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ATAS user-ratings: 69€
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  • Trading platform - 10/10
  • Support - 10/10
  • Fees - 8.5/10
  • User friendliness - 10/10

Facts about the company:

  • Type: Trading software
  • Regulation: No 
  • Minimal costs: 69€ per month
  • Markets: Futures, Stocks, and Crypto
Comments Rating 9.7/10 (1 review)


  • Very user-friendly
  • Professional tools
  • Customizable indicators
  • Order flow analysis and technical analysis
  • Market depth
  • Smart Tape


Very few private traders (retail traders) will know ATAS, but among professional traders, hedge funds, and prop shops ATAS is very popular.

ATAS is the most professional trading and analysis platform for order flow and volume trading and offers many features for fast and convenient market evaluation: Time And Sales, Level II data (market depth), current and historical volume levels.

ATAS prepares raw order flow data to present it to the trader in an intuitive form. The ATAS functional scope includes outstanding filter and setting options. The platform’s analysis tools significantly enhance the information content of the raw market data, which can lead to a comprehensive view of market events and consequently to improved performance for the trader.

ATAS website

The top features include:

  • Smart Tape
  • Spread tape
  • Tick Cluster
  • All Price
  • Smart DOM with HFT algorithm tracking, spoofing, and more
  • Specially developed indicators, such as cluster search, big trades, and more
  • Cluster charts with 25 footprint functions
  • Classical charting, but also special time units such as reverse, range, delta, and more
  • DOM with completely freely configurable functions and design

Overview about the ATAS menu

After you installed the software you get access to the grey main menu of ATAS. From there you can manage all functions for trading.

See a screenshot of the menu:

ATAS menu

From there you can open:

  • New chart
  • Watchlist
  • Smart DOM
  • Smart Tape
  • BID/ASK Tape
  • All Prices
  • Account statistics
  • Data feed connection
  • Settings

In the next sections, we will discuss each function in detail and show you how to connect the software with your trading account.

Smart Tape

With the help of the Smart Tape, it is possible to analyze the complete real market depth. This is no longer possible for other platforms due to the changes in market regulation since the end of 2009.

See the Smart Tape of ATAS:

ATAS Smart Tape

At ATAS, a market transaction of 100 contracts can be summarized as a single transaction, as opposed to a normal order book, where possibly 100 individual transactions are displayed.

ATAS has developed internal algorithms that make it possible to recognize transactions in their original composition, just like in the old good times :).

In addition, the Smart Tape allows individual filters and setting options. So it is now finally possible again to see the transactions of large and small market participants in real-time.

Iceberg orders can also be recognized in this way.

The Smart Tape is a unique selling point of ATAS.

Spread Tape

The Spread Tape allows you to see the trading volume on the basis of bid and ask, which was settled in the course of a price movement.

This is very useful for analysing the transaction behaviour of other market participants as you approach a certain price level. In addition, you can also see the volume that has settled within the spread, as well as the cumulative delta (showing whether the buyer or seller is predominant).

See the ATAS Spread Tape:

ATAS Spread Tape

Tick Cluster

The tick cluster is a different representation of the spread tape. The calculation is similar and the information is displayed in clusters. This makes it even easier to collect information.

One has the possibility to see the transactions of other market participants that were executed with slippage and the traded volume of the current day and the level 2 data.

All Price

This allows you to calculate the traded volume for any price. Price levels with maximum volume, Bid/Ask, Delta and Iceberg orders in the period can be identified. These levels often form the basis of many volume traders.

See the ATAS All Price:

ATAS All Prices

Smart DOM

The biggest enemies of orderflow traders are algorithms, especially the HFTs (high frequency algorithms). The Smart Dom was specially developed by ATAS to detect and analyze such algorithms. This tool is also a unique selling point of ATAS.

See the ATAS Smart DOM:

ATAS Smart Dom

With this tool the following functions are available:

  • Display of large transactions
  • Finding Iceberg or DND – Do Not Display transactions
  • Detection of unauthorized activities such as spoofing algorithms
  • Absorption of limit orders
  • Change of limit orders in real-time

Charting & indicators

ATAS is well-known for its charting and further functions to read the order flow. For example, you can use the normal candlestick chart or the footprint chart to read the order flow. Also, time-based and non-time-based charts are possible. There are a lot of charting functions to discover. From our experience, the ATAS trading software offers the most chart types and settings for it.

See an example chart of ATAS:

ATAS Chart


ATAS has a comprehensive range of products and offers several chart types.

The chart types are as follows:

  • Bars
  • Candles
  • Transparent Candles
  • line chart
  • Clusters
  • market profile
  • Range
  • Delta
  • Renko
  • seconds
  • Tick
  • Volume
  • BTK

It also has all the usual drawing tools such as trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, ray, channel, etc. You can also have the Market Profile drawn individually for only certain areas and analyze the volume horizontally and vertically.

You can configure the platform as you like.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to cluster the data. What does this mean? Every candle can be viewed from “inside”. You can view the volume, bids/asks, and deltas per candle and price.

Indicators – ATAS goes one step further

In addition to all common indicators such as Bollinger Bands, SMA, Stochastic, etc. there are also indicators specially developed by ATAS. These form the next unique selling point. A wealth of innovative indicators allows the conversion of complex order flow and volume data into a simple and clear visual representation. While ATAS performs complex calculation tasks in the background, the software in the platform displays the data in a clear and comprehensible manner.

The indicators specially developed by ATAS are as follows:

  • Cluster search
  • Dynamic levels
  • Maximum levels
  • Big trades
  • Market power
  • Market Profile
  • Multi-Market Powers
  • Order flow indicator
  • Speed of tape
  • Spread volume indicator
  • Tape Patterns
  • Volume Profile
  • RT Indicator

All indicators have a wide range of setting options and parameters.

Cluster Search

This allows you to display large volume inflows (total, bid & ask, delta, time and trades) in the cluster. An extremely helpful indicator.

Dynamic Levels

This indicator shows the value areas as well as dynamic levels. It can be used to display the shift of the maximum volume in a given time period.

Maximum Levels

With the help of the Maximum Levels you can display the levels at which the maximum volume was traded.

Big Trades

This indicator is absolutely ingenious and unique. The Big Trades indicator allows you to identify large executed market orders. The orders are matched based on the original timestamp.

Market Power

For example, it allows you to see which groups position themselves in the market and how. For example, traders may be short by 1 to 5 contracts and participants may be long by 20 contracts or more. This is freely configurable. You can split up small and large market participants.

Market Profile

The Market Profile is popular for day traders which are using the 30 minutes chart. It is an indicator of interpreting the actions of market participants. In our article about the Market Profile, you can read more about this indicator.

Multi Market Powers

Multi Market Powers allows the simultaneous display of several Market Power indicators in one window.

Order Flow Indicator

The indicator shows the order flow directly in the chart.

Speed of Tape

With the Speed of Tape indicator you can see changes in the speed of Time & Sales in the chart.

Spread Volume Indicator

The mode of operation is like the Spread Tape. Except that it is displayed in the chart.

Volume Profile

The Volume Profile is also one of the most important indicators for day traders. It shows you the traded volume on vertical prices. You can see on which prices the markets react and where not. In our article about the Volume Profile, you can read more.

Tape Patterns

The indicator is used to process and filter the “raw” order data that flows into the market.

RT Indicator

The RT Indicator combines the range (size) and the trend (direction) of the market. With its help, reverse points can be identified.

How to trade with ATAS

Here you have all the tools you need as a trader. The order entry can be done in the Smart DOM and in the Chart Trader. With the Chart Trader, you can trade from the chart and also from the panel next to the chart.

Additionally, there is the possibility to automate the exit. This function is available in both the Smart DOM and the Chart Trader. In addition to setting the Stop Loss and Take Profit, there is also the possibility of setting conditions according to which the Stop is automatically drawn.

See the ATAS Chart Trader:

ATAS chart trader

Brokers & data feeds

ATAS can be used with all common brokers and data feeds. In the menu you have to connect the software with your broker account data for the data feed.

ATAS data feed connection

ATAS support all known brokers and data feed for trading. Just ask your broker if you can connect with ATAS. If you are connected to the feed source you can start trading.

We tested different brokers and providers. Check them out if you are searching for a good broker:

Support for traders

The support is very competent and fast. You can contact the support via email, Skype, or Facebook. There is also a detailed manual and many videos on the internet. There is also a special team that is responsible for the support in different languages like Russia, Germany, France, and some more.

Price and cost of ATAS

There is the possibility to rent the platform as well as to purchase a lifetime version.

ATAS prices

There are four options for renting the platform:

  • Monthly for $74 / 69 €
  • Three months for the price of $195 / 179 €
  • Six months $330 / 299 €
  • One year $540 / 479 €

The lifetime version costs $1,990 (1790€) once.

If you take a look at the other platforms in this area and the prices, you will quickly notice that you get an excellent price/performance ratio. We recommend buying the lifetime version if you want to trade in the longterm. There is also a free test version (demo).

Conclusion of the ATAS review:

Anyone who wants to engage in professional order flow and volume trading cannot get around ATAS. The tools and indicators specially developed by ATAS alone make the competition look old.

The result is an excellent price/performance ratio and by far the most comprehensive order and volume trading platform available on the market.

The use of the software alone will give you a certain trading advantage (edge) in the market, thus increasing the probability of being able to improve your own performance even further.

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