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An online broker should not only look at trading conditions. Regulations and conditions for deposits and withdrawals are also interesting. In the ideal case, the broker settles payment formalities fast and charges no fees. An AvaTrade disbursement and deposit are bound to certain conditions but in principle free of charge.

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Important information about AvaTrade withdrawals & deposits at a glance:

  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card
  • Minimum deposit with credit card 100 Dollar, bank transfer 500 Dollar
  • The easiest way to withdraw funds is by AvaTrade MasterCard

Minimum Deposits at AvaTrade in detail

An AvaTrade account can be funded through several methods. AvaTrade offers Wire Transfer and Credit Card payment methods. There are certain minimum deposits and other conditions that must be met.

  • For a credit card, the minimum limit is 100 euros/dollars.
  • The minimum deposit for a bank transfer is higher at 500 euro/dollar.
  • For a bank transfer, a reason for payment with customer name and the AvaTrade account number must be provided.
  • A bank transfer can take up to 5 business days. It is much faster with a credit card.
  • Before making the first deposit by credit card, the card must be registered with AvaTrade.

The trading account with AvaTrade can be easily topped up with funds. Available are bank transfer and credit card as well as the AvaTrade debit card. Minimum deposit amounts must be observed in each case.

What about withdrawals at AvaTrade?

AvaTrade allows withdrawals using the same methods as deposits. However, there are some extra rules to be observed. If a first deposit is made by bank transfer, withdrawals will be made to the same bank account.

It is a little more complicated with credit cards. A credit card payment means that a first withdrawal must be made by credit card. In addition, the payout amount must not be greater than the deposit amount. If you deposit 200 Euros by credit card, a first payout up to this amount must be made in the same way. All further payouts can be transferred to a reference account.

AvaTrade withdrawal can only be processed quickly if the trading account has already been fully verified. In order to be verified, the trader must provide some documentation such as a copy of photo identification (clearly legible) and proof of address. An address can be verified with a separate electricity or telephone provider bill. This must not be older than three months.

The broker offers its customers a Debit MasterCard, which merchants can use for deposits and withdrawals. The Ava Debit MasterCard can be requested in the personal account area. Withdrawals can be made directly from the trading account. There is no need to fill out an extra form as with withdrawals by wire transfer and credit card. The AvaTrade Debit MasterCard can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Conditions for the AvaTrade payout

The broker will allow up to five business days for an AvaTrade payout. All customers need to do is print out a payout form, complete it and submit it to AvaTrade (not applicable to AvaTrade Debit MasterCard). The broker will complete the verification of a withdrawal form within 24 to 48 hours. In any case, payouts from the broker are free of charge.

Important customers with high trading volumes can expect the transaction to be processed and funds received within 24 hours.

Note: If the payout includes a first deposit bonus, the payout is only possible if a volume of 10,000 Euro has been converted with a Euro bonus.

AvaTrade has few conditions for payouts. The most important one is that the trading account is fully verified. Also, a bank account and/or credit card must be registered. There are no withdrawal fees at AvaTrade.

Our 3 tips for smooth transactions

Tip 1:

AvaTrade customers have at least two ways to fund their accounts. Choose the most appropriate deposit method, either bank transfer or credit card. AvaTrade customers can pay by Ava Debit MasterCard. This must be requested first. Not only does the bank transfer usually take longer, but the minimum amount of 500 Euros is higher compared to the 100 Euros for a credit card.

Tip 2:

The selection of the deposit method should be made under the aspect that money is usually paid out the same way it was used for deposits. This means that the broker complies with the applicable money laundering regulations. The credit card that was used for the deposit is required for the first withdrawal. You cannot simply deactivate it or change the card provider during this time.

Tip 3:

Payments are easier and faster with AvaTrade Debit MasterCard. This is because withdrawals can be made directly from the trading account. There is no need to fill out an extra payout form. It can be obtained after registration in the customer area.

Smooth transactions can only be achieved if the data required for deposits and withdrawals are correctly entered. At AvaTrade you will find all necessary account information in the personal account area. For bank transfers, the AvaTrade account number and customer name must not be missing as reason for payment. Before making a deposit by credit card, a registration of the card is necessary.

Taking a close look at the trading conditions at AvaTrade

AvaTrade has become a leading online broker since its inception in 2006. The broker offers a reliable, user-oriented trading environment and platforms. AvaTrade currently has over 200,000 registered traders worldwide. The number of monthly trades is more than 2 million positions. AvaTrade started out as a forex broker, but now also has CFD trading on commodities, indices, and stocks in its portfolio.

AvaTrade Trading Assets

Access to Bitcoin and Litecoin markets is available to the average retail investor. In addition to the trading platforms AvaTrader and MetaTrader 4, mobile trading is possible. Traders can also choose from automated trading platforms such as Mirror Trader and Signal Trader.

AvaTrade offers several account models (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ava Select), which differ mainly in their scope of services. Deposit amount and trading volume determine the account model for the trader. For Ava Select traders, the broker has special extra bonuses and higher returns on the account. With this account model, payout also takes only 24 hours, otherwise up to five business days.

Trading opportunities include trading 60 currency pairs, as well as trading CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, and bonds. The trading offer also includes options and bitcoins. Maximum leverage is up to 400:1 (in Europe only 1:30 for retail investors) and AvaTrade fees are generally reasonable, as there are no trading costs other than the usual spread, with some exceptions.

During regular market opening hours, AvaTrade support is available via live chat, phone, and email. Regular free training sessions are part of the service offering. With the help of videos, e-books, and up-to-date market analysis, traders can expand their knowledge of trading.

AvaTrade customers can expect a comfortable and secure trading environment that only an experienced, officially regulated broker can offer. AvaTrade has a regulated broker license not only in Europe. Traders in Japan, Australia and the British Virgin Islands can also expect the same level of security.

The AvaTrade payout & deposit conclusion:

AvaTrade stands for transparent conditions when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. Payments by bank transfer and a credit card are both uncomplicated and secure. For positive AvaTrade experiences the fact that the broker raises fees neither for deposits nor for withdrawals. When withdrawing with Ava Debit MasterCard, there is not even a withdrawal form to fill out.

Facts of the AvaTrade minimum deposit and withdrawals:

  • $100 minimum deposit per credit card
  • $500 minimum deposit per bank wire
  • No fees
  • Account must be verified before doing withdrawals
  • Withdrawals are proceeded in 1 – 3 days

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