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This article is intended to deal with is a global financial portal specializing in providing real-time quotes, charts, financial news, financial tools, breaking news and analysis for more than 250 stock exchanges around the world. At this time of writing, the company behind it, called Fusion Media Ltd., has offices in Spain (Madrid), Nicosia (Cyprus), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Shenzhen (China).

In 44 languages, the financial portal content is available to over 21 million users per month. According to SimilarWeb and Alexa, is one of the three largest financial portals worldwide.

According to its own statements,’s primary goal is to be a “one-stop store for traders and investors”.

Since its inception, the financial portal has grown steadily and now has approximately 3 billion monthly page views. Currently about 250 employees work for Fusion Media Ltd. in the above mentioned offices.

The historical background of the financial portal

Before going into more detail about the different contents and services of the website, we would like to take a brief look at the historical development of the financial portal. was originally called and was launched in 2007 in four languages (English, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic). Already at that time, the company’s focus was on providing free information, analysis, financial news and tools related to the Forex market. In the following years, the portal expanded to include numerous other languages, and by the end of 2011, the number of languages available had grown to 18.

In 2009, the company expanded its offer. After the financial portal had previously focused mainly on the Forex market, other financial instruments have now been added to the website’s offer.

At the end of 2012 the company finally acquired the current domain named At the time of purchase, this was one of the most expensive domain names ever purchased, with a value of 2.45 million US dollars.

What markets are discussed on offers financial tools for more than 300,000 different trading instruments, real-time quotes, alerts, portfolios and push messages, as well as a range of other useful tools for interested investors and traders, which will be discussed in more detail later in this article.

Among the markets discussed on the website are the following:

  • Forex
  • Raw materials
  • Indices
  • Shares
  • ETFs
  • Funds
  • Bonds
  • Certificates
  • Crypto Currencies

For each category there is a corresponding subpage with a lot of information and tables about the respective trading instruments. Included are, for example, performance tables with the percentage changes of the corresponding assets within different past time periods. There is also a table with the top shares and the flop shares.

In addition, visitors to the website can also filter the markets by region. Under the menu item Europe you will find all important European financial markets and their developments.

For crypto currencies there is on the web page of an independent rider, which concerns itself with the most active crypto currencies. Here for example the crypto currencies with the strongest performance, active crypto currency pairs as well as important upcoming dates in the ICO calendar, which influence certain digital currencies, can be found.

These charts are provided by the financial portal

A large part of the financial portal’s content is made up of the extensive range of charts and diagrams. Under the Charts tab, website visitors have access to the real-time charting tool. This tool is characterized among other things by its intuitive handling and is therefore useful for both beginners and experienced traders. Input fields are used for a targeted search for specific trading instruments, filtering thousands of stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, ETFs, government bonds and financial futures according to corresponding search criteria.

The charts are clearly arranged and can be viewed at different time horizons.

In addition to classic charts like the Forex-Chart, Futures-Chart or the Stock-Chart, also offers interactive charts for the respective financial instruments, which contain further helpful functions.

Visitors to the website can also make certain adjustments within the charts at any time. As a registered member you also have the possibility to save these adjustments in your own account.

Financial news and news

Financial news and news on the financial portal play just as important a role as the charts. Here, too, the range of news is very extensive and divided into various sub-sections. On the main page, current as well as popular news are displayed here first.

A filtering of the news is possible in:

  • stocks
  • Commodities & Futures
  • Economy
  • Economic indicators
  • Crypto
  • Foreign exchange
  • Foreign countries
  • Germany

The articles available there come partly from the editorial team and to a large extent also from external companies such as the international news agency Reuters, the US financial and investment consulting firm The Motley Fool or aktiencheck.

Accompanying the numerous articles, various news videos are always provided.

Analyses and recommendations

Also of importance are the various analyses and recommendations that the financial portal offers to interested investors and traders.

In the area of analysis, offers numerous trading experts who give their recommendations and forecasts on specific developments in the financial markets. In addition to editors employed directly by, articles by numerous external authors are also published here.

It is possible to obtain more detailed information about the individual authors; if you click on the name of a corresponding expert, you will be forwarded to a corresponding profile.

The numerous forecasts and analyses can also be filtered by a corresponding input field.

Financial and Trading Tools at

Under the Tools tab you will find a number of helpful trading tools. These are all offered free of charge and are designed to help investors optimize their trading processes. Some of these tools will be described in more detail below.

Economic Calendar

The economic calendar displays all relevant dates that have an impact on the financial markets. The calendar can be customized and filtered according to criteria such as currency, relevance and date. For fundamental traders, an economic calendar with the information it contains is indispensable.

Investment Tools

With the investment tools available on, such as the real-time currency converter, currencies can be easily converted into other currencies. In addition to the main currencies, a variety of exotic currencies can also be converted.

Apart from that, it is also possible to view the exchange rates on specific, selected dates. In the activity overview you will find the course of a currency in the past 7 days, as well as a daily and yearly overview.

Trade calculator

The financial portal’s range of trading tools also includes numerous trading computers to support traders in their trading activities. In this context, the following tools should be mentioned among others:

  • Fibonacci Calculator
  • Pivot point calculator
  • Pip Calculator
  • Margin calculator
  • Carry Trade Calculator
  • Forward rate calculator

These tools are proven tools that are intended to support the calculation of certain entry or exit points or to calculate trading profits and losses.

Trading Tools

Under the menu item Trading Tools interested investors and traders can access the following three:

  • Forex Heat Map
  • Forex Volatility
  • Forex Correlation

These tools are specifically designed for trading with foreign exchange. While the Forex Heat Map shows the relative strengths of currency pairs compared to each other in tabular form, the second one deals with the volatility of leading and exotic currency pairs. The Forex Correlation tool, on the other hand, aims to show the relationships between leading and exotic currency pairs.

Online broker comparison

Another section of the website is dedicated to the direct comparison of different online brokers. There are separate lists with different providers for trading in foreign exchange, crypto currencies, CFDs, futures and options.

As a first information about the respective online brokers, you can find out about the responsible financial supervisory authority. In addition, the spreads and the required minimum deposits of the top providers are displayed.

In a search bar it is also possible to search for specific online brokers in the lists.

A special feature is also the broker blacklist. Here all providers are listed who cannot show a serious background. This is to protect interested traders from fraudulent providers.

Registration with

Registration with is simple and completed in a short time. In addition to the classic registration by entering name, e-mail address and password, registration is also possible via facebook or Google. After successful confirmation of the e-mail address, the account is directly activated and offers its users several advantages.

The main component of an account at is the portfolio and the watch lists. As a registered user at the financial portal you can:

  • Control portfolio positions and performance of your portfolio
  • Access watchlists via PC, tablet or telephone
  • Track and analyze multiple watchlists
  • Add stocks, funds, indices, currencies and commodities
  • Add to the portfolio from the individual instrument pages or within the portfolio itself

Advertising free subscription

For intensive users, there is also the option of taking out an ad-free subscription. This allows users to surf the website and the app free of any advertising. On the one hand, this is intended to strengthen the focus on the essentials and on the other hand, the finance portal also promises accelerated use of the website content, as loading of the advertisements is no longer necessary in this case.

Apart from that, a paid subscription does not provide any further functions or advantages.

Basically offers three different paid subscriptions.

  • Monthly subscription for 5,69 € per month
  • Annual subscription with annual billing for 4.50 € per month
  • 2-year subscription with 2-year billing for 3.91 € per month

Payment methods include American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners, bank transfer and Paypal.

Offers for training and education on

The training and education offers on the website are particularly interesting for beginners in the trading area. With contents of the education range these are to be supported on the one hand to understand important terms in the financial and stock exchange world. For this purpose, the financial portal explains a large number of common financial terms in a comprehensive financial glossary, which are arranged alphabetically.

And on the other hand, all recorded webinars are uploaded in the training area and made accessible there for everyone. Furthermore, various eBooks can be downloaded here free of charge.

The sub-item Seminars lists various financial seminars and workshops and indicates the date on which they are held.

The Stock Exchange App

For all those who need to use the services of the financial portal while on the road, there is the stock exchange app.

The mobile application can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store as well as from Android and provides users with real-time updates for over 30,000 financial instruments traded on more than 100 stock exchanges worldwide. Important breaking news are displayed via push and the portfolio has been adapted to the mobile version.

The Blog

The financial portal also has a blog. There, economically relevant blog articles by various authors are published at regular intervals. The blogs are divided into categories such as What’s New or Company News.

Customer service of the financial portal

Let us now take a quick look at the customer service. If you have any questions or problems, there is a support area where frequently asked questions – FAQs – are covered. There is a FAQ section about mobile applications and one about the website. A search function also allows you to filter the numerous articles.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the FAQ area, you can submit a query. Here you can report a problem, ask a question or even make a suggestion. For each selection option there is a corresponding form.

Previous experience with the financial portal on the Internet

Finally, we will shortly be discussing our experiences with the Internet finance portal. The bottom line is that the evaluations on the Internet via are quite positive. The watchlists and portfolios are very popular with many traders and the economic calendar is also well received by many investors. Whether it is worthwhile to take out a paid subscription is up to each individual.

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