Admiral Markets deposit withdrawal methods in test

Admiral Markets is a British broker with FCA regulation and is one of the older providers. Admiral Markets allows traders to trade Forex, CFDs, Cryptos, and stocks, the underlying assets offered are extremely diverse and the spreads are favorable.

As the broker has had a branch office in Berlin since 2011, he is well known among German traders and is considered serious. The broker’s customer service contributes to this – at Admiral Markets, for example, deposits and withdrawals can be made through various channels, and fast and often free execution is also guaranteed. The Admiral Markets minimum deposit of 200 USD for FX and CFD Trading is also in the lower range.

  • A minimum deposit of $1
  • Deposit costs only for Skrill and Neteller
  • Wide range of deposit methods
  • Rapid processing by the broker

Free, fast payment processing

Traders who have already gained their own experience with the services of one or more online brokers often know it already: While it is still comparatively easy to identify providers who meet your own requirements for trading offers and conditions by comparing brokers, it is more difficult to combine customer-friendly payment methods with the desired price-performance offer. Because where the financial products and costs are right and customers set up a trading account on this basis, it often turns out later that the payment options are less convenient than desired.

While deposits, especially by credit card and bank transfer, are standard and usually free of charge, traders often have to put up with annoyingly high minimum withdrawal amounts, high fees, and long processing times when depositing later. Therefore, payment methods should also be examined more closely before deciding on a provider. Too high costs have an impact on returns, and if the payout limit is set too high, small investors, in particular, are sometimes forced to leave residual amounts in their accounts.

  • Convenient, versatile payment methods as a quality criterion
  • Fast, cost-effective deposit and withdrawal
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Safekeeping of customer deposits in separate accounts
Admiral Markets deposit and withdrawal
Admiral Markets deposit and withdrawal

As more and more users evaluate their experience with the broker of their choice online and comparison portals offer differentiated evaluations, it is becoming apparent that many brokers are also increasingly accommodating their customers in terms of payment options. The security standards for data transfer are good in the majority of cases. And the legislator prescribes for European regulated brokers that customer credit balances, once paid in, are kept in segregated accounts and must be clearly separated from the company capital.

Classic vs. innovative payment methods: possibilities, costs, execution time

In the international context, the credit card was for decades often the only possible means of payment. With the introduction of the SEPA area, bank transfers within the euro area became easier and faster. And in recent years, electronic payment service providers, in particular, have gained ground as recognized payment methods. More and more users are using eWallets for fast, inexpensive, and secure transactions – often via mobile devices. Brokers are taking this development into account and Admiral Markets also offers payment and withdrawal via a variety of channels.

These methods are possible:

  • Credit card payment by Visa and Mastercard
  • Bank transfer
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Neteller and Skrill
  • Regional payment solutions for Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
Admiral Markets Paying
Admiral Markets Paying

What are the advantages of credit card payments?

Capitalizing the trading account by instructing amounts by credit or debit card is still a popular method among traders. There are several reasons for this. First, credit cards, once a costly extra, are now sometimes available for free, especially from direct banks. In addition, payments are credited immediately, with many credit or debit cards there are no additional costs associated with payments via credit or debit cards, and also often free of charge for brokers.

If you decide to pay by credit card, you can start immediately – often the credit is available on the trading account within half an hour. The only important thing is that a broker uses appropriate security measures, especially SSL encryption when transferring customer data. What traders should know: some providers require a scan of the card, and it is not always possible to make some digits of the card number unrecognizable.

If you decide to pay by card, you should also remember to keep the broker’s details of a valid card up to date. If a credit card expires, the new card must be provided, and the trader usually has to undergo the verification procedure again.

Bank transfer: Safe and increasingly faster in the euro area

However, not every trader uses or owns a credit card, so at least the classic bank transfer is also offered by most brokers. The procedure is considered very secure and can be used comfortably (and in this case free of charge) from home banking. And thanks to the introduction of the Single Euro Payment Area, SEPA for short, bank transfers have now gained considerable momentum. What used to take several days is now executed within one working day in the SEPA area.

However, the processing time required by the broker still has to be taken into account. At least one day is the rule, it can also be several, so that the credit is credited after two, but perhaps also only after five working days, international transfers can take even longer. Brokers seldom charge fees for bank transfers, but costs may be incurred for documented execution, i.e. at the counter of a bank branch, or for telephone instructions. In addition, there are international interbank fees, and for different currencies, costs due to conversion.

Admiral Markets Payment
Admiral Markets Payment

Online payment providers

It took a long time in the home country of cash payers, but in the meantime payment providers such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are also gaining ground internationally. Especially younger users appreciate the possibility of having payment solutions on their mobile devices. Electronic wallets usually offer ease of use, fast transactions, and favorable conditions.

Admiral Markets ewallets
Admiral Markets ewallets

Some of them, such as PayPal, are particularly strong in buyer protection. And special financial portals such as Klarna (IMMEDIATELY) and Trustly help conventional bank transfers get off the ground. German credit institutions are following suit with GiroPay. However, not all brokers offer all available payment methods. It is desirable to have a reasonable selection, and so traders can now usually choose between Skrill, Neteller, and SOFORT. Some providers offer a very comprehensive range of services – for example, customers can also use regional payment solutions within the Eastern enlargement of the EU when making an Admiral Markets deposit.

The online payments are on the one hand very secure and are often based on the current account as a reference account, but on the other hand, they can compete with credit cards in terms of speed. The minimum and maximum amounts that can be transferred also accommodate very active traders, and in many cases transactions are completely free of charge. However, there are fees charged by the broker on some wallet payments – these should be known in advance before choosing a payment method.

Admiral Markets some of the payment providers
Admiral Markets some of the payment providers

Payment Options: So check who is (eternally) committed

The conditions associated with the preferred payment method with an eligible broker should be determined before actually opening a trading account. This is because, when opening an account, one usually has to choose a payment option. This is then binding, and this also applies to withdrawals.

A later change, for example, because the credit card has expired, is always associated with effort, usually, the verification must be carried out completely new. It is also important to note that while deposits are sometimes free of charge, later on, when withdrawals are made, you will find that the payment method you have chosen is neither fast nor cheap. Of course, it would be desirable and certainly feasible if customers could choose flexibly and use different channels for deposits and withdrawals. However, this is rarely possible with Forex and CFD brokers.

Payments only via personal private accounts

Further restrictions are laid down by the legislator through measures against international money laundering. For example, payment by or to third parties to and from a trading account is not possible, even if one wishes to use the partner’s credit card with his or her consent. The reference account with the broker must therefore be in the same name as the trading account. Furthermore, no corporate or business accounts can be used, but only private accounts, which are managed either for an individual or at most as a joint account.

Admiral Markets: Deposits and withdrawals can be executed in a versatile and cost-effective manner

Forex and CFD broker Admiral Markets makes it quite convenient for its traders to use payment methods. If you want to capitalize on your live account after opening, you can deposit money at Admiral Markets by bank transfer or credit card, but also via the eWallets Skrill and Neteller, and also with an IMMEDIATE transfer. Customers in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Baltic Republics can also use regional payment providers. On the other hand, PayPal is not available at Admiral Markets. The Admiral Markets minimum deposit immediately after opening an account is $1.

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card payment
  • IMMEDIATE bank transfer
  • Neteller & Skrill

Deposits are free of charge on the part of the broker, only Skrill and Neteller charge a fee of 0.9% of the order volume, but at least one dollar. The value date is set within a few minutes – only in the case of bank transfers customers have to reckon with up to three working days until the amount is credited. Another plus for the broker is that the information on the payment methods is very easy to find and is presented very clearly in tabular form.

Admiral Markets Neteller and Skrill Fees
Admiral Markets Neteller and Skrill Fees

If you want to make a deposit on Admiral Markets, you can choose from the following:

  • Bank transfer
  • Klarna
  • Visa and Master Card
  • Pay Pal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Safety Pay
  • Przelewy
  • iBank&Bank Link
  • iDeal

Maximum amounts for deposits at Admiral Markets

Once the minimum deposit has been made, subsequent transactions must be worth at least 50 USD. There are also limits to the maximum amounts, except for bank transfers. All other options are capped at different levels, but each for a period of 24 hours:

  • Card payment 5.000 USD
  • Card payment 10.000 USD
  • Neteller 10.000 USD
  • Skrill 10.000 USD

This means that even very active traders at Admiral Markets are not subject to any significant restrictions on the capitalization of their trading account.

You can find all information about depositing money at a glance in the following table:

DepositsCommission and feesMinimumMaximumProcessing time
Bank transferFree no minimumno minimum up to 3 days
KlarnaFree50 EUR/GBP10.000 EUR/ 5.000 GBPImmediately
Visa and Master CardFree50 USD5.000 USDImmediately
PayPalFree50 USD5.000 USDImmediately
Skrill0.9% min 1 USD50 USD10000 USDImmediately
Neteller0.9% min 1 EUR/GBP50 EUR/GBP10.000 EUR/GBPImmediately
Safety PayFree50 USD5.000 USDup to 1 day
PrzelewyFree50 PLN30.000 PLNup to 1 day
iBank & Bank LinkFree10 EUR5.000 EURImmediately
iDEALFree50 EUR10.000 EUROImmediately

Account management in the trader room

At Admiral Markets the personal customer area, through which all functions of the trading account are managed, is the so-called Trader Room. As soon as a customer has registered, he/she can log in here using the e-mail address and the password he/she has chosen. Among other things, the account balance can be viewed and deposits and withdrawals can be made. If, for example, a deposit is made, the trader can click on the selected payment method and enter the desired amount.

Under certain circumstances, a redirection may now take place, for example, when paying by credit card, via an eWallet or Klarna. In the case of a bank transfer, on the other hand, the account details provided by the broker must be entered correctly if the transfer is executed in home banking. It is better for customers to find out in advance whether costs are charged by the respective payment service provider when executing a deposit. Admiral Markets also points out, among other things, that when deposits are made in a currency other than the account currency, the exchange rates of the recipient bank are applied.

Admiral Markets registration process
Admiral Markets registration process

Admiral Markets payout: What traders should be aware of

Traders who wish to withdraw funds from Admiral Markets can only do so to reference accounts held in their own names. Just as with deposits, Admiral Markets cannot pay out to third parties. Furthermore, traders have to accept only a few restrictions. Withdrawals can be made by bank transfer, Neteller, and Skrill. The broker does not require minimum payout amounts. Traders who pay by bank transfer do not have to observe any upper or lower limits, two payouts per month are free of charge, each additional payout costs 5 USD. Payouts via Neteller or Skrill cost 1% of the payout amount each, but at least one Euro. Amounts between 1 – 10,000 USD can be paid out here, and this daily.

Withdrawals are initiated as well as withdrawals in the Trader Room, the customer area at Admiral Markets, which can be accessed with the personal login data. Obstacles to payouts may arise due to gaps in coverage in the case of positions still open. The processing of withdrawals by Admiral Markets takes only a few minutes for payments via Neteller or Skrill, and up to three working days for bank transfers. In any case, the processing and forwarding by the payment service provider is an additional factor.

Admiral Markets also draws attention to the fact that the company reserves the right to examine payout orders in detail and to request further documents in individual cases and at its own discretion and, if necessary, to withhold payments.

If you want to withdraw money, Admiral Markets offers you different withdrawal options to choose from. Here are the conditions:

OptionsBank transferPayPalSkrillNeteller
CurrenciesUSD and moreUSD and moreUSD and moreEUR/GBP
Commissions and fees2 free withdrawals per month2 free withdrawals per month2 free withdrawals per month2 free withdrawals per month
Minimum amountno minimum$1$11 EUR/GBP
Maximum amountno maximum$10000$1000010000 EUR/GBP
Processing timeup to 3 daysImmediatelyImmediatelyImmediately

Admiral Markets: Minimum deposit, accounts and inactivity fee

Minimum deposits and hidden costs are among the hurdles that often make it difficult for retail investors to access trading. However, Admiral Markets does well in comparison. Setting up a real money account for Forex and CFD trading is completed with a minimum deposit of $100. This is regardless of whether you decide to open an account based on MetaTrader 4 or the newer version 5, whether you use Admiral.Markets, Admiral.Prime or Admiral.MT5. An exception is a special account reserved for trading in shares and ETFs. With the Admiral.Invest account the minimum deposit is only 1 USD The spreads and any commissions depend on the account type but are generally considered to be favorable.

Admiral Markets Invest
Admiral Markets Invest

There are no hidden costs with Admiral Markets. Although the broker charges a fee in case of inactivity, this fee is only due if a trader has not been active with his trading account for more than 24 months. After two years, the broker charges a fee of 10 USD per month, which is significantly less than the costs that can be incurred by other providers after just a few months. Anyone who does not use his trading account for two years is better advised to close the account anyway and have the remaining balance paid out.

Cashback and friend referral at Admiral Markets

Quite a few Forex and CFD brokers used starting balances as a promotional tool to attract new customers until this was banned, at least for providers based in Europe. This is why Admiral Markets no longer offers its German customers the change bonuses that used to be quite common. However, traders can make use of other options. Those who recommend the broker will receive a credit of 100 USD for each successful referral. To do this, the referred person must set up a live account and be able to show a certain trading volume. While referrals can be rewarding for private traders, Admiral Markets’ cashback program is aimed at professional traders.

Admiral Markets Refferal to a friend
Admiral Markets Refferal to a friend

Conclusion: Sufficient choice for deposit and withdrawal at Admiral Markets

The Forex and CFD broker Admiral Markets is internationally active and, thanks to a branch office in Berlin, also represented in Germany. In the almost twenty years of its existence, the provider has been able to establish itself well in the market thanks to the quality of its products and services. In terms of payment methods, Admiral Markets is one of the most customer-friendly providers of all. Deposits are almost always free of charge and on top of that process within the shortest possible time.

Traders can also waive fees for withdrawals if they are satisfied with two transactions per month by bank transfer. The low minimum deposit of only $1 does not represent an insurmountable hurdle on the way to trading, even for small investors. All costs and conditions are communicated extremely transparently and can be viewed in German on the broker’s website. Admiral Markets is therefore not only suitable for the demands of experienced traders, but can also be recommended to beginners, especially as all services can be tested in the demo account and a comprehensive educational offer provides basic trading knowledge.

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