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Blackwell Global fraud or serious? We clear up!

Blackwell Global is a well known broker that offers trading CFDs and Forex. The company is not from London or Frankfurt, but has its headquarters in New Zealand. After its foundation in 2010, however, the company quickly expanded into Europe, where a subsidiary is currently located in the financial metropolis of London. From here, the entire EU business is managed separately, so that full regulation by the British FCA is ensured. In addition, the company must comply with all laws and regulations in this country that also apply to German financial service providers.

As a broker, however, the company is not only convincing in terms of regulation, but above all in terms of the range of trading opportunities. Early on, the financial services provider specialized in making forex pairs available for trading to private investors. Currently, a total of more than 45 such currency pairs are tradable. These include in particular large currency pairs such as EUR/USD or GBP/USD, but well-known minor currencies such as the Australian dollar are also available in the product range. This gives traders the opportunity to develop diversified and long-term successful trading strategies. The pure product offer at Blackwell Global is rounded off by some CFDs, which come from the categories commodities and indices. Especially those values that correlate with the currency markets are currently tradable.

In terms of conditions, the broker relies on a free basic model, according to Blackwell Global’s experience. Also commissions or commissions do not have to pay Trader, is settled only over the so-called Spread. This already starts at a favorable 0.36 pips for certain commodities, but EUR/USD is also tradable at an average of 1.6 pips.

Further important information to the broker holds the large and independent Blackwell global test for investors ready.

Five arguments for Blackwell Global:

  • Broker specialized in advanced traders
  • MetaTrader 4 including automated trading
  • More than 45 currency pairs on offer
  • Free demo account available
  • German language support

1 – seat and regulation: Blackwell is monitored several times

Themenicon secure_hedgenBlackwell Global was founded in 2010. As already mentioned, the broker quickly expanded into Europe. That is why regulation in this country is based on EU regulations, so that the New Zealand headquarters has practically no impact on business. Several mechanisms are in place to ensure the security of client funds:


Active government monitoring is carried out by the British authorities. This is because the European headquarters is located in the financial capital London. The FCA responsible here is regarded in specialist circles as extremely strict, so that traders can rely on a high level of security.

New Zealand

Of course, the company headquarters in New Zealand is not unregulated. It is also strictly supervised, but the New Zealand authorities ensure that this is the case. These are also considered to be extremely accurate because the financial center in the capital Wellington is growing steadily.


In addition, all customer funds are kept in separate individual accounts. This means that even in the unlikely event of a company insolvency, the deposits are fully protected. This is because creditors would have no access to these segregated individual accounts and the capital would be paid out to the investors again in accordance with the law.

Blackwell Global also pays attention to the area of IT security. Here, a system called Infinitum is used, which has been successfully providing security for several years. Unauthorized third parties have no chance to interfere with the communication process between Blackwell Global and its customers.

Conclusion: The Blackwell Global test report quickly shows that the company adheres to high security standards. With its headquarters in London, the financial services provider must submit to strict controls by the British FCA. But security is also ensured because customer funds are always managed in segregated individual accounts and are therefore out of reach of creditors.

2 – trading offer at Blackwell Global: Forex specialist

Topic icon Binaere_Options_or_ForexBlackwell Global itself sees itself primarily as a forex broker. This is where the company’s strengths lie, since 48 different currency pairs are currently available for trading.

In particular, well-known major currency pairs are used:

  • Euro
  • US Dollar
  • British Pound
  • Japanese Yen
  • Swiss franc

Almost all common combinations of these can be traded at Blackwell Global. In addition, there are other currencies such as the Australian dollar or the Norwegian crown, which are also quite popular. Only very exotic currencies are not included in the product range, but these are usually very volatile and not in high demand.

With the currency offer alone, extensive and highly diversified trading strategies can be created. In addition, there are another 12 CFDs, which are exclusively from the areas of indices and commodities. Traders have access to well-known stocks such as the DAX, Dow Jones or Gold.

Almost all of these stocks correlate with the foreign exchange markets in terms of their price development. Gold and oil in particular fluctuate strongly in value, although the currency markets are highly volatile. Through this additional offer – which is probably too small for classic CFD traders – it is possible to extend and specify your own strategies even further.

Conclusion: The Blackwell Global experience report shows that the company’s strengths clearly lie in the Forex market. Here, traders have access to over 45 different currency pairs, both majors and minors. This offer is rounded off by some classic CFD underlyings, almost all of which are related to the currency markets.

3 – trading conditions & minimum deposit: From 500 Euro

Themenicon ContractsWhoever wants to open an account with Blackwell Global must spend at least 500 euros to do so. It is not possible to make deposits below this amount. At this point, the Blackwell Global test report makes it clear that the company is primarily aimed at advanced traders.

This is because the other two account variants can only be activated if high minimum amounts are deposited:

  • Advanced: From 10.000 Euro
  • Professional: From 100.000 Euro

Only the fewest investors should have the financial possibility of depositing 100,000 euros into their trading account. Those who do so, however, benefit from a personal service and other additional functions on the trading platform. For small investors, these hurdles are generally negative. But the general minimum deposit of only 500 euros should be manageable for almost all traders.

The Blackwell Global Test is much more positive with regard to the actual conditions, i.e. the trading costs. A detailed look at this:

Account management

Traders do not have to pay any fees for opening a trading account or for the subsequent management. The broker has been distancing itself from such models since its inception.

Commission / Commission

Brokers often charge a commission when trading index or stock CFDs. Traders then pay a certain percentage of the trade amount to the broker, which can quickly amount to several hundred euros. Blackwell also does without this practice completely.


Settlement is exclusively via the so-called spread, i.e. the difference between the buy and sell price of a position. The values at Blackwell already start at a favorable 0.36 pips for commodities such as gold. Even oil, which is in great demand, is already available at a spread of just 0.6 pips, whereas the DAX is 1 pip.
Currencies are also comparatively cheap, EUR/USD can be traded for an average of 1.6 pips.
Traders can also find a detailed overview of the expected spreads on the homepage of the renowned broker. This is intended to ensure transparency even before the account is opened, which is extremely positive.

Conclusion: The Blackwell Global Test shows that the broker is one of the best in terms of conditions. Because trading with currencies is already possible at average spreads of 1.6 pips, with gold or oil the value is even below that. In addition, the company does not charge a commission or commission or fees for account management.

4 – trading platform and mobile trading: MetaTrader 4

Blackwell Global is also one of the brokers that offers its customers the MetaTrader 4 for trading. Especially for broker-changers this brings advantages, as they do not have to get used to a new trading platform. But even beginners will quickly find their way around, because MetaTrader 4 is very clearly structured. Individual components of the interface, such as the arrangement of charts, can even be completely customized.

In addition, the platform convinces with a high degree of stability. During our Blackwell Global experience there were no disruptions or crashes that would have hindered trading. This is also due to the fact that MetaTrader 4 has been developed and continuously improved for over 10 years by a specialized company.

From a trading point of view, the software solution is one of the best ever. The special focus of MetaTrader 4 is the creation of automated trading strategies, which are designed using EAs. Through the connection to a community, traders have access to numerous ready-made scripts, but can also create their own strategies. In addition, Blackwell Global offers a charting package that includes more than 20 technical indicators.

The offer is rounded off by an app for mobile devices that allows investors to trade while on the move:

  • Available for iOS, Android and tablets
  • High ease of use
  • Technically stable
  • Charting package also available

Conclusion: Blackwell relies on a proven software solution for its trading platform: MetaTrader 4, which has been convincing traders for years with its high degree of user-friendliness and is used by numerous brokers. Particularly noteworthy is the ability to create complex and fully automated trading strategies that lead to a sustainable increase in returns.

5 – account opening and bonus: no new customer bonus

Topic icon AutomaticIf you want to open an account with Blackwell Global, you can use the short step-by-step instructions:

Traders access the broker’s website. Here you will find a button that initiates the process of opening an account.
In the first step, traders enter personal data such as their address, date of birth or postal address. It is important that all this information is true, because later a legitimation will be done.
In another window, the broker then also requests data on income and asset situation. This serves to ensure that illiquid traders do not trade with financial derivatives such as CFDs or Forex.
Last but not least, investors must verify all information. Blackwell Global requires that a copy of a valid identification document and proof of residence be uploaded.
Within a few days, the company will review the opening request and activate the account accordingly.
However, anyone making an initial deposit into the account will not receive a new customer bonus. This is because the company is solely interested in improving the long-term trading experience for traders.

Conclusion: As the Blackwell Global experience shows, traders can open a trading account within minutes. To do so, it is necessary to enter some personal information into a standardized form and to legitimize this information. For the first deposit, however, the broker will not provide a bonus.

6 -demo account: Unlimited testing

Topic icon SamplesOur Blackwell Global Test shows that the broker is extremely customer-oriented. This is because the company provides all its customers with a free demo version that can be used for an unlimited period of time. During the personal test phase, however, traders can trade exclusively with virtual currency, which benefits beginners. After all, errors in trading do not have a direct effect on their own assets, but only on their play money.

Otherwise, the live version and demo account are no different. Both accounts use MetaTrader 4, whose features have already been presented. Also the quotes are absolutely realistic and are updated in real time. So it is actually possible for traders to take a very personal Blackwell Global test.

To open a demo account, all you need is a valid email address. Blackwell Global does not require other information such as the address for the demo account. If investors decide to open an account after the personal test phase, the demo account is simply converted into a live version. If the investor decides against Blackwell as the broker, the test account can be closed with a simple mouse click.

Conclusion: Those who would like to test Blackwell as a broker without obligation should open a demo account. In this demo account virtual capital is available, which is invested in the capital markets via MetaTrader 4. After completion of the test phase – which theoretically can last for an unlimited period of time – investors then open a real money account or choose another company as a forex broker.

7 – service & education: hardly any offers, but top support

Blackwell Global has already indicated that its offer is aimed more at experienced traders. The training offer is correspondingly thin. There are only a few manuals available, which should introduce you to MetaTrader 4

In contrast, the verdict on support is much better. A glance at the contact options makes it clear that the work here is customer-oriented:

  • Skype
  • Phone including callback function
  • e-mail

The support is completely available in German, with the team being available from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 19:00. Outside of these hours, the English-speaking colleagues can be reached at the headquarters in London.

Conclusion: If you want to get further training, Blackwell Global does not offer this opportunity. Because the company is aimed at more experienced traders who want to make independent trading decisions. However, the support team is very easy to reach, especially the many contact possibilities are positively noted in the Blackwell Global test.

8 – deposits and withdrawals of Blackwell in the test

Topic icon Paypal_SkrillWho would like to begin with the trade with Blackwell Global, that must deposit naturally money on its commercial account. For this purpose, the broker provides his customers with a total of four different means of payment:

  • Bank transfer
  • credit card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Traders do not have to pay fees for any of these payment options. If these fees are incurred, the broker assumes the costs for goodwill reasons. With the exception of the bank transfer, all payments are directly booked to the account. The bank transfer, on the other hand, takes 1 to 3 business days until the corresponding amount of money can be used for trading.

Exactly the same payment methods are available for withdrawals. Again, Neteller, Skrill and credit cards are much faster than bank transfers. If you want to use them, you must also observe the minimum amount of 100 Euro, which applies to all withdrawals via this means of payment.

Conclusion: If you want to transfer money to your Blackwell account, you can use four different payment methods. Later withdrawals are also possible by Skrill, Neteller, credit card and bank transfer. Traders do not have to pay any fees for this; the broker will pay these as a gesture of goodwill.

9 – seriousness: no fraud with the broker Blackwell Global

Topic Icon SuccessWith Blackwell Global, traders can rely on a high degree of seriousness. After all, the company has been successfully active in the financial markets for over 5 years. Furthermore, the strict supervision by the FCA in particular ensures that the financial service provider complies with all current EU laws.

As already mentioned at the beginning of the Blackwell Global experience report, the broker also uses the principle of segregation. As a result, creditors have no access to clients’ capital in the event of a corporate insolvency.

Conclusion: The British FCA regulation alone already ensures that the broker is absolutely serious. The Blackwell Global experience report also shows what the principle of segregation means for client funds: absolute security in unlimited amounts.

10 – conclusion of the Blackwell Global Test: Serious broker for advanced investors

Blackwell is clearly focused on advanced traders who prefer to trade Forex. They are offered more than 45 different currency pairs, covering almost all major currency markets. In addition, there are another 12 underlyings from the categories index and commodities, which adequately round off the trading offer. You can trade at extremely favorable spreads starting at 0.36 pips. Further arguments in favor of a registration with Blackwell Global:

  • Uncomplicated registration via a standardized online form
  • Demo account available for an unlimited period
  • Trading is done entirely via MetaTrader 4
  • Regulation by the British FCA
  • English-speaking support, available by phone, Skype and e-mail

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