Admiral Markets demo account overview

The Forex and CFD broker Admiral Markets has been successful in the market for 18 years. If there is one thing that makes this online broker stand out from the market, it is the many extensions of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which are superbly programmed and fully functional. This is not a matter of course.

Admiral Markets trading tools
Admiral Markets trading tools

Especially in terms of risk and money management, there is great support for traders. For example, before each trade, it is very easy to calculate the risk of the balance in percent or the absolute money amounts of any value. External tools or a risk calculator are not required for this. Since the introduction of the mini contracts, customers have been able to manage their risk with smaller accounts. Both MetaTrader 4 and 5 can be used for this purpose, so the point in a DAX-Mini is no longer a whole euro value, but only 0.10 euro.

Pros and cons of trading with Admiral Markets

Advantages and disadvantages of Admiral Markets at a glance:

  • +You can already trade for $1
  • +CFD trading is possible
  • +Maximum leverage for CFDs 1:20 for Forex max 1:30
  • +Different account models for traders
  • +No Requotes
  • +Low, variable spreads
  • +All variants of MetaTrader4
  • +Demo account unlimited available

Only from a trading account of 1.000 Euro Metatrader 5

Admiral Markets also attaches great importance to safety and regulation. This is where the strict regulations of the British regulatory authority FCA come into play. At Barclays Bank, customer funds are managed in segregated accounts and do not come into contact with company assets in any way.

Admiral Markets is regulated by the FCA
Admiral Markets is regulated by the FCA

Even if the online broker should get into trouble and file for bankruptcy, customer funds are protected from access by creditors. The managed client funds are returned to the clients via the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) up to an amount of 50,000 GBP. Customers are protected by the Admiral Protection Policy against the obligation to make additional contributions. This prevents retail traders’ accounts from sliding into negative territory. In the case of other brokers or futures trading, this often leads to expensive margin calls that the broker makes to the customer.

Admiral Markets is a part of the FSCS Scheme
Admiral Markets is a part of the FSCS Scheme

Regulation at Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is monitored and regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA for short. As a result, the online broker complies with the European Directives on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID). At the German financial supervisory authority BaFin, the broker is managed as a cross-border service provider. Customers, therefore, have the certainty that it is not a forest and meadow broker, but a broker that is monitored and regulated in accordance with the EU directives.

The different types of accounts of Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets offers traders four account types. These are adapted to the available risk capital and the requirements for corresponding trading instruments. At Broker there are two different account models for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which are designed as follows:

  • MT5 with a minimum deposit of $100. Tradable are 37 currency pairs, 32 crypto CFDs, 5 precious metal CFDs, 3 spot energy CFDs, 7 agricultural commodity CFDs, 7 index futures, 19 cash index CFDs, over 3000 stock CFDs, over 3000 ETF CFDs, 2 interest CFDs. Spread from 0.5, commissions only for stock CFDs and ETF CFDs.
  • Invest in the account for stock traders and those who want to invest for the long term. The minimum deposit is one Euro. More than 400 real shares can be traded, over 200 real ETFs, and more than 500 ETFs for professional clients. Spreads from 0 and commissions for shares and ETFs are 0.01 US dollars per share.
  • Markets are available at MetaTrader 4 with a minimum deposit of $100 Euro. You can trade 37 currency pairs, 5 crypto CFDs, 4 precious metal CFDs, 3 spot energy CFDs, 3 index futures, 16 cash index CFDs, over 63 stock CFDs and 2 interest rate CFDs. Spread from 0.5, commissions only for stock CFDs and ETF CFDs.
  • For Prime, the minimum deposit is $100. There are tradable assets such as 45 currency pairs, 3 precious metal CFDs, 10 Cash Index CFDs, and 3 Spot Energy CFDs. Spread from 0, commissions from 1.80 – 3.00 USD/lot, Cash Index from 0.05 – 3.00 USD/lot, Spot Energy 1 USD/lot, depending on the volume traded per month.
Admiral Markets Account Types with MT5
Admiral Markets Account Types with MT5

Admiral Invest is a brand new product at Admiral Markets and serves as an investment account, with which customers invest in physical shares in the same way as with a conventional bank custody account. Investors can trade in over 3000 popular shares from Great Britain, Europe, and the USA. Trading is carried out without leverage and only in the long direction. Those who prefer to speculate on falling prices and hedges continue to use CFD trading. For this purpose, an additional account can be opened with Admiral Markets. With Admiral Invest, the online broker is on the right track. Because it is easy to transfer profits from the day and swing trading to the investment account and trade immediately. If you are already a regular customer of Admiral Markets, you can easily open the MT5 investment account in the customer area and capitalize it via the bank account or transfer money from the trading account to the new account. When opening another account, no identity check is required.

Admiral Markets Account Types with MT4
Admiral Markets Account Types with MT4

New clients simply open a new account with Admiral Markets and can trade Forex, long term investments and CFDs with a single online broker.

Our experience with Admiral Markets

The online broker offers his customers a great offer and many possibilities to speculate on the different stock exchanges. The different offers are quite attractive, as fairness and customer satisfaction are very important. This is not only reflected in security and regulation, but also in the free opportunities that Admiral Markets has to offer.

  • Free securities account
  • CFD trading is possible
  • Free clearing account
  • Only for Equity CFDs Trading Fees
  • Commissions: from 0.6. in prime from 0.2 pips, spread variable, margin: 1 percent
  • Free limit orders
  • Change and cancel orders free of charge
  • Minimum deposit from $1
  • Personal, German language support
  • Seminars and webinars
  • Introduction to the platform
  • Free telephone trading

Open account and use Admiral Markets demo account

Since stock market trading has changed due to the many online brokers and the speculative aspect plays a major role in Forex trading, Admiral Markets offers the Admiral Markets Demo to get into speculative trading and to try out many options. In the past, Forex trading, i.e. trading with currency pairs, was reserved exclusively for professionally acting experts. But today, anyone who has an account with an online broker can enjoy this market.

Admiral Markets demo account opening
Admiral Markets demo account opening

A trading account with Admiral Markets can be opened quickly. Simply fill out the registration form. To be entered here

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address

Once the form has been completed and the data requirements accepted, traders will have access to the Admiral Markets Forex Demo Account or Admiral Markets CFD Demo Account to start trading. The Admiral Markets Test Account gives traders many opportunities to enter the market with a notional trading amount of up to €1,000,000 and try trading under realistic conditions.

As the demo account is available to users without any limitations, the Admiral Markets demo account is not only interesting for newcomers but also for experienced traders. They can try out new strategies before actually using real money, identify them, and see if the chosen leverage has brought the desired success. To use the Admiral Markets demo permanently there is only one condition. Traders must be active with the online broker on a regular basis and once a month a transaction should be executed via the demo account. Otherwise, it will be closed automatically.

Admiral Markets demo account
Admiral Markets demo account

Trading strategies with the demo account

With the Admiral Markets demo account, traders have access to all the same functions as in the live account. Traders should use the free demo account on a regular basis and above all be honest. It has often been shown that trading strategies are used that would never be used in real trading. Different behavior is shown when trading, riskier strategies are used and stronger levers are set. This is not necessarily wrong if you want to see what effect a strategy can have under certain conditions.

The important thing is to always ask questions. The conclusions drawn from this provide valuable experience that can be used when trading with a live account. The Admiral Markets demo is not a playground, but the ideal opportunity to find out how traders can generate nice profits during the test run.

The Admiral Markets trading offers

If you would like to finally start real trading after using the demo account extensively, the first step is to choose one of the four trading accounts. The standard account, which according to Admiral Markets is a popular choice for new clients, requires a minimum deposit of $1, while the other two require a minimum deposit of $100 on initial deposit.

Admiral Markets minimum deposit
Admiral Markets minimum deposit

The account types differ not only in the minimum deposit but also in the tradable underlying assets. In the standard version, 32 currencies, 4 commodities, 12 indices, and 32 shares are available. The others also offer to trade in metals and currency pairs. The selection of levers also varies. In the basic version, the selection of levers is much wider with 1:25 to 1:500 than in the Admiral Prime account, where trading is only possible with leverage of 1:200.

Minimum deposit

As an investor, the question arises as to why an account with a higher minimum deposit should be used when the standard account offers many more choices. A glance at the fee structure will quickly provide the answer. With Admiral Prime, no spread is charged, but only a commission of USD 3 per lot. The Admiral MT5 conditions are again different. Here, only a spread from 0.2 pips is charged as well as a fee of 0.003 percent, which is due on the trading volume. If you want to trade only currencies and commodities, you should go straight to an account version where there are no spreads or particularly low spreads. To make this decision correctly, traders should know their own preferences when trading. This can be easily found out with the Admiral Markets test account.

Tradable underlying

The range of tradable underlying is broad, even if the offer offers no depth elsewhere. Traders are offered different currency pairs. In addition to majors, which are a must for every Forex broker, Admiral Markets offers a number of so-called minors. They are less important than majors and are therefore traded less heavily. Of course, it is clear that the spreads are significantly higher than for the USD/Euro currency pair. The list also includes some exotics. For example, traders can trade Turkish lira, Polish zloty, Czech koruna, or the Chinese currency renminbi in combination with US dollars.

Admiral Markets shares

Commodities, stocks and bonds

Less differentiated is the range of commodities, stocks, and bonds that Admiral Markets offers its customers. In commodities, gold and silver, and the two dominant oil types WTI and Brent are traded on the basis of the US dollar. There are a total of twelve different international indices, which are compared with the WIG20, a future. In contrast, stock trading is only conducted with top stocks from the American NYSE and Nasdaq markets. Admiral Markets traders search in vain for Asian and European trading offers. The quite manageable range of products is rounded off by two government bonds, Bund Future and US Treasury.

Admiral Markets uses different conditions for the levers used and the margin required as a result. The amount of leverage depends on the trading volume on the one hand and on the underlying instrument and account type on the other. For example, the Admiral MT5 account type has a uniform leverage ratio of 1:100, which is used for trading. If you want to trade with higher amounts, you can only set low levers. This serves to limit the risk. Overall, however, Forex trading offers leverage of up to 1:500.

A minimum margin of 10 percent is to be expected for stock trading. This corresponds to the leverage of 1:10. Whoever wants to be classified as a Professional Trader must apply for this separately. For this, they must have many years of experience in the market and a certain amount of trading capital. The margin call is made if the case occurs that 50 percent of the margin is used up by the Retail Clients. In the case of Professional Clients, the margin call is already made at 30 percent.

Demo Account spreads with Admiral Markets

A special highlight for traders is the spread at Admiral Markets, which is available in the CFD area. The standard account has a unique spread of 0.8 points on the DAX, without commissions. The Admiral Prime Account offers an interbank spread from 0 pips in EUR/USD with 3 Euro commission per lot. The spread on the MT5 account is also 0.8 pips without commissions. Particularly interesting is the range of major indices, DAX and Dow Jones. The Dow Jones offers a spread of 1 pip during peak trading hours and even 1 to 2 pips before trading.

The spread is guaranteed to improve with EUR/USD in the standard account. Compared to the rest of the industry, the spread is quite high at 1.4 pips. If you want to limit yourself to forex trading, you should choose the Forex account model with commissions. For swing traders, the spread is not of crucial importance. The following is the spread for Index-tracking CFDs in the Standard Account, where no additional commissions are charged:

  • DAX: 0.8 points fixed during peak trading hours between 8:00 and 22:00 (Admiral.Prime account – 0.2 pips + commission
  • Dow Jones: 1 point fixed from 15:30 to 22:00, 1 to 2 pips floating before trading
  • Nasdaq: 0.7 points
  • Gold: 0.25 points
Admiral Markets CFD trading
Admiral Markets CFD trading

Trading with cryptocurrencies

Admiral Markets also has cryptocurrencies in its trading portfolio. This virtual money can be traded seven days a week, 24 hours a day, i.e. also on weekends when the stock exchanges are closed everywhere. Bids are offered to traders Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, and Ripple. The short option on crypto-currencies is particularly interesting if there is a physical crypto-wallet that hedges traders against price losses. When trading cryptocurrencies, traders should be aware that the prices fluctuate very strongly. Accordingly, it is especially important to keep a constant eye on the prices in order to buy or sell at the right moment.

Deposits and withdrawals at Admiral Markets

At Admiral Markets, traders can enjoy a variety of deposit and withdrawal options. In addition to bank transfer and credit cards, the online broker also offers various payment services for deposits. These include Klarna, Skrill, Neteller, Przelewy, as well as iBank and BankLink. Withdrawals can be made via bank transfer, Neteller, and Skrill.

Bonus on first deposit

There are several online brokers that offer new customers a nice bonus on their first deposit. Such offers are of course tempting, but tempt you to deposit more trading capital into your live account, as the bonus amount is linked to the deposit amount. However, these bonuses are often linked to conditions that are difficult to overcome. The creative design of the bonuses is closely linked to certain payout conditions and is based on the profit made. In contrast, the bonus at Admiral Markets is designed differently.

The online broker does not lure new clients with a bonus based on trading capital just so that the future trader deposits more money into the trading account. The Admiral Markets Bonus only comes into effect when traders have already entered the market and generated profits. This means that every time a trader makes a profit on a transaction, an additional 10 percent is added to the trading account. However, a trading account balance of 1,000 Euros is required. The bonus amounts can also be paid out. Since such bonus offers are only available over a certain promotion period, payment is only made when this period has expired.

There are always other bonus promotions. In the past, for example, Admiral Markets launched a promotion with a deposit bonus of 50 percent. This gave the customer a maximum bonus amount of 5,000 euros, which was credited to the live account. There is no pure new customer bonus or permanent bonus, as this also violates EU directives. Admiral Markets wants to offer customers the best possible security and therefore complies with the legal requirements.

Admiral Markets demo account – Special features

Clients do not need to think twice about the trading software, as Admiral Markets offers MetaTrader as the only trading platform. In addition to MetaTrader 4, clients can obtain MetaTrader Supreme from the online broker’s website and install it on their home computer. Additionally, there are solutions for mobile trading that can be downloaded as an app on smartphones and tablets. It does not matter whether the operating system is iOS or Android. The desired applications can be found quickly in the respective Apple or Google stores. If the extensive spectrum of MetaTrader 4 is not yet sufficient, the software can be extended with special features. This is possible for all accounts and even free of charge.

Admiral Markets Supreme
Admiral Markets Supreme

Metatrader 5

The MetaTrader Supreme Edition is now available for MetaTrader 5, and a team of developers has significantly modified the Supreme Edition. For example, the Mini Terminal can be attached to the right side of the screen. Furthermore, there is a simplified order placement. It works with the help of “Stripes”, as traders already know it from futures trading. Admiral Markets customers also receive the MetaTrader 5 Supreme Edition free of charge.

Educational offers of the broker

Trading cannot be learned in a day, even if the talent is present. Especially newcomers quickly reach their own limits due to the short trading times, if the necessary basic knowledge is missing. Even trading professionals like to use Admiral Market’s free training courses to refine and modify the skills they have already acquired. Knowledge articles and explanations of terms are interesting for beginners.

Admiral Markets offers helpful webinars to get you started in trading, ranging from introductory seminars and trading consultation hours to live trading. All the aspects learned can then be tried out for an unlimited time in the free demo account of Admiral Markets.

Customer service for demo account traders

For questions, problems, and concerns regarding CFD trading, investors can contact the support team. From Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, competent employees in the Berlin office are available to offer traders the best possible support and assistance. In case of difficult problems, they are even able to access the customer’s computer via Teamviewer. This allows them to quickly and easily solve configuration problems or setting errors, for example. In addition to telephone contact, a live chat and e-mail contact are also offered. Traders can even experience Admiral Markets employees in the offices up close and meet them regularly at trade fairs.

Admiral Markets Webinars
Admiral Markets Webinars

Conclusion: Admiral Markets offers the best demo account at all levels

The Admiral Markets Demo Account is one of the best test accounts and can be used by traders free of charge and without any limitations. As a fictitious trading amount, there is a maximum of 1.000.000 USD which can be chosen. Traders can even have up to 10 demo accounts and one live account at the same time. Comparable offers in this form and quality are very rare on the market.

With the MetaTrader Supreme Edition, the trading platform MetaTrader 4 or 5 can be configured exactly to your own wishes in order to optimally adjust the daily process. Additionally, the trader receives an extended indicator package free of charge. Furthermore, there is the possibility to download further functions somewhere on the net. However, these are often subject to a fee and there is no guarantee that they will work properly and have proper programming. Often there is also a lack of competent contact persons.

At Admiral Markets, investors are provided with cleanly programmed, functional tools throughout, which are also integrated into the trading interface in a visually appealing manner. The competent support team will help with questions based on its extensive specialist knowledge. The new Admiral.Invest account is also of interest, where you can trade in real shares and ETFs in order to build up long-term assets and possibly subsequently invest in short-term investment opportunities. With Admiral Markets, traders have chosen an online broker with the best conditions for exciting trading.

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