ETF Account

Where to open an ETF account? Investments in ETFs are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany, which is why the question “Where to open an ETF custody account? In the following, we will also discuss what ETFs are all about and what advantages these financial… Read More »ETF Account

Gaming Stocks

Investment trend gaming stocks: eSports, iGaming & Co. Gaming was ridiculed for decades. Games for PCs and consoles were considered more as gimmicks that alienated computers from their intended purpose. At the latest since ball games electrified politics, another cliché was added: games glorify violence.… Read More »Gaming Stocks

Space Stocks

Space stocks: The future of SpaceX and in which space stocks you can invest now! SpaceX – many will not have had this term on the “radar screen” for a long time. The company of Tesla boss and PayPal founder Elon Musk shot US-Americans from… Read More »Space Stocks

Stock Trading Volatility

Trading volatile shares: Using volatility for short-term strategies Volatile stocks are a challenge for traders – but stocks with pronounced price fluctuations also offer corresponding profit prospects. The strategies and analyses differ significantly from the approach taken with a long-term investment horizon, with the potential… Read More »Stock Trading Volatility

Stock Terms

You should know these terms in order to enter the stock trading Share beginners often have problems finding their way around in the jargon of the stock market world. Many also shy away from simply looking up the words because they think the time involved… Read More »Stock Terms

Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis stocks: What is the truth about the cannabis stock trend? What are the reasons for this and whether the cannabis industry will be able to keep its original promises after all, we have investigated for you. We put a special focus on the biggest… Read More »Cannabis Stocks

Stock Trading Strategy

Stock strategy – invest money 1A like a professional Stock strategy or planning is half the battle. This old saying carries much wisdom in itself and all, which began already times without planning a journey, can confirm the truth content of this statement. In the… Read More »Stock Trading Strategy

Stock Signals

Recognize stock signals – the best methods for more profit Recognizing stock signals is not always easy. And signals are not equal to stock trades. What may surprise many right at the beginning is as much a fact as the fact that some signals are… Read More »Stock Signals

Stock Broker

Stock Brokers: why the best is not always the right one Trading in shares is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. It is true that the quota of shareholders is still alarmingly low, especially in Germany. However, there is a growing tendency to believe that… Read More »Stock Broker