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  • Markets: 12.000+ Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Funds, Certificates, Warrants, CFDs, Options, and Futures


Comments Rating 9.5/10 (1 review)


  • Custody account is managed free of charge 
  • The demo account has no expiry date
  • 24/7 Customer support 
  • Great education offers in the academy
  • Trustworthy broker
  • No hidden fees
  • CFDs from 4.90€


About Comdirect Bank

Comdirect Bank (the usual spelling is “comdirect bank”) was founded in 1994 and is a financial institution in Germany with its head office in Quickborn. With over 2.5 million customers, comdirect bank is one of the largest German banks. In addition to the usual services of a conventional bank, comdirect also offers trading in a wide range of securities. This naturally makes the company interesting above all for investors and traders.

Screenshot of the Comdirect Bank AG landing page

The historical development of comdirect bank

The bank was originally founded as a subsidiary of Commerzbank. Since the financial institution was founded in 1994, it has developed strongly. Just one year later, the bank enabled its customers to trade shares at discount prices.

From 1999 onwards, those interested in the stock market and traders at comdirect were able to exchange information about trading in securities in a community directly on the website. One year later – on 5 June 2000 – the company was finally listed on the stock exchange.

In 2003, the brokerage area of competence was further expanded and the company’s own online platform ProTrader was launched. CFDs could be traded by customers from 2011. Two years later, comdirect Online introduced seminars on trading so that customers had an opportunity for further training.

In 2016, a mobile trading app was launched and from then on, customers could participate in the exchange at any time and from anywhere.

Facts about the history:

  • founded as a subsidiary of Commerzbank
  • Since June 2000 the company is listed on the stock exchange
  • Since 2011 CFDs can be traded
  • The mobile trading app was launched in 2016

Awards as a broker

Over the past few years, comdirect bank has received a number of awards in the field of its brokerage activities. One current example is the “Online Broker of the Year 2019” award from BrokerWahl. And in the 06-08/2019 edition of €uro am Sonntag, the Broker also received a very good rating. In the business magazine Brand eins, comdirect was named “Innovator of the Year 2019”.

In addition, the bank was also evaluated by many renowned sites in a broker comparison and received good awards, including “Best Fund and ETF Broker 2018”.

Regulation and deposit insurance

For interested traders and investors, legal regulations and the protection of customer deposits always play an important role in the choice of broker. The German financial institution is regulated directly by the BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), to whose strict guidelines the company must adhere to.

With regard to deposit protection, customers do not need to worry too much about this either. In accordance with EU directives, there is basic protection of deposits of up to 100,000 euros per customer. This is ensured by the Entschädigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken GmbH (EdB).

Deposits in excess of 100,000 euros are also protected by the voluntary deposit protection fund of the Association of German Banks (BdB). This additional deposit protection fund currently covers up to 106,320,000 euros per person.

Which markets can be traded at comdirect bank?

When choosing the right broker, however, it is above all the range of tradable markets that is decisive. And this offer is relatively broad at comdirect compared with many other brokers. As a customer, you can trade shares, ETFs, bonds, funds, certificates, warrants, CFDs, options, and futures at comdirect bank.

Initially, shares can be traded in the traditional way at comdirect. In addition to providing trading-relevant information, the broker also provides a number of helpful analysis tools, which will be discussed in more detail at a later date. With comdirect LiveTrading, shares can be traded in real-time and off-exchange. The total number of all shares offered is over 14,000 and includes companies from all over the world.

ETFs can also be traded at comdirect. Customers now have more than 1,500 ETFs at their disposal, including more than 600 savings plan-compatible ones. Each ETF describes a corresponding index, such as the German share index DAX.

Unlike traditional time deposit accounts, investors can usually earn large interest income from bonds. The level of interest income naturally also depends on the selected risk. There are currently around 34,000 different bonds to choose from. As a customer, you can choose both the terms and the types of currency freely and as you wish, and the payment method for the interest can be either fixed, variable, or structured.

The funds are recommended here for investors who are looking for stable price performance through diversification. Customers can choose from more than 16,000 different funds from over 150 investment companies. The KomfortFonds offered are particularly suitable for beginners in the securities sector. And the top-price funds offered by comdirect should also be of interest to many users.

In addition, there are also certificates with which investors can further diversify their portfolio. In this context, comdirect now offers more than one million certificates, which are also advertised at regular intervals with price advantage campaigns. Trading is possible both on and off the stock exchange, and certificates are available with and without a limited term.

Warrants embody leveraged products with high yield opportunities but also with increased risk. Customers can speculate here on the rise or fall of prices (call option, put option). Since it is possible to trade with leverage effect, even a small amount of capital can be traded profitably. The 600,000 warrants available include almost all warrants available in Germany. When trading with warrants, it should be noted that an authorization to conclude financial futures transactions is required.

For more advanced investors and traders, comdirect also offers around 1,150 equity and futures CFDs. For this purpose, the broker has developed a high-performance trading platform in the form of the CFD-Trader. Trading CFDs is particularly suitable for customers who have a certain level of knowledge in the field of trading.

Comdirect Bank AG CFD Trader

Options & Futures
In addition, it is also possible to implement individual trading strategies with options and futures. Trading takes place directly via Eurex, which is one of the largest derivatives exchanges worldwide.

The trading conditions at comdirect

Now that it has been clarified in the previous chapter which trading instruments are offered by comdirect bank, the next step will be to look at the trading conditions that apply to trade. A distinction is made here between fees that are incurred for the deposit and execution of an order and fees for trading with CFDs. In addition, there is also an interesting special price for new customers.

Securities account and order fees

First of all, the fees that are incurred for the management of the securities account and the orders to be placed will be discussed in more detail. In the first three years, there are no costs associated with maintaining a securities account. Only after these three years do costs arise for the first time.

However, even then these costs can be avoided if certain conditions are met. If the client makes at least two trades per quarter or has a current account, for example, the custody account can still be managed free of charge. If this is not the case, however, a monthly custody account fee of 1.95 euros is charged.

As far as order fees are concerned, a distinction must be made here between order fees on domestic stock exchanges and order fees on foreign stock exchanges. For domestic trading, the fees per order are a flat rate of EUR 4.90, with an additional 0.25% of the order volume (minimum EUR 9.90, maximum EUR 59.90). In addition, there are fees that depend on the stock exchange location. If trading is carried out via the Frankfurt Zertifikate AG, Euwax, gettex, LS Exchange, Quotrix, Tradegate, or Xetra, this additional fee is 0.0025% (but at least Euro 2.50).

For trading on foreign stock exchanges, the flat fee is 7.90 Euro, the order commission is also 0.25% (here, however, at least 12.90 Euro, maximum 62.90 Euro). However, there is an exception for order fees in over-the-counter trading, provided that it is live trading. Here, the same conditions apply as for domestic trading.

In principle, no fees are charged for issuing or changing limits or for order modification or cancellation. The same applies to same-day partial executions on the exchange.

Furthermore, there is a so-called multi-trader discount, which grants traders with a trading volume of more than 125 trades in the previous half-year a discount of 15% on the order fee.

Fees for CFD trading

For CFD trading, on the other hand, the composition of the fee schedule looks somewhat different. The following table shows the order fees depending on the CFDs.

CFDsPercentage feeMinimum fee
currencyFree of chargeNo
raw materialsFree of chargeNo
IndicesFree of chargeNo
Interest rate futuresFree of chargeNo
MetalsFree of chargeNo
shares0.10at least € 4.90 max. 59.90 euros
DAX future0.01at least € 4.90 max. 59.90 euros
Other index futures0.02at least € 4.90 max. 59.90 euros

In addition, comdirect bank charges fees for holding overnight positions. The exact calculation formula and the derivation of the calculation basis can be viewed at any time on the comdirect website.

An additional fee of EUR 4.90 is also charged for orders placed by telephone.

Special price for new customers

However, a different fee regulation applies to new customers of comdirect bank. If a customer decides to use this broker, they benefit from a special price for a whole year. As a result, customers can save money on all their orders and thus optimize their results. The offer is valid for trading on all German stock exchanges and for off-exchange trading (with the exception of Eurex and CFD trading).

What tools can traders use at comdirect?

To enable the online broker comdirect bank to offer its customers the most efficient trading possible, it provides them with a number of tools to support the trading process. These tools include, among others, the analyst evaluation, the stock signals, as well as Chart Analyzer and Informer. The functions of these tools are described and explained briefly below.

Analyst Valuation
As a first step, comdirect offers its customers useful evaluations of “current buy recommendations from leading analysts”. The evaluations are based on a fundamental analysis of the respective companies. For this reason, the results of these analyses have a certain informative value, from which a trader can benefit. In addition, the presentation of the analysts’ assessments is clearly arranged, which allows the yield chances of different stocks to be compared ideally. A special feature is also the fact that the valuation of the shares is carried out in great detail and is also explained in detail.

Share signals
The stock signals of comdirect inform the customer and provide him with a recommendation to buy or sell a stock. The stock signals work with previous price movements based on technical analysis. For this purpose, computer models are used to calculate the statistical probability of short-term price developments.

The stock signals can be applied to European, American, and Japanese indices and provide a clear list of information on these indices. This includes statements on risk, liquidity, and trend strength. The signals are updated every day.

Chart Analyzer
With the so-called Chart Analyzer, comdirect’s customers are provided with another helpful tool. The Chart Analyzer serves as a “tool for professional technical securities analyses”. Customers can use this tool to analyze relevant price information using a wide range of indicators. The charts can be configured in many ways, up to 30 different indicators can be adjusted. In addition, the system automatically recognizes relevant information in the charts; this information can then be saved by the user.

Finally, there is also an Informer on the comdirect Bank website, which provides customers with comprehensive information on all relevant market events. Customers can view the most frequently traded trading instruments at any time. It is also possible to search for specific trading instruments by using the filter function.

What trading platforms are offered by comdirect?

We will now go into another important point that plays an important role in trading: The trading platforms offered. Basically, comdirect offers two different trading platforms that customers can work with: On the one hand the ProTrader and on the other hand the CFD Trader. For both platforms, there is not only a version for the desktop but also a mobile version as an app for on the go. The two online platforms will be introduced and their functions explained in the following.


Comdirect Bank AG ProTrader

The ProTrader at comdirect offers active traders an efficient trading interface in real-time, which is equipped with helpful alerts and detailed chart analyses, among other things. The online platform also offers the following additional advantages and features:

  • The trading area of the platform can be individually adapted by drag-and-drop. Traders can thus freely design the structural arrangement of important tools such as the order book, relevant stock exchange data, watch lists, charts, and news.
  • It is possible to place orders quickly thanks to 1-click trading. In addition, customers also have the option of immediately reselling a position that has just been opened using the reverse order function.
  • No TAN entry is required to release a transaction.
  • All stock exchanges, order types, and securities can be viewed and traded in just one order mask.
  • Foreign trading is also integrated into ProTrader.
  • Profitable trading opportunities can be quickly detected and implemented through optimized charts and the “Compact Mode Charts”.
  • ProTrader can be used completely free of charge.

In addition, there is also a mobile app for ProTrader, so that customers can trade at comdirect at any time and completely independent of location. Shares, certificates, and other securities can be traded directly from the securities account, whereby the user is always informed about relevant market movements via push messages.

ComdirectBankAG Mobile App

CFD Trader

In addition to the ProTrader, there is another trading platform, the CFD Trader, which was specially designed for trading CFDs. The CFD Trader provides a lot of useful information and can be customized according to your individual requirements. The features and advantages are as follows:

  • With the modern panel design, the layout of the platform can be designed according to your own ideas.
  • Charts and watchlists can be placed externally to provide a better overview of the platform.
  • By placing orders directly from the watchlist, effective trading is guaranteed.
  • Relevant charts and analyses can be saved in a corresponding gallery.
  • The CFD Trader can also be used to place free Guidants Expert News, which permanently provides the customer with relevant evaluations and analyses of renowned experts.

Just like the ProTrader, there is also a mobile app for the CFD Trader. This is also clearly structured and offers all necessary functions in good quality. Furthermore, all order functions such as Market, Limit, OCO, If-Done can be executed.

comdirect and Guidants

Now, in addition to the two trading platforms presented previously, there is a further possibility of trading at comdirect. This option is based on a cooperation between comdirect bank and Guidants (the creators of GodmodeTrader). In fact, your own comdirect can be linked with Guidants’ trading platform, so that you as a customer can benefit from all the features offered by Guidants.

Comdirect Bank AG Guidants

In this case, the customer trades directly via the Guidants investment and analysis platform. A major advantage of this platform is that it provides a wide range of trading strategies developed by over 100 renowned financial experts. Furthermore, users can also exchange and discuss with each other within the community at any time. The use of the basic version of Guidants is free of charge. In the analysis platform, traders work with a large number of so-called widgets, which can be arranged on the trading interface by drag-and-drop as desired.

Widgets describe mini-programs – these can be charts, portfolios, watch lists, price lists, etc. These widgets can also be combined to form sets, which consequently interact with each other and perform additional functions.

Apart from this, the Guidants analysis platform also includes a customizable info stream. This stream delivers all previously determined notifications or signals on corresponding trading instruments or financial experts. In this context, there is also a stream on the subject of comdirect.

LiveTrading with comdirect

For over-the-counter trading, customers are offered LiveTrading at comdirect bank. As a trader, you can trade orders with direct price confirmation and maximum price security. In addition, LiveTrading offers a wide range of shares, warrants, bonds, funds and certificates that can also be traded outside trading hours. An important aspect of LiveTrading is of course that there are no fees for the exchanges and no brokerage fees.

Another current special feature of LiveTrading at comdirect is limit trading, which is now also offered for shares and funds by our partners Baader Bank, Commerzbank, Lang & Schwarz. With order types for 16 issuers, this is quite extensive.

The trading hours of the trading partners always play an important role in LiveTrading. For this reason, they will be briefly described below.

Trading partner Market segment Trading hours (Mon to Fri) 
Baader Bank DAX30 MDAX TecDAX SDAX
EUROSTOXX 50 Further selected
stocks from Germany, Europe, USA
and Asia   
8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
selected US stocks
selected Japan stocks
8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Lang & SchwarzDAX 30 MDAX SDAX TecDAX DOW 30 Other selected stocks from
Germany, Europe, USA and Asia
7.30 a.m. to 11 p.m. in addition:
Sa .: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Sun .: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
TradeGate DAX30 MDAX TecDAX DOW30
Other selected stocks from
Germany, Europe and the USA
8 a.m. to 1 pm

What order types are possible with comdirect bank?

Basically, there are different options for taking trading positions in trading. A distinction is made between basic order types and order types for position hedging. In addition to the basic order types “Market”, “Limit” and “Stop”, comdirect also offers a number of other order types.

  • Stop Loss
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • limit order
  • if-done order
  • OCO Order
  • The securities loan at comdirect

An interesting offer at comdirect is also the securities loan. The prerequisite for obtaining this loan from comdirect is securities account with the online broker, which has a minimum volume of 3,000 euros. As a borrower, you benefit from a very high degree of flexibility: as a customer, you can decide when and how you wish to repay the loan (for example, as a one-off payment or in partial installments). And the conditions are also relatively customer-friendly and are made up as follows:

The variable debit interest rate is 3.9% per year (3.98% annual percentage rate) within the credit line granted. However, if the credit line is overdrawn, this interest rate is increased to 11.05 % per year.

The amount of the credit line depends on the respective deposit value – this varies depending on the mortgage lending value. In general, however, it can be said that the value is comparatively low for speculative securities and tends to be higher for securities with low risk.

Social trading with wikifolio

In addition to the cooperation with Guidants, comdirect bank also cooperates with in the social trading area. A wikifolio describes a sample portfolio that can be published by advanced traders on the website. Here, all purchases and sales of securities as well as trading strategies can be made accessible to all traders. Investors can then subscribe to wikifolios for themselves and profit from them by investing in the respective certificate.

The corresponding wikifolios can be easily found with the “Certificate Selector” and subsequently purchased from the Stuttgart Stock Exchange or from the issuer Lang & Schwarz via over-the-counter trading.

The key point of social trading is therefore to look into the investment strategies of other traders and follow the one that suits you best. Since transparency is high on wikifolio, every single trading step of a wikifolio can be followed. can initially be used free of charge. However, when you invest in a certificate, you pay a certificate fee and a performance fee. The certificate fee is set at 0.95% and the performance fee is between 5% and 30% of the success achieved. The certificates at wikifolio are tradable seven days a week in live trading.

Users can basically choose between two options at wikifolio: On the one hand, they can actively participate in the wikifolios offered. On the other hand, it is also possible to publish your own wikifolios for other traders.

The demo account with comdirect

As is usual with many brokers, a demo account can also be used with comdirect bank initially. This is a CFD demo account. Almost all the functions of a normal CFD account can be used there without restriction. This contains two variants: The CFD Trader Account and the CFD Basic Account. Users can try out the leverage effects here and familiarize themselves more closely with them. The virtual starting capital of the accounts is 50,000 euros each.

The advantage here is that the demo account has no expiry date and therefore no time limit.

Offers for further training

Now we will go into the area of training and further education at comdirect. This is because customers and those interested in the stock exchange also have the opportunity to receive further training in the field of trading at this online broker. In the course of this, the website offers numerous online seminars on the one hand and a comdirect academy on the other.

Online seminars

On the one hand, comdirect bank offers its customers (and also interested parties in general) a large number of online seminars on its website, which are held at regular intervals. Interested investors and traders can easily and quickly register for the seminar of their choice directly on the website. Registration is possible both for interested comdirect customers and for existing customers. The content of the seminars covers a wide range of topics in the areas of stock markets and finance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader – there are relevant online seminars for everyone.

While some online seminars are repeated every week at the same time, there are also new seminars held by financial experts on specific topics. Interested parties and customers can thus further develop their knowledge level individually according to their personal wishes by benefiting from the know-how of renowned financial experts and guest speakers.

In addition, comdirect bank also offers entire series of seminars, which pick up the seminar participants at the basics in a specific subject area and then build on this progressively with the subsequent webinars. An online seminar usually lasts between 30 and 90 minutes.

And even if you missed a webinar, you can find the full length of it in the seminar archive on the comdirect website. All online seminars are free of charge.

comdirect Academy

The other option, which the online broker makes available to all those interested in the stock market, is the comdirect Academy. The academy provides them with a useful tool that enables them to acquire fundamental basic knowledge that will enable them to trade more efficiently in the future. The academy is divided into different learning chapters, which help participants to acquire the necessary know-how for entering the stock market.

In addition, there is a training area in which the newly acquired knowledge can then be applied and consolidated. And afterward, the own know-how can then be checked and tested in final exams provided for this purpose. If the results of these examinations are predominantly positive, the fundamental prerequisites have been created for active participation in real securities trading in practice. Just like the online seminars offered, registration at the comdirect Academy is free of charge. Registering for the academy only takes a few minutes. Afterward, you can start directly with the detailed learning offer of the academy.

This learning offer comprises more than 40 different lessons in which the fundamental principles of stock exchange trading are taught. Since the lessons have been specially designed by stock market experts, they contain all the essential information required for successful trading.

Comdirect Bank AG Academy

The Academy can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. The learning content can be downloaded in the form of texts, videos, and PDF files and is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. In summary, the comdirect Academy provides training in the following subject areas:

  • Fundamental basics about investment opportunities and the functioning of the stock exchange
  • Training on trading on the exchange and the different types of orders
  • Information on the functioning of shares, ETFs, and other securities
  • Introduction to the development of trading strategies
  • Customer service at comdirect

At this point, we would also like to mention the customer service and support provided by comdirect bank. In addition to a detailed FAQ directory, in which the answers to a large number of questions should be found, there is also the option of contacting customer service if questions remain unanswered. Comdirect offers a wide range of different contact channels and provides 24/7 customer service.

Support available: 24/7 via live support
Telephone: 04106 – 708 25 00
Language: 2+

Initially, contact can be made by telephone. Of course, a question or request can also be submitted by e-mail using the appropriate contact form. The answer will usually be given very quickly. Last but not least there is the possibility of live chat.


Finally, we would like to take a brief look at the experience reports with comdirect. It is not without reason that comdirect bank, with over 2.5 million private customers, is one of the largest universal banks in Germany. The company’s areas of competence have expanded steadily in recent years and now include brokerage, banking, and financial advisory services. Customer service, which is available 24/7 with competent advice, is worthy of special mention. In addition, the variety of different trading instruments and securities offered by comdirect can also be highlighted.

All in all, then, comdirect bank is a reputable broker with a wide range of types of securities and comparatively fair trading conditions.

Most asked questions:

How much does it cost to manage a securities account?

In the first three years, there are no costs for the management of a securities account. After three years, there is a fee of 1,95€ per month.

How much does trading with Comdirect cost?

In the basic version, trading with Comdirect is completely free. Real-time charts with technical analysis functions and real-time information, alarm function for quotes and order executions, watch lists, news and time & sales are included.

How is comdirect regulated?

Comdirect Bank AG is regulated by the German regulatory authority BaFin. Comdirect can be considered serious not only because of its regulatory form but also because of its bank status and excellent customer service, which is available 24/7.

What Trading Platforms are available?

With Comdirect, one can trade on various platforms. The ProTrader, CFDTrader, Guidants and the LiveTrading platforms are available for traders.

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