FXFlat demo account

FXFlat Demo Account – Test all platforms and underlyings for 30 days without obligation

Demo accounts are a good way to get to know a broker and his trading offer. Potential clients can get their own impression without having to make a deposit. Good Forex brokers are convinced of their own offer and therefore usually offer a demo account to introduce the website and trading opportunities to interested users.

Such a demo account is also available at FXFlat. The broker has been known in the branch for many years and enjoys a good reputation. The FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank GmbH was already founded in 1997 and has its headquarters in Ratingen near Düsseldorf. Thus it is one of the oldest brokers on the market, where the customers can profit from the longtime experience of the company. The FXFlat demo account can be opened with a few clicks and can be used for 30 days without obligation. In connection with a live account the demo account is even permanently available to the customers.

The trading offer – trade all underlying instruments also via demo account

With FXFlat, traders can trade currency pairs, CFDs and futures. In all three areas, a large selection can be found. Not only the most traded underlyings are available here. The broker also offers some minors and exotics which you cannot trade on many other platforms.

With the FXFlat Test Account, trading is possible with all underlyings that the live account has to offer to the clients. Thus, interested users get an impression of the trading offer of the broker. Beginners can familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the different trading products and also advanced traders have a variety of possibilities to try out trading with certain underlyings at first without financial risk. Especially if you intend to trade with underlyings that you have not traded with before, it is advisable to deal with them first via demo account. This will allow you to gradually add more underlyings to your trading portfolio and get to know trading with them beforehand using the demo account.


FXFlat is a market maker. This means that the broker sets the prices for opening and closing the positions. These are closely oriented on the price developments of the big stock exchanges and of course on the supply and demand of the traders. The prices behave, depending on the financial product under consideration, sometimes very differently. Therefore, it makes sense to select exactly the underlying instruments with which you will actually trade later when testing with the demo account.

Trading with the demo account is a simulation, as no real money is used, which means that no profits or losses are incurred. Instead, the user receives a virtual credit balance from FXFlat. This cannot be paid out. With the credit he can open leveraged positions, just like with a real trading account. If a position is closed, the proceeds are added to the demo account. This way you can always see whether a profit or a loss would have been made when trading with real money.

The demo account simulates trading under extremely realistic conditions. The virtual account is traded at the current prices, and spreads and other fees are also shown in detail in the trading simulation. Only the slippage effects cannot be considered in the trading simulation.

Since with the demo account all functions of the real money account are simulated and also the trading prices correspond to those of the live account, interested users get a very good insight into trading at FXFlat. If the trader is convinced after the test with the FXFlat demo account and changes to a live account, there is no need for a big changeover, because all functions are already known from the demo version.

Open FXFlat Demo Account – How it works

You do not need much time to open a demo account with FXFlat. Since there is no trading with real money, considerably less information is required. Also the verification required by law for live accounts is not necessary for the demo account. Instead, only an online form has to be filled out and directly afterwards you can start with the virtual trading. To open a demo account, please follow the steps below:

  • In the bar on the right side of the website you will find the button “Demo account”. Click on it and the registration form will open.
  • Enter the required information in the registration form. When you have done this, click on “Open demo account now” at the bottom of the form.
  • FXFlat will send the access data for your demo account to the e-mail address you have entered in the registration form. Therefore, retrieve your welcome mail now and you can log in directly to use the demo account.
  • If the term of 30 days is not enough for you, you can open a new FXFlat demo account at any time after this period if necessary.


With the demo account you not only have access to virtual trading, but you can also take advantage of the broker’s educational offer. This includes instructional videos and webinars, which are suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. Experienced traders and financial experts give lectures on various topics in the webinars. As a viewer, you have the opportunity to actively participate via chat and ask your own questions. The methods and strategies learned can be tried out after the webinar with the demo account. This way you can develop as a trader without having to invest your own money. If you decide later on to open a live account with the broker, you will benefit from the knowledge gained with the trading demo.

Also many traders, who already trade with real assets at FXFlat, use the demo account to deepen and put into practice the learning contents of the tutorials and webinars. Especially when learning new techniques, mistakes almost always happen. These should be committed with virtual credit. Only when the learned strategy has been mastered safely should it be applied with the real money account.


The operators of FXFlat have recognized that different traders have different demands on their trading platform. A platform that is the best choice for one user does not have to be the same for the other. Therefore, the broker’s clients can choose from different platforms and thus use the software that best meets their individual needs. All offered platforms can also be tested with the FXFlat demo account for free. So undecided users can try the platforms in peace and do not have to decide immediately. After a detailed test with the demo account, the platform with which the investor is best acquainted can be selected when opening the live account.

The following platforms are available at FXFlat:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • Agenatrader

The MetaTrader Plus extension can also be used free of charge with both live and demo accounts.

When opening a live account, users must first choose a platform. In order to be able to make a choice here, FXFlat has briefly described the characteristics of the individual platforms on its website and compared them in a comparison. Thus, even inexperienced users have a first clue which platform might be the best for them. If you want to test more than one platform, you can open a second or third demo account at any time. This way you can make a detailed comparison and know which platform is the best for you when you open a live account.


FXFlat offers the clients the possibility to trade with leverage. This way, positions can be opened for considerably more money than there is in the trading account. For this, only a security deposit, the so-called margin, is required. With a leverage of 1:20, for example, only 100 Euro have to be invested to be able to move 2,000 Euro on the financial market.

The amount of available leverage depends on the trader’s experience. Professional investors can use significantly higher leverage than an investor who has little experience with the financial products traded so far.

Leveraged financial products can significantly increase the potential returns. However, the risk increases accordingly, because if the trading price develops in an unfavourable direction, the losses multiply. Since there is no obligation to make additional contributions with FXFlat, more money can never be lost than is in the trading account. Negative account balances are not possible. If the required margin for an open position is no longer available, it will be closed automatically by the broker after a so-called margin call.

With the FXFlat Demo Account, investors can also try out trading with a lever. You will see as quickly as possible how the selected lever affects the trading results. Furthermore, you can deal with different instruments for risk reduction in the trading simulation. For example, the trading platforms offer the possibility of setting a stop loss. This allows your position to be closed automatically if the price has fallen by an amount you have previously set. This prevents excessive losses from occurring.

If you are just starting to trade, you should choose a low leverage at the beginning. This prevents trading errors or an unfavourable variance from affecting the trading balance too much. With the demo account you can also experiment with high leverage, but when switching to a live account, you should choose low leverage again.


When trading currency pairs, it is not only the exchange rate that matters. Since most traders do not hold their positions for long, but often close them again after a few minutes, it is important to take trading fees into account when calculating potential returns. After all, compared to traditional stock trading or other more conservative forms of investment, significantly more trades are being executed.

FXFlat offers favorable conditions. Potential clients can convince themselves of this, because the trading fees are also considered when trading with the demo account. Not only the trading prices are realistically represented, but also the costs for trading are deducted from the virtual credit. When switching to the live account, no additional deductions need to be taken into account later.

If positions are held overnight, financing costs are also incurred. These are also deducted from the virtual balance of the FXFlat Forex demo account. The users do not get a glossed over picture of the profit possibilities, but an honest trading simulation, where all costs are considered.


With all three trading platforms of FXFlat, the order can be executed immediately at the current price. In addition, numerous other order types are offered. With the help of these order types, common trading strategies can be implemented much more comfortably. For example, it can be determined by how much the trading price may fall before the position is automatically closed to prevent further losses (stop-loss order). On the other hand, it is also possible to hedge the profit by automatically closing the position if the price rises to a predetermined level (take-profit order). Many other order types are also available and can of course be tested in detail with the demo accounts.

The demo account is not connected with any obligations

With the demo account of FXFlat interested traders can use all functions of the trading platforms, profit from the educational offer of the broker and get a realistic impression of the costs and possibilities. In case of questions or problems, the customer service takes its time and can usually help quickly. On the other hand, no obligations arise. If a live account is not opened within 30 days at the latest, the demo account will be closed automatically. The user is not obliged to open an account, because after all, the demo account serves to test the broker and to question whether opening an account is an option for the user.

By waiving any obligations, the FXFlat demo account is also suitable for users who are not yet sure if FXFlat is the right broker for them or if they want to invest in trading with financial derivatives at all.


If you decide after testing with the FXFlat CFD Demo Account to open a live account with the broker and to trade the offered financial products with your own capital, you can also fill out the corresponding registration form online. However, a few more details are required than for the demo account, which is due to the legal requirements and the regulations of the regulatory authority. In addition to the indication of name, address and date of birth, some questions about the previous experiences with the financial products traded at FXFlat have to be answered.

Just like with the demo account, you will receive a confirmation e-mail after sending the registration form for the live account. By clicking on the verification link contained in it you can complete the account opening. Immediately afterwards you will have the opportunity to make your first deposit. A minimum amount of 200 euros is required for this. The money will be immediately credited to your trading account as soon as the broker has received it. This means that when depositing with some payment methods you can start trading just a few seconds after your deposit.

At the latest before the first withdrawal, a verification is required, where the data given in the registration form is checked with the help of the identity card. Verification can be done online and does not take much time.


As owner of a live account you can still use the FXFlat Demo. The period of use is no longer limited to 30 days, but the account can be used permanently. This makes sense, for example, whenever you want to try out new trading strategies or optimize your existing strategy. Also the contents from the webinars can be put into practice with the demo account without any financial risk and are therefore even easier to understand. If you want to learn about automated trading, you can also use the demo account until you are familiar with the software and procedures.

Questions about the FXFlat demo account? How to reach the support

If you have any questions or problems with the FXFlat Demo, the customer service is there for you by phone, live chat or e-mail. Not only users with a live account are welcome here, but also the demo traders are advised in a friendly and competent way. Even if you decide to trade with the demo account with real credit after the test, the team of the customer service will be at your side when opening an account. Deposit and withdrawal requests are processed quickly so that you don’t have to wait long for your money. The verification required at the latest before the first withdrawal is also carried out quickly by the broker’s customer service team, so that no unnecessary delays occur.


FXFlat has its headquarters in Germany and is therefore subject to the regulations of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This authority ensures with strict regulations that the customers can trade in a safe environment and do not have to fear fraud or security holes.

Whoever thinks about opening a live account with FXFlat after the test with the demo account, has another good argument with the strict regulations of the BaFin. But not only the license shows that it is a serious provider. Also the experiences of the customers speak a clear language. Withdrawals are carried out reliably, and also other noteworthy problems could not be observed in the past.

Although no real money is used when trading with the demo account, customers naturally want their data in safe hands. The data transfer at FXFlat is carried out with secure SSL-encryption. Neither with the demo account nor with the live account there is no need to fear problems by hackers.


FXFlat offers considerably more options for deposits and withdrawals than most other online brokers. Besides payment by bank transfer, credit card or other methods, PayPal is also available. PayPal is considered as a particularly secure method for payments on the internet, because no personal account data has to be given during the transaction. This way, sensitive data cannot fall into the wrong hands and be misused. For a PayPal payment, it is sufficient to provide the e-mail address linked to the PayPal account.

FXFlat does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals. So customers do not have to calculate any deductions, but will get the full amount credited to their account. Only if the payment service provider himself charges a fee, FXFlat has no influence on it. In case of doubt, please contact your bank or the financial institution chosen for the transaction.

For trading with virtual credit via the demo account, of course, no deposit is necessary at all. If you open a live account later, you will need to deposit at least 200 euros to start trading.


FXFlat has an extensive education area. Here, the demo account is ideal to put the contents presented there into practice. We recommend to try out new things with the demo account. The trading sizes should be chosen in a way that it is realistic for the respective user. For example, if you are trading on a live account with a relatively small budget, the amounts should also be chosen accordingly low in the demo version. This makes it easier later to transfer established strategies to trading with real money.

The demo account is also used by many experienced traders to try out certain things and to avoid making possible mistakes when trading with real money. For example, if you want to make trades with an underlying asset that you have not yet traded, because you expect to make additional profits, you can get to know this underlying asset and its specific characteristics with the demo account.

Even after sessions with the demo account, you can and should carry out comprehensive analyses. This is particularly useful after high (virtual) losses. You can thus see whether the losses are due to variance, or whether there are errors in your strategy or its execution that you should eliminate before switching from the demo account to the live account.

Conclusion – The FXFlat demo account is free of charge and offers various possibilities

At FXFlat, all interested parties can test the trading platforms, the trading offer and also the educational area free of charge and without obligation with a demo access.

When opening the demo account you can choose which of the three offered trading platforms you would like to use for the test. If necessary, several demo accounts can be opened so that you can try out several platforms.

If you decide not to open an account with FXFlat after you have tested trading with virtual credit, you do not have to cancel your demo account separately. The demo account will be closed automatically after 30 days without your having to worry about it.

Test FXFlat yourself now and get a complete insight into trading with the popular and experienced broker with the free demo account.

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