Binary Options demo account – Recommended For Beginners

Those who have not yet had any or insufficient experience with Binary Options will appreciate the free demo account trading. Here you can experience the first steps in trading with play money under real-time conditions. While forex brokers already have demo accounts in their product portfolio, this was not yet established for Binary Options. Nevertheless, the brokers are reacting and offering interested parties more and more Binary Options demo accounts in various forms:

  • Binary Options Demo Account without registration
  • Binary Options Demo Account with the registration

See the table below for trusted and legal Binary Options Brokers:




Start trading: 

1. IQ Option

IQ Option logo

+ Yield up to 100%
+ Best platform
+ 24/7 support

2. Deriv

Deriv logo

+ Yield up to 95%
+ Auto trading (bot)
+ MetaTrader 5

3. Pocket Option

Pocket Option logo

+ Yield up to 92%
+ No registration 
+ Accept any clients

4. Binomo

Binomo Logo
+ Yield up to 90%

+ 24/7 trading
+ Awarded broker

5. Expert Option


+ Yield up to 90%

+ No registration
+ Trusted platform

The following demo account I want to introduce on this page:

  1. IQ Option
  2. Deriv
  3. Pocket Option
  4. Binomo
  5. Expert Option

By far not all Binary Options Brokers are yet offering their clients the opportunity to get to know the trading platform without risk and to train the trading of Binary Options as it is possible with a demo account. However, at least some brokers now offer a Binary Options demo account. Especially for beginners, such a demo account is highly recommended, because this way the new trader can not only get to know the trading platform of the broker but also try out trading with Binary Options without immediate financial risk.

Therefore, many traders today deliberately choose a broker who offers a Binary Options demo account. The demo account is not only useful for beginners, but also for those traders who want to try out a new Binary Options strategy without wanting to trade with real money immediately.

Binary Options Trading

Binary Options also have the reputation to be a low-risk investment with which fast money can be made. Of course, it is quite possible that successful traders with relatively little effort can receive large amounts of money when trading Binary Options. However, losses are also possible here. Traders only have the advantage that they can never lose more than they have invested. Nevertheless, Binary Options Trading remains a game of chance that can also tempt you to invest more than you might have. Therefore, especially beginners benefit from a Binary Options demo account, which gives them an overview of the trading and gives them a feeling for the chances of winning. In the Trading Demo Account, there is no risk of real losses.

Free binary options demo account – Our recommendations

Forex traders (a free demo is standard with a Forex broker) will be pleased to hear that some providers also offer real demo accounts for Binary Options.

Without net and double bottom, you get exactly what it says on it: A trading demo account. A free Binary Options demo that allows you to practice trading Binary Options with play money to your heart’s content. I present to you here the best real demo accounts.

1. IQ Option

IQ Option platform

IQ Option is also one of the test winners in the various comparisons of providers with demo accounts. The broker scores with a very special highlight, because traders do not have to register with the broker first to gain access to the demo account.

This makes IQ Option the first choice as a provider for a good Binary Options demo account. In general, traders should know that a demo account is not a matter of course when trading Binary Options. Instead, there are still very few vendors that offer a Binary Options demo account. IQ Option, for example, provides a capital of 10,000 virtual dollars. If this is used up, it can be recharged – switching from a demo account to a trading account is possible at any time.

IQ Option demo account

Interesting for traders: A real money account can be opened for amounts as low as 10 EUR/USD/GBP. The above mentioned possible return is the amount that will be credited to the account in case of a successful trade.

In comparison, it quickly becomes clear that there are now quite a few providers who also offer demo account trading for binary options trading. However, these demo accounts are not seldom associated with requirements. IQ Option is one of the providers who offer their customers the account without any deposit or registration.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

2. Deriv

Deriv trading platform is a brand by which was created before the year 2.000. It is a fully regulated Binary Options Broker which allows you to create a free demo account by registering. Deriv has more than one platform. You can use automated trading, Binary Options trading, Forex trading, and CFD trading. It is a multi-asset broker.

The demo account is completely free and unlimited. Also, the platform is user-friendly for beginners. There are tutorials and more helpful videos to understand how to trade. The yield is up to 95% with this broker. In addition, the execution of the trades is at its best. Try it in a free demo account.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

3. Pocket Option

Pocket Option trading platform

Pocket Option is a new Binary Options Broker which is offering a $ 10.000 demo account without any registration. You can just join the platform by clicking the free demo. It is easy to use and very fast.

The broker offers 24/7 trading and high yield on different assets. There is no difference between the real account and demo account. I know this because tried both accounts and deposited more than $ 5.000. Like any other broker on this website, there is a huge diversity of free educational stuff to learn how to trade Binary Options. Pocket Option is one of the best platforms in my Opinion. The yield is very high and you can achieve different bonuses and rewards.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

4. Binomo

Binomo trading platform

Binomo is a popular trading platform in Asia. They also offer a free demo account like the other Binary Options Brokers. You will get a $ 1.000 free account after your registration. Binomo is an awarded company with a huge customer base.

The yield can be up to 90% and there is 24/7 trading. The broker is regulated by the financial commission and trusted in many ways. The signup process is very simple and in a few steps, you will get your free demo account.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

5. Expert Option

Expert Option trading platform

The last place in this list is Expert Option. Based in Vanuatu the Binary Options Broker serves international clients. You can open a free demo account without registration. Just click on try demo and you can start.

The account is filled up to $ 10.000 virtual money to test the platform. Also, the account is unlimited for every trader. Trade more than 100 markets with a high yield of up to 90%. There is a social trading option for traders who want to copy other successful traders. In conclusion, Expert Option is a good and reliable broker like the other ones from this website.

(Risk warning: Your capital is at risk)

The Binary Options demo account offers numerous advantages

The demo account basically offers some advantages in the area of Binary Options trading, from which beginners but also experienced traders can benefit. The main advantage is certainly that the customer can learn about the risk in a playful way through the test account and thus receive the first introduction to trading with Binary Options. Especially those traders who have not yet had any experience with binary options trading can not completely avoid the often usual initial losses in this way, but on average they can significantly reduce them since they do not immediately trade with real money.

Another advantage is that almost all brokers who offer demo account trading allow the client to test it without any obligation. Sometimes it is only necessary to open a real trading account first and sometimes the required minimum amount must be deposited on it before the demo account can be used. In any case, the use of a demo account is highly recommended.

The trading platform is one of the most important basics to know how to be successful in Binary Options trading. Especially for options with short terms, it is sometimes a matter of seconds. If you don’t get to grips with the trading platform quickly enough, you could possibly lose capital, as you cannot react quickly enough. This is another reason why the Binary Options Demo Account is an important helper and should not be underestimated. It can help you to learn how the trading platform works, practice the emergency, and get a feeling for the platform.

Why you should use a Binary Options demo account:

  • Practise
  • Get first experience
  • Test ne strategies
  • Learn about the markets
  • Learn about the platform
  • Trading without any risk

For whom is a demo account recommended?

Trading Binary Options does not appear to be very complicated. Beginners in particular can therefore quickly familiarize themselves with the subject with a little commitment. Nevertheless, one should not see trading too easy, otherwise one runs the risk of incurring losses. As with other transactions on the financial market, the processes of trading must first be studied and internalized. Particularly in the case of Binary Options, a knowledge gap can mean the loss of returns.

In order to analyze the first market scenarios and take the first steps in trading, a demo account for Binary Options is therefore recommended. Here strategies can be tested and compared with news on economic and monetary policy decisions. There are currently not many providers who offer this, but a growing number. Among them are “IQ Option“, “Deriv“, “Pocket Option“, “Binomo” or also “Expert Option“. Interested parties can register here free of charge and, depending on the provider, hold a demo account for a limited time.

A demo account is not only recommended for beginners. Experienced traders also use a demo account to test new strategies or market scenarios without the risk of loss. In principle, the number of demo accounts is not limited. However, each trader may only open one demo account per provider.

The alternative: Binary Options Demo Account after real money deposit

In fact, you don’t have to pay anything for the Binary Options demo account – but it is usually necessary to deposit the minimum amount in a real money account in order to activate the demo account. Once you have opened a real money account, you can access the Binary Options Demo account very quickly, but the money you have deposited is still with the provider.

Of course, no one can force you to actually trade with the money you have deposited. Even less can one be forbidden to withdraw the deposited money at a later date? The whole procedure is nevertheless somewhat cumbersome. Nobody should be advised against testing these “free” demo accounts. Especially if you have already decided on a provider who offers a demo account after you have paid the minimum amount to open an account, it makes sense to try it.


No matter if a demo account is only available after a deposit or even before a deposit: If you have the possibility to use a Binary Options demo account, you should do so. Even advanced traders, who think that maybe they already know everything they need to know to trade binary options, can only benefit from a demo account because here you can test the latest strategies without the risk of losing money.

Where can you trade?

The various brokers offer demo accounts without any fees. Depending on the provider, the trading place is also regulated. In general, trades are carried out via the Internet. Some brokers offer apps that also allow trading from on the road. With one click you can book the binary options. A lengthy order placement as with classic options trading is not necessary here.

The registration for a demo account is usually free of charge and does not require a minimum deposit. Nevertheless, there are brokers who activate the demo account only after a minimum deposit has been made. Only then can the tester start active trading of the Binary Options. This is disadvantageous for the customer because the capital is initially tied up. With these regulations, the brokers want to protect themselves against the increasing willingness to change and inflationary testing of customers. In this way, users of the demo account should not only be bound for its term but also be won over as a customer for the broker.

Note at this point: Do not only look at the conditions of the demo account but also pay attention to what the Broker has to offer in general.

Binary options demo account – the conclusion

Traders should be aware from the outset that trading in Binary Options is a potential source of danger for their own capital. Therefore, as with all investments, it is also advantageous here to only trade with money that is not actually needed. A great help in preparing for the right trade is the Binary Options Demo Account, which ideally also has a Binary Options Demo Account App. As the test and the overview already show, a demo account has many advantages, which can be interesting not only for beginners but also for advanced traders.

I have summarized all advantages once again:

  • The demo account allows you to get to grips with the trading platform.
  • The demo account offers an entry without risk for beginners.
  • No obligations, no losses.
  • The demo account can help advanced traders to test their strategies.
  • The demo account is a free way to perfect binary options trading.

But of course, there are differences in the offers around the demo account and therefore it is important to inform yourself sufficiently about the different offers.

In my comparison of providers, I found that IQ Option is the provider whose demo account is particularly attractive for traders. So if you are looking for a way to trade with a demo account first and don’t want to leave all your data and an initial capital behind, then this provider is a good choice.

(Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk)

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