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Trading platforms & apps at Broker Lynx at a glance

Trading platform is in our opinion one of the main features that you should also consult when comparing Forex brokers and ultimately choosing a provider. In our guide, however, we would like to inform you only briefly about the most important points you should consider regarding the trading platforms offered by brokers, including the apps provided. The main reason for this is that Lynx Brokers explain in great detail on their website which trading platforms they make available and what features they offer. Therefore, we would like to concentrate on this in this guide as well, as you will of course want to obtain specific information about the services offered by Broker Lynx.

Trading platform should be available both stationary and mobile

There are now several requirements that traders place on an “acceptable” trading platform. For example, more and more customers are demanding that the trading platform is not only stationary, i.e. accessible from their home PC, but that the broker also provides mobile trading as an alternative for on the move. In the meantime, almost all brokers have met this demand, so that there is hardly a forex or CFD broker where, for example, trading is not possible via smartphone or tablet.

LYNX is no exception and offers its customers numerous opportunities to participate in trading. However, the requirements for a modern and high-quality trading platform go much further than that the trading platform should only provide stationary and mobile services. It is above all the following wishes and, in part, demands that traders today place on a trading platform that is suitable for them:

  • detailed and individual charting
  • extensive education and knowledge area
  • easy use
  • no confusing elements
  • Real time courses available
  • simple account and portfolio management
  • View of all open and closed positions
  • One-Click Trading
  • Additional tools
  • Analysis tools

As you can already see from this certainly not complete list, a modern trading platform nowadays must be able to meet numerous requirements on the part of the traders and thus the broker’s customer. On the basis of our following explanations of the trading platforms of the broker Lynx, you can decide for yourself if and if so, which of these points apply to the offer of the popular broker.

The trading platforms of Broker Lynx at a glance

First we would like to give you a brief overview of the trading platforms that Broker Lynx can present. The following three variants should be mentioned:

  • Lynx BASIC
  • Lynx Trading Platform
  • mobile apps

The Lynx BASIC trading platform is a clear, fast and simple trading platform that is browser-based and is particularly suitable for clients who want to be introduced slowly to trading in foreign exchange, CFDs or shares.

The Lynx trading platform is extremely effective and allows for innovative and targeted trading. The trading version has received several awards and provides direct access to more than 100 exchanges. From our point of view, the Lynx trading platform is therefore particularly suitable for experienced and professional traders.

Of course, the broker now also offers a mobile application. This gives customers the opportunity to trade on a mobile basis so that they are no longer tied to a specific location.

The trading platforms in detail: Lynx BASIC

The first of the three trading options that the broker Lynx offers its customers is called Lynx BASIC. This trading platform deliberately avoids extensive tools and tools and functions that are often confusing, especially for beginners and novices in the field of foreign exchange trading or CFD trading. With the Lynx BASIC trading platform, the broker takes a somewhat different approach, namely by presenting a clearly structured and simple trading platform without a lot of “frills”.

Specifically, it is a web trader that enables the customer to trade directly via the browser or to take advantage of the functions of the user-friendly trading platform. Orders, for example, can be executed in the simplest possible way, and the trader has an overview of both his entire portfolio and the performance achieved at all times. The customer can also get a quick overview of all interesting news and place an order quickly and easily with the two buttons “buy” and “sell”.

An interesting feature and performance of the Lynx BASIC trading platform is that customers have the opportunity to examine their own performance using various methods and thus to question it again and again. For example, they can get an overview of whether they are achieving the best performance with shares, foreign exchange or options, for example. Other interesting questions, such as what proportion of profitable transactions you have in relation to all transactions, can be answered using this module. For example, you have the opportunity to remove loss-making positions from your portfolio and thus increase your overall success. Other features included in the Lynx BASIC trading version include the ability to create your own charts, create watch lists and follow stock and financial market news for free.

The alternative: flexible and professional trading platform for experienced traders

While the Lynx BASIC trading platform is certainly aimed at beginners in particular, the broker naturally also offers a suitable trading platform for experienced and professional traders. The broker himself describes this trading platform as highly flexible and professional. The trading platform is based on the technology developed by Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers is one of the largest brokerage houses in the world.

Among the advantages that you can enjoy as a trader on the Lynx trading platform are

  • free of charge
  • professional trading tools
  • more than 50 order types and order supplements
  • more than 70 technical indicators available.
  • access to over 100 exchanges worldwide

With the Lynx trading platform, traders can use a range of analytical tools to improve their success, for example by determining the right time to buy or sell a financial product. It is quick and easy to analyse the price development of shares or even foreign exchange, for example. Other features included in the Lynx trading platform include order book visibility, facts and figures, real-time news and fundamental and balance sheet information from a wide range of companies.

In addition to the general Lynx platform, the broker also offers various expert tools for the personal trading strategy of each client. The following tools can be used:

  • ChartTrader
  • BookTrader
  • BasketTrader
  • FXTrader
  • OptionTrader

LYNX Chart Trader:

With ChartTrader, for example, it is possible to trade directly on the chart, using over 70 technical indicators. On the other hand, the so-called BookTrader is the right tool for those traders who want to enter their orders particularly quickly and who attach great importance to a transmission without any time delay.

With the BasketTrader, on the other hand, investors have the possibility of creating an individual and therefore their own “basket”. This basket (Basket) contains, for example, securities that you wish to trade at the same time. Once the basket has been created, it can of course be changed at any time, making the BasketTrader the ideal tool especially for traders who want to trade several positions at the same time at regular intervals.

LYNX FX Trader

With the FXTrader, the broker provides another tool, which is intended for professional trading with foreign exchange it. Here you can trade your desired currency pair with just one click and simultaneously keep an eye on up to 16 currency pairs. The OptionTrader works in a similar way, except that this trading interface is of course designed to trade options and monitor the resulting positions.

Mobile applications at the broker Lynx

Of course, in addition to the two trading platforms described above, which can be used primarily from a stationary PC or laptop, the broker Lynx also offers mobile applications. In this case, it is above all user-friendliness, performance and reliability that the broker says he regards as characteristics of his mobile applications. The apps are tailor-made for both smartphones and tablets. The applications are available for both iOS and Android devices.

Among the advantages that traders can profit from when using the mobile applications are for example

  • keep track of open orders and the entire portfolio
  • filter markets using the Market Scanner
  • define individual price alarms
  • Trading of all financial products such as shares, options and currencies
  • Quotes and charts in real time

Conclusion on trading platforms and applications at broker Lynx

Overall, we believe that the broker Lynx provides a very good selection in the area of the trading platform. With the Lynx BASIC trading platform as a web-based variant, a good solution is offered for beginners as well as the Lynx trading platform as a desktop variant. In addition, a mobile solution is also available with the respective mobile applications so that traders can trade from anywhere and have access to their portfolio and securities account. We believe that the trading platforms on offer are equipped with useful and, especially in the case of the Lynx trading platform, very comprehensive functions and tools, so that both beginners and professional traders should find the right trading platform for them in the broker Lynx.

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