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7.8 of 10 points 1 reviews
  • Asset varierity - 10/10
  • Trading platform - 10/10
  • Support - 5/10
  • Fees - 7/10
  • Deposit/Withdrawal - 7/10

Facts about the company:

  • Type: CFD, stocks, options and Futures Broker 
  • Regulation: FCA (UK), BaFin (Germany) 
  • Minimum deposit: $0
  • Demo account: not available 
  • Markets: 1.000.000+ Shares, CFDs, ETFs, Options, Futures, Commodities


Comments Rating 7.8/10 (1 review)


  • High-security standards
  • 125+ stock exchanges
  • Very fast execution 
  • No deposit and account fees
  • Trading without any capital gains tax


  • The commission is billed separately 
  • Lack of a demo account 
  • Only one available payment method 
  • Lack of info material 

About AGORA direct

Agora direct is an online broker with headquarters in Derby – Great Britain. Agora directTM belongs to Agora direct Ltd, which has developed over numerous phases to become the current provider for trading on the stock exchange. As an international online broker, Agora direct offers a real-time trading system for the stock exchanges in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Asia.

A special feature of the provider is that trading can be carried out all over the world in a fraction of a second via a single so-called multi-currency account. This means that Agora direct customers can choose from millions of trading instruments in 24 countries on more than 125 exchanges.

Screenshot of the Agora direct website

The history of AGORA direct

The roots of the online broker go back to the year 1886: more precisely to the banker Oskar Petersohn, who held the commercial principles in high esteem and passed them on to the following family generations. The current management and direct family succession, Agora direct, according to its own statements, is trying to comply with these principles and offers its customers reliable offers and transparency.

The Online Broker was finally founded in 2001, making it one of the pioneers in the field of online broker trading.

Facts about the history:

  • founded in 2001
  • based on commercial principles
  • one of the pioneers of online trading

Deposit Protection And Regulation OF Argo Direct?

When looking for a suitable Online Broker, the first thing to look for is the regulation and the type of deposit insurance of the respective provider. Agora direct is also subject to regulation by a financial supervisory authority. The Online Broker is regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and in Germany by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

In addition, the Online Broker uses a 5-pillar security system, which is intended to provide Agora direct customers with a particularly high level of security.

Pillar 1: Separation of customer deposits
First, the provider ensures that all customer deposits are held on segregated customers and thus separate from the company capital. This is intended to ensure that customers get their money back even if Agora direct becomes insolvent.

Pillar 2: FSCS – Financial Services Compensation Scheme
As a member of the British FSCS, savings deposits of customers are hedged up to a value of 75,000 British pounds and securities transactions up to a maximum value of 50,000 British pounds.

Pillar 3: Financial loss liability
The asset-liability insurance of HCC International Insurance Company Plc. also covers 3 million British pounds sterling per insured event. This covers all financial losses that are attributable to the actions of employees of the Online Broker.

Protection through SIPC

Pillar 4: Professional Indemnity Insurance

Client funds are further protected by the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation), which pays for the first USD 500,000 per client.

Pillar 5: Lloyds of London Insurers

Lloyd’s of London represents the last pillar of Agora direct. This comes into play when an insured event cannot be fully covered by SIPC.

Previous awards of the Online Broker

Since its foundation in 2001, Agora direct has already won a large number of awards. On the website of the provider, all awards won between 2005 – 2016 can be viewed. The latest award is an evaluation by the Webwiki evaluation portal: The online broker was awarded 4.8 of 5 stars to be achieved. In addition, he was described as a professional online broker with fair and inexpensive conditions.

In the following, two awards from 2016 will be briefly presented:

  • Overall rating with 4.5 of 5 stars by the American weekly magazine Barron’s
  • WSL Institutional Trading Awards: Winner in the categories “Best Options Trading Platform” and “Best Broker-Dealer for Futures

Which tradable instruments are available at AGORA direct?

At this point, we would like to introduce the different tradable instruments, which customers can choose from at Agora direct. Since 2001, the online broker has continuously expanded its range of trading instruments and can therefore now offer a number of different products.

Shares, ETFs, ETCs and ETNs available on AGORA Direct

At Agora direct, interested investors and traders can initially trade in the classical way with shares on more than 125 markets distributed over the largest stock exchanges worldwide. Depending on the stock exchange, various fees and special features are incurred. At XETRA Germany, share trading is possible from as little as 3.85 euros. US shares can also be traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ from as little as 2.50 US dollars.

Options are another trading instrument in the Agora direct range. Customers can trade on the world’s leading options exchanges with more than 1 million options available, allowing a very high degree of different trading combinations. In Europe as well as in the USA, the provider advertises with favorable conditions, which start at as little as $1.90 (including all fees). In addition to the purchase of options, this online broker also offers the possibility of entering into option writer transactions.

For a large number of traders, trading with contracts for difference (CFDs), which is offered at Agora direct, is also very interesting. Customers can trade CFDs on indices, stocks, and foreign exchange. It is possible to bet on both rising and falling price movements. This requires a corresponding margin, which only reflects a percentage of the actual trading volume.

With the futures available for selection at Agora direct, customers have another trading instrument at their disposal. With this, they can expand their own trading portfolio. Futures trading is possible on 35 markets worldwide.

Precious metals
Trading in precious metals such as gold and silver is also possible at Agora direct. The minimum fee per order here is USD 6.00, with commissions amounting to 0.3% of the trading value in each case.

Furthermore, Agora direct allows traders to trade in the most liquid market in the world – the Forex market. More specifically, customers have access to 94 different currency pairs, including the popular major currency pairs, as well as the minor and numerous exotic currencies. The prices are provided by the interbank market.

For this reason, the spreads are relatively manageable; however, the online broker charges a commission that is billed separately. The fees amount to a percentage of 0.01 % of the respective traded amount. For foreign exchange trading, the minimum fee is USD 5.00.

Bonds are another tradable instrument offered by the online broker. Clients can trade European and US corporate bonds, government bonds as well as fixed income futures and options through a single multi-currency account. The minimum fee for trading US bonds is $8 (plus external fees).

Last but not least, trading with certificates is also possible with Agora direct. In this context, investors can choose from established issuers such as Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, or UBS.

The trading platforms at AGORA direct

After a brief look at the trading products of the online broker, the focus will now lay on the trading platforms that are available to traders at Agora direct.

Agora direct MetaTrader 4 & 5

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

The first is the worldwide popular trading platform MetaTrader, which is preferred by investors, especially for trading with currencies as well as for trading with other trading instruments, which is based on the specialized trading and information tools used for trading with currencies.

Agora direct offers both the proven MetaTrader 4 trading platform and its successor MetaTrader 5.

In order for the MetaTrader software to be used by customers at Agora direct, it has been connected to the corresponding trading account via a software bridge.

Agora direct Web Trader

AGORA Web Trader

Another option provided by Agora direct is the AGORA Web Trader. Customers can access their trading platform at any time via their browser using an encrypted Internet connection, without the need to install any software. The following figure is intended to provide a brief insight into the Web Trader.

Agora direct Mobile

AGORA Mobile

The Online Broker also offers a mobile version, which allows traders to trade at any time and from anywhere via their mobile devices. For Android devices, it is possible to use the software AGORA Trader. Devices from Apple can download the same software over the App Store.

ATS Trading Software

Last but not least, with the ATS trading software, Agora direct also has its efficient platform through which customers of the online broker can trade. The provider recommends the platform for both beginners and more advanced investors and professionals; the software is available for Windows, Mac, or UNIX/Linux.

The trading platform can be used to trade all the instruments on offer and also offers a number of helpful functions. These include, for example, the provision of real-time prices accurate to the second and the creation of watch lists. Below you can find a brief excerpt from the ATS software:

Minimum deposit with AGORA direct

There is no minimum deposit required to open an account with Agora direct. For this reason, it may also make sense to manage your own account as a savings account or as a pure stock account.

A minimum deposit is only required if you wish to benefit from leveraged trading with Agora direct.

Deposit and withdrawal at AGORA direct

For many investors, the deposit and withdrawal options provided by the relevant providers are also of some relevance. However, Agora direct seems to be focusing on other areas, as the only payment method that can be selected is the classic bank transfer.

For this, it is necessary to indicate the U-account number in the reason for payment as well as the first and last name.

And also as a payment method, only the option of a bank transfer is available for selection. A disbursement is made via your own trading account to the appropriate house bank and usually takes between 1 and 3 days.

Demo account with AGORA direct

Since trading can often be associated with high financial risks, it is usually advisable to first test a demo account from the relevant provider. In addition, such an account always offers the possibility to try out your own trading strategies without financial losses and to take a closer look at the offer of the online broker.

Unfortunately Agora direct does not offer such a demo account on its website.

And also the offers for further education are not very extensive at Agora direct. While many online brokers provide different materials such as video tutorials or training areas for interested investors and traders, this is not the case here.

Anyone who is new to the field of trading must therefore obtain most of the important information elsewhere.

The customer service of the Online Broker

At this point, the quality of the customer service offered by Agora direct will be the focus of attention. The availability and competence of the customer support are criteria that should not be neglected when evaluating an online broker.

The customer service is English-speaking. A positive aspect is first and foremost that German customers can also benefit from German-language customer service, as Agora direct has a branch office in Germany.

If questions or problems arise, there are several ways to contact the Online Broker’s support team. On the one hand, there is the possibility to raise your concern in a designated contact form on the website.

On the other hand, it is also possible to contact the Online Broker’s staff by telephone. And last but not least, Agora direct also provides the TeamViewer as a tool to effectively support its customers with any questions or problems that may arise.

Support availableavailable
Telephone+49 (030) 789 59 75 – 0
LanguagesEnglish and German

Previous experience with AGORA direct on the Internet

Last but not least, we would like to take a final look at the experiences that customers have had with the Online Broker in the past. The overwhelming majority are largely satisfied with the services provided by Agora direct, with particular emphasis on aspects such as fair cost structures and competent customer service.

One aspect that some customers interpret negatively about the Online Broker is the lack of a demo account. Many customers also miss a corresponding training area.

The bottom line, however, is that Agora direct is an online broker with many years of experience in its industry, where a large number of tradable instruments can be traded at fair conditions.


To sum up, we might say that Agora direct is a good choice for trading stocks, CFDs, options, and futures. Although new users cannot test the service with a demo version, there is no minimum deposit when opening an account, so newcomers do not take any risk. It should be noted, however, that Agora Direct, unlike other online brokers, does not offer any information material for using the software and trading on the exchange. Therefore, Agora Direct is probably not the first choice for beginners in trading.

Most asked questions:

Is there a demo version for Agora direct?

Unfortunately, there is no demo version available for the agora direct software. However, by opening a free account on Agora direct, there is no minimum deposit coming your way, which means that you can open an account without taking any risks at any time.

How fast is an order traded?

Placing an order on the market is possible at any time. The order itself is traded milliseconds after you placed the order. In addition, you can see your order right away on your profile – just a few seconds later.

Are there different payment methods?

Unlike other online brokers, Agora direct offers only one type of payment. It is only possible to pay per classic bank transfer. The transfer itself takes between 1-3 days on workdays.

Is there a minimum turnover?

Agora direct does not require a turnover from its clients, which means that there are no accounts or deposit fees. Therefore, Agora direct can be used easily on a low budget. You only trade when you want to invest money. If that’s not the case over a whole month, there won’t be any additional costs waiting for you.

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