can make. For many currency pairs, this is the third or fourth decimal place, such as the most commonly traded currency pair, the Euro and US Dollar.

As the following practical example shows, the spread for the leading currency pair, the Euro and US Dollar, is often 1 to 3 pips:

  • Buying rate: 1.2501 dollars per euro
  • Selling rate: 1.2504 dollars per euro
  • Spread: three pips
  • Transaction volume: 100,000 currency units
  • Costs in the form of the spread: 30 Euro

As you can see from the example, the costs in the form of the spread are relatively low in relation to the trading equivalent, especially when the high transaction volume is included. However, you should note that for numerous transactions within a short period of time, the costs are naturally added up. Therefore, the choice of the broker is determined by the spread that the broker estimates.

Forex spreads with the broker ActivTrades

Now that you know what the spread is and what to look out for in terms of these costs, we will now look in detail at the Forex spreads quoted by the broker ActivTrades. At first glance, you can see that this broker also has spreads based on the currency pair to be traded. The broker works with so-called variable spreads, which means that he does not quote fixed spreads, but can change them depending on market events and situation. In principle, trading with ActivTrades is possible from as little as 0.50 pips, which mainly concerns the most frequently traded currency pairs.

ActiveTrades Forex
ActiveTrades Forex

In the following we would like to list some of the most important forex spreads and the average costs you have to expect from the broker ActivTrades:

  • EUR / USD: 0.74 pips
  • EUR / GBP: 0,90 pips
  • EUR / CHF: 1.20 pips
  • USD / CHF: 1.10 pips

Among the so-called majors, the most frequently traded currency pairs, the broker ActivTrades with its quoted spreads therefore cuts a very good figure, as these are set comparatively low. For somewhat exotic currency pairs, the spread is of course sometimes much higher, for example, the currency pair Euro and Norwegian Kroner at just under 28 pips and the currency pair Euro and Swedish Kroner at almost 27 pips.

Also interesting is a statistic that the broker publishes on his website, namely the respective average spreads of the past week.

This chart shows customers that the size of the spreads depends on the time of day when the trade is made. In most cases, spreads increase from 06:00 pm and peak around 10:00 pm. It is therefore worthwhile in this case to trade at certain times if such a margin is possible.

You can find all major Forex spreads in the following table:

SymbolTarget SpreadAverage Spread
CADCHF1,70 pips2,08 pips
CADJPY1,10 pips2,14 pips
CHFJPY1,80 pips2,31 pips
EURCAD1,90 pips2,81 pips
EURCHF1,10 pips1,56 pips
EURGBP0,80 pips1,23 pips
EURJPY1,00 pips1,40 pips
EURUSD0,50 pips0,73 pips
GBPCAD2,80 pips3,77 pips
GBPCHF2,60 pips2,80 pips
GBPJPY2,00 pips2,47 pips
GBPUSD0,80 pips1,30 pips
USDCAD1,00 pips1,45 pips
USDCHF1,00 pips1,38 pips
USDJPY0,50 pips0,81 pips

CFD spreads and stock commissions

Through the broker, ActivTrades, not only currency pairs can be traded, but also commodities and shares, especially of course through the so-called CFDs. Of course, a fee is also incurred when trading these products, which also consists of the spread when trading with commodities. For example, if you want to trade oil CFDs, then the broker estimates a spread of usually 30 ticks (0.0030 points). You can also find detailed information about the individual spreads for the various commodities on the broker’s website.

ActivTrades Financial Markets
ActivTrades Financial Markets

When trading with shares, it is also the case with the broker ActivTrades that the spread is not estimated as a cost factor here, but instead the stock exchange commissions or commissions to be paid. For example, if the stock is to be traded on a German or Italian stock exchange, the broker ActivTrades charges a minimum commission of one euro, whereby the commission is otherwise 0.05 percent of the transaction value.

You can find all commissions for trading CFD shares with ActivTrades below:

Europe0.01% of the transaction value,
(€5 minimum commission)*
0.05% of the transaction value,
(€1 minimum commission)*
London0.10% of the transaction value
(£1 minimum commission)
New York US$0.02 per share
(US$1 minimum commission)

Trading on the Nasdaq, the American technology stock exchange, is even somewhat cheaper at 0.02 dollars per share and one dollar minimum commission.

When trading CFDs with ActivTrades, there is no commission to pay for financial and indices. But what are the spreads? Please find the Cash Indices and all information regarding them for CFD trading below.

SymbolPoint ValueTarget SpreadsAverage SpreadsLimit & Stop Levels
GER30€10,45Normal: 1.70
Night: 7.00
UK100£10,45Normal: 1.01
Night: 4.03
USA500$10,23Normal: 0.37
Night: 0.39
USAIND$10,9Normal: 2.29
Night: 6.69
USATEC$10,23Normal: 1.01
Night: 1.66
FRA40€10,45Normal: 0.821.5
EURO50€10,9Normal: 1.53
Night: 2.45
ESP35€10,95Normal: 2.535
BRA500.2 BRL5Normal: 18.1715
GERMID€120Normal: 21.0915
USARUS$10,27Normal: 0.350.4

And what about trading financial CFDs? Take a look below:

SymbolPoint ValueTarget SpreadsAverage SpreadsLimit & Stop Levels
EUBBL€10000.020Normal: 0.020.02
EUBTP€10000.02Normal: 0.030.03
EUBUND€10000.02Normal: 0.020.02
EUSTZ€10000.010Normal: 0.010.01
USATB$10000.06250Normal: 0.080.0625
USAVIX$2000.15Normal: 0.170.15
MINDOLR$101Normal: 1.150

Margin and maximum leverage as further trading conditions

Anyone who is informed about the spread and thus about the costs of trading is almost always interested in the amount of the required margin and the maximum leverage that the broker makes available. With ActivTrades it is so that both maximum leverage and margin depend in particular on the account type chosen and thus on the amount of the minimum deposit.

ActivTrades Forex Margin
ActivTrades Forex Margin

As a result, maximum leverage in Forex trading ranges from 1:100 to 1:400, while minimum margin consequently varies between 0.25 and 1.00 percent. All margins for trading majors with the trading platform MetaTrader can be viewed below. When trading Forex with ActivTrades, the margin differs. You can find the margins on the trader’s website.

SymbolLot sizePIP ValuesMargin RequirementHedged MarginMax. Leverage
CADCHF100,000 CAD10 CHF100,000 CAD100 CAD1:100
CADJPY100,000 CAD1,000 JPY250 CAD25 CAD1:400
CHFJPY100,000 CHF1,000 JPY1,000 CHF100 CHF1:100
EURCAD100,000 EUR10 CAD250 EUR25 EUR1:400
EURCHF100,000 EUR 10CHF1,000 EUR100 EUR1:100
EURGBP100,000 EUR10 GBP250 EUR25 EUR1:400
EURJPY100,000 EUR1,000 JPY250 EUR25 EUR1:400
EURUSD100,000 EUR 10 USD250 EUR25 EUR1:400
GBPCAD100,000 GBP10 CAD250 GBP25 GBP1:400
GBPCHF100,000 GBP10 CHF1,000 GBP100 GBP1:100
GBPJPY100,000 GBP1,000 JPY250 GBP25 GBP1:400
GBPUSD100,000 GBP10 USD250 GBP25 GBP1:400
USDCAD100,000 USD10 CAD250 USD 25 USD1:400
USDCHF100,000 USD10 CHF1,000 USD100 USD1:100
USDJPY100,000 USD 1,000 JPY250 USD25 USD1:400

Conclusion on ActivTrades costs

As ActivTrades does not charge any additional commissions or order fees when trading currencies, the main cost factor to consider when trading Forex and Commodity CFDs is the spread. Clients benefit from moderate spreads in the range of a few pips, especially of course with the so-called majors. Here, for example, the EUR/USD can be traded from a spread of just 0.5 pips, which is a very good value, as no additional commission is due.

Interesting is the chart published on the website of the broker about the average spreads depending on the trading time. This allows traders to see at what times the spreads are likely to be at their best on average. Only when trading stock CFDs, ActivTrades, like almost all other CFD brokers, charges a commission on the trade, but as this is a percentage of the value of the position traded and is not charged per order, ActivTrades is also of interest to traders who wish to start trading stock CFDs with smaller positions without the fees making the trade unprofitable.

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