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HighLow user-ratings: $10
9.5 of 10 points 1 reviews
  • Asset varierity - 10/10
  • Trading platform - 9.5/10
  • Support - 8/10
  • Fees - 10/10
  • Deposit/Withdrawal - 10/10

Facts about the company:

  • Type: Binary Options Broker 
  • Regulation: AFSL (Australia)
  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Demo account: Free to try out
  • Markets: Binary Options, stocks, commodities, indices, currencies, cryptocurrencies
Comments Rating 9.5/10 (1 review)


  • Quick funds access
  • $50 Cashback for new customers
  • Payouts up to 200%
  • Secured broker 
  • User-friendly website


  • Time delays with the customer service are possible

About HighLow

Different trading modes and a comprehensive selection of trade values – this is what distinguishes the Broker HighLow, where the trader can trade with binary options. What HighLow continues to offer its traders can be read in the following comprehensive report.

Screenshot of the HighLow landing page

Our experience at a glance

Binary options offer an easy way to profit from the price fluctuations that occur on the stock market almost daily. Various online brokers now offer opportunities for traders to take advantage of this. The Broker HighLow is one of them, which offers easy handling and also convinces with a selection of tradable securities. Among other things, several currency pairs can be found and trading with precious metals is also possible.

CompanyHighLow Markets Pty. Ltd
AdressLevel 14, Macquarie House 167 Macquarie Street Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
eMailVia Contact Formula
Live Chatno

Furthermore, the Broker also offers even more comfort for the traders. Trading is possible with an app that is available for iOS and Android. Similarly, many open questions are answered directly on the website and HighLow also waives fees for trading. These details were especially positive in the test. However, the different payment methods for deposits and reliable withdrawals also support this positive impression.

HighLow Trading Check: Fraud or serious?

Before the details around the Broker, HighLow is brought into focus and dealt with in more detail, a very important question should first be addressed and answered accordingly: Is Broker HighLow reputable? Before one decides as a trader for a broker and would like to trade with him on the stock exchange, with CFDs, shares, or binary options, the seriousness should first be checked. Otherwise, you might risk falling victim to fraud or losing your invested capital. By the collected information about the Broker HighLow, it can be assumed in any case that it is a serious provider and that you can become active as a trader with a clear conscience. Especially the regulation from Australia shows this seriousness and makes it clear that this is a reliable and safe binary options broker.

Serious trading is guaranteed by security measures and regulation

As an Australian-based company of HighLow Markets, HighLow is a reliable and secure provider of trading in a wide range of binary options. Security is primarily provided by the regulation and licensing by the Australian authorities. This ensures that the broker is under constant control and provides a high level of security for its traders. The regulation states that all activities and actions of a broker are monitored and subject to strict regulations. In this respect, regulation is a clear advantage for the trader, and HighLow fulfils this requirement in any case. Nevertheless, there are still brokers who are not subject to regulation at all. HighLow has an official license to trade binary options and is allowed to offer binary options trading to traders from many countries around the world.

Numerous assets and values, different trading possibilities

Binary Options trading is in itself quite easy to understand and is also based on a simple and straightforward construct. As a trader, you set a fixed amount and determine in advance whether a price will develop positively or negatively within a specified time. If you are right in the end, you receive a corresponding payout. You do not have to predict the exact value, but only whether it will rise or fall in the end. In addition to this prediction, there are other criteria that can determine success in binary options trading.

These are always present at the broker so that a profitable and successful trade – also in the long run – is possible for the trader in any case. At the provider, as a trader, you can make the best possible use of your own knowledge of the markets and the individual assets available at the broker, and in this way profit from high returns in the best case. Experience has clearly shown that trading is versatile and flexible. Investments can be made in short-term positions, but long-term investments are also possible with this provider. In some cases, returns of up to 200 percent are possible – this is already very lucrative at first glance and can be worthwhile for the trader in any case.

You can trade at HighLow for a few minutes, for an hour, or even for a whole day. In addition, there is also a turbo trading option, which can be completed in 30 seconds. Further time periods are one minute, three minutes and also five minutes. This gives the trader the option to achieve first trading successes within the shortest time and earn money with it.

At HighLow you will find first and foremost the classic trading possibilities with binary options. On the other hand, this Binary Options Broker does without too many frills. Also, this makes the trade clearly easy to understand. As a beginner, HighLow is the right choice for you. But also with already existing experience one can participate reliably and versatile with the binary options in the trade. It is also possible to enter trading at any time and to be active around the clock. This should offer sufficient flexibility and comfort for the traders when trading with Binary Options. The test report makes this very clear in any case.

50 Euro Cashback Bonus for new traders

For many traders, when choosing a broker, the bonus that is granted under certain circumstances also plays a role. In many cases, this is an additional payment, which is tied to the first deposit or is paid after a certain turnover. Some traders would like to receive a bonus in any case, for other traders such a bonus is not relevant. Basically, of course, both views are justified and make it possible to enter binary options trading according to one’s own expectations and demands. If a bonus is granted, it is available for trading and usually cannot be paid out. If a payout is possible, it can only be made under certain conditions.

With Broker HighLow, a bonus is waived for the first deposit. As a trader, you also do not receive a bonus if you have generated a certain turnover. Instead, a kind of cashback is paid. After the first trading activity, as a trader, you receive a refund of 50 dollars. And this is paid regardless of whether you were successful with the first trade or not. So every trader receives the 50 dollar cashback in any case. The bonus offers as a cashback the requirement that at least one first transaction must have taken place. An active trade is therefore required at least once, which is also a positive experience with HighLow.

Deposit bonus:None
Bonus condition:no specification
Validity:no specification
Further bonuses:50 Dollar Cashback after first trade

To receive the cashback bonus, the trader must first create an account and make the first deposit. The available payment options ensure that this is easily possible. Afterward, a trade must be placed. As a trader, you are free to choose what kind of asset you want and how much you want to place the trade. If this trade is completed – positively or negatively – you can then receive the cashback bonus and use the credited 50 dollars for trading as well.

Everywhere on the website of the Binary Options Broker, you can find information and tips about the $50 cashback. As a trader, you will also be informed about it directly when you register or open an account. The cashback will be credited automatically after the first trade is completed. It is called “instant cash-back” on the broker’s website, from which all new traders can profit once.

Deposit and withdrawal

As a trader, you can tell whether a broker is reputable, reliable, and secure by the payment options offered. If different, flexible payment options are made available, this is always a positive sign and offers a high degree of comfort, especially for the trader. Flexible options for deposits must be available and it must also be possible to pay out one’s own capital quickly and securely. After all, in an urgent case, for example, you want to be able to access your money quickly and easily.

The investment and investment in binary options is done via a trading account. This can be opened quickly and easily with the broker on the website and is then directly available. The trading account is considered standard for trading in all types of securities, but the modalities may differ depending on the provider. At HighLow, the minimum amount for deposits is a low 10 Dollars, so that the entry into trading with binary options is possible without any problems even with a low budget. All trading activities are then deducted from the deposited balance – or also from the credited bonus – and offset accordingly.

However, a separate deposit is required in any case before this is done. The broker offers various options and payment methods for this. Thus, deposits can be made flexibly. The most common credit cards are available and deposits are also possible using Neteller. In addition, a deposit is also possible via bank transfer. When paying with e-wallet services, the deposit must be at least 50 Dollars. Sums below this amount cannot be paid in. If you use the payment by credit card or Neteller, the credit balance is usually available immediately afterwards. If the bank transfer is used, it may take a few days before the deposit is credited and cleared.

Available payment methods:Credit card, bank transfer, bitcoin, Neteller
Min. deposit:10 Dollar
Fees:no specifictaion
Available currencies:EUR, USD
Withdrawal options:Credit card, bank transfer, bitcoin, Neteller

Withdrawals are just as easy to make and can also be made in the ways described. However, credit card withdrawals are not possible, or at least the website does not provide the necessary information. A payout takes between one and three days at HighLow, so it is easy to access your own credit quickly. When paying out via Neteller, small fees may be added – these are not related to the broker but are charged by Neteller itself. The HighLow Test clearly shows that the payouts are handled quickly and reliably. This provider is therefore not a rip-off.

To sum up:

  • Minimum deposit for paying with credit card: $10
  • Minimum deposit for paying with Neteller etc: $50
  • Credit Card Withdrawals are not possible
  • Flexible deposit options are offered

Support and customer service offers fast help with all questions about trading

At first glance, trading in binary options is easy to understand and therefore easy to follow even for beginners and laymen. Nevertheless, there may always be questions or problems here and there. In this case, it is of course always useful to be able to reach a contact person quickly or at least get a quick answer to the questions. According to the collected information and the experience with HighLow, problems can be rather ruled out, but a quick contact is in any case an advantage and offers corresponding security for the individual trader.

Various ways of contacting us are available for the traders, so that direct enquiries in case of questions and problems are easily possible. Among other things there is a landline number from Australia. Under this number, support can be obtained in English and all possible questions can be discussed directly with a member of the broker’s staff. Additionally, it is also possible to send an e-mail and/or use the contact form on the website. There, one can directly describe the own concern and afterwards, one gets a fast and reliable feedback. The only thing the broker does not offer is a live chat. However, if you have any questions, you can still contact the support team quickly and receive a reliable answer without long delays.

Support available:no information
Telephone: 1300-870-442
Adress:via contact formula
Languages: 1

If you only have a simple question, you can also use the given answers on the website of the broker. The website lists a large number of questions and the most relevant answers so that traders can obtain comprehensive information. This option is in many cases preferable to rash contact, as many problems and questions can be clarified already here. In many cases, it is then no longer necessary to contact the support team.

Simple website structure enables comfortable navigation

Even though the website may seem a bit dark at first glance and is designed entirely in black, traders can find their way around easily. Color highlights make it possible to reach all menu items quickly and easily and thus to call up the most important information directly. The menu navigation is kept very simple and via the upper menu, each individual menu item can be called up directly and simply. This also continues with the trading itself. Individual assets can be quickly selected, then the own stake can be determined and a target can be chosen. Afterward, only one click is required to complete the trade and place the trade.

Mobile trading with App

More and more people are mobile and want to do other things with their smartphones. In many cases, trading is one of them. Among other things also with binary options. Thanks to the mobile app from HighLow this possibility exists with this broker. The free app is available for Apple’s iOS and can also be downloaded for Android. So it is possible to participate in trading with your own smartphone and access your own trading account. The trading principle is identical and thanks to the HighLow App there is the chance to participate in trading while traveling or on the road.

The app is easy to use and offers intuitive possibilities. This makes it easy to participate in trading and profit from high returns. The app is available free of charge and can be used flexibly and free of charge with your own trading account. The world of Binary Options Trading is thus also available from your own smartphone without much effort.


With Broker HighLow, trading in binary options is not only easy, with a return of up to 200 percent, it is also particularly lucrative. As a trader, you can easily trade with various underlying and assets. There are currency pairs as well as indices and precious metals. Gold, for example, is available for trading. In addition, there are various trading modes, which allow great flexibility in trading. Time flexibility ensures that individual trades can be concluded within minutes or within one day.

The different tradable values offer sufficient variety for the trader and make trading always exciting. As a trader, you simply rely on whether a price will change positively or negatively within the specified trading time. You do not have to estimate the exact price change. Trading with Binary Options is therefore very easy with the Australian broker HighLow and makes the access to market values and more simple and comfortable. In addition, trading with HighLow can also be accessed with a mobile app. With a smartphone running iOS or Android, trading is just as easy.

The bonus offered by this broker is also lucrative. As a trader, you can receive a 50 dollar cashback here – the bonus is credited when you complete your first trade. And this is independent of whether one was successful with it or not. Due to the regulation by the Australian authorities, the security of trading is still guaranteed and HighLow convinces in the test report with reliability and respectability. Beginners and also experienced traders can take advantage of the positive aspects of the range of trading values and the various trading modes and also participate successfully in the long term in trading with binary options.

Most asked questions:

What is the minimum deposit?

Traders can start trading with a deposit of only $10. However, this doesn’t exclude paying via Neteller or other e-wallet financial services. In this case, the minimum deposit is $50.

Is there a bonus?

A bonus program for trading with HighLow is available. Every trader gets a cashback bonus of $50 for the first made payment. However, the bonus can’t be withdrawn from the account. Instead, you can invest the cashback bonus.

What assets can be traded?

First and foremost, HighLow is a binary options broker. In addition, assets can also be traded including commodities, currencies, cryptos, indices, and shares.

What option types are available?

HighLow offers four types of options: HighLow, HighLow Spread, Turbo, and Turbo Spread. With turbo Spread, traders can reach a payout of up to 200 %.

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