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Bookmap user-ratings: $ 39
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  • Charting - 10/10
  • Trading platform - 10/10
  • Support - 10/10
  • Costs & Fees - 10/10

Facts about Bookmap:

  • Type: Trading & Analysis Software (Liquidity Analysis)
  • Price: From $ 39 per month
  • Demo account: Free
  • Markets: Futures, Stocks, Crypto
Comments Rating 10/10 (1 review)


  • Detailed liquidity analysis
  • Professional volume indicators
  • Order book
  • Volume dots
  • Imbalance indicator
  • Iceberg, LTT, and more
  • Record & replay
  • Support a lot of brokers & data feeds
  • Webinars


Introduction of the Bookmap Software

Bookmap is an independent trading and analysis platform and offers the trader the possibility to
display the order book graphically. The graphical representation in Bookmap makes the trader’s
analysis and trading decision much easier, as the limit orders and the traded orders are visualized. It
is an added value for beginners and also advanced traders, provided that the market mechanics have
been understood.

Screenshot of the Bookmap Landing Page

The order book or LOB (Limit Orderbook) is a two-page auction, the interpretation
requires practice and a trained eye. In practice, it is very often the case that small details are
overlooked in the hectic pace of trading. This circumstance increases the errors and often also the
loss. Bookmap, if used correctly, can provide security to make a trade or not. The unlimited depth
of the order book and the display of history also makes it easier to analyze the points identified

Screenshot of Bookmap

What is Bookmap in detail:

  • Extern analysis and trading software
  • Shows a full liquidity chart and order book
  • Supports a lot of data feeds and brokers
  • Available only for desktop computers
  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Professional indicators

Get market depth with Bookmap

Bookmap can make all positions of the order book visible with the corresponding data feed. The data
feeds that make this possible are Rithmic and DxFeed. With DxFeed it is even possible to make the
NYSE shares are visible in real-time. The DxFeed data feed is bookable for bookmap customers via the
website and can be canceled monthly. Trading via DxFeed is currently not possible because the
broker interface is missing! So a second platform is needed to place the order. Bookmap is also able
to display the market depth for NYSE shares, so Bookmap is also an important and helpful tool for
stock traders!

Bookmap supports the following data feeds:

You can use nearly all data feeds for bookmap. Just sign up with a broker and buy the data feed. Then connect your account with bookmap and you are done. From my experience, it is very easy to connect the software. If you got questions you can ask the support or see the tutorials on the website.

I can recommend the Rithmic feed because it is relatively cheap and you got more market depth than with other feeds. That means you can see the orders at all prices. There is no limit.

Bookmap in practice

The following examples are taken from the S&P 500 and Crude Oil Future. It is very easy to see how the
market starts to absorb the long-term liquidity (unexecuted limit order) and then turns in the
opposite direction. This is a normal, daily process! It is the normal market mechanics! The fact
alone lets already doubt about the sense of breakout trades. However, most traders do not notice
this view and are therefore not aware of it.

The Bookmap chart in detail

As you see in the picture above Bookmap displays the liquidity (limit orders) in different colors. To your advantage it is possible to use a setting where you can change the color and the analysis method. For example if you want to see only big orders (high liquidity) in the chart you can change the settings. Or if you want to go in detail and do 1 – 5 tick scalping, you can change the settings to show it correctly.

Also, Bookmap support indicators like VWAP or other technical indicators. There are settings to start the VWAP on the session start or historical time. What I want to say is that Bookmap is very customizable. It is possible to change all settings as you want. Bookmap allows every trading strategy.

On the right side of the chart you will see the Orderbook. With only one click you can reset it and display all new trades or showing the old trades (volume). If you combine it with the liquidity chart it is a very powerful weapon because you can see which prices are important for traders and which prices are maybe good support and resistance area.

Bookmap and Heatmap

Bookmap has several advantages that hardly any other platform offers. It is possible to get a detailed
view or a complete overview of the market with a simple mouse wheel turn. The Bookmap Portal
(Customer Center) allows you to add 24 hours of history, i.e. all limit orders that have not yet been
traded are displayed if they are still in the market, and all traded orders are made visible.

Bookmap itself is not a Holy Grail, as is the Footprint. The trader needs to understand market
mechanics and the flow of orders in order to gain value from bookmap. The training does not only

deal with the Footprint but also with the Orderbook, as well as the Heatmap / Bookmap. It is up to
the trader himself to decide whether he wants to use Bookmap or a heatmap that is provided ex-works. The platforms that provide a heatmap by default are ATAS™ and SierraChart™

Prices of Bookmap

This trading software is not for free. It is developed by professional programmers to give you an advantage in the market. If you want to use this software, you can first try the free version. But there are only limited features.

Bookmap supports 3 versions for the customers:

  • Digital (Free)
  • Global
  • Global Plus

The payment is done per month with a subscription. But you can also buy a one year license or a lifetime license (from $854). For payments, you can use PayPal or Credit Cards. Just choose the license type you want to use:

  • Global monthly ($49.00)
  • Global annual for each year ($468.00)
  • Global Plus monthly ($99.00)
  • Global Plus annual for each year ($948.00)
  • Global Lifetime ($990,00)
  • Global Plus Lifetime ($1,990.00)

The normal global version does not support direct trading with stocks and futures. But you can use this version if you just want to do an analysis and do the execution with another trading software like SierraChart.

See the table below:

Features:DigitalGlobalGlobal Plus
Trading:CryptoCryptoFutures, Stocks, Crypto
Sub. Tabs:12020
Record and Replay$ 20/monthYesYes
LTT, Iceberg, Imbalance and moreNoNoNo

Conclusion: Try Bookmap and improve your trading

If Bookmap has aroused your interest, it is possible to get a 3-month trial by clicking on the link
below. The price is discounted for the Global Plus version. The Global Plus version is also suitable for
trading, which means “one-click” trading from Bookmap. If you already have a data feed from
Rithmic, you can use it without an additional data feed subscription. You will also find an interview
with Bookmap in English. Have fun reading. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to
contact me!

Most asked questions:

Which trading platforms are usable with Bookmap?

With the pro version of Bookmap, you have lots of trading platforms to choose from. It supports TT API, S5, CQG, Interactive Brokers TWS, NinjaTrader, Rithmic and Transact API.

Who should use Bookmap?

Bookmap is a great platform for making short-trading-decisions. Is it useful for retail as well as pro traders.

What Equity data is Available?

There are different kinds of equity Data you can see. Bookmap offers real-time, full depth, order-by-order raw data for all US Equities.

Is it possible to trade from different devices?

It is possible to trade with one license on multiple devices. However, it is not possible to trade at different devices at the same time. You always have to log out before you log in on a new device.

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