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Is there fraud and rip-off at FXOpen?

At FXOpen you can trade stocks online via the Internet. The FXOpen platform helps you to execute your trades. Of course, this service is not free and you will have to pay a fee for each move you make. Furthermore, there are sometimes quite high FXOpen fees when you deposit your winnings. To deposit with FXOpen you can find a free deposit method. However, if you want to withdraw your winnings, you will have to search for it in vain. FXOpen fees are charged for each of the payment methods offered at payout. These fees vary depending on the payment method!

How does FXOpen perform in the test?

FXOpen has been on the market for several years and is based in England. After so many years on the market, you can find some reviews on the Internet that were made after an extensive FXOpen test. Basically the reviews of FXOpen are very good. Most of the reviews are given with 4 out of 5 stars and thus convince of FXOpen. FXOpen also gives you the chance to take your own FXOpen test with a demo account. You can register and start directly with a free account. In this case, however, you trade with a virtual account. So you do not put your own money on the desired shares.

Is there fraud with FXOpen?

Since the ratings that can be found are all very positive, you can assume that there is no fraud at FXOpen. FXOpen is based in England and is controlled and supervised by the UK government. FXOpen has been on the market for many years and has proven itself. FXOpen fraud does not exist.

Is FXOpen serious?

FXOpen is serious. The provider has been on the market for many years and is registered in England. The authorities check and control you as such a company, so FXOpen is serious.

Are there any rip-offs at FXOpen?

Obviously there are no rip-offs at FXOpen. FXOpen is a company that has been on the market for several years and has satisfied customers. The ratings on the Internet are generally good and thus let the idea that it is not a rip-off. The fees for deposits and withdrawals are unfortunately quite high in comparison, but this has nothing to do with fraud.

What can the FXOpen Webtrader do?

The FXOpen Webtrader can be reached via the FXOpen homepage. After a quick registration you can get an overview with the free demo account. FXOpen offers you to trade with virtual money on the market. You can play through your first purchases without having to go to your own money. The FXOpen Webtrader is a software with which you can start trading securities and other options directly after registration and the first successful deposit. Through FXOpen Webtrader you will receive all necessary information about the security, which can be useful when buying or selling. For example, you can find out at a glance since when the company has been listed on the stock exchange, how many employees it has, what turnover has been in recent years and much more. Of course you can also simply follow the chart. This is updated in real time and we also record it. So you can also look into the past and see how the share has developed recently.

Is there FXOpen in German?

Unfortunately we have to announce a bad news, because FXOpen is currently not available in German. The company has its headquarters in England and sees this as its first target group. For this reason there is no German translation of FXOpen yet. The homepage is completely in English. Unfortunately the same applies to the Webtrader and the App. Furthermore the support is only available in English. To reach FXOpen in German is not possible. This will probably not change in the foreseeable future. The support will be contacted via phone and live chat. If you are not fluent in English, you will have the problem with this provider that you cannot get your questions answered on the first level of FXOpen. If you want to reach FXOpen in German, you would have to have this translated by a translator on the Internet.

What is FXOpen?

FXOpen is an online broker based in England, where it sees its largest target group on the market. FXOpen has a very strong presence in England, but FXOpen also has its market share in the rest of Europe. If you are wondering what FXOpen is, this is the answer. You can use the webtrader or the app of FXOpen to trade smaller amounts on the international stock market. All you need is a quick registration with valid data and a deposit, which will appear directly on the FXOpen account if the correct payment method is used. This explains what FXOpen actually is.

What are the FXOpen ratings on the Internet?

The FXOpen reviews that can be found speak for themselves. There are very few negative reviews. These negative reviews mainly complain about the high fees for deposits and withdrawals. These are actually relatively high, but you know that even before the first deposit and get involved. Otherwise you can find mostly positive FXOpen reviews on the Internet. On most comparison portals FXOpen is rated with good marks of 4 out of 5 stars. Thus FXOpen is among the better providers on the market. You can make your own FXOpen reviews by looking at the FXOpen offer. You can do this in the easiest way by creating a free demo account. You can do this via the homepage or the app. The advantage is that you don’t have to make a deposit here and still get an insight into the system. You can test all functions and thus you know how you would rate FXOpen yourself.

What does the FXOpen App offer?

The FXOpen App definitely offers you a lot. In principle, the FXOpen App offers you everything that the classic Webtrader can offer you. In fact, all functions are implemented in the App so that you can access the complete FXOpen offer. Starting with the registration, which can also be done through the app, you can control the deposit, the trading, the monitoring of the options up to the sale and the payout. Support is also available via the Live Chat. Unfortunately, the support via the app is also not in German. The app offers you everything the webtrader can do. So if you are the type of investor who rather works on a smartphone, FXOpen might be just the right thing for you. You can get the app in all classic app stores. Apple and Andorid are the platforms supported by FXOpen. This means that 90 percent of the smartphones worldwide are covered. Furthermore, the app does not take up too much storage space, so everyone can install it quickly and easily.

Can you trade with FXOpen Krypto?

FXOpen allows you to trade many different types of crypto. There is a variety of FXOpen Krypto that are listed. The best known crypto is probably the Bitcoin. You can also bet on the Bitcoin. They bet quasi on the course of the course, whether this rises or falls in a previously determined period. Here you can win a lot of money in only a few minutes or hours. If you have proven a good hand, this is a good opportunity to make a profit on the stock market. However, you can also lose money very quickly. FXOpen Krypto you should therefore only trade if you are comfortable with it and you have also dealt with the subject.

Which FXOpen opinions prevail on the Internet?

The Internet never forgets. Therefore you can still find all negative and positive evaluations of the last years. 90 percent of the evaluations of FXOpen are positive. The 10 percent somewhat weaker reviews sometimes leave FXOpen in a not so good picture. The negative FXOpen opinions, however, all refer to the topic of excessive fees, which is actually justified. However, FXOpen also has to admit that every investor knows how high the fees are before the first deposit and should therefore not be surprised if they are incurred. Especially the fees for the deposit and the withdrawal are very high when compared to the usual market fees. But you can also use the demo account to form your own FXOpen opinion. The demo account is always free and quick to set up. If you have previously informed yourself about the fees for the deposit and withdrawal, you can probably form your own opinion about FXOpen.

Are FXOpen spreads available?

Of course FXOpen also offers spreads. However, FXOpen spreads are also associated with fees. However, these are very fairly calculated, unlike the fees for deposits and withdrawals, as described above. The FXOpen spreads make it easier for you to trade on the market and also give you a certain amount of security when planning your finances. FXOpen Spreads allows you to enter a price at the beginning of a trade for which you wish to purchase the selected security. When this price is reached, the trade is executed automatically. So you do not need to check the chart over the entire period of time to see if the price you want is reached. The same is true for the sale of the option. Here you can also enter a price at which you want to sell. Here you can enter a low price and a high price. Depending on the course of the share and which price is reached first, you will then have made a profit or loss. The advantage is that you know beforehand how high the profit or loss will be. So you can not be surprised by extreme price fluctuations.

What can FXOpen Support offer?

The FXOpen Support offers by and large the same program as most providers in this field. A telephone support and a live chat. There is also a contact via email. Unfortunately it is not possible to reach the support in German as mentioned above. Here the common language is English, unfortunately it is not possible to reach a German employee via one of the channels. FXOpen is based in England and has the largest target group there, which may explain why FXOpen support only offers the English language. The opening hours of the hotline are very long during the week, but unfortunately nobody can be reached on the weekend. The same applies to the Live Chat. During the week there is almost always a staff member available for you, but on weekends it is best to contact only the email contact. They will answer you as soon as the office is occupied again. In this case it is then Monday morning.

How do FXOpen deposits work?

The FXOpen deposits work fastest when you use your credit card. With your credit card you can fund your account with just a few clicks. The advantage is that you can use the deposited money immediately to become active in the market. The situation is different, for example, when you deposit funds by bank transfer. Here you have to wait a few days until the money is available on your FXOpen account. Both deposits are free of charge for you, which unfortunately changes with the withdrawals, but more about this below. Unfortunately it is not possible to deposit with Paypal. Nevertheless, FXOpen offers deposits in addition to credit card and bank transfer. WebMoney and UnionPay are two providers that not every broker offers. So if you prefer to pay with one of these two providers you might have found a good broker here.

How do the FXOpen payouts work?

FXOpen withdrawals generally work the same as deposits. You have exactly the same payment services that you can use. However, the big difference is that FXOpen charges significant fees for the payouts. These fees can be a big part of your profit, especially if you trade small amounts. For example, the payout to your bank account will cost you 15 Euros in fees, which will be deducted directly from FXOpen. All other FXOpen payouts are unfortunately also subject to fees. You should therefore know before you make your first deposit whether it is worthwhile for you to work with FXOpen at these fees. Not that you will only hear about the fees at the end of the transaction and thus not make your profit.

What can the FXOpen demo account do?

The FXOpen demo account can do everything FXOpen has to offer, because you have no limitations compared to the real money account. All features are also available to you as a user of the FXOpen demo account. You can also start the demo account on your cell phone and use it completely. The registration does not take longer than one minute. So you can quickly find out if FXOpen is the right broker for your needs.

What are the FXOpen costs?

The FXOpen costs are, as mentioned above, not low. However, trading with the shares is always associated with FXOpen costs, which is completely normal. However, FXOpen unfortunately charges quite high fees for the payout of profits. These are comparatively very high, especially when you know that many providers even offer free payouts. From this point of view, FXOpen’s offer of payout methods is insufficient.

Can you make money with FXOpen?

Anyone who is active on the stock market can earn money. However, there is no guarantee that your stock will perform positively. Therefore, you may have to expect losses. Earning money with FXOpen is therefore possible, but often has a little bit to do with luck. Losses on the money market must also always be planned for, so that you are not surprised in the end if things do not go well for a while. With a demo account you can test yourself if you are in the long run to make money with FXOpen.

Does FXOpen offer Paypal?

No, FXOpen and Paypal do not match. Paypal is one of the largest payment services on the Internet. However, there is still no cooperation between FXOpen and Paypal. There are other ways to deposit and withdraw money at FXOpen. Paypal is offered by many other providers, because today in the Internet the majority is paid with Paypal. So if you are looking for a broker who offers Paypal you have to look elsewhere.

Are FXOpen ETF offered?

Yes, there are also FXOpen ETFs offered with which you can plan your purchases a little safer. With the purchase of FXOpen ETF you do not just buy a single share but a whole package. The package then consists of many shares and is well mixed. So if you make a loss by a weak stock, it is possible that other stocks rise and they make no loss or maybe even a profit despite a weak stock.

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