Investous: The stock market in test

Many investors are still excited about the opportunities that CFD trading offers. It has long since penetrated all strata of society that the classic savings account at the house bank is usually not profitable, since the interest rates are usually so low that they are sometimes even below the level of inflation.

So how should you invest your money? CFD trading is highly speculative, but still a good way to make higher profits if you have the necessary know-how. However, especially newcomers often ask themselves how they can get into this market.

Countless online brokers offer small investors the opportunity to trade CFDs. Now the question arises, which investor one should most likely trust. Since there are not only serious alternatives on the market, but also black sheep are romping around here and there, a watchful eye is needed if one wants to choose a suitable online broker.

An offerer, which one can encounter with its search for a suitable partner, is called Investous. This Investous Review is intended to clarify whether the platform is reputable and with which characteristics it would like to offer. This should facilitate the decision making process and determine whether Investous is suitable for problem-free trading with CFDs.

Is Investous recommendable?

Basically there are doubts about the seriousness of Investous, which also has other weaknesses.

  1. the registration is much more complicated than with other brokers
  2. the fees at Investous are very high
  3. there are more user-friendly alternatives

Our recommendation is therefore to open an account with a trading platform that does not have these disadvantages. The test winner from our comparison is eToro.

Serious or to be taken with caution?

First of all we have to ask ourselves if Investous is serious. For this we visit the online broker’s website. A look at the imprint reveals that the company is located in Cyprus. This is often an indication that a platform should be used with caution. It is not for nothing that Cyprus is known for the fact that many gambling companies are located there.

The reason for this is that legal prosecution here is often difficult and the laws there often make dubious financial transactions easy. This alone is of course not enough to say that Investous is fraud. Nevertheless, it can be a first clue to prefer to trust an alternative.

If you continue to look at the website you will find out that Investous specializes in trading CFDs. At least there is a risk warning. It describes that up to 80% of investors make losses and that CFD trading is a risky investment opportunity.

In fact, CFD trading, regardless of the platform, is associated with high risks and therefore one should have a certain amount of know-how if one wants to make profits with this method. If you want to make a connection as a newcomer, it is advisable to trade only with moderate amounts and at the same time you are dependent on the fact that you are provided with various training possibilities and last but not least a competent customer support.

Investous seems to have dedicated itself primarily to CFD trading. In addition, a limited range of Forex trading is available. The business principle here is that the less money you invest, the more expensive CFD trading is. Thus the opening of a Basic Account (250 €) is connected with high transaction costs. Really worthwhile seems to be only the VIP account, but you must deposit at least 50,000 € here. This principle alone seems to be very dubious.

Established reputable online brokers, such as Plus500, charge their fees regardless of the amount deposited into the account. If you only deposit the minimum amount, Investous itself usually eats up any potential profits immediately.

The first impression of Investous is therefore quite negative, because it is supposed to suggest that with a higher deposit you will also earn higher profits. Investous also offers trading with commodities. But if you compare the amount of fees with other serious providers, this online broker seems to be unnecessarily expensive. In the following, Investous’ training opportunities, user-friendliness, deposit and withdrawal and customer support are analyzed in more detail.

Advanced training possibilities

At first glance, Investous’ offer seems to be suitable for newcomers. That is because a variety of opportunities to educate yourself in CFD trading are available. So there is a FAQ area, which seems to function at the same time as a kind of glossary. Here the most common terms are explained and also information is provided on which subtleties one should pay attention to when trading CFDs.

In the “Education” area there is also a submenu for special trading strategies. Here the investor is to be brought nearer, which risks go along with the different forms of trading and which points are to be considered with the own strategy finding. Although the offer “Education” may at first give the impression that Investous is serious, in the end one cannot get rid of the suspicion that even in the explanations of the individual sections one is always tempted to invest as much money as possible in this online broker.


In terms of usability, the first impression seems to be positive. Although the website is kept relatively simple, this can be interpreted as positive with regard to the overview. Also the creation of an own account is uncomplicated. There is the possibility to use a demo account before you invest real money.

However, the trading itself is less user-friendly. Thus, even when trading, one is not always aware of the fees that will be charged. These fees are not included in the demo account, so you cannot easily transfer any winnings to a real money account. The demo account is therefore unsuitable for strategy development, as it only pays limited attention to the various fees.

One still has the impression that Investous works with intransparent methods. In terms of usability the site may make a good impression at first sight, but if you work a little deeper into the matter, it can quickly become very confusing, especially for newcomers. If you focus on user-friendly trading and especially on transparency, you might not have the best experience with Investous.

Other online brokers are already further ahead and allow the investor to include potential fees in their demo account. Especially newcomers are therefore not recommended to use this platform.

Deposit and withdrawal

As soon as you have created your own Investous account and want to switch from the demo account to a fixed deposit account, you have three different ways to make the deposit. One is the classic credit card, either Visa or Mastercard, to fill your account. In addition you can use Wire Transfer or Skrill. The minimum deposit amount is 250 € for credit card or Skrill, with Wire Transfer it is already 1000 €.

If you want to try Investous, it is recommended to use only credit card or Skrill. If you want to make a withdrawal, Investous charges a fee of 35 € for a basic account. This is a big minus point for this platform and seems to be more than dubious. Serious online brokers usually do not charge any fees for deposit and withdrawal and even if they do, they rarely exceed five Euros. Making withdrawals should be part of the daily business of a reputable online broker and therefore there should be no costs for the investor.

This payout fee supports the initial suspicion that Investous is a dubious platform, which is not so much interested in being a partner of the investor, but rather in taking advantage of him by means of hidden fees. It can be assumed that even if one makes profits with the highly speculative CFD derivatives, these profits will ultimately be much smaller as soon as a payout occurs.

Customer Support

With regard to customer support, the fact that a live chat exists can be highlighted as a positive factor. To what extent this is constantly available could not be checked in this Investous Review. Other forms of customer support seem to exist only to a limited extent and support the initial suspicion that an account with Investous will probably only be worthwhile in the rarest cases.

There are enough serious alternatives on the market that have excellent customer support and also do not have hidden fees. As a consequence, a wise investor should refrain from creating his own Investous account. If questions arise, you may be left alone with Investous and have to get your information yourself. Regarding the live chat, there are doubts whether actually humane employees are trying to answer any questions or whether one is getting a bot.

If you summarize our experience in customer support at Investous, it does not seem to correspond to the current state of serious providers.

How do the experience reports look like?

Our Investous experience can be described as quite mixed. Whether we are alone with this judgement or whether others have had positive experiences with this online broker, a review of various other Investous reviews should clarify. For this purpose we have searched some forums that deal with the topic of online brokers.

Many reviews about this provider do not exist. Investous is not even known to many users. Nevertheless you can find here and there experience reports. These are mostly negative. Besides the somewhat dubious appearance, the main criticism is the high fees that are charged for every transaction associated with trading CFDs. Above all, the very expensive payout has ultimately scared off even those users who initially had a rather positive image of this platform.

Most investors advise in their posts against creating an Investous account. This is usually justified with the multiplicity of better alternatives and the doubts about the seriousness of the offerer.

It is remarkable that not a single review could be found that speaks of profits. Even though trading CFDs is highly speculative and therefore very risky, profits are possible here and there with reputable brokers. At Investous this does not seem to be the case, which is probably due to the fact that even if you make profits, these are quickly lost due to the large number of fees.

Summarizing the experience reports of other users, it seems that our initial suspicion that Investous is only partially serious has been confirmed.

Negative experience reports are frequent. Those who search the net for reports will read few positive texts, so it can be claimed that Investous is a dubious platform. One should also consider the other weaknesses Investous has.

Advantages and disadvantages of Investous

If you want to trade CFDs, you should avoid this platform. Even if one makes profits, these are made by the various fees again void. Further disadvantages are the immature customer support and the difficult legal traceability, should irregularities occur.

Fortunately, nowadays as an interested investor you are spoilt for choice as to which broker to choose. Therefore, one is not dependent on wasting one’s time with this dubious platform. There are many providers that offer competent customer support, are transparent in dealing with their fees and at the same time create the possibility for the investor to make profits from trading CFDs.

Investous could not convince and accordingly one should fall back on a more serious alternative.

Investous: The conclusion

In our Investous Review we wanted to clarify the question whether it is worthwhile to create an Investous account. It turned out that initial doubts about the seriousness of the platform were justified. Especially the large number of high fees will quickly reduce profits and therefore you should rather look for an alternative if you want to trade CFDs.

Trading CFDs is in itself highly speculative and risky. For this very reason, it is essential to have a partner at your side who can inform you about all the risks and at the same time create the possibility of making a profit. Such a partner will probably not be found in Investous. Even if you make profits and want to make a payout, you will be confronted with high fees.

You can’t say that Investous is scam, because they are informed about these fees, but in the end it only counts if you make a profit by trading. But exactly this seems to be unlikely or even impossible with Investous and therefore it is not advisable to deal with this platform any further.

If you are looking for reputable providers, you will find an overview here.

The fact remains that if you want to trade CFDs, you should rather avoid this online broker. If you are still interested in this platform, it is advisable to limit yourself to the demo account and to take into account possible fees if you make profits with this demo account.

The fact remains that if you want to trade CFDs, you should rather avoid this online broker. If you are still interested in this platform, it is advisable to limit yourself to the demo account and to take into account possible fees if you make profits with this demo account.

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