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Facts about the company:

  • Type: Stock and CFD broker
  • Regulation: BaFin (Germany) 
  • Minimum deposit: $0 
  • Demo account: Free
  • Markets: Forex, Shares, Warrants, Certificates, ETFs, Bonds, CFDs, Funds, ETCs
Comments Rating 8.5/10 (1 review)


  • Securities under custody
  • Largest online broker in Europe
  • Four different order types 
  • No minimum deposit 
  • Mobile trading available 


  • No discount broker

About Flatex

The origin of the company flatex goes back to the year 1999. The original company name, under which the foundation took place at that time, was PRE. IPO AG. It was not until seven years later in 2006 that the company was finally renamed “flatex”. Since then, Flatex has been a pure internet broker, only in 2009 did it becomes a listed company. “In 2014, the company was then converted into the FinTech Group AG, in which flatex has been a full subsidiary since then.

Screenshot of the Flatex landing page

As of December 2017, more than 200,000 investors are trading with the online broker flatex. Also in December of the same year, flatex was awarded the “Best Online Broker” in Germany by the Handelsblatt for the fifth time in a row. Over the past three years, flatex has continuously expanded the product range offered and from time to time integrates new innovations such as the recent flatex flex loan. Furthermore, flatex also cooperates with other financial companies such as Morgan Stanley or ZINSPILOT.

Previous awards of flatex

The offers and services at flatex have already been tested in the past by various institutes and awarded a positive seal. Just last year, the online broker was awarded the “Best Online Broker” seal by Handelsblatt for the sixth time.

Flatex Awards

Also in 2018, flatex took second place in the “Broker of the Year” test. A total of 33,000 investors had participated in this test in a survey about their favorite broker. And most recently in 2019, the online broker took second place in the category ETF & Certificates Broker and third place in the category Daytrading. The voting, in which 36,000 traders took part, was conducted on the website www.brokerwahl.de. And last but not least, an award was also presented by Stiftung Warentest in December 2016. flatex convinced with its free custody account management on the one hand and the low flat order fees, the so-called “flat fees”, on the other.

Deposit protection and regulation

In principle, flatex Bank AG is responsible for the account management of all investors at flatex. This in turn is under the supervision of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). In accordance with the regulations that are uniformly applicable throughout Europe, the paid-in customer funds and capital contributions are secured up to an amount of 100,000 euros. This is ensured by the Compensation Scheme of German Banks (EdB).

Which markets can be traded at flatex?

Flatex offers a wide range of different options with regard to the selection of markets. The following markets can be traded with this online broker:

  • Forex
  • Shares
  • Warrants
  • Certificates
  • ETFs
  • Bonds
  • CFDs
  • Funds
  • ETCs

As you can see, the selection of markets is extensive. Depending on individual preferences, traders can trade in their preferred area.

Which platforms are available at flatex?

Let us now come to another important aspect when it comes to choosing the right broker for you. This is the question of which platforms are available to you as an investor?
And also here, flatex offers several options, between which the customer is spoilt for choice. However, all offered platforms have one thing in common: All actions taken are based on a securities account that can be opened through flatex.

flatex WebFilial

The platform flatex WebFiliale serves as a fundamental basis for trading in securities. A useful feature of this platform is that the responsive design including all integrated functions adapts to the corresponding end device. A detailed insight into the functionality of the platform is available on the flatex website. However, the essential advantages should be briefly mentioned here.

In addition to the advantage of the responsive design, the platform generally scores with its fast and protected action. In addition, there are multifunctional watch lists with different stock exchanges, so that investors can keep track at all times. Another helpful feature is that an order estimate is displayed directly in the order mask when a certain number of units is entered.

In the mobile version of the trading platform, there is the option of logging in within seconds using TouchID to save valuable time – because there is no need to enter the login data manually.

flatex Trader 2.0

With flatex Trader 2.0, the online broker provides a platform with real-time push prices and a range of other useful tools that investors can use to support their trading strategies. The trading platform serves as additional trading software, which was developed in cooperation with TeleTrader Software GmbH.

Especially worth mentioning is the free four-week test phase, during which customers have the opportunity to try out the software for themselves without any obligation. For this, the flatex trader 2.0 must be downloaded from the website. Afterward, you have to register for the test phase.

To mention all included functions and tools of the software would go beyond the scope of this website. On the flatex website, all functions are listed individually and can be viewed at any time.

On YouTube there is also a short video from flatex, in which the flatex trader 2.0 is presented with its functions.


Guidants was developed by the makers of GodmodeTrader. The trading platform provides all the tools needed to keep track of stock market activities. For this purpose, Guidants provides useful data such as charts and current news on the one hand and modern tools for interpreting market events on the other.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility to exchange information with other users and professional traders. Of course, the software can be used at any time; this applies to both the web-based and the mobile version.

The following is a brief and clear summary of the advantages of the trading platform:

  • Real-time prices, charts, current news, and price alerts are available
  • Scanner and signal functions
  • Direct access to the flatex depot including trading function
  • As an investor, you have the possibility to network with other users and traders

Mobile Apps

Especially in the area of trading, fast reaction time is often decisive. For this reason, mobile apps have proven their worth. The advantages of them are obvious. In addition to the main aspect of being able to react quickly to price movements, the mobile apps from Flatex also score points with a simple and user-friendly trading interface. All mobile applications of the online broker also use the secure SSL connection. Now let’s take a closer look at the options that flatex offers its customers.


WebFiliale is the mobile version of the website for the smartphone or tablet. It can be accessed easily and at any time on the respective device (Internet connection required). This allows investors to keep a permanent eye on their positions, order book, and their own portfolio and to react at lightning speed if necessary. The TouchID option also contributes to this: This technology makes it possible, as already briefly mentioned, to log on without delay using a fingerprint and thus be able to react even faster.

Thanks to the responsive design, the software adapts to any end device. In addition, watch lists can also be easily created in the mobile version, so that one does not miss the developments of certain courses.


With flateXSecure a TAN procedure for investors was developed. This technology makes it possible to obtain a TAN directly via the app on the corresponding device. In principle, transactions can be confirmed without an iTANCard. In addition, investors can choose for themselves which procedure they want to use after they have activated flateXsecure in addition to the iTANCard.

Apart from this, the app user is shown important notifications via the push function on the smartphone or tablet.A detailed step-by-step description is integrated on the flatex website, which explains the setup of the app in detail. However, the setup is in principle not a complicated process, but can be done quickly and safely.

A further advantage of the flateXSecure App is the clear user interface, which is easy to use similar to the WebFiliale App.


It is nothing new that a successful trader must be able to react to price fluctuations at any time. The CFD2GO app allows you to display all selected prices in a compact overview. This allows trades to be executed in seconds. With CFD2GO, an innovative mobile application has been developed that allows investors to focus on their strategies and the trading processes themselves.

For the majority of the population, it is simply not possible to sit in front of the desktop around the clock. CFD2GO offers some useful functions from which investors can benefit. These will be briefly listed below:

  • CFD2GO offers manageable charts and the possibility to create individual watchlists
  • The own securities account can be viewed quickly and easily, as well as the margin and the total capital
  • Newsticker with information about current economic data
  • All order types are supported (if-done, market, limit, etc.)
  • Open positions and orders can be easily managed
  • Live trading and mobile access to the CFD trading platform

MetaTrader 4

Last but not least, flatex also offers a mobile version of the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 for smartphones and tablets. The app can be downloaded free of charge from Android or the App Store. The mobile version of the MetaTrader 4 complements the software ideally: Both the uncomplicated operation and the versatile functions contribute significantly to the support of the investors. It is also helpful that the charts and quotes are displayed in real-time and that all open positions are displayed and can be managed accordingly at any time.

Fees and services at flatex

In the next step, the fees and conditions at flatex will be discussed. But before that, a brief look at the services that flatex offers is to be taken.

General services

With regard to the offers, the online broker advertises with some free services that are offered to investors at flatex. The following services are not associated with any costs:

  • Creation of a securities account
  • General account management
  • Payment of dividends (only domestic dividends)
  • Account statements
  • Administration of documents in the online archive
  • Creation, modification, or cancellation of orders and limits
  • Bank transfers

Brokerage fees

With regard to fees, a fundamental differentiation between exchange and over-the-counter trading is important. At flatex, securities of all kinds (foreign stocks, funds, ETFs, warrants, bonds, certificates, CFDs, and currencies) can be bought or sold at a flat fixed price starting at EUR 5.90 per order plus exchange fees.

The stock exchange fees depend on the respective stock exchange and the volume of the order. They are required by stock exchanges for brokerage and vary depending on the stock exchange. The following chart lists some exchanges with the corresponding exchange fees that can be traded via flatex.

Fees for over-the-counter trading

In contrast to stock exchange trading, over-the-counter trading offers the possibility of trading directly with a corresponding issuer without any intermediate authority. Accordingly, there is no need for an exchange to be used for the settlement of orders. In principle, shares, certificates, warrants, funds, and ETFs can be traded directly and over the counter at flatex.

The advantages of over-the-counter trading are the long trading hours and the fact that there are no fees for exchanges when trading in securities. Flatex has listed a number of trading partners on the website, with whom trading is also possible at a flat rate of EUR 5.90 plus third-party fees. If the order value of investment certificates and leveraged products exceeds a value of 1,000 euros, 15.90 euros are added.

An exception to this is orders via the selected premium partners, which will be discussed in more detail below.

Fees for premium trading

In addition, Flatex offers an option in over-the-counter trading, which seems particularly interesting for advanced traders who want to trade over a longer period: Namely, the offers of selected premium partners. These premium partners have a wide range of products at a permanently low price. Another great advantage is that the premium partners do not have to pay any third-party fees in the form of fees dependent on the stock exchange.

Flatex offers three different categories for this, between which the customer can choose: Silver, gold, and platinum. Depending on the package selected, the investor pays a different “per order flat”. This flat is 3.90 euros for the silver package, 1.90 euros for the gold package, and 0.00 euros for the platinum package. In each premium category there are different partners:

  • Silver partners: Vontobel, BNP Paribas, HSBC
  • Gold Partner: Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, UBS
  • Platinum Partner: Morgan Stanley
  • Fees and Margin for CFD Trading

If CFDs are traded on flatex, the minimum fee, in this case, is 5.00 Euro. A commission of 0.05% is due for stock trading, 0.01% for DAX futures, but at least the aforementioned 5.00 Euro. On the other hand, trading in indices, commodities, precious metals, foreign exchange, and interest rate futures is free of charge. The overnight financing costs are 3.50%.

The required margin varies depending on the type of CFDs. While a margin of 20% is required when trading equity and interest rate CFDs, the margin required for commodities is only 10% (except for gold: only 5%). The margin is 3.33% for the main currency pairs and 5% for all other currencies. Depending on the CFDs selected, the possible leverage varies between 5 and 30.

Order possibilities with flatex

The Online Broker Flatex Offers Four Different Order Types On Its Website, Which Can Be Used By The Customer.


With the standard selection, normal orders can be executed with the classic limit types cheapest / best, limit, stop buy/stop loss and, depending on the exchange, stop limits

OCO (One Cancels Other)

The OCO order is actually two orders. The execution of one order results in the deletion of the other. When placing an order, it makes sense to set a stop loss and also an upper limit for selling, so that investors are prepared for price developments in both directions. And this without being forced to keep a constant eye on the market.

Trailing Stop

In the case of a trailing stop order, the normal stop order initially forms the basis. The difference to the classic stop order, however, is that the trailing stop order is flexible and can shift automatically depending on price developments. The extent of the shift and the limits can be set by the trader at the beginning.


Midpoint is an order type that is additionally offered on the electronic stock exchange Xetra. It enables all investors to enter orders completely anonymously in a closed order book. The price is always formed by the mean value of the best bid price and the best ask price.

Flatex demo account

Furthermore, flatex also offers a fortnightly demo version. With this FX demo account, investors can try out the MetaTrader 4 platform for themselves and get to know the functions better. In this way, investors can improve their skills in the Forex market without having to take a risk.

Learn to trade with the flatex academy

Flatex also offers an academy on its website, which offers a comprehensive arsenal of articles and instruments on the subject of trading. Webinars with professional speakers and experts are held at regular intervals, in which they communicate their opinions and strategies to interested investors and investors. In these webinars, direct communication with the participating speakers is possible.


The online broker flatex offers a wide range of tradable markets that investors can use. What distinguishes flatex from many other online brokers is, among other things, the fee policy with flat rates, which are charged for almost all orders.

Flatex is also regulated by BaFin and can hedge customer funds up to a value of 100,000 British pounds. There is no contact point for direct advice, the broker is particularly suitable for investors and traders with a certain amount of experience. For these, there is also the possibility of entering premium trading at flatex. The website itself is clearly arranged and structured and thus offers new interested parties the chance to quickly find their way around.

Most asked questions:

Is A Minimum Capital Required?

No minimum capital is required to trade CFDs. Only the required margin is required to trade CFDs successfully.

How can i reach the customer support?

You can call the customer support from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM via +49 9221 – 7035 898. However, calling customer service is not free of charge. Flatex also offers a FAQ section on its website with many answered questions.

Are deposits protected?

Flatex takes protecting deposits very seriously which is why Flatex protects deposits up to 100.000€ per investor. Please note, that Flatex only protects deposits that are reported in the balance sheet item “Liabilities toward customers”

What is the flat rate withholding tax?

Flatex is a german broker which is why it is under the control of german regulations. The flat-rate withholding tax rate is set consistently at 25% plus a solidarity surcharge of 5.5%. Moreover, church taxes will be added if church affiliation is proven.

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