AvaTrade demo account – Honest test

AvaTrade is an internationally operating broker that has developed an extensive range of products for traders, especially in the area of Forex and CFD. Since these are risky investments that require experience, the broker also provides a demo account. The AvaTrade demo account can be used free of charge and without obligation. After a quick registration, direct use is possible. However, how well the test account is actually set up, which advantages and weaknesses it brings, and for whom registration is suitable, is shown by a detailed look at the offer of the broker.

Facts about the AvaTrade demo account:

  • Free demo account with 100,000 USD credit
  • Unlimited use possible
  • Test account for MetaTrader 4
  • Test account for broker’s own trading platform
AvaTrade regulation
AvaTrade regulation

Overview of the AvaTrade demo account – classic demo version available

At AvaTrade, interested parties can access an AvaTrade demo account before opening a normal account. This is equipped with a credit balance of 100,000 USD and is not subject to a time limit. If the decision is made later to open a real money account with the broker, this can usually be done quickly and easily online. Here, traders can choose from the classic account as well as an Islamic account.

The demo account of AvaTrade is not limited in its access. This means that traders have full access to the trading platform and the tradable assets. This is a particularly important aspect. A demo version with a significantly reduced selection of tradable securities is often of no interest to a trader. The development of strategies is therefore only possible to a limited extent. The same applies to access to the trading tools. Here too, AvaTrade is very well positioned and ensures that traders can test the tools at their leisure.

Get an overview with just a few clicks

The AvaTrade demo account is designed to give traders a feel for the broker. Many brokers now offer demo accounts and do not have a time limit. AvaTrade points out that traders can inform themselves extensively and take their first steps without risk. For this purpose, the demo account is particularly well equipped and also available for the various trading platforms. In addition to MetaTrader, the broker also works with its own trading platform.

AvaTrade DupliTrade
AvaTrade DupliTrade

The advantages of a demo account

Whether or not it is worth investing time in an AvaTrade demo account is a matter for each trader to decide. In general, however, demo accounts have some advantages from which traders can benefit. These include the following points:

  • Trading without risk: Of course, with a demo account, trading is also without profits, but it is an advantage if risky investments can be tested without causing a loss. In this way, a learning process can be used. Beginners are not annoyed about the fact that they already have losses with their first trades and thus do not lose interest in trading.
  • Effective risk management: An effective risk management can be worked out via the demo account. This means that the trader can take his time to examine how his positions can be hedged.
  • Develop a strategy: No trading without a good strategy. The strategy is the basis for success in trading. Traders should therefore take sufficient time to develop it. With a demo account, this is easily possible.
  • Go new ways: If you are constantly afraid that you could lose some of your capital when using new tradable assets, you will probably risk very little and prefer to stick with the old familiar instead. With a demo account, it is possible to test new ways.

A good demo account allows full access to the trading platform, has a large balance and can be used permanently.

Registering for the AvaTrade Demo Account

Those who want to use the demo account of the broker can simply register via the website. It is not necessary to open a real money account through AvaTrade first. This allows the broker to allow traders to get to know the platform at their leisure before making the first deposit. The registration is usually done quickly. It is possible to log in via Facebook or Google.

AvaTrade demo account registration mask
AvaTrade demo account registration mask

This saves even more time. If you don’t want to do that, you can do normal registration. To be entered:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number

After entering the data, the account is created. This may take a moment. Afterwards you can directly start with the test. The trader receives the login data for the MT4 and also the information necessary to use the app. The demo account can be used in web trading or downloaded. Here it depends on what is the better option for the trader.

Complete registration for the real money account

The demo account can first be used without verification. The situation is different if the trader would like to trade with real money. In this case, the verification should be done first. The trader enters his complete data for this. The address data must also be entered. In order to verify himself, the broker usually requests documents. An identity card is required for verification. To confirm the address, traders upload a current invoice on the platform in which the address can be recognized. Afterward, trading with real money can begin.

Get to know the trading platforms with the AvaTrade Demo

The AvaTrade CFD Demo Account or AvaTrade Forex Demo Account provides a comprehensive overview of the trading platforms. Traders need to find out which trading platform they would like to work with. The trading platform is an important basis for successful trading. This makes it all the more important to be able to get to know it without risk. AvaTrade has several platforms on offer.

The MetaTrader 4 as well as the MetaTrader 5 belong to the most popular and well-known trading platforms. The MetaTrader 5 is considered to be particularly multifunctional and provides traders with extensive functions. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and contains numerous tools for technical analysis. It also allows the use of copy trading and the use of auto trading systems. As one of the most powerful platforms are currently available, MetaTrader 5 is primarily of interest to professional traders. With the professional advisor as well as the Guardian Angel, AvaTrade customers receive further helpful programs via MT 5, which can be tested with the demo.

AvaTrade MT4
AvaTrade MT4

MetaTrader 4 as a real classic

MetaTrader 4 has been used by various brokers for years and in this context, it is a good choice even for beginners. The MetaTrader 4 can be used mobile, via the web, or via desktop. This version also has the Guardian Angel and an Expert Advisor. In addition, MetaTrader 4 is equipped with practical tools for analysis right from the start. These can be tested with a demo version at your leisure.

Broker-owned trading platform as an alternative

In addition to the MetaTrader, AvaTrade also has a proprietary brokerage trading platform that traders can choose to use. This is a web-based version called AvaOptions Web Trading. Through the platform, it is possible to trade spot and options through an account. This gives the trader a high degree of flexibility. Options are available for more than 40 different currency pairs.

AvaTrade Options
AvaTrade Options

It is also possible to try out silver and gold trading. The trading platform has a particularly powerful tool for personal risk management. In Forex and CFD trading levers are used time and again. These make it possible to place higher stakes despite a smaller balance and thus profit even more. With the use of leverage, however, the risk of loss also increases. These losses can be limited by effective risk management. However, it is necessary to examine how this management can look like. This is possible via the broker’s own trading platform.

Use automated trading also with the demo account

AvaTrade is very well positioned in terms of automated trading. It is often assumed that this is a good opportunity for experienced traders in particular. However, newcomers in particular often suffer losses when trading because they give too much space to their feelings. With automated trading, on the other hand, you can effectively implement your own strategy – without having to react too quickly to price changes.

With DupliTrade and ZuluTrade, AvaTrade offers two different variants. For example, social trading can be integrated. Copying portfolios of other traders are suitable for beginners and advanced traders who would like to orientate themselves towards new strategies.

Discover mobile trading with the demo account

The AvaTrade Test Account is not only accessible via PC. The Broker provides trading apps that provide support for mobile trading. An own app was developed by the broker. It is called AvaTrade GO and is available for Android and iOS. Via the app the complete functions of MetaTrader 4 can be used.

AvaTrade Smartphone
AvaTrade Smartphone

The extensive trading platform is helpful for beginners as well as for experienced traders. It can be tried out with the app. Trading via mobile devices has long been part of the daily routine for traders. The possibility to have a quick and easy look at the positions or check the prices from a smartphone or tablet is gladly taken advantage of. For Forex and CFD trading, mobile trading is just as effective as trading via the PC.

Mobile view of demo deposits

To keep track of your positions in the AvaTrade demo while on the move, you can use the demo account with the app. To do so, simply log in via the mobile device and you will have an overview of your account. In this way, traders also learn how to react quickly on the move, open or close positions and also hedge them. They also get an overview of the current account balance at any time and can thus keep an eye on it.

Learn about trading tools at AvaTrade

The AvaTrade demo account is particularly effective for getting to know the trading tools. They serve as a support for strategy development. AvaTrade is well-positioned in this regard. Traders can make use of the following tools:

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar provides an overview of upcoming dates and events that may have an impact on the economy. Traders should use it to check whether the events could possibly cause prices to fall or rise. Here only assumptions can be made. The more informed a trader is, the easier it is for him to assess the tradable values.

AvaTrade Economic Calendar
AvaTrade Economic Calendar

Market Analysis

The market analysis can only be used if the traders are registered with the broker. It is provided by FXinsights and is updated in real-time. The current economic and technical news is used as a basis. With the market analysis, traders stay up to date. The analyses are carried out by experts.


A trading tool that is often used is Autochartist. Here technical analyses are carried out automatically. The tool is part of MetaTrader 4 and can help to get an overview of the individual trading opportunities. It recognizes the systems that offer the best trading opportunities and can be of interest to the trader.

Trading tools are only of great help if they can be used correctly. With the demo version, it is possible to carry out simple tests and take no risk.

The additions to the AvaTrade demo account

Traders like to use a demo account to gain practical experience. But also other possibilities for education and training are a great help to have as little losses as possible. At AvaTrade, there is an extensive area for education and training. The goal of the offer is to provide traders with tools to gain experience right from the start. The broker provides several areas from which traders can choose:

  • Trading for beginners
  • Economic
  • Video training for trading
  • eBook on foreign exchange trading

Trading for beginners provides an overview of the most important information that beginners should know. This makes it easier to find a good start. The focus in this section is on technical analysis as well as trading CFDs and Forex.

AvaTrade Education
AvaTrade Education

Those who have already gained some experience can also learn about economic indicators. In this area, the broker provides information on how announcements can influence the development of prices. In order to trade successfully, it is important to deal with the influencing factors and thus be able to observe the development of the prices. The eBook or the videos around forex and forex trading provide information on how traders can best learn to use the trading platform, which strategies have proven to be successful, and what to look out for when developing your own strategy.

Overview of tradable assets at AvaTrade demo account

The demo account is a very convenient way to get an overview of trading with AvaTrade. However, it is important for traders to know what assets they can access. AvaTrade is particularly well-positioned. Forex and CFD trading is the main foundation. In addition to this, trading in cryptocurrencies is possible through AvaTrade. The tradable values at AvaTrade are:

  • Forex Trading: Forex trading is one of the most liquid markets and is a popular option for traders. Trading with the various currency pairs can provide a high return.
  • ETF: Along with equities, ETFs are one of the most popular ways to become active in the market. At AvaTrade, traders choose from GDX trading and VXX trading.
  • CFDs on commodities: In terms of security, commodities are often cited as a potential investment. At AvaTrade, those who wish to take advantage of commodity price movements can do so in the form of CFDs.
  • Stock Indices: Trading in stock indices is often the basis for many brokers. Also, AvaTrade has it in the offer.
  • Shares: If you are a trader who does not want to build up a pure share portfolio and buy shares, AvaTrade offers a different form of share trading. With the trading of CFDs on shares, the view is directed also here at the price developments.
  • Bonds: Bonds complete the trading offer at AvaTrade.
AvaTrade trading instruments
AvaTrade trading instruments

Cryptocurrencies for Traders willing to take risks

Digital currencies have been active on the market for years and are always conspicuous by their strong price fluctuations. These price fluctuations are an important aspect for investors. At AvaTrade it is possible to trade CFDs on digital currencies. This means that traders do not need to create a digital wallet or buy coins directly. Instead, they trade CFDs on digital currencies.

These options are primarily of interest to traders who have a high-risk appetite. The price fluctuations cannot be predicted and can involve a wide range. Therefore, the returns on digital currencies are particularly high. However, losses can also increase. For this reason, brokers often offer only minimal leverage with crypto-currencies or do without it altogether.

AvaTrade Cryptocurrencies
AvaTrade Cryptocurrencies

From Bitcoin to Ripple

Broker AvaTrade focuses primarily on the most popular digital currencies on which CFDs can be opened. Among the currencies is of course Bitcoin. It was the first cryptocurrency to enter the market and is still the currency with the highest value today. But the competition is also fierce. Other digital currencies can be found, which have already established themselves.

These include Ripple and Litecoin as well as Ethereum. To get a feeling for how the digital currencies with their exchange rates are to be assessed, it is worth using the demo account. With the demo account, risk-free positions can be opened with digital currencies. This gives traders a feeling of how to trade the digital currencies and the risks they entail.

AvaTrade’s customer service – A comprehensive range of support

If questions arise about the demo account or trading via the broker itself, support is the most important contact point for customers. In order to get a comprehensive overview of whether a broker is a good contact point for trading, an assessment of the support is part of it.

There are different ways to get in contact with the support staff. For example, there is a hotline on the website that can be usedThe broker offers customer service in many languages. However, the employees are only available at certain times. The telephone service is normally offered during trading hours. These start on Sunday at 9 pm GMT and end on Friday at 9.00 pm GMT.

AvaTrade FAQ
AvaTrade FAQ

Written support as an alternative

In addition to telephone customer service, AvaTrade also offers written support. Here the broker is broadly positioned. So the practical live chat is offered. In the live chat, traders can make their inquiries directly via the chat window. There are also opening hours for the live chat. From Monday 9.00 am o’clock to Friday at 6.15 pm o’clock inquiries can be made in this way. An alternative is the contact request by e-mail. Here you have to enter the reason for the request as well as the inquiry. Simply leave your contact details. AvaTrade cannot say how long the processing will take. This depends on the number of requests.

Conclusion: The AvaTrade demo account is particularly extensive

AvaTrade is a broker with several years of experience and is aware that traders should first and foremost have fun and success when investing. The clearly structured website and the very good support make it clear that the broker is interested in an attractive offer and wants to address a broad target group. Interesting for this target group is also the view of the demo account. This is offered by AvaTrade free of charge.

It quickly becomes clear that the test account can be used without a real money account. Thus the broker takes the liability from the offer. If you notice that the trading platform and the trading offer do not meet your expectations, after all, you can simply log out again. The demo account itself has a very extensive structure and can be used for both the MetaTrader and the broker’s own trading platform. This gives traders a comprehensive overview.

The high virtual balance is a very good basis to open and track positions even with increased amounts. The tools provided by the broker for elaborating strategies are extensive and can be tested.

The demo version of AvaTrade scores very well in the test. Due to the extensive access to the mobile offer as well as the web version of the broker, traders also benefit from an intuitive design and easy handling. Thus, this offer is not only of interest for beginners. Experienced traders benefit, as the demo account is made available without any time limit.

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