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In the early days of trading forex pairs and CFDs, traders usually had to download software from the broker and install it on their own PC to access the required trading platform. In the meantime, the range of services has expanded considerably in terms of possible access to the trading platform. Not only that there are more and more browser-based trading platforms that can be accessed directly via the Internet browser.

IG Markets MT4

In addition, many brokers have also been offering so-called mobile trading for years now. Here, the customer has the possibility to use different end devices in order to access the trading platform while on the move. These days, mobile devices such as the iPad, other tablets, smartphones, and iPhones are available in particular.

Trading possibilities with IG Markets

Broker IG is also one of the providers who have been providing their customers with a corresponding app for some time now.

A big advantage is that this app is available for almost every mobile device and operating system. Currently, the following operating systems, for example, can be used with the IG app:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Tablet

A further advantage of the app from Broker IG is that it can be downloaded free of charge from the corresponding store. The user-friendly apps of Broker IG are in no way inferior to the stationary trading platform and thus enable customers to access the trading platform from almost any location in the world with the appropriate connection.

IG Markets Mobile trading
IG Markets Mobile trading

How many apps are offered?

If you take a closer look at the offers of the numerous Forex and CFD brokers on the market regarding the offered apps, you will notice that not all brokers offer an app for the most frequently used operating system iOS as well as Android. Instead, it is the case with some brokers that, for example, the app can only be used for the iOS operating system or exclusively for Android. With Broker IG, customers instead have the advantage that the mobile app is available for end devices that are operated with the iOS operating system or with Android.

Accordingly, IG has been able to keep pace with current developments, so that the vast majority of all customers have the opportunity to participate in trading with their respective mobile device. For example, an app for the iPhone, for the iPad, or even for smartphones and tablets with Android as the operating system can be used. However, the corresponding apps are now also available for almost all other mobile devices based on BlackBerry or Windows.

Tools and functions of the IG Markets app at a glance

The fact that the app offered by Broker IG can be used on as many mobile devices with various operating systems as possible is of course only a basic requirement. Furthermore, most traders are mainly interested in how functional the app is in practice and which trading possibilities are available.

Basically, mobile trading apps are equipped with various advantages and disadvantages, regardless of the individual app. This also applies to the IG App, among others, which customers can use. For example, one of the advantages is that the app provides helpful information and, as with the stationary trading platform, real-time prices can be called up. There are neither time delays nor do traders miss the opportunity to make a buy or sell at the right time via the app.

The fact that the app is in principle available for every mobile device is of course also an advantage. In the overview, the following are the main advantages from which traders can benefit with the IG App:

  • Easy access via a mobile device
  • Helpful information
  • Real-time courses available at any time
  • No time delays
  • Usable for the vast majority of mobile devices and operating systems
IG Markets app
IG Markets app

Cons of the app

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are also some disadvantages with almost every app that can be used for mobile trading, which the trader should at least know about. IG’s mobile app is no exception, as these are fundamental disadvantages of the apps. Therefore, we would like to list the biggest disadvantages in the following, which in principle apply to every app:

  • Mostly relatively small display, via which the trading platform is called up
  • Often not all trading tools of the stationary trading platform are available
  • An overview is often lost due to the small size
  • With the IG App, the autostart is not available

Trade with MetaTrader 4

Of course, no trader is forced to access the trading platform exclusively via the app offered by Broker IG. For this reason, a stationary trading platform is also available, which can be accessed directly via the browser on the home PC, for example.

IG Markets ProRealTime
IG Markets ProRealTime

The advantage here is that there is no need to download and install software, but the trader can access the trading platform directly via the Internet browser by entering the address line. Another advantage of the stationary trading platform is that it is available in various languages and has numerous additional functions, such as a news feed. There are also some tools that cannot be made available to this extent in the mobile version via the app. The trading platform of Broker IG is offered in different versions, for example as MetaTrader 4, ProRealtime, or L2-Dealer, which is popular with professional traders.

Conclusion about the Apps of Broker IG

The Broker IG now has a very extensive range of apps, which it makes available to its customers. The trader can thus trade on the go with almost all mobile devices and operating systems, for example with iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows end devices. But the stationary trading platform also offers numerous functions and options, so that traders can access the trading platform from their home PC as well as from on the road.

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