Interactive Brokers Review and user-ratings

Table of contents:

Interactive Brokers user-ratings:
9.5 of 10 points 1 reviews
  • Asset varierity - 10/10
  • Trading platform - 10/10
  • Support - 10/10
  • Fees - 10/10
  • Deposit/Withdrawal - 7.5/10

Facts about the company:

  • Type: Online Broker
  • Regulation: USA, Europe, Australia, and more
  • Minimum deposit: $ 10,000
  • Demo account: Yes
  • Markets: 200.000+ Stocks, Forex, CFDs, Indices, Bonds, Interests, and more
Comments Rating 9.5/10 (1 review)


  • Offers access to all markets and stock exchanges
  • Very low trading fees
  • Professional platforms
  • Biggest broker on the earth
  • Accepts US clients


  • High minimum deposit of $ 10,000

Interactive Brokers is the largest online broker in the USA in terms of average trading turnover. That is not further amazingly, offers the enterprise nevertheless all-important securities for trading. The broker makes besides the day trading also conventional investing possible.

Customers are not only private traders, but also institutional investors. Interactive Brokers is aimed primarily at experienced and professional traders. For trading, therefore, professional trading platforms are also offered, which are optimally adapted to different financial products. Whether Interactive Brokers is also the right online broker for you, you can find out in this test.

Website of Interactive Brokers

Regulation and security at Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers LLC has been operating in the financial markets for more than 40 years. The broker was founded in 1978 under the name T.P. & Co. by Thomas Peterffy in New York. Thomas Peterffy continues to be the CEO of Interactive Brokers, which speaks for the company’s consistency and success.

Since mid-2007, the company has been listed on the stock exchange under the name Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. As a result, the broker is subject to additional transparency and disclosure obligations that apply to public companies. In combination with the licenses that the provider holds, this ensures increased security for you as a customer.

The licenses of Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, and is primarily regulated by U.S. authorities. However, due to its broad business activities as a broker and “Future Commission Merchant”, several authorities are involved in the supervision of Interactive Brokers:

  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
  • National Futures Association (NFA)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

Strict regulation in the U.S. ensures that Interactive Brokers handle risks responsibly and comply with the law. However, since Interactive Brokers is a global provider, the provider has secured licenses in other countries for the provision of the service:

  • Australia: Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Great Britain: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SEHK)
  • Japan: Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC)
  • Canada: Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC)

For the customers from Europe and Germany, the license of FCA from Great Britain is decisive. This is because the account of European customers is held through the British group company Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited. The provider is registered with the British Financial Services Authority under the commercial register number 208159 with the following address:

  • Heron Tower Level 20
  • 110 Bishopsgate
  • London EC2N 4AY
  • United Kingdom

This license requires Interactive Brokers to comply with EU laws and regulations. This includes the MiFID II guidelines and measures to combat fraud and money laundering. Strict controls mean that your customer funds are better protected. Additional protection is provided by the FCA Financial Services Compensation Scheme. If contrary to expectations, Interactive Brokers become insolvent, the investments of private customers are protected up to a sum of 85,000 GBP per customer.

The general conditions show that Interactive Brokers is a reputable provider. Their money is with an online broker by global supervision and the European license in the best way protected.

Trading offer and trading opportunities at Interactive Brokers

We have clarified that Interactive Brokers covers all security-related issues. However, whether the provider is suitable as your broker also depends on the available trading offer. Only if a large number of financial products are available for trading can the demands of numerous traders and investors be met.

At Interactive Brokers, all wishes are fulfilled in terms of selection. Even if the provider is not a specialized Forex broker, currencies can be traded. However, you can trade many other financial products through the IB trading account:

  • Shares
  • Bonds
  • CFDs
  • ETFs
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Raw materials

At Interactive Brokers, not only are CFDs on the various underlyings available to you, but you can also invest in the various financial markets, which above all enables you to make long-term investments. The provider is therefore ideally suited for a concentration of your portfolio. Interactive Brokers makes it possible for you to invest for the long term, but also to do day trading. The trading offers looks in detail as follows:

Trading offer: Forex trading with Interactive Brokers

You can trade 85 currency pairs with Interactive Brokers. In addition, the Forex CFDs are available to you, which contain extensively all important currencies. In addition to the majors around USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY, you can also trade numerous minor and exotic currencies. Thus, it is also possible to participate in the development of the Israeli shekel or the AUD/ZAR currency pair, for example, via Interactive Brokers. Compared to the other providers in our broker comparison, Interactive Brokers belong to the top class.

Trading offer: Shares with Interactive Brokers

Through Interactive Brokers you have access to almost all stock markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. In total, there are more than 120 trading venues where you can actually invest in the shares and do not enter into CFDs. The provider is, therefore, able to offer trading with all major large, mid, and small-cap companies from around the world. In this area, Interactive Brokers covers all investor needs.

For day traders, Interactive Brokers offers the possibility to trade stock CFDs in addition to physical shares. More than 6,500 different companies are available to you here, so that you can also profit from rising and falling prices on the stock markets.

Trading offer: ETFs and investment funds at Interactive Brokers

ETFs and investment funds are suitable for easy and quick portfolio diversification. These financial products are also covered by Interactive Brokers. In the case of investment funds, you have to choose the right ones from 4,500 US funds, and a generous selection of leading issuers is also available for ETFs.

Trading offer: Futures and options at Interactive Brokers

If you want to enter the futures and options trading business, Interactive Brokers offer the right platform for you. You can speculate on various price movements or hedge other positions. US options markets are available for the options. You can trade the futures contracts on 30 financial markets in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Trading offer: Commodities at Interactive Brokers

Through Interactive Brokers you have access to the London Bullion Market, where you can trade Spot Silver (XAU/USD) and Spot Gold (XAG/USD). In addition, Interactive Brokers’ futures contracts allow you to benefit from the price movements of many agricultural products, energy commodities, and other metals.

Trading offer: Bonds with Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers also offers more choice in bonds than any other provider in our online broker comparison. You have the opportunity to invest not only in government bonds but also in municipal and corporate bonds. Most bonds are concentrated on the US market. But there are also numerous bonds from Europe or Asia tradable.

Interactive Brokers’ entire trading offer thus far surpasses all other providers. You can make long-term investments via a trading account as well as enter into short-term trades on foreign exchange or CFDs with different underlying assets. The offer of Interactive Brokers addresses itself thereby completely clearly to professionals and experienced investors. For beginners, the online broker can seem overtaxing due to its size.

The leverage at Interactive Brokers

Not all financial products are intended for margin trading at Interactive Brokers. But there is a large proportion of instruments with a leverage effect. These include CFDs that you can enter into on stocks, currency pairs and indices. The amount of leverage has been limited to a maximum of 30:1 for European customers due to new EU directives.

This means that the leveraged positions you open require a minimum deposit of 3.33 percent of the investment amount. The rest of the position is financed by the broker. However, the maximum amount of leverage depends on the underlying asset. The following levers are used by Interactive Brokers:

Financial product: Maximal leverage:
Forex major30:1
Forex minor, exots, gold, indices20:1
Stocks, bonds 5:1
Maximum leverage of CFDs depending on the underlying assets at Interactive Brokers

In addition, Interactive Brokers conducts its own risk analysis for each CFD and may set higher margin requirements based on historical volatility observations. The actual margin requirement can be viewed in the trading platform for the corresponding financial products.

Info: The limitation of the lever applies only to private customers. Professional clients or institutional investors are subject to different conditions with higher leverage.

Loss protection with Interactive Brokers

With Interactive Brokers, you have no further measures to hedge losses other than the usual market mechanisms such as stop-loss orders and margin closeout. Meanwhile, the minimum margin requirement has been set at least 50 percent by EU directives. If your account has less than 50 percent of the original margin requirement for your positions, current trades will be automatically closed. This prevents further losses – both for you and for the broker. You are not subject to any margin requirements and can therefore only lose as much money as is available in your trading account.

Costs and conditions for trading with Interactive Brokers

Of crucial importance in the online broker, the comparison is the cost of the service. Low trading fees are directly reflected in the profits of the traders so that you should also pay attention to the conditions when choosing an online broker. With most online brokers, account opening and management is free of charge.

This also applies to Interactive Brokers to the extent that you earn a monthly commission turnover of 10 US dollars. If this is not the case, the difference will otherwise be deducted as an “activity fee”. Assuming that you do not trade at all in a calendar month, the provider will charge you $10. This is equivalent to the inactivity fee that is generally charged by online brokers when no trading takes place over a long period of time.

You must therefore always be active with Interactive Brokers. You must also have a certain minimum capital. If your account balance is less than $2,000, the monthly fee will be increased to $20.

In addition, there are various types of fees for the trades:

  • Spreads
  • Commissions
  • Swaps

Spreads and commissions

Trading directly incurs costs in the form of spreads and commissions. The spread is the difference between the buying and selling price. Commissions are fees related to the trading volume, which is why they are also known as commissions. At Interactive Brokers, fees are not regulated uniformly due to a large number of financial products. We, therefore, concentrate on the most important financial products for our broker comparison. This concerns CFDs on foreign exchange and other underlying assets.

At Interactive Brokers, the spreads of the liquidity providers are forwarded directly to the customers for forex trading. They can therefore trade at very accurate prices and do not have to pay a premium on the spread. Some of the brokers in our comparison add a premium to the spread and sometimes waive a commission. For reasons of transparency, however, Interactive Brokers has decided otherwise. According to the monthly turnover, the following commissions for forex trading are added to the spread from the interbank market:

Monthly trading volume:Spread:Commission per order:
< 1 billion USD0.2 pips 2.00 USD
1 – 2 billion USD0.15 pips1.50 USD
2 – 5 billion USD0.10 pips1.25 USD
> 5 billion USD0.08 pips1.00 USD
Commission depending on the monthly turnover at Interactive Brokers

Because the commission is calculated in pips, there is additional transparency. This makes it easy to compare Interactive Brokers’ fees with those of other brokers. The commission of 0.2 pips with a monthly trading volume of 1 billion USD can be considered very favorable. In addition, there are the spreads from the interbank market, but this is also the case with other brokers.

Thus the provider creates a transparent fee structure for Forex trading. However, it is essential that you observe the minimum fee per order. This fee structure is not suitable for small trades. The minimum fee of 2.00 USD for EUR/USD, for example, can only be reached with one lot (100,000 units).

Again, it is clear that the services of Interactive Brokers are primarily aimed at professional traders. If you would like to execute smaller trades, this is also possible. However, due to the minimum fee, it is a long way into the black for the individual positions. For traders with a large trading turnover, however, forex trading is very favorable.

The situation is similar to stock CFDs. Here the commissions are also dependent on the monthly trading volume. Furthermore, it is decisive on which stock exchange the security is traded. For US stocks, the fee is $0.005 per share with a minimum fee of $1.00. Share CFDs from Europe have a fee of 0.05 percent and a minimum fee of three euros. With higher monthly trading volumes, the fees here also fall to less than half. In the online broker comparison, Interactive Brokers thus also beats the competition for equity CFDs.

The favorable structure pulls itself with an online broker by the entire offer. The minimum fees are always to be considered since you profit only with trade with large volumes from small costs.

Swaps at Interactive Brokers

Swaps, also known as rollover fees, are charged by online brokers for financing positions. This is an interest rate that is calculated according to the trading volume and the type of position – long or short. Again, the interest rates charged vary significantly depending on the financial product. In some cases, you may be entitled to interest payments.

This is often the case, for example, with equity CFDs for short positions. With Forex CFDs, the amount of swaps depends on the interest rate differences between the currencies. Overall, Interactive Brokers offers decent swaps that can compete with those of the competition. The individual values can be viewed on the homepage or on the trading platform.

Opening an account with Interactive Brokers

To open an account, the online form is provided. This allows you to complete the registration process conveniently over the Internet. The account opening with Interactive Brokers can be found on the website of the provider under the corresponding button in the upper right corner. Then, under “Individual, Joint and IRA Accounts”, select the “Start Application” button. Step by step, the account opening process with Interactive Brokers is then as follows:

Step 1: Register user name

An e-mail address is required to create the account. First, you have to choose a username and a corresponding password. The country of your residence must also be entered here. Once you submit the data, you will receive a confirmation email from Interactive Brokers. After you have clicked on the link under “Verify Account” in the e-mail, you can continue the registration.

Step 2: Set account details

After you have logged in with the user data you created in step 1, you must specify your account details. This concerns the type of account, possible are individual customer, joint account, and pension account, as well as the account currency. You can choose from 19 currencies as a basic currency. Among them are of course EUR, USD, GBP, and CHF.

Step 3: Enter personal information

The next step is about your personal information so that Interactive Brokers can assign the account to you. The following information must be entered here:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Number of an identification document (identity card, passport, driving license)
  • Tax residence
  • Employment
  • Account type (cash, margin, portfolio margin account)

For the account type, you should select the Margin Account for the full range of financial products including CFDs. For cash accounts, positions cannot be funded. If you want to use the account with Interactive Brokers only for investing in shares and similar, a cash account is also useful. You can upgrade the cash account to a margin account at any time. For a portfolio margin account, however, a minimum deposit of 100,000 US dollars is required. Last but not least, you will need to select security questions and answers when contacting customer service.

Step 4: Assets and trading skills

In the next section, Interactive Brokers will review your eligibility as a trader. You will need to provide information about your assets and trading skills. The following topics must be covered:

  • Assets and income
  • Investment objectives
  • Investment knowledge
  • Countries in which you wish to trade

Step 5: Confirmation of the data

In the next windows, you have to confirm your tax details and your telephone number. In addition, copies of an identification document and proof of address are required to confirm your identity. You can upload the following documents:

  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Service charge settlement
  • Credit card statement
  • Account statement

To start trading, all you need to do is capitalize on your trading account.

What are the deposit options at Interactive Brokers?

For a smooth payment process, online brokers often work with various online payment services. This gives you advantages because the deposit is much faster and more comfortable than with a normal bank transfer. With Interactive Brokers, however, you do not need to use online payment services or even a credit card. There are only two deposit options available for the most customers:

  • Bank wire
  • Checkings

This means that Interactive Brokers offers the fewest deposit options in our online broker comparison. However, customers in countries such as the USA, Canada, or Australia can also use other methods.

Only those who have the necessary small change can become customers with Interactive Brokers. The minimum deposit at Interactive Brokers is $10,000. Thus the offerer within this range shows again that he concentrates on professional customers. Risers and inexperienced Traders should look around therefore for another on-line broker. Some providers offer trading for as little as a few hundred Euros or less.

What are the withdrawal options at Interactive Brokers?

At Interactive Brokers, you can only make payouts by bank transfer. Payout by check is only possible for customers in the USA. Thus also with the disbursement, a longer waiting period develops. The instruction for disbursement is given by Interactive Brokers in less than 24 hours. However international bank transfers need about three to five working days up to the credit note.

Are there payout fees?

A whole set of on-line brokers raises no disbursement fees. Due to the great competition, we also do not consider payout fees to be up-to-date and, moreover, not necessarily fair to the customers. Interactive Brokers allows at least one free payout per month. Afterward, each further transfer in the same calendar month costs eight euro.

The demo account with Interactive Brokers

Basically, all online brokers offer a demo account. Such a simulated trading account is of great advantage for the customers. Beginners can get used to the financial markets with a demo account and learn about trading with real developments. Advanced traders, however, like to use demo accounts to test new financial products and new strategies.

Opening a demo account

Interactive Brokers naturally also offers a demo account. The opening is to be accomplished with few data:

  • E-Mail Address
  • Username
  • Password for the IB account
  • Country

Once you have entered the necessary information, you will be taken to a download page for the Interactive Brokers trading platform. After installing the “Trader Workstation” software, you can start simulated trading.

Demo account restrictions

The demo account with Interactive Brokers is not subject to any restrictions. You will receive a virtual starting capital of 1 million US dollars. This gives you access to all financial products offered by Interactive Brokers. For trading, you can use all functions of the Trader Workstation. However, the simulated market data is the same as the previous week.

The Trading Platform of Interactive Brokers

For trading interfaces, online brokers rely on the support of third-party manufacturers or develop their own software. Interactive Brokers did not want to make any compromises here and has created its own platform. With the Trader Workstation, the online broker offers a professional trading platform.

Interactive Brokers TWS – Trader Work Station

Structure and user-friendliness of Interactive Brokers’ trading platform

The trading platform also leaves no doubt that the services of Interactive Brokers are aimed at professional traders. The Trader Workstation convinces with a multiplicity at functions and attitude possibilities are however for beginners only after a larger acclimatization period comfortably and purposefully to serve.

However, the high degree of customization of the surface is a plus. You can open, change, and arrange the windows according to your own taste. This allows you to adapt the trading platform to your own performance requirements quickly and easily. The trading platform can be reduced to the windows that really matter to you. For example, the following tools and views are available to you:

  • Trading Tools
  • Chartering
  • Watch lists
  • Portfolio Tools
  • Analysis Tools
  • Extensive information

The trading platform of Interactive Brokers thus offers a completely successful interface with an unprecedented variety of information. You can carry out fundamental analysis directly via the platform, as the TWS provides you with a wealth of information about the companies. You can view real-time streams of news on specific financial products directly in the trading platform.

Which indicators can be used?

Of course, extensive technical analysis is also possible with Interactive Brokers’ TWS. In this area, the Trader Workstation also allows numerous individual settings. Bar charts are provided for the display, whose interval and display can be changed. While viewing the chart progress, you can compare it with another underlying asset (secondary series) or an index.

For the technical analysis itself, you can choose from numerous indicators under “Add studies”, which you can integrate directly into the chart. Over one hundred indicators are available for use in the chart, so that every trader can use his preferred indicators. Among the indicators at Interactive Brokers are the following:

  • Numerous moving average indicators
  • Chaikin Money Flow
  • McGinley Dynamic
  • Know Sure Thing
  • commodity channel
  • Williams Oscillator
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Ichimoku Clouds
  • and much more.

The trading platform of Interactive Brokers thus offers a completely successful interface with an unprecedented variety of information. You can carry out fundamental analysis directly via the platform, as the TWS provides you with a wealth of information about the companies. You can view real-time streams of news on specific financial products directly in the trading platform.

Which trading software can be used alternatively?

Interactive Brokers offers you various platforms. In addition to the Trader Workstation you can use three other trading interfaces:

  • Client Portal
  • IB WebTrader
  • IBKR Mobile

The Client Portal provides all the necessary information to manage the trading account with Interactive Brokers. The trading process is easier here than in the TWS software but is more limited in its functionality. Nevertheless, you can trade efficiently and monitor your portfolio with the Client Portal.

Compared to the Trader Workstation, Interactive Brokers WebTrader is also easier to use. Despite the web interface you also have the possibility of individualization and analysis – technically and fundamentally. Here, too, the functions have been slimmed down at the expense of user-friendliness. Nevertheless, Interactive Brokers provides a good trading platform with the WebTrader.

Mobile Trading (App)

Of course, the online broker also offers you the possibility to trade mobile. Interactive Brokers offers with its own app “IBKR Mobile” a mobile trading environment to all customers free of charge. In today’s time, in which as well as everyone mobile on-line is, also on-line brokers cannot do without such an offer any longer.

Interactive Brokers mobile app

Structure and user-friendliness of the Trading App

Interactive Brokers’ trading app looks tidy and well structured at first glance, so you will quickly find your way around. Not only does the app allow you to trade all Interactive Broker’s financial products, but you can also use helpful tools and get portfolio news. In addition to pure trading, IBKR Mobile thus provides several other application areas and a lot of information that can be important for trading.

Via the menu on the left side, you can jump through the different areas of the app as usual. Especially the watch lists are helpful here. Since Interactive Brokers has a huge number of financial products, you can create lists of your favorites or simply group them. This gives you an optimal overview of the important financial products for trading.

How does mobile trading work with Interactive Brokers?

Mobile trading at Interactive Brokers is very easy and fast. Once you have decided on a trade, you can execute the order in just a few steps. In contrast to the desktop version, the trading process is much more intuitive, so that trades can be executed on the smartphone or tablet in just a few seconds. Stop-loss and take-profit values can also be set here.

To send the order you have to drag a slider to the right. Unlike other brokers, where one tap is enough, this increases the security of not accidentally placing an order. However, this can be changed in the settings. A query whether you really want to transmit the order helps to control it. However, orders that are placed to the second should not be used here. This is not so important for mobile trading.

Is there an Android/iOS/Windows Phone version?

You can download “IBKR Mobile” free of charge and without obligation from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. However, there is no version for Windows-Phone.

Is there a bonus at Interactive Brokers?

Due to the fact that the European financial supervisory authorities have banned bonus programs for new customers that have a certain trading volume as a payout condition, bonuses at online brokers have become increasingly unimportant. Some providers still offer various bonus programs, but no longer attract customers with several thousand euros as a bonus amount. Like some other online brokers, Interactive Brokers has a tell-a-friend program in its repertoire:

  • In the trading account under the account management, you have to enter the name and e-mail address of a friend
  • Both participants must have an account balance of $10,000 with IB for over a year
  • After the referred customer has paid $333.34 in commissions, $100.00 is credited to the referrer
  • After a total of USD 666.37 in commissions, a further USD 100.00 will be paid out

Support and customer service at Interactive Brokers

For a good online broker, it is important to provide excellent customer service. Since the broker works with your money, you can also demand that adequate support is provided. If there are any questions or problems with the trading software, competent employees must make solution-oriented suggestions. Especially in case of difficulties with the money transfer, the right contact persons can be worth their weight in gold. In addition to competence, the availability of the customer service at Interactive Brokers is of course also important:

  • Phone: 00800-42-276537
  • Fax: +41-41-726-9599
  • Contact form
  • Live Chat

Interactive Brokers has international offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia that are responsible for customer service. From the individual branches, the coworkers supply the customers supraregional with the necessary information and assistance.

The telephone number for the European customer service can be reached under the free telephone number 00800-42-276537. If no one can be reached under the telephone number, Interactive Brokers recommends using the direct dial number +41-41-726-9500. However, this is a telephone number from Switzerland, so you may incur additional costs here. The service points can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.00 hours.

At other times, you can choose between a message via the message center and live chat. You can send messages via the message center to the online broker at any time, while the live chat is available continuously from Monday to Friday. The Message Center replaces normal mail traffic as Interactive Brokers does not offer the conventional e-mail service due to security concerns and spam incidents. However, this should not be seen as a disadvantage, as communication via the message center is good and fast.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to ask general questions and obtain information about the provider via social media platforms. In addition, new posts and uploads always provide interesting news about current trading events. Interactive Brokers can be reached via the following channels:

  • Facebook:
  • YouTube:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

Extras at Interactive Brokers

The additional services of an online broker can convince undecided potential customers to make a broker their partner. The fierce competition and the fact that bonuses have become less and less important have led to a greater demand for extras. Interactive Brokers provides the following in this area:

  • Analysis and monitoring tools
  • Learning Center

Analysis tools

Interactive Brokers offers numerous tools to help you analyze your portfolio. You can view and monitor numerous important key figures so that you can take appropriate measures. The software PortfolioAnalyst from Interactive Brokers supports you with detailed reports on your portfolio. In addition, the Brokers also offers other apps and widgets to help you optimize your daily trading routine:

  • Trading Calendar App: The calendar app gives you an overview of all maturity dates for all asset classes as well as all trade-relevant holidays.
  • Option Price Calculator app or widget: With the Option Price Calculator app, you can perform hypothetical analyses based on data such as the price of an underlying asset, the strike price of the option, days to maturity, etc. and improve trading decisions.
  • Option Strategies app or widget: Interactive Brokers’ Option Strategies software allows you to check profit and loss profiles of option combinations.
  • Probability Lab: The Probability Lab is also designed for options trading and allows you to analyze the probability distribution expected by the market.

Interactive Brokers’ numerous tools allow professional traders to use even more information. As a result, trading decisions can be improved and risks can be better avoided.

The range of courses at Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers education

One of the most important extras of an online broker is the range of courses offered. Depending on the provider, there is a big difference in the provision of teaching materials on trading. At Interactive Brokers, you can take advantage of a comprehensive range of courses that are well worthy of the name Learning Center. You can fall back on the following contents:

  • Trader training center
  • webinars
  • Video tutorials and courses
  • Trader Glossary

The Trader Glossary and the Trader Education Center form the basis of the information in text form. The detailed glossary provides you with an overview of all trading-relevant terms. The Trader Education Center provides the basics for margin trading, an introduction to options, futures, and chart analysis as well as support for the trading platform TWS.

Further materials can be found in the video tutorials, courses, and webinars. The live webinars take place regularly several times a week. It can happen that you miss one or the other webinar. Because Interactive Brokers also puts the webinars already held online, you can easily catch up on the content.

The video tutorials and courses also provide added value, even for experienced traders, so that it is always worthwhile to take a look at Interactive Brokers’ range of courses. On the provider’s YouTube channel you also have the opportunity to watch numerous instructional videos and analyses by experts.

Conclusion on Interactive Brokers – the online broker for professionals

Interactive Brokers delivers in all areas what professional traders can expect from an online broker. The trading offer is unparalleled because the broker covers almost everything there is in tradable financial products. The competitors from our online broker comparison cannot compete with this.

Interactive Brokers is also convincing when it comes to trading platforms. They can fall back on several professional interfaces. The trading app for smartphone and tablet is a little simpler, but still represents the highest professional standards of the provider and its customers.

In terms of costs, especially active traders with larger capital can benefit from very favorable conditions. However, no online broker from our comparison has such a high minimum deposit. You can only start trading with Interactive Brokers once you have made a deposit of 10,000 US dollars. Therefore, we recommend only professional traders to register, because they will be completely convinced. Points are deducted for Interactive Brokers only because the broker is not suitable for beginners.

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