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Probably the most important basis for successful trading with foreign exchange and CFDs is a customer-friendly and functional trading platform provided by the respective broker. The trading platform should have a user-friendly interface, include as many functions as possible and ultimately help to support the strategies and activities of the trader.

Among other things, the broker GKFX has also recognized that the trading platform is an extremely important basis if traders want to trade successfully in the long term. The broker provides his customers with no less than five versions that can be used according to their needs and location.

GKFX overview
GKFX overview

Offered trading platforms

In the area of the trading platform, the broker GKFX offers a wide range of options, because almost every conceivable variant can be used, from the WebTrader to mobile trading.

In detail there are the following Trading platforms, between which customers can choose at the broker GKFX:

  • WebTrader
  • MT4 Desktop
  • MT4 Mobile and MT4 Tablet
  • Multi-terminal
  • Demo account

In the following, we would like to give you a short overview of the functions of the respective trading platform and provide you with some additional information about the trading platform.


WebTrader – flexibility is guaranteed

If you want to trade via the broker GKFX independently from a specific terminal device, the provided GKFX WebTrader is the best choice. It is a web-based trading platform that has the great advantage of being compatible with all internet browsers which support HTML.

As a result, traders with a Windows operating system as well as with a Mac PC can easily trade directly from the browser. Especially in places where software cannot be installed easily or the connection is restricted by a firewall, the WebTrader of GKFX is a great tool for trading. It is important to know that the access is available 24 hours a day and that the actual MT4 account is accessed. So you don’t have to open an extra account to use WebTrader, you can simply use it in addition to your normal MT4 account.

The WebTrader has the following features and functions among others:

  • Integrated social trading
  • Numerous charts and functions for chart analysis
  • One-Click Trading
  • User-friendly surface
  • Based on HTML 5 technology
GKFX trading
GKFX trading

MetaTrader 4: well-known trading platform

For those who do not care so much about being able to trade directly via the browser, the broker GKFX often chooses the trading platform with a desktop version, namely the MetaTrader 4 Desktop.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is both a modern and the technologically leading trading platform when it comes to trading forex and CFDs. The MT4 Desktop represents an optimal solution for all online trading and has integrated technical analysis and automated trading, for example. Numerous functions can be used, which help to make trading decisions on a solid basis. Various order types are available and traders can use not only advanced charting but also numerous indicators and tools. An automatic trading system is also available with the so-called Expert Advisors.

Advantages of the MT4 desktop at GKFX:

  • Numerous indicators and tools
  • Real-time courses are available free of charge
  • Various order types
  • Automated trading can be used
  • Modern charting system
  • User-friendly surface
  • External indicators can be imported

In addition to the normal range of functions of MetaTrader 4, GKFX offers its customers some interesting additional tools like:

  • Trading Central Indicator: The Trading Central Indicator is a specially developed add-on for the MetaTrader, which displays strategies, support/resistance areas, pivots, and much more directly in the chart and can thus help with trading decisions.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server): GKFX provides customers who want to automate their strategies with special servers on which the systems can run around the clock without the need to have the computer at home on.
  • MT4 BoosterPro Package: The BoosterPro Package from GKFX offers many interesting tools and add-on programs for MetaTrader 4 such as a Trade Terminal, Client Assistant, Market Manager, various Mini-Terminals, Alamrmanager, and much more.
  • Strategy Builder: With the Strategy Builder it is possible to implement your own trading strategies in an Expert Advisor for MetaTrader without having to have any programming knowledge. You simply click together your strategy and the Strategy Builder will design the appropriate EA for you to implement your strategies.

MT4 additional offers

With the MT4 BoosterPro package, GKFX offers its customers numerous tools and extensions for the MetaTrader. The MT4 BoosterPro is available for a deposit of 2.500 Euro. Because you can’t test the BoosterPRo package in a demo account, we have taken a closer look at the single tools in our test and would like to show you in the following overview the most important extensions, which you get as a user of the MT4 Booster package and which functions the single tools offer.

MT4 Tool: Alarm Manager

The MT4 Alarm Manager is a trading assistant that informs the investor, optionally via SMS (fee required), email or Twitter, and can even open or close positions.

Some features of the Alarm Manager:

  • Account alerts (margin, balance, equity, profit, loss, continuous profit/loss, etc.)
  • Message alerts due to market events in the calendar or changes in sentiment
  • Trading alerts due to open/closed positions or current profits/losses of positions
  • Course alarms when certain course marks are reached
  • Indicator alerts triggered by indicators like MACD, ATR Bollinger Bands, etc.
  • Time alarms triggered by defined times

MT4 Tool: Trade terminal

GKFX’s Trade Terminal is primarily a tool for trade execution and technical analysis. For example, stop-loss or take-profit orders can be set with absolute monetary amounts.

Some features of the Trade Terminal:

  • Faster processing of stop-loss, take-profit, or trailing stops
  • The faster entry of Market, Pending, or OCO orders
  • One-Click Trading Manager
  • Create templates for frequently used orders or order combinations
  • Trading risk calculator with analysis function

MT4 Tool: Correlation Matrix App

This trading tool detects correlations (dependencies) between 2 or more markets and can therefore be used as an aid for certain trading strategies, such as spread or pair trading. Any number of markets can be added to and removed from the correlation matrix.

Functions of the Correlation Matrix:

  • Compare correlations for all tradable markets such as indices, equity CFDs, currencies or commodities
  • Customizable views
  • Different time periods from 1 hour up to 1 week
GKFX trader
GKFX trader

MT4 Tool: Correlation trader

This trading tool contains an integrated order entry and at the same time shows the correlation (dependency) between two markets in a chart. This allows certain trading strategies, such as spread or pair trading, to be implemented directly.

Functions of the Correlation Trader:

  • Open and close trades and place stop-loss and take-profit orders directly from the chart (also in hedging mode)
  • Selecting different time units
  • Comparison of the net profit for each instrument

MT4 Tool: Sentiment Trader

The Sentiment Trader is in our opinion one of the most interesting tools of the BoosterPro package. It gives you a quick overview of how other traders are positioned and gives you a feeling of the current market situation. This makes it easier to assess whether a market is overbought or oversold. It must be noted, however, that the data used are only real money accounts, but this data does not originate from GKFX customers. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to publish the source of the data here. On request, GKFX will inform you about the source of the data.

Functions of the Sentiment Trader:

  • Current long/short ratio (market sentiment) for each market
  • Configurable display (pie chart, dial, etc.)
  • Sentiment overview of many markets
  • Comparison with the past market sentiment on the chart
  • Adjustable time periods
  • Integrated order mask including stop-loss and take-profit

MT4 Tool: Mini Terminal

The Mini-Terminal is an extension of the Trade Terminal of GKFX. This tool is a nice little extension and reduces trading to the essentials, allowing you to focus on the essentials and allowing you to trade faster.

Functions of the Mini-Terminal:

  • Section of the chart and the trading mask of the MT4
  • Clear and large input fields for stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing stops
  • Calculator for the risk calculation of a trade
  • Marking the currently open items
  • Creation and loading of individual templates possible
  • Fast closing of all positions
  • Possibilities to rotate and/or hedge positions quickly

Mobile options for trading with MT4

Mobile trading is becoming increasingly important for more and more traders so that the broker GKFX decided some time ago to offer a mobile version of its trading platforms. More precisely, there are even two versions, namely MT4-Mobile and MT4-Tablet.

Basically, with MT4 Mobile-Trading, traders have the possibility to access their trading account and the trading platform from any location in the world. Only two or three things are required, namely a smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection. The mobile trading platforms of the Broker GKFX are also characterized by a user-friendly interface and are visually very similar to the stationary desktop version. MT4 Mobile Trading also offers numerous order types and indicators with helpful tools. Advanced strategies and the display of real-time prices are also made available to the trader.

GKFX mobile
GKFX mobile

In summary, it is the following features and functions that make the MT4 Mobile and MT4 Tablet trading platform stand out:

  • Numerous order types and trading tools
  • Provision of real-time courses
  • User-friendly surface
  • Free download for both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Modern and advanced charting

Multi-Terminal as an additional offering of MT$

In this sense, the so-called Multi-Terminal is not an independent trading platform, but the terminal is an additional component that can be used for the MT4 trading platform offered by the broker. The Multi-Terminal enables simultaneous trading on several trading accounts at the same time.

Simplified, the Multi-Terminal can be used to manage several accounts, making it the optimal tool for money managers (asset managers). But also all traders who have more than one trading account can benefit from the Multi-Terminal.

The usable functions and features of the Multi-Terminal include

  • Simultaneous management of several accounts
  • Various commissions
  • Real-time access to account information
  • Various alarm functions

Testing of the platforms with a demo account

Especially for beginners in the field of foreign exchange or CFD trading, it is important to get to know the trading platform without risk at first. For this reason, the broker GKFX also provides a free demo account.

Over a maximum period of 30 days, traders have the opportunity to use the broker’s test account and try out all functions and tradable values. The GKFX provides the test account with 100,000 Euro virtual capital. The registration for the demo account is completely free of charge and the offer can be used for the later real trading account without a binding registration. After only a few details, which the trader has to provide, the test account is set up by the broker. You can then immediately start trying out strategies or familiarizing yourself with the trading platform, for example.


Conclusion: Various tools to choose from

The trading possibilities with the broker GKFX are huge. Traders can trade via WebTrader, mobile apps, MetaTrader 4 and the newer version MetaTrader 5 as well as via WebTrader. All trading possibilities can be used free of charge. However, the upgrade of MetaTrader 4 can only be done with additional costs. However, it is possible to test out the MetaTrader with a demo account for thirty days without paying anything.

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