MAM PAMM Social Trading

MAM, PAMM and Social Trading – Which one to choose? Almost every broker strives to offer his clients several investment opportunities, especially those who do not want to trade themselves. For this purpose, they can use special trading robots that can be executed directly on… Read More »MAM PAMM Social Trading

Trading education

Trading education – how to become a professional trader When it comes to trading training, I am actually a bad example. It took me far too long to understand what really matters on the stock exchange. And that’s why I paid far too much apprenticeship… Read More »Trading education

Swing Trading

Learn Swing Trading – Why many traders are successful Anyone can learn swing trading. But what does that mean anyway? Swing, this word from the English has several meanings. Swing, rocking, swinging, pendulum. But in the end it doesn’t matter how we translate the term… Read More »Swing Trading

Parabolic SAR strategy

The Parabolic SAR strategy is a rather risky trading strategy based on the direct signals of the Parabolic SAR indicator, which shows stop and reversal levels. Advantages of the Parabolic SAR Strategy ✔ easy to trade ✔ only 1 standard indicator is used ✔ the… Read More »Parabolic SAR strategy