Learn CFD Trading – Basic tutorial for beginners

Few investment opportunities attract more attention, and few financial systems offer the chance for higher returns. The talk is of CFD trading. CFDs are the best alternative to shares, bonds and certificates and are especially popular with beginners. With the necessary motivation and the basic economic thought, anyone can learn CFD trading.

For beginners the business with CFDs is risky in principle. They should therefore inform themselves extensively in advance and test their personal trading skills at best with a free demo account on the real market. There are many things that completely inexperienced newcomers must consider. On the other hand, the first step is easier for investors who have already dealt with financial offers, chances and opportunities in the past.

What CFD Newcomers need to know

Shares, bonds, foreign exchange, certificates and much more can be traded today by any private investor quite simply via the Internet and an appropriate broker. CFDs (contract for difference) involves trading all these assets. The individual price developments are simply mirrored in real time and passed on to a platform. This makes it possible to trade the securities off-exchange. In the area of investment banking, this method was created to avoid the British stamp duty.

An important part of trading with CFDs are levers. An investor puts in a certain amount of money, which is then multiplied by the CFD broker on the stock exchange by a certain amount. In this way it is possible for the investor to capitalize on the smallest price changes within minutes and hours. The prices of currencies, for example, usually change in the short term only in the fourth decimal place. The investments of investors would therefore have to be exorbitantly high in order to be able to sell the currencies again after a few hours and make a profit. Here the CFD broker steps in and “lends” the private investor the required capital. Fast profits are just as possible as fast losses.


The right preparation for active trading is always crucial. The possibilities for information are various and should be extended in the best case still by a free demo account with a CFD broker of own choice. Test accounts are free of charge and allow investors to access the trading platform for a limited time (usually around 30 days). A certain amount of play money is already noted on the account. Usually this is around 50,000 euros, which can be used by interested parties during the period of use. For beginners, the main aim is to get a first feeling for the market. In addition, the use of the software for CFD trading can be learned. In everyday business, decisions have to be made and clicked on at lightning speed. Mastering the CFD software is therefore indispensable.


The basis of long-term success when trading CFDs is the individually perfect tactic with which the market itself trades. Many ready-made trading strategies give beginners a welcome nudge in the right direction as to what their own plan might look like. The simple adoption of trading strategies is generally not advisable, because there is a high risk that the trader has not fully dealt with the strategy. However, if you change small things and test your trading plan with a demo account, you should be prepared to start trading.


For questions, problems and for general exchange CFD traders have many platforms and forums available on the Internet. There they can register for free and discuss with beginners and experts. Traders, who regularly read and join in discussions there, provide a broader basis for their personal CFD trading. The experts can also learn something from the professionals there.


Against the background that a total loss is also quite possible, beginners should be careful with their first deposit. Despite diligent practice on demo accounts a success is not guaranteed. Therefore only money should be used for the time being, which can be waived if necessary. Savings should never be touched. Most CFD brokers require a minimum deposit, which is sometimes 20-50 euros. However, experience shows that effective trading is not possible in this area. Therefore, trading amounts of at least 100 euros are advisable, which can be deposited quickly and easily online. In the best case, the personal starting capital is around 500 euros.


The offers of the best known and most popular CFD brokers are clearly summarized here on tradenlernen.de. Decide only for a broker who is really serious and whose cost structure is compatible with your trading system. If you are unsure, then a short search of the provider via a search engine is worthwhile. The experiences of other customers should also help you in your decision.

When choosing a broker, you should also consider special promotions. Often a CFD broker rewards your registration with the doubling or even tripling of your deposited amount. Although withdrawals are only possible once this value has been converted by a certain number, this should not be a problem in the fast-moving CFD business.


A short read-in to trade CFDs is not enough. Interested parties who want to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities offered by contracts for difference in the long term must obtain comprehensive information and learn how to trade CFDs. Who neither has time nor desire to deal with the topic, for that CFD Trading is out of question.


There are many hints, tips, tricks and instructions for the perfect trading system on the World Wide Web. Beginners should decide individually whether they trust the author of the texts and, if necessary, check what financial background the expert has. In any case, it is advisable to search through several information pages on the subject and to gather the details on your own.

In addition, there are many opportunities for further education in the CFD area on the Internet via videos, tutorials and free online courses. The latter in turn are often offered by anxious CFD brokers and bundle the knowledge of some experts who have been active as CFD traders for years. Learning CFD trading is, according to experience, the easiest way to learn CFD trading is through such training courses. From time to time there are also conferences where beginners can get valuable information for their daily trading.

In recent years, more and more qualified technical literature has been published. The explanations there are mostly characterized by meaningful and practice-oriented examples, so that beginners can directly build a bridge to what they have learned when trading and know how to deal with it. When choosing the right book for learning CFD trading, beginners should pay special attention to the experiences and evaluations of other readers.


Trading CFDs is an extremely lucrative business and allows experts with the appropriate capital to make profits in the four to five-digit range within a few hours. However, the ordinary private investor with comparatively small starting capital should not be blinded by this and should lower his medium-term goals to a more realistic level. Only in this way is it possible to enter the retail market with a minimum of emotional stress.

In CFD trading emotions should not play a role. In games of chance as well as in CFD and stock trading, small losses automatically lead to price reactions that are anything but rational and logical. Explanations for such actions can often not even give the traders. Normally such decisions lead to the fact that a small loss becomes a much bigger one, because risky bets reduce the own capital again drastically. If you can afford to trade feelings, the risks are greater than the chances of winning. Learning to trade CFDs therefore means first and foremost mastering the disconnection from all emotions and maintaining control over yourself.


Whoever spends time, effort and passion on learning CFD trading, sooner or later lucrative profit opportunities will arise when trading CFDs. But especially beginners must be aware that motivation and the will to deal with the financial market are essential for success. Without these personal prerequisites the risk of a loss increases significantly.

As great as the chances of success associated with CFD trading are: they can only be used by those investors who can view the system objectively and have a comprehensive overview of the market through experience and knowledge. Because every possible profit is accompanied by a risk, which in the worst case can lead to a total loss of the capital deposited with the CFD broker. In addition, the General Terms and Conditions of the brokers explicitly point out the risks once again. Investors can usually, however, through appropriate protective mechanisms, lose at most the money they have deposited with the CFD broker. It is therefore important not to enter with savings, but to use money that has been specifically deposited for CFD trading. In the worst case, it should be possible to lose this money completely without financial difficulties with regard to retirement provisions and the like.

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