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Facts about the company:

  • Type: Broker and Bank 
  • Regulation: BaFin (Germany) 
  • Minimum deposit: 0€ 
  • Demo account: not available 
  • Markets: 30 stock exchanges, 1,250 CFDs, Shares, Indices, Commodities, Funds, Bonds
Comments Rating 9.2/10 (1 review)


  • No minimum deposit
  • Trading via mobile is possible 
  • Wikifolio certified
  • Regulated Online Broker
  • Various trading accounts


  • Commissions are charged
  • No demo account 
  • Monthly license costs 
  • Not available in English 

About Consorsbank

Consorsbank is a direct bank that is part of the European “Hello Bank!” brand of BNP Paribas. Consorsbank offers its clients a range of different financial services and products, ranging from current accounts and pension products to trading in securities. Securities trading is offered both on and off the stock exchange.

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Consorsbank currently employs around 800 staff, who are responsible for serving more than 1.4 million customers in Germany. Consorsbank thus ranks fourth in Germany in terms of the number of customers in the German region.

The historical development of Consorsbank

After the direct bank was founded in 1994 under the name Consors as a subsidiary of SchmidtBank in Nuremberg, it was converted into an AG in 1999 and finally listed on the stock exchange in 2001.

One year later the company was taken over by the French BNP Paribas, making the direct bank one of the leading financial service providers in Europe. Until 2014, the direct bank operated under the name “Cortal Consors”. It was only on 8 December 2014 that the company finally changed its name to “Consorsbank”.

Awards as a broker

In recent years, the direct bank has won numerous awards as an online broker in the trading sector. Consorsbank can therefore already boast over 100 awards from independent experts. To list all awards at this point would go beyond the scope of this report, so only a few will be mentioned briefly.

Best Online Broker (FOCUS-MONEY issue 16/2019)
FOCUS-MONEY awarded the Online Broker the title of Best Online Broker for the fifth year in succession. In the process, 23 different direct banks throughout Germany were compared with each other.

Overall winner German online brokers (Euro am Sonntag issues 06 – 08/2019)
The financial magazine Euro am Sonntag also awarded Consorsbank first place among 14 online brokers tested.

ETF savings plan “very good” (EXTRA magazine, 04/2018)
EXTRA rated the direct bank as “very good”.

Regulation and deposit protection of the Consorsbank

With regard to the selection of a suitable broker, the regulation and protection of customer deposits in particular always plays a major role. According to the bank’s own statements, this topic is also considered to be of essential importance at Consorsbank. Deposit protection at this online broker is based on two components in principle. With the “Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution” (FGDR), customer deposits up to EUR 100,000 per person are protected.

Added to this is the German Deposit Protection Fund, which protects customer deposits up to 120 million euros per customer. While the FGDR is the legally required protection, the German Deposit Protection Fund is a voluntary option for customers to protect their own capital above the value of 100,000 euros.

Furthermore, the regulation of the online broker is carried out by the BaFin.

Which markets can be traded at the Consorsbank?

Important for interested investors and traders are always the different tradable markets, which can be traded as a customer with an online broker. Consorsbank is relatively broadly positioned in this area. The markets offered will therefore be described in more detail below.

Initially, customers can trade shares in the classic way at Consorsbank. The online broker has a large assortment of national and international shares, which interested investors can use to expand their own portfolio.

Trading with indices is also possible at Consorsbank. The online broker offers its customers a variety of other financial products in this area in addition to popular indices such as the DAX, S&P 500, and Dow Jones.

For clients for whom a broad diversification of the invested capital is important, the funds offered by Consorsbank are particularly suitable. Investors can benefit from the broad diversification of risk, even with a comparatively low capital investment (fund savings plans from 25 euros per quarter).

In addition, there is the supply of bonds. Interested investors can trade bonds with the Consorsbank in both short, medium, and long-term bonds. In addition, trading is possible both conventionally on stock exchanges and outside them.

Foreign exchange
And also for traders who prefer to trade with currencies on the Forex market. Customers can also benefit from the high volatility of the Forex market and trade CFDs and other derivatives on currencies with this online broker. In addition, ETCs can also be used to invest in various currency markets.

In addition, the online broker also offers classic commodity trading on its website. Customers can invest in various precious metals, including ETCs, ETFs, and also CFDs.

Reverse convertibles and certificates
Finally, Consorsbank clients can also trade in reverse convertibles and certificates. In this context, the trading bank also cooperates with This will be discussed in more detail at a later date.

Consorsbank offers and account types

Let us now turn to the various offers, deposit, and account types which the Consorsbank makes available to its clients.

Free securities account

Initially, the securities account and the corresponding clearing account can be used free of charge. And the trading software “ActiveTrader”, which will be discussed in more detail later, is also available to the customer free of charge for trading in securities. Investors can also trade at more than 30 different stock exchanges around the world, including a helpful online archive as well as free watchlists and real-time quotes.

Trader Account

A central offer in the field of securities trading is the so-called trader account. With this account, both beginners and advanced traders should be able to trade as efficiently as possible and benefit from the numerous integrated trading tools. Trading in the Trader Account is possible from as little as 3.95 euros per order placed, and the free securities account is included. In addition to a large number of free ETFs and funds, customers can also use a range of useful tools to optimize their own trading processes.

Opening an account with Consorsbank

In principle, this offer can be taken advantage of by all new customers, but also by existing customers who have not carried out any trades in the past two years.

Young Trader Account

Another model that Consorsbank offers its clients is the so-called. This is intended for both beginners and experienced traders between the ages of 18 and 26. This type of account is characterized by fair conditions and individual support.

Interested customers can trade various trading instruments up to the age of 27, also starting at 3.95 euros per trade. In addition, there is an additional credit balance of 75 euros, which is made available to the customer after his first trade. And last but not least, customers also benefit from two personal consultations in which free information is provided and questions are answered.

CFD Trading

CFDs can also be traded via the Online Broker. In this context, more than 1,250 different CFDs with professional leverage are available to customers. For example, spreads start at 2 points for the DAX and 1 pip for the EUR/USD currency pair. Furthermore, no minimum deposit is required and no account management fees are charged.

CFD Trading via App

However, the Online Broker charges corresponding commissions. These differ depending on the trading instrument; for CFD trading in shares, for example, these amount to 0.10 percent of the trading volume (minimum 9.95 euros / maximum 69.00 euros).

EUREX Account

Another special feature is the trading on Eurex, which is the largest exchange in the field of financial derivatives on a global level. Customers of Consorsbank can therefore benefit from the advantages of a clearly structured trading platform as well as from the highly professional trading of the above-mentioned exchange, which processes executed orders within seconds and updates the corresponding portfolios in real-time. In addition, Eurex traders with experience are on hand to provide customers with adequate trading support.

What trading platforms are offered by Consorsbank?

The Online Broker also provides interested investors and traders with various trading platforms for their trading activities. Depending on their personal preferences and requirements, clients can decide for themselves which software they wish to use to trade. In this context, the platforms ActiveTrader as well as ActiveTrader Pro, Premium Trader, and Future Trader are available.

ActiveTrader and ActiveTrader Pro

With this, customers are offered a free platform with a variety of helpful functions. The control surface of the software can be individually designed and modified, making it ideal for beginners in the trading area. Among the numerous tools, direct trading via One-Click is also possible. In addition, the platform provides clients regularly and free of charge with real-time push prices from various stock exchanges (Stuttgart Stock Exchange, Tradegate Exchange, and off-exchange issuers).

With the expansion, clients will be provided with additional helpful tools to optimize their own trading processes. For example, investors have the opportunity to trade with five times the amount of equity invested. In addition, the extensive XETRA limit functions such as Stop-Limit, Iceberg, Best, or Join can also be used. For the Pro version, license fees of 119 euros per month are charged (correspondingly lower for VIP members).


Another platform offered by the Consorsbank is PremiumTrader. The core of this software is the supply of relevant news and current prices. These messages are forwarded to the customers every second. Investors can also access a large number of professional charts; there are also over 70 indicators and 15 possible display types. And the range of real-time push prices is also very extensive.

For the use of this trading platform, the online broker estimates license costs of 74.95 euros per month. For VIP customers the offer is more favorable.


Last but not least there is the trading software called FutureTrader. This platform serves as an interface with the EUREX exchange. This enables flexible trading and saves valuable time. Apart from that, the software also contains some useful innovations. These include tools such as cross-margining, combination trades, push prices, and an insight into the market depth of futures.

There are various subscriptions in FutureTrader, all of which differ in price and functions. These can be viewed on the website at any time if you are interested.

Mobile applications of the Consorsbank

For traders and investors who prefer to trade while on the move, the mobile app is recommended, with the help of which they can access their own accounts, accounts, and watchlists at any time and from anywhere. This makes it possible to buy or sell securities in a matter of seconds and with just a few clicks, while always maintaining a complete overview.

Mobile App

In addition, the mobile application can even be synchronized with a Smartwatch.

Consorsbank and wikifolio

At this point, it is also worth mentioning that Consorsbank is in close cooperation with wikifolio is a social trading platform on which proven trading strategies and details of various traders are made publicly available. The provision of this information is independent and transparent, so you can save a lot of time by benefiting from the know-how of advanced traders.

Wikifolio provides the online broker with the respective certificate data, which are consequently published on the Consorsbank website. Customers can therefore use these wikifolio certificates as support for their own trading activities.

Consorsbank’s customer service

Last but not least, customer service always plays a major role when it comes to finding the right online broker.

For this reason, Consorsbank offers its customers a number of different ways to contact the Online Broker if they have any questions. On the one hand, there is the classic option of contacting the online broker by telephone. In the period from 7:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m., customers can call here every day without exception.

Support available: 7 am to 10:30 pm
Telephone: 0911 – 369 30 00

Another advantage is the built-in chat, where customers receive an answer to their question within minutes.

Customer Support


If you look around on the Internet for experience reports with the online broker Consorsbank, you will come across various evaluations. The telephone customer service as well as the uncomplicated account opening and free custody account management with ActiveTrader are particularly positively emphasized. And also the mobile applications of the Online Broker seem to enjoy great popularity according to the voices on the Internet. However, there is no English version of the Consorsbank website.

The bottom line is that Consorsbank is an Online Broker with a fair offer, which can be taken advantage of not only by advanced traders but also by newcomers in this field.

Most asked questions:

Is Trading with Consorsbank possible in english?

Unfortunately, there is no English version of the Consorsbank website available. However, customer support will surely be happy to answer any questions.

What is the minimum deposit of the online broker?

With Consorsbank, you can trade with any minimum deposit you’d like. There is no minimum deposit. However, some trading possibilities are only available with a specific spending amount.

Is Consorsbank a qualified trader?

Consorsbank is a fair, trustworthy, and regulated German Bank that also functions as a broker. It is regulated by the German BaFin. Moreover, the deposits are protected by the FGDR.

Is there a demo account?

Consorsbank offers different trading platforms and accounts for its clients. However, there is no demo account that helps new customers try out the platform. Nevertheless, the basic account is free of charge, so you can still sign up for an account without taking any financial risk at first.

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