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Libertex Demo Account – Test the best broker for crypto currencies for free

Libertex has been active as a broker since 1997, making it one of the oldest providers of trading in Forex and CFDs. The trading account is particularly popular with crypto traders, as there is a wide range of options available. But many other underlying assets can also be traded at Libertex at favourable conditions. The trading platform is either MetaTrader 4 or the broker’s own platform, which can also be used without download. More than 2.2 million customers around the world now trade at Libertex. With a Libertex demo account, interested parties can test the broker without any maturity limit and train the trading with the offered underlyings. In the following article we show how such a demo account can be opened and what it offers to the users.

The advantages and disadvantages of Libertex:

  • +Demo account without maturity limit
  • +Large selection of underlyings
  • +2 different trading platforms
  • +different payment methods
  • +distinguished as: Best Broker for Crypto Currencies
  • +CySEC Regulation
  • +Trading via App possible
  • -Information on website sometimes difficult to find
  • -Training area only in English
  • -Telephone accessibility sometimes difficult


With many online brokers the duration of the demo account is limited. Users without a real money account often only have 14 or 30 days to test the trading offer and the available platforms. With Libertex, on the other hand, there is no term limit. Even without depositing money, you can trade with virtual credit for as long as you want. This is especially convenient for beginners, as they can train the basic strategies at their own pace and are not forced to open a live account after a period of use has expired in order to continue using the Libertex Forex demo account.

The contents of the training section can be worked through at your own pace. Only when you feel confident in using the trading platform and the tradable financial instruments is it worthwhile investing your own capital.

If the virtual trading credit provided by Libertex is lost during training, it can be recharged at any time free of charge. This gives you the opportunity to try out different strategies and also to make mistakes without having to fear that at some point you will not be able to use the demo account.


At Libertex, clients can choose between two different trading platforms. As with many brokers, trading is possible with the popular MetaTrader 4. The world’s most widely used trading platform offers a variety of different technical analysis tools, and numerous order functions are also available. Automated trading with so-called Expert Advisors is also possible. MetaTrader can be downloaded, but can also be used in a web-based version, which is especially convenient if the investor wants to log in to his trading account from a different computer.

The broker’s own trading platform also does not require a download, but is started directly in the browser. Not only are various chart displays available here, but the client can also use a wide range of different risk management tools. This ensures that the risk of loss in speculative trading with contracts for difference can be greatly reduced. Of course, the risk cannot be eliminated. However, as Libertex is not obliged to make additional contributions, negative account balances are excluded and losses can only affect the credit balance in the client’s account. The investor’s other assets are not at risk.

Large selection of underlying assets

Libertex offers numerous currency pairs and CFDs, so clients can not only trade the so-called majors, but also find many minors and exotics. To help clients quickly find their preferred financial product, the trading offer is divided into several categories:

  • Currencies
  • Shares
  • Indices
  • ETFs
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Metals
  • oil and gas
  • agricultural commodities

Especially the crypto currencies offer an above-average variety of products, which we will discuss in more detail in the next paragraph. But the other underlyings are also convincing.

If you do not want to invest real money immediately, but would like to familiarise yourself in detail with the specific characteristics of the underlyings, the Libertex demo offers the best possibilities. Here are all the investment options listed that are also available with a live account. The prices also correspond to those of the live account. This means that there are extensive opportunities for getting to know and training without having to take a financial risk.


Libertex is considered one of the best providers when it comes to CFD trading in crypto currencies. The broker has already received awards from several financial magazines. Not only can the crypto currencies now available from many brokers, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold and Ethereum, be traded here. In addition, many coins are also offered, which are only included in the portfolio of very few other CFD brokers. You can even find EOS, Monero, Ethereum Classic, OmiseGo, Stellar, Zcash and many other crypto currencies. Most of the coins are traded against the US dollar, many can also be traded against the Bitcoin. Thus Libertex offers an ideal trading environment for investors who want to specialize in trading crypto currencies or have already done so.

Crypto currencies have some special features compared to the “classic” underlying assets. If you would like to familiarise yourself with these features and learn how to trade crypto currencies without financial risk, you can do so with a demo account with Libertex. Here you have the possibility to trade Bitcoin and Co. with virtual credit without time limit.

Trading is also possible via app

The trading of Forex and CFDs is being done by an increasing number of traders on the move. This has the advantage that the investor is not tied to his PC and can react to current news and associated price fluctuations at any time even when on the move.

Libertex offers a free app for Android and iOS. Alternatively, the trading platform can be used directly in the web browser of the smartphone or tablet, but trading via the app is much more convenient. Users also have access to numerous analysis tools for mobile trading. The operation is adapted to the smaller touch screen, and the charts can also be easily viewed on the mobile phone screen.

Mobile trading can also be tested with a Libertex demo account. Simply log in to the app with your access data and you can switch between your PC and smartphone at any time. If you want to use the demo account exclusively with your mobile phone, this is also no problem. It can be opened just as quickly and easily with the mobile device as with the computer.


Private investors have leverage of up to 1:30 at Libertex. Professional traders can even use leverage of up to 1:600. This means that a comparatively low margin must be provided in order to move large amounts of money on the financial market. Of course, the possible return increases accordingly, but there is also a significantly higher risk of losing the invested money if a high leverage is used. For this reason, beginners in particular should carefully consider how high they choose their leverage.

With the Libertex demo account you can try different settings and get a realistic simulation of the leverage effects. If you decide to switch to a live account later, you will already be familiar with the available settings and can adjust them to suit your own risk tolerance.


The Libertex demo account is loaded by default with a virtual trading balance of 50,000 euros. With this credit you can use all the functions that are also available on the live account. Only a payout is of course not possible, because it is not real money.

If the balance of the demo account decreases, it can be recharged at any time. This is possible either directly via the demo account settings, or alternatively you can instruct the support to top up your test account with additional free credit. However, the balance on the Libertex CFD demo account cannot exceed 50,000 Euros.

We recommend that you adjust the balance on the demo account so that the amount reflects your actual trading capital. This way you don’t have to get used to trading in a different size when switching to a live account. Therefore, if you wish to invest significantly less than the 50,000 Euros represented by the demo account, you should not load more free funds into the test account.

The conditions are realistically represented

Libertex acts as a market maker and thus itself sets the trading prices for the financial products offered. Experience shows that these prices are closely aligned with the prices of the major stock exchanges.

While the fees for the MetaTrader trading account are charged in the form of spreads, there are no spreads when trading via the Libertex platform. Instead, a small commission is charged for each transaction. New clients receive a 50% discount on this commission and therefore have a particularly good start with Libertex.

Not only do the trading rates of the demo account correspond to those of the live account. The fees are also displayed realistically, so there are no surprises when switching to a live account. You can already see what costs are incurred when trading with the demo account and can calculate potential gains and losses accordingly and plan your trading strategy.


Opening a demo account with Libertex can be done in less than 2 minutes. There is no need for a full registration as we know it from a live account. To open a demo account it is sufficient to provide a few details such as name and email address. You will then receive your access data by email and can immediately log into your demo account. A verification, as it is required by law for real money accounts, is not necessary when trading with virtual credit. Therefore you can start testing immediately. Not only are all the underlying assets and functions available to you, but you also have access to the broker’s online trading price. This allows you to ideally combine learning and practical training without having to take a financial risk.

The demo account is topped up by the broker with a virtual balance of up to 50,000 euros. You can replenish it at any time if you should suffer losses while practising. Since Libertex has no time limit for the trial access, you can log in again weeks later and use the demo account. If you would like to close your demo account, simply send a short message to our customer service, who will then take care of closing your account.


At Libertex, clients benefit from more than 20 years of experience, a wide range of trading products and outstanding service. This has also been recognised by various financial magazines and institutions, which have awarded the broker several prizes in recent years. The company has already won more than 30 prestigious awards. Last year, Libertex won the categories “Best Broker for Crypto Currencies” and “Best Trading App”. The company’s customer service has also already won awards, as its dedicated employees are always interested in clarifying questions and problems quickly and thus ensuring that trading runs smoothly.

The demo account shows that Libertex itself is also convinced of the quality of the offer. Here, users have the opportunity to get to know all the functions and products in detail without any time limit and to decide at their leisure whether to open a trading account with the broker.

High security through CySEC regulation

Libertex has its headquarters on the European island of Cyprus. The broker is thus subject to the supervision of CySEC, one of the world’s strictest regulatory authorities. For Libertex clients, this means that they are fully protected and can even have their capital paid out in the event of the broker’s insolvency. Irregularities would quickly become apparent in the regulatory authority’s checks and would damage the broker’s good reputation. That is why Libertex itself is also interested in ensuring that everything is done correctly and that clients always have an overview of their trading account and the conditions applicable at Libertex.

For trading with the Libertex demo, financial security with the broker plays only a minor role, because after all, only virtual credit is handled here, so that there is no financial risk anyway. The situation is different, however, when it comes to data protection. Here it is also important with the demo account that the customer data cannot fall into the wrong hands. Libertex fulfils this requirement, because modern encryption methods are used for data transmission. The information provided by the customer during registration is used only internally and is not passed on to unauthorised persons.


Libertex offers an online course that allows beginners to learn how to trade contracts for differences. The course not only teaches the most important order functions, but also gives participants an overview of various basic strategies and risk management tools. With the Libertex Test Account, the knowledge gained in the course can be put into practice without any risk of loss. It also quickly becomes clear when something has not yet been fully understood and needs to be worked on again. After completing the course, many users feel able to open a live account with Libertex and speculate with their own capital. However, those who wish to continue trading with the demo account can use it for as long as they wish.

Competent and easily accessible customer service

Customer satisfaction is Libertex’s top priority. That’s why we offer excellent support, which customers can reach via live chat, email, phone and even WhatsApp. However, there are also negative reports of experience with regard to telephone availability. Many questions can already be answered without contacting support in the extensive FAQ section on the Libertex website. All other questions or problems can usually also be solved quickly by the dedicated customer service staff, so that users can concentrate on the most important thing, trading. When contacting us via the mail form, your question is immediately assigned to a specific category and can thus be sent directly to the right department. This makes processing even faster and you will soon receive the desired answer.

Customer Service also welcomes users who do not have a live account with the broker but only trade with a Libertex demo account. So if you have any questions regarding your test account, please feel free to contact Support at any time. Even if you would like to top up your account for free, the friendly staff can do this for you.


The Libertex demo account is not only suitable for beginners. It is also used by many experienced investors and even by professional traders. They use it to test and optimise various strategies. Among other things, automated trading systems can be tried out before they are also used for trading with real capital.

With the Libertex demo account you can also work well on the individual design of the user interface of the trading platforms. This allows traders to customise their settings so that they always have all the important information they need to optimally implement their trading strategy at their fingertips.

Last but not least, of course, even professional traders need to train regularly. New strategies are constantly being developed, and those who want to be successful in the long run should always keep their knowledge up to date. Therefore, even experienced traders can benefit from regular training sessions with the demo account. Especially when new underlying assets such as the increasingly popular crypto currencies are integrated into your own strategy, trading with the new trading products should first be tried out with virtual credit.


If after testing with the demo account you are convinced that Libertex is the right broker for you, you can open a live trading account. This process can be done entirely online, no mail is required. Simply open the registration form on the Libertex website and enter the required information in the fields provided. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email. By clicking on the link contained in this mail you complete the registration and can now log into your account.

You can now deposit money with a deposit method of your choice and start trading. As the minimum deposit at Libertex is just 10 Euro, the broker is also traded for users who do not want to invest too much money. However, it is recommended to deposit at least enough money to cushion variant-related losses within the framework of good risk management.

Before you can pay out money for the first time, a so-called verification must be carried out. With the help of your identity card, it is checked whether the data provided during registration is actually correct. You should therefore make sure that you fill out everything correctly when you register. Otherwise there could be problems with the payout.

Even if you are already trading with a live account, you can still use the Libertex Demo Account. This is useful for learning new strategies or making improvements to your existing strategy.


A demo account with Libertex does not involve any obligations for you. You do not need to deposit money or open a live account with the broker. If you no longer wish to use the demo and wish to have your data deleted, you can contact Support who will take care of the necessary steps. You can also simply leave your account, as there are no costs. This way you can log into the demo account again after a while and continue to train trading with the offered underlying assets.

With the demo account Libertex offers all interested parties the opportunity to get to know the complete range of products in detail without having to commit to the broker. Thus the Libertex Test Account is also well suited for interested newcomers who “just want to have a taste”. It is possible that the broker’s good educational offer and the attractive conditions will further stimulate interest and the as yet inexperienced user will develop into a successful trader.

Conclusion – Complete demo account without maturity limit

The Libertex demo account can be recommended without restrictions, as the registration is completely non-binding for the user and there is no financial risk. The trading takes place under realistic conditions: The current trading rates apply and the costs associated with trading are also taken into account. The demo account gives you a good impression of what to expect when trading with the Libertex live account.

Trading is done either via MetaTrader 4 or via Libertex’s own platform. There are a number of tools available to help you effectively implement your own trading strategy and ensure good risk management.

Beginners can take a free video course at Libertex to familiarise themselves with the most important techniques and strategies. These can then be trained immediately and risk-free with the demo account. There is no limit to the duration of the account, so that training can also take place over a longer period of time.

Those who are convinced by the Libertex broker after their experience with the demo account and open a live account do not necessarily have to invest a lot of money. A deposit is already possible from 10 Euro. Users can continue to use the demo account even after opening a trading account.

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