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Ayrex user-ratings: $5
9 of 10 points 1 reviews
  • Asset varierity - 7.5/10
  • Trading platform - 10/10
  • Support - 7.5/10
  • Fees - 10/10
  • Deposit/Withdrawal - 10/10

Facts about the company:

  • Type: Binary Options Broker 
  • Regulation: no regulation 
  • Minimum deposit: $5 
  • Demo account: Free
  • Markets: 70+ Binary Options, Stock Indices, Commodities
Comments Rating 9/10 (1 review)


  • Up to 30 % Deposit Bonus 
  • 70+ Binary Options
  • Highest payout %
  • No slow execution losses
  • Use of demo account without registration
  • Each profitable trade gets you up to 85% profit


  • Headquarters outside the EU 
  • Only one free withdrawal within a calendar month
  • Focused on short-term-trading

Ayrex experiences

Only since 2014, the online broker Ayrex has been on the market for trading binary options. Even more self-confident sounds the announcement to offer the world’s best trading platform ever. And the other data on the broker Ayrex also makes the heart of the trader beat faster: 85 percent yield with various option variants as well as 75 underlying with a minimum deposit of only five dollars. In addition to this, the question is crucial, how respectably the offerer is to be estimated. This is especially true since it is an online broker based outside the EU. We provide the most important answers to all questions about the broker Ayrex in the following review.

Screenshot of the Ayrex Website

Ayrex at a glance

An innovation that makes trading even more interesting, especially for private traders, is the binary options. Here, the basic question that drives all traders in the market, namely whether a certain value rises or falls, is implemented in a single and very easy-to-use instrument. The success of this very simple instrument has resulted in a large number of brokers that are now specializing in binary options.

The technical implementation of the trading is particularly positive with this provider. The available values and instruments can be operated directly and with just a few clicks, while the execution of the trade takes place in fractions of a second so that trading can take place at extremely precise prices. There are 75 underlying and a wide range of options instruments to choose from so that every trader can implement a wide range of individual strategies. We were also convinced by the approach of enabling trading at very small amounts. Even with a deposit of only 5 dollars minimum, you can be a trader with Ayrex. This amount is also sufficient to open a position. Of course, significantly higher stakes are also possible. But even if only smaller amounts are involved, customers should always take a closer look when it comes to security.

CompanyAdvanced Binary Technologies Ltd.
AdressOffice 590, Suites 5 Horsfords Business Centre, Long Point Road, Charlestown, Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis
Registration numberC44622
no regulation
Telephone+44 20 86291001
Live Chatyes

Deposit Protection And Regulation Of Ayrex

It is important to only deal with providers with whom serious handling of all business transactions can be expected. However, customers should always take a closer look at the supplier Ayrex. After all, the Online Broker has its headquarters outside the EU, so that the strict European regulatory authorities cannot be trusted. However, just because there is no regulation, this does not automatically mean that the supplier is a provider where fraud or rip-offs are commonplace.

Regarding important criteria, Ayrex is a reputable provider. Inquiries are answered promptly and payments of credit are made without delay. Nevertheless, investors have to be aware that the actual level of deposit security cannot be answered as clearly as with a European provider. Even if no negative experiences have been reported in the history of Ayrex, the advice for prudent investors can only be to trade with manageable amounts. As with all investment strategies, where one speculates on rather short-term price developments, investors are in any case well-advised to use exclusively financial means on which they are not dependent on their current lifestyle.

Fast trading with around 75 Underlying at top conditions

With regard to trading opportunities, the broker Ayrex has put together a small but fine selection of underlying, which the investor can access depending on the trading hours. Initially, it should come as no surprise that the underlying come from the four usual categories of shares, share indices, commodities, and precious metals, as well as currency pairs. In the case of equities, there is a focus on the American market, but some German and European stocks are also available. For the currency pairs, you can choose from 15 combinations of the world’s most important currencies. Furthermore, 15 important stock indices are available as underlying for trading in binary options. The trading offer is rounded off by seven different commodities and precious metals, including gold and silver as well as oil and natural gas.

In total, investors can choose from more than 70 tradable underlying, although not all of them are available around the clock. Due to a certain focus on American securities and markets, most of the securities are only available to German and European traders for trading via Ayrex from midday or in the afternoon. For example, only the Euro vs. Dollar currency pair can really be traded around the clock, while the combination Swiss Franc vs. Dollar is only available between 9 am and 11 pm.

Regarding the conditions, the traders can initially assume that trading is completely free of charge, i.e. no extra costs are charged for transactions by the Provider. The achievable returns are a maximum of 85 percent. Moreover, Ayrex offers a very decent selection. Thus, the classic binary options can be traded with different time horizons between 30 seconds and five minutes. In addition, the Touch / No Touch variant is also available.

All in all, the Ayrex customer can expect a full-fledged trading offer, where also a lot of special strategies are possible.

Up to 30 percent bonus not only for new customers

30% Deposit Bonus for Ayrex Traders

The range of services offered by the broker Ayrex also includes a deposit bonus, from which new customers can also benefit. However, not only this, as the bonus offer apparently applies to all customers until further notice. The possible bonus applies to deposits into an Ayrex account from a minimum amount of 100 Euros or US dollars. The customer can choose whether he wants to receive a bonus of 10 percent, 20 percent or even 30 percent on his deposit. This is important because, as with many other bonus offers from other online brokers, payouts are only possible depending on the turnover achieved in trading. Four times the value of the bonus amount must be achieved as trading turnover in order for the bonus to be paid out. In concrete terms, this means that for a deposit of 100 dollars and a bonus of 30 percent, a turnover of 1,200 dollars must be achieved in order to receive the full bonus amount of 30 dollars. The maximum bonus can be 10,000 euros or US dollars.

Deposit bonus30% to 10.000 Dollars
Bonus conditions12x deposit
Validity90 days
Further bonuses

Deposit and payout possible in many variants

Before you can start trading with Binary Options, or before the trader can receive a bonus on it, you have to open an Ayrex account first. The online broker Ayrex offers a number of different options for this purpose so it is no issue for most customers to enter into trading quickly. First, the customer is offered the classic option of depositing money into his trading account by credit card. Besides MasterCard, the Visa Card is also accepted by the online broker Ayrex. However, those who do not have a credit card or do not want to use this option can still trade with Ayrex, as the provider also works with various payment services on the Internet. Among them are payment providers such as Fasapay, UnionPay, Neteller, and Skrill. However, the trader first needs an account with one of these providers in order to authorize deposits and, of course, to receive withdrawals.

That’s because the same options are available for withdrawals as for deposits. Ayrex leaves it to its customers to decide which method they want to use for withdrawals. It is not a requirement that the same method is used for deposits. As mentioned above, the account can be held in either Euros or US dollars if desired. Since the minimum deposit is only five euros or US dollars, the trader has the opportunity to start trading with very small amounts, so that the own risk can be controlled easily.

Security and reliability despite lack of regulation

As already mentioned in the beginning chapter, Ayrex is an unregulated online broker. It is based in probably only hardly known mini-state of Sankt Kitts and Nevis, an archipelago that belongs to the Lesser Antilles. Thus, the online broker is clearly operating outside the scope of the EU. For traders, this basically means that they cannot rely on external control of the provider so that they have to primarily rely on their own assessment.

In principle, however, it can first of all be assumed that the provider works just as seriously as his competitors within the European Union. Even without regulation, online brokers know that customer trust is their most important asset, which should not be gambled away under any circumstances. But this may be the crux of the matter. If in the event of a crisis of confidence, many investors withdraw their capital, the provider can quickly become insolvent and no deposit insurance is paid for. Whoever keeps this in mind and acts accordingly by only using the appropriate amounts in trading, can make good and serious long-term investments on the capital market with Ayrex without having to spend sleepless nights.

Support and customer service at a very decent level

Ayrex Customer Service

One of the advantages that suppliers expect to gain from locating outside the EU is, logically, that they will save costs by reducing the number of requirements. The promise of these providers is to use additional resources for the benefit of their customers. In addition to low fees, this also means good service. Thus, Ayrex customers have the opportunity to contact Ayrex support around the clock with personal concerns regarding trading. While this hotline has to be dialed at the regular rate, two completely free alternatives are also available with the email and an online chat. The employees of the service team were always very committed to dealing with the requests in a goal-oriented manner. A quick response to email inquiries can be expected, and a competent chat partner is always available.

Support available: from Monday to Friday, 7:00 – 23:00 (EET)
Telephone:+44 20 3322 7337

Ayrex also offers a demo account, which is made available to customers permanently and free of charge. This is a very good opportunity to test the offer both technically and in terms of content extensively, and at the same time to educate and train one’s own competence in the area of option trading.

Classic structure of the Ayrex website

Regarding the conception of the website, the traders can count on a classic offer. A clear structure guides the customer to all the necessary information, so the customer can quickly gain an impression of the trading possibilities without having to open an account. The trading, as well as the functionality of the bonus offer, are clearly shown.

In addition to the basic information that is necessary for trading with binary options, the Ayrex website also offers a number of additional offers. In addition to a guide for trading itself, a glossary with the most important terms as well as a comprehensive manual, the customer of Ayrex finds very solid support for his personal development as a trader. And also in terms of content, he is provided with current impulses for trading. In addition to a business calendar with the most important and decisive dates for the markets, the online broker’s offer also includes constantly updated business news.

App so far only available for Android

For more than a year now, Ayrex has also made it possible to use all of the products on sale conveniently by mobile phone. Especially in the fast trading of Binary Options, this represents an important expansion of possibilities for the customer, as he can enjoy much greater independence without having to forego important opportunities in trading. In our experience, the functions made available to the trader via the app are in no way inferior to the possibilities offered by trading via the PC, both in terms of convenience and effectiveness. However, the app is currently only available for Android.

Conclusion: Binary options in many variations

The trading of binary options in many different variations is offered by the online broker Ayrex. A total of 75 underlying from four different product categories are available, whereby several option variants can be used for trading. The Online Broker is clearly focused on short-term trading. Thus, binary options between 30 seconds and five minutes as well as the instrument Touch – No Touch can be used.

In addition to the bonus, which is not only available to new customers, and the regular service, the extensive information offer also speaks for this provider. In addition, a very low minimum deposit of only five euros or US dollars ensures that trading can initially be started with very manageable risk. With the free demo account, trading with binary options can also be tested without any risk.

Most asked questions:

Is a withdrawal free of Charge?

Withdrawal is free of charge once a month. Afterward, traders have to pay a small fee to make a withdrawal.

Is there a demo version?

There is a demo version for trading with Ayrex on the website. The demo version is free and can be used without registration. With the demo version, traders can take a look at the software before making a registration.

Is there a mobile App for Trading with ayrex?

With Ayrex, traders can trade binary options easily on the go. Unfortunately, the Mobile App is only available for android smartphones. Apple users have to trade over the browser on their mobile or over a computer.

Is there a deposit Bonus?

Traders can make a deposit and add a +30 % bonus to their deposit. The bonus amount can be chosen by the client and can differ between 10 to 30 percent.

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