GKFX app and platform under review

In the early days of trading in foreign exchange and CFDs, which are now well over ten years ago, it was only possible for private customers to place the relevant trading orders via their PC or telephone. The reason for this was that almost all brokers exclusively provided a trading platform that could be accessed via a desktop PC or at best via laptop.

GKFX trading
GKFX trading

This has now changed significantly, because nowadays almost every Forex and CFD broker also offers so-called trading apps as an alternative to trading via PC. These are applications that enable access to the trading platform on a smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet PC. Nowadays, hardly any trader wants to do without this possibility of trading, which is why such trading apps have become an important decision criterion when it comes to choosing a broker.

Trading platform in review and infos about GKFX

Before we take a closer look at the GKFX Trading Apps, we would like to give you some important data and figures about the Broker. The company GKFX was founded in 2009 and has been headquartered in London since then. For several years now, the broker has been regulated by the responsible British regulatory authority and has gradually been able to make a name for itself.

In addition to the customer service and good trading conditions, the broker convinces above all through the trading platform provided, namely MetaTrader 4. For some time now, trading has not only been possible via desktop PC or laptop but also via smartphone or tablet through the apps developed by GKFX.

Trading Apps that can be used with GKFX

By now, practically every Forex and CFD broker offers his clients at least one app that can be used for mobile trading. However, there are now several operating systems that can be used either on the smartphone, the iPhone, the iPad, or another tablet. Therefore, most brokers strive to provide a corresponding app for each operating system if possible. For this reason, customers naturally also ask the broker GKFX which trading apps are offered in detail.

In this context, it is important to know that the GKFX Trading App can be used on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system as well as on mobile devices running the iOS operating system. The Broker provides a MetaTrader 4 App, which makes trading possible even on the road and is largely identical to the stationary trading platform in terms of its functions.

GKFX mobile
GKFX mobile

Tools and functions of the GKFX app

The functions of the trading apps for Android and iPhone or iPad at GKGX include in particular:

  • Close and open positions
  • Course tracking
  • Implementing new strategies
  • Recall of indicators

Trading app of GKFX in test

This list already shows that you as a trader can trade with the GKFX Trading Apps in principle just as extensively and use all functions you are used to from the stationary trading platform. It does not matter whether you want to use mobile access with a smartphone, a tablet PC or the iPhone, because the GKFX Trading Apps are suitable for all these devices.

Consequently, the trader has access to numerous chart types and various indicators on mobile devices, which are an important part of the professional analysis of prices. Of course, the customer does not have to do without real-time quotes, as these can also be accessed via the trading app. In addition, a variety of order types can be used for trading via the GKFX app, such as Buy Stop, Buy Limit, or the Stop Loss Order.

In summary, we would like to give you an overview of the mobile devices for which the GKFX Trading Apps are designed and with which device you can access the broker’s trading platform:

  • iPhone
  • Smartphones with Android operating system
  • iPad
  • Tablets with Android operating system

In total, the broker should cover more than 70 percent of all mobile devices with which you can access the trading system.

WebTrader for maximum flexibility

For traders who cannot use mobile apps or want to trade via GKFX independently from a specific device, the broker offers the free GKFX WebTrader. This is a self-developed web-based trading platform, which has the advantage to work with all current internet browsers that support HTML and are compatible with it. As a result, traders with a Windows operating system as well as with a Mac PC can easily trade directly from the browser without having to install any extra trading software first.

GKFX Trading tools
GKFX Trading tools

Especially in places where software cannot be easily installed or the connection is restricted by a firewall (e.g. at the workstation), GKFX’s WebTrader is an additional platform for trading. Like all other platforms, the WebTrader can be used to trade 24 hours a day and access the actual MT4 account. Customers do not need to open an extra account with GKFX to use the WebTrader. The platform can simply be used in addition to the normal MT4 account.

Among other things, the WebTrader has the following features and functions:

  • Integrated social trading
  • Numerous charts and functions for chart analysis
  • One-Click Trading
  • User-friendly surface
  • Based on HTML 5 technology

Expert Advisors and more additional offers

Of course, the mobile trading app from GKFX is only an additional offer, which is especially popular with traders who are often on the move and therefore want to trade on the move. This does not mean, however, that a stationary trading system is no longer available which can be accessed from the home PC. On the contrary, the broker GKFX of course still offers trading at home, for example by accessing MetaTrader 4 via the desktop PC.


In addition, GKFX offers a WebTrader as an alternative, which, in contrast to MetaTrader 4, does not require the installation of any software and can therefore be used even more flexibly and independently. Among other things, it offers various indicators and tools, which are complemented by a user-friendly trading interface. With the Expert Advisors and numerous bonus packages, which can be used especially by new customers, a particularly large number of functions and tools can be used on the stationary trading platform.

Conclusion: High flexibility with this broker is guaranteed

The broker GKFX has also been offering mobile trading for some time now. In this context, various trading apps are made available, which are estimated to be usable on more than 80 percent of all mobile devices. Customers can access the trading platform with their iPad and iPhone as well as with an Android smartphone or an Android tablet PC.

The mobile apps contain numerous functions and tools that can also be found on the stationary trading platform, either MetaTrader 4 or WebTrader. Customers who do not want to use trading apps but still want to access their accounts from different locations can use the WebTrader which is offered by GKFX free of charge. It offers many functions including social trading and is a successful addition to the desktop version of MetaTrader 4.

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