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The trading platform is the foundation par excellence that every trader needs to trade CFDs, currency pairs, and other instruments successfully. Many clients take the trading platform as a matter of course, but since there are significant differences between the various trading platforms offered on the market, the functionality and user-friendliness of the trading platform should also play a greater role in the choice of broker.

Admiral Markets awards
Admiral Markets awards

We have been dealing with this topic for a long time, so that trading platforms and apps have a significant share in our Forex broker tests. What you should look out for when choosing a broker and trading platform, and how quality trading platforms differ from mediocre ones, we would first like to explain in our more general section of the guide on trading platforms. Then, of course, we will introduce you to the trading platforms that you can use at Broker Admiral Markets.

Functionality and user-friendliness as a top priority

In particular, there are two criteria with which you can and should compare numerous trading platforms of different brokers. The first is the functionality of the trading platform, which includes, among other things, which functions are available and to what extent. On the other hand, you should make sure that a certain degree of user-friendliness is provided. The best functions are of little use to you as a trader if you cannot use them or can only use them with the greatest effort. For this reason, Admiral Markets offers its customers trading with the popular MetaTrader platform.

Admiral Markets MetaTrader
Admiral Markets MetaTrader

Even many beginners have failed on some trading platforms mainly due to confusing elements, poor design, and overall insufficient user-friendliness. For example, many WH Selfinvest clients report that the platform is complicated to use, although they are satisfied with the broker itself. However, this also shows how important the trading platform as a whole is as a basis for successful trading with foreign exchange or CFDs. Since Admiral Markets uses the MetaTrader as a platform, which is very popular with traders around the world, this point of criticism is not applicable to Admiral.

Try out the trading platform via the demo account

The fact that many traders decide to use a Forex broker and thus a special trading platform, and then after a few days or weeks find that they can’t get along with the trading platform at all, is all the more astonishing as almost every Forex and CFD broker now offers the free opportunity to test the trading platform first of all without obligation and without conditions.

For this purpose, the vast majority of brokers now offer a demo account. Admiral Markets is no exception. In simple terms, such a demo account is nothing more than a virtual trading platform, which is generally identical to the broker’s usual trading platform. The only difference is that you do not use real money and moreover not all demo versions are equipped with real-time quotes and financial news.

Admiral Markets demo account
Admiral Markets demo account

Otherwise, however, the demo account has the same functionalities as the trading platform, which you then use for real trading. The design and thus the user-friendliness is also identical, which enables you as a trader to thoroughly test the trading platform during the test period. This way you can easily determine whether you can handle the trading platform without having to deposit money into the trading account before.

If you then find that you do not like the functionality or ease of use, you can easily choose another broker. Sometimes it is not even necessary to change brokers, as many Forex and CFD brokers offer their clients several trading platforms to choose from. This is also the case with Admiral Markets. This is especially true for foreign exchange trading, where many brokers offer their customers both MetaTrader as the leading trading platform and a trading platform developed by the broker himself.

Further information about the trading platforms at broker Admiral Markets

As announced in our introduction, we would now like to discuss the trading platforms that you can use, provided that you choose the broker Admiral Markets. In an overview, the following trading platforms are the ones you can choose between:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • MT4 WebTrader

Mobile trading platform (MT4 or MT5) via app

From this list, you can already see that Admiral Markets is not one of those Forex and CFD brokers who offer their clients both the MetaTrader and a broker-specific version. Instead, Admiral Markets has decided to offer its customers the leading Forex trading software, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. And this cross-platform for almost all common operating systems and end devices.

Admiral Markets trading tools
Admiral Markets trading tools

Since the MetaTrader can prevail against the vast majority of broker-owned platforms anyway, as it has a lot of features and a very good usability, the broker probably thought that you could save yourself a probably worse alternative. While many brokers still offer the proven version, namely MetaTrader 4, customers can alternatively use MetaTrader 5 – and thus the latest version – at Broker Admiral Markets. Compared to its predecessor version, MetaTrader 5 is once again equipped with additional functions and improved in some areas, such as charting and individual tools.

MT4 Supreme Edition as additional tool

A special highlight for customers who want to use MetaTrader 4 is the MT4 Supreme Edition, which is specially provided by the Broker.

This is a special MT4 plugin, which includes additional features. These features help you to simplify trading even more and increase overall performance. The MT4 Supreme Edition includes the following features:

  • Simplified and improved order opening via mini terminal
  • Numerous functions within a compact window
  • Be informed about important events via alarm manager, individually scalable
  • Exploit the correlation of currency pairs and thus reduce risks through Correlation Trader
  • Display of the correlation of two currency pairs by the Correlation Matrix
  • Tick chart trader included

The MT4 Supreme Edition also includes a new type of tick chart trader. This is an innovation for MetaTrader 4 that includes helpful tick charts. This, in turn, means that you as a trader can see every single tick, i.e. every smallest price movement, displayed in the chart.

Admiral Markets MetaTrader Supreme
Admiral Markets MetaTrader Supreme

MT4 WebTrader – the MetaTrader as WebTrader

Usually, the leading Forex trading software, MetaTrader, is a software that must first be installed on the PC. However, some clients criticize this, because then they cannot automatically access MetaTrader as a trading platform from any device, but are always bound to the devices on which the software is installed. The broker Admiral Markets has found a solution to this problem for quite some time, namely with the MT4 WebTrader. This is the most complete solution for trading that does not require any software installation.

Instead, you can access MT4 WebTrader directly from your web browser just like any other browser-based trading software. Trading with MT4 WebTrader does not involve commissions or hidden fees and 90 percent of orders are executed within 90 milliseconds. In addition, as a trader, you benefit from the fact that there are no requirements or restrictions on your strategies. MT4 WebTrader is now available to all holders of a trading account with Broker Admiral Markets and of course, both currency pairs and CFDs can be traded on indices, US stocks, metals, energies, and bonds.

MT4 and MT5 as mobile trading platforms via app

Of course, the broker Admiral Markets has moved with the times in that it not only provides stationary trading platforms but also offers a mobile version. This exists in a mobile version for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which interested traders can download for free and install on several mobile devices.

Admiral Markets trading
Admiral Markets trading

In its mobile version, MetaTrader is available for devices with the iOS operating system as well as for Android smartphones and tablets. The corresponding apps are also suitable for Apple or MAC devices so that a large number of traders can use the mobile trading platform. In terms of their functionality and user-friendliness, the apps of the broker Admiral Markets are in our opinion among the best mobile trading platforms to be found in a comparison of the numerous brokers.

Conclusion on trading platforms & apps of Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets does not provide a proprietary trading platform, but with MetaTrader 4 as the proven and MetaTrader 5 as the latest version, traders can take advantage of the world’s leading trading software for foreign exchange trading. Of course, there is also a mobile version and with the MT4 Supreme Edition, there is also a comprehensive tool, which contains useful additional functions, which go beyond the standard version of MetaTrader and extend its already good range of functions by many useful additional tools.

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