I gained my first experience with Forex trading several years ago. At that time, however, it was rather a nice pastime for me for in-between times, I did not think much about earning money. Today I use my portfolio at almost every day and I am really satisfied with it. Even if the broker does not offer a website in German, I get along well with the provider and can easily orientate myself. offers me professional possibilities for trading and offers among other things a demo depot and an app for trading. In addition, I also like the fact that the spreads of this broker are very low.

If you don’t speak English or only less good, you will surely have problems when trading with this broker, so you should maybe switch to other providers like FXFlat. There you can find a German website and the navigation is easier. But otherwise I can’t find any negative aspects at and I am really satisfied. The broker has been with me for a while now and I will not open a portfolio with another broker for a while. For trading, there is a wide range of products available and therefore a very varied trading is possible.

My deposit opening at the broker

Opening the account at was not complicated and I was able to complete the process within minutes. There is a form available which has to be filled out and then sent directly to the broker. This process did not take me much time and my deposit application was quickly sent to the provider. After that, apparently a check was made and then my account at was already opened and I could start trading Forex instruments and CFDs. I was excited about this and I actually expected longer waiting times.

First of all, I got a detailed overview and got to know the broker better. Among other things, I tried out the demo version of the depot and thus got a first impression of the trading system and I also had a first look at the training offers. These are really great at and although I already had some experience, I was always able to learn something new. From this point of view, I am already very satisfied with and the broker also impresses with a wide range of services that I can take advantage of.

My first deposit at and possible problems

The first deposit at was not really difficult and could easily and conveniently use my credit card. The deposit went smoothly and my balance was credited just a few seconds later. Unlike other payment methods, has no fees. Otherwise, deposits can be charged with 15 Euro. Especially with smaller sums this is often not worth it and the fees seemed to me already a little high. However, I myself did not have to pay any fees and therefore this is not too relevant for me.

I found my deposit to be very safe and the broker is also regulated so that all activities are under control. The deposit insurance also provides some protection and ensures that my capital is protected up to a value of £50,000. This is enough for me in any case and I can therefore trade at in a relaxed manner. In addition, the broker is also still established and has now made a name for itself. The risk – apart from the trading risk – I estimate therefore as very small.

No bonus for opening a deposit with the broker

I have not received a bonus from this provider. All in all, such an offer in the classic form is probably not available and there was no such credit for the opening of the deposit or for first transactions. This is absolutely no problem for me and I can certainly live with it. Nevertheless, I too am of course happy about additional services. But there are enough of these at and therefore I have not demanded or even expected a bonus. But the broker offers yet another comfort, which I have not met elsewhere so yet.

A special Premium Depot is available. This is aimed at heavy traders with a high trading volume. The special thing about it is that interest is paid on a credit balance starting at 10,000 dollars. Two percent is then paid out and from my point of view this can be worthwhile in any case. So there is no bonus as such available, but there is a small compensation in the end. Unfortunately not for all traders and only under certain conditions, but that is always the decision of the broker. As a trader you have to accept that.

The trading system at and trading with the mobile app

I have decided to trade with the broker for the use of Meta Trader. I was already familiar with the tool and I have come to appreciate it, as it really offers me many useful functions. So I can easily and quickly place trades with just one click and in addition I have various indicators and analysis tools at my disposal. So I can customize all charts ideally and adjust the trading perfectly to my needs. The other trading tool offered by the broker I have not used so far and this is currently not an option for me. I know what I have on Meta Trader and I like to use it in the mobile area.

With the MT App I have everything under control and can overlook my portfolio at any time and participate in trading. The app is also very versatile and can really help me with trading. I can monitor individual trades or place new orders, and I can also access various indicators on the move and thus trade very flexibly. The mobile app is definitely a real highlight for me and I like using it when I have to be on the road for business. Otherwise, I would often have no option to check my portfolio remotely.

The first experiences with trading at

I was relatively lucky with the first trade. So I was able to achieve success directly with the first trades and that of course really motivated me for the future. Unlike before, I concentrated directly on the application of strategies and so I had the opportunity to achieve my profits quickly. I had to accept bigger losses. Some times there are always negative experiences and they somehow belong to it. So this is also an incentive for me to improve trading and in this way achieve even higher profits.

However, I do not want to classify trading as a job or profession. I do all this on the side – as a hobby with a merit function, so to speak. Just as housewives can assemble ballpoint pens, for example, but only in the financial sector. Basically, I am really very satisfied with trading at and it could have gone much worse – especially in the beginning. Today I pay out my profits from time to time and allow myself to travel or go on shopping trips throughout Europe. This is exactly what I had expected from trading in the beginning.

Critical words: Not specially designed for German customers?

Actually I don’t have any criticism per se, but the website could be optimized for German customers as well. So far, there is only an English website available, there is no German translation. And in the end Google is only of limited help. This would be a clear advantage, especially for people who speak and read English less well. I for my part can also use the English website well and easily, but otherwise it would be really great to be able to find German content as well.

I like to use the support of the broker via the offered live chat and so I can clarify open questions really fast and also in case of problems I always find a suitable contact person. The support also works in English – I know people who ask me rather than asking for support. Maybe some kind of rethinking would be necessary here as well.

Conclusion: I really feel very comfortable at the broker

In the end, I can only draw a positive conclusion. I feel very comfortable at and here I have everything I need for reliable and safe trading in CFD and Forex. The mobile app of the MT is helpful, as well as the trading tool itself and also the training offers are on a high level. The support is flexible and can be reached via live chat and furthermore I can also use a demo. This is absolutely sufficient for me and I have no criticism of the broker.

However, the website is not available in German, which is certainly negative for individual traders. After all, not everyone speaks perfect English, so that trading is hardly possible. This is a pity, because I was able to get to know as a reliable broker. Why there is no German offer, I have not really understood until today. Test – CFD & Forex Broker Test Report

The broker is internationally active and makes its repertoire available to German clients. Trading with Forex instruments and CFDs is possible at and the broker offers low fees as well as low spreads. However, at first glance it is already negative that the broker does not offer its website in German language. As a German trader you must therefore have sufficient knowledge of English or contact other brokers. Appropriate alternatives would be for example GKFX or also FxPro. These brokers can also be used in German language. From the range of services offered at, however, none of the aspects can be criticized.

For traders, this broker offers various trading platforms and, among others, the well-known and popular Meta Trader can be used. But also mobile applications are available at for the customers. In the field report it concerns besides still various other aspects. For example, regulation plays an important role and support is also examined in more detail. In addition, as a trader you will also learn which functions the demo depot of offers and how easy it is to open a depot. In this way, you will get to know the broker and can then decide for or against this provider. experiences – advantages and disadvantages of the broker

  • Established broker with international orientation
  • Low spreads
  • Flexible trading with various tools and apps
  • Demodepot can be used
  • Academy offers are available
  • disadvantages:

No website in German language

The various advantages, which one can take up as a trader with the broker, are obvious at first sight. However, one must also mention the only disadvantage very clearly. This is for some traders certainly of great importance. is an established broker, which is internationally oriented for trading CFDs and Forex. The broker convinces with low spreads and a wide range of offers for trading. Various trading platforms are available for this purpose and mobile apps are also available accordingly. Thanks to these the traders enjoy a very high degree of comfort with this provider and flexible trading is possible. Furthermore, as a trader at you can also use a demo depot and thus optimally simulate trading. It is also possible to learn trading strategies such as the volatility strategy and then use them in real trading. Last but not least, the broker also offers extensive training for the traders. This provides an opportunity to improve one’s own trading again and again and to make it more effective.

However, one aspect of the broker is clearly negative. Namely, the provider does not offer a German language website. For German Trader it can be so problematic to participate with this broker in the trade, if the own English knowledge is not sufficient. Altogether this aspect is not in each case relevant, however it can be in any case a crucial criterion with the selection of the suitable broker whether this makes its offer available also in German language. Therefore this point of criticism must be mentioned in any case.

The conditions for trading at at a glance

In terms of spreads,’s prices are slightly above the level of other brokers. For example, trading EUR/USD is possible for 2.0 pips and trading GBP/USD costs 1.9 pips. All in all, trading is still possible at a reasonable price and the account can be used free of charge. More still, depending upon depot the broker interests the existing assets with up to two per cent, so that one can increase the own capital also still simply and purposefully.

The conditions are positively noticeable in the test, although they are classified somewhat more highly than with other brokers. Nevertheless, you as a trader have the opportunity to trade cheaply and achieve high profits through low spreads.

The regulation and deposit protection at the broker

The established broker is regulated by the British regulatory authority FCA. This ensures that traders can trade reliably and under control at all times. The FCA monitors all activities of the provider and thus ensures that you as a trader are offered a very high level of security.

In addition, the broker also reliably secures all customer funds. Up to a value of 50,000 British pounds, all customer funds in the accounts are secured. In case of insolvency, they are still available and the deposits never flow together with the broker’s capital. This aspect also offers basic protection for you as a trader and can be crucial in choosing the right broker.

These are the functions of the demo account at

At you can access a practical demo account as a trader and use it to simulate trading. Thanks to the demo account, you can try out individual trades and simulate and practice strategies. In any case, the demo account at is an additional service for the trader. As with FxPro, this allows clients to showcase individual opportunities without financial risk and to train trading with virtual capital.

The functions of the demo account are identical to those of the real account, except that the capital invested is not real. Therefore there is no risk, but you have the chance to follow all processes under real conditions. Therefore the demo account in the experience report also plays an important role.

The mobile trade at with various Apps

Two apps are available at for trading with the smartphone or tablet. One is the mobile app for the Meta Trader, but there is also a corresponding app for the FOREXTrader PRO. With this app, you can reliably participate in trading as a trader with this broker even without a computer. Both apps offer a lot of comfort and allow you to keep an eye on your own portfolio, for example. In addition, you can also use various indicators with the app of the Meta Trader and thus make analyses.

The placement of new orders and the monitoring of existing orders is of course also possible. This offers very flexible possibilities for trading at and it is guaranteed that you can check your own portfolio at any time and independent of your own location.

Training offers, webinars and more at the broker

In order to best master the trading of Forex instruments as well as CFDs, you as a client of the broker can also participate in webinars and other training courses. There is an attractive and varied range of relevant content available and this way you can easily improve your own trading and develop yourself further. Like the website, all training courses are also available in English. Therefore, as a trader, you need to understand English well, or you can make use of external training. Again, you could reproach the broker for not dealing with German customers.

Basically, however, the offer of trainings is to be evaluated as positive and you have as a trader a simple possibility to learn new things. Test – Opening a deposit and support with the broker in check

In order to open a securities account for trading at, as a trader you only need to fill out a form and then send it to the provider. In order to open a securities account, in addition to personal information, details of your financial situation are also required and overall, opening a securities account is divided into several steps. The process can also be carried out quickly for newcomers and after a check by the broker, the account will be activated and made available for trading.

The support at can be reached via Live Chat, among other things, and this of course offers an ideal opportunity to make contact quickly and directly. Open questions and problems can be solved immediately and directly on the computer. In addition, a lot of information is available for customers on the website, so that various details can be found out already.

Awards for the broker at a glance

The broker has received several awards in the past. This of course supports the positive impression that the provider has made so far and one can assume a serious and reliable Forex broker.

Result: With much is offered – however only in English language

The trading offer of this broker is already very versatile and varied. In addition, the provider also provides various trading tools and you can just as easily participate in trading with your smartphone and an extensive app. Webinars are also available, so that one can train and improve oneself as a trader again and again. However, in the end there is also a clear disadvantage at

The website is only available in English for German customers, a German version is not available. Who can show only moderate English knowledge, has with it possibly a large problem, so that the broker is then out of the question. Overall, however, one can make a clear recommendation for and describe the broker as safe, reliable and established. This is also supported by the regulation and deposit insurance accordingly.

The broker presented in the video
In the video, individual aspects of the broker are presented in more detail and there is an option to get to know this provider first. Among other things the demo account plays an important role. At the end the video offers a basic overview of the broker.

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