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CFD Broker is a Cyprus based CFD broker, regulated by CySEC and part of Safecap Investment Ltd. The online broker is authorized by several agencies, including BaFIN. In addition to the popular Forex trading, the trader has access to futures trading for speculation. The quality of the company has been honoured with several awards in the past. The broker reaches a whole range of potential traders with its offer and has a partnership with the English football club FC Arsenal, which was one of the most successful English clubs in the 2014/2015 season. A particularly interesting aspect of the Broker is the favourable conditions. There are no commissions or fees that reduce the returns. This is advantageous for traders who trade a lot. However, investors who pursue a conservative trading strategy with less capital also benefit from this. currently has more than 200 assets available for trading. In order for traders to trade successfully, sends signals to traders.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of

  • +leading Forex broker, active in over 100 countries
  • +Licensed by CySEC
  • +Trading platform MetaTrader 4 & CTrader
  • +more than 200 assets
  • +Customer service available five days a week
  • +free, perpetual Demo Account
  • +good conditions
  • +various competitions
  • -few tools for the trading platform

Traders have access to markets around the world via the trading platform. The user interface is designed to be very user-friendly and the high speed allows traders to experience quotes and price changes in real time. The platform also offers category lists that allow investors to quickly find their favorite assets. The so-called “Trading Cubes” allows the display of several instruments at the same time. Indicators for trends, movements of individual prices and chats are also visualized. In this way, strategies can be created that may lead the respective decision in the right direction.

Account Management at

In addition to the desktop version, offers an app to allow traders to trade Forex and CFDs and manage their account at any time. Important documents, which are necessary for example to verify the account, can be conveniently scanned and uploaded. This makes time-consuming e-mail contact a thing of the past. Deposits and withdrawals can also be viewed on the smartphone. The application is available for iOS and Android and can be easily downloaded from the respective app store. The Webtrader trading platform is the “SIRIX WEBTRADER” on which investors can also view the trading of other traders in real time. This makes it possible to imitate the actions of others in the shortest possible time. With one click, orders that have previously been analysed using charts and graphics can be executed quickly. At the same time, traders have the opportunity to control the MetaTrader trading platform and multiple accounts via the Market Multi Terminal.


At there is only one trading account for traders. However, this account has three different platforms. To fund the trading account, a minimum deposit of 100 Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds is required. The three account platforms are Sirix, MT4 and Markets. Sirix is specifically designed for social trading. Via MT4, “Multi Trade” is available to the trader. This allows traders to use MultiTrades to manage multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts. The in-house Markets platform is designed for different end devices. It is available for the PC for download and the App. Fixed and variable spreads can be traded via the trading account, just as the trader would like. There are no costs involved. The offered leverage is a maximum of 1:200 for Forex, which allows you to generate respectable returns. Despite the higher risk of losses, these are kept within limits.


As is operated by Safecap Investments Limited, based in Cyprus, is regulated by CySEC, Cypurs Securities and Exchange Commission, which operates under the EU MiFID Directive. For clients of the online broker this means that their assets are protected with high security standards. Client funds are managed separately from corporate assets at reputable banks. Even in the event of’s insolvency, traders’ funds will remain unaffected. Fast payout is possible, as these funds are only used to finance the position and may not be used for other purposes by the broker. Regular controls by CySEC prevent manipulation and compliance with regulatory requirements. Customer deposits are additionally protected by the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) up to an amount of 20,000 Euro per trader.

Our experience with at a glance

Since is a global brand, a trading trademark of Safecap Investments Ltd. and both subsidiaries are owned by Playtech PLC. it is well worthwhile trading Forex and CFDs with this broker. It is one of the biggest players in the market and offers a variety of options on how clients can enter the trade. On the one hand, it is possible to trade different stocks and on the other hand, it is possible to trade commodities, currency pairs, crypto currencies and indices. So for everyone there is the right opportunity to invest money and get nice returns. This speaks for the quality that the client receives. In addition, when trading, attention is paid to sorting the possibilities of the traders as well as possible in a targeted manner. In the end, provides a wide range of options, so it’s worth taking a closer look.


In addition to a live account, the online broker offers customers a free demo that can be used indefinitely. Before opening a live account, the demo account can easily be used to take your first steps into the world of trading as a newcomer. Only a few details are required to open a Demo Account. This is very beneficial, as inexperienced traders can gain insight into the features, possibilities, and flow of trading, and even gain their first experience. Equally interesting is the Demo for experienced traders to try out new strategies and optimize their trading methods. No real money deposit is required to use the demo account. The online broker provides virtual money to the demo account to execute trades.

Traders do not need to provide much information to register. The registration form on the broker’s website is easy to find. The following information is provided there:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • The trade press is particularly positive about the trading platform, customer support and the broker’s training offers
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Password

To complete the registration, customers only have to accept the general terms and conditions with a check mark. Once all the details have been entered and confirmed, the CFD Demo Account or Markets Broker Forex Demo Account can be used immediately, using the virtual credit provided by the broker. Of course, it is clear that no real money can be earned with the play money. Those who have tried the demo can switch to a live account with just a few clicks. However, verification is required for this. Since Trader is able to transfer important documents via the app, registration and verification is completed in no time at all, so once the real money account is loaded, you can start trading for real immediately. The minimum deposit to the customer account is 100 Euro.


In addition to an unlimited period of use, a volume of 100,000 euros of virtual money and free use, the demo account has other special features to offer. Unfortunately, the demo version is only available for MT4, so the in-house platform cannot be tested. This is a pity, as the Markets Trader offers additional trading functions and tools that should be learned before using the live account. Those who use the Sirix platform can look forward to special features. However, it would also be helpful if this could be tested in advance with virtual credit. The copying of trading strategies and the subsequent adjustments is unfamiliar to many customers at first. Unfortunately, these subtleties are not taken into account. Therefore, the trader only has the possibility to use the live account to access the functions. However, since the basic functions of the demo account and the live account are the same, the changeover was not particularly difficult. MetaTrader 4 is very technical in structure and offers all the basic functions that are important for Forex and CFD trading. If you have ambitions to open a trading account with several brokers, you can manage them through the so-called Multi Terminal.

Deposits and withdrawals at

With the online broker there are different ways of depositing, which differ between the different nations. Basically, there are seven deposit options available. These also apply to Germany. For other nations, some payment methods are not offered at all and are sometimes replaced by others. Therefore, it makes sense to enter the country of residence in the selection mask in order to be able to use all optimal deposit options. The seven payment methods in Germany include bank transfer, credit cards or debit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and Delta. Bank transfers can be made in the normal way or via FastBankTransfer. This means that the local currency can also be transferred immediately to a customer account maintained in US dollars. Those who use the provider Sofortü are on the safe side that their own bank details do not reach the broker. There are also e-wallets such as GiroPay, GluePay and Webmoney that can be used for deposits. From a deposit of 2,500 euros, the broker will take over the transfer fees. Usually the money is credited to the trader’s live account within 24 hours.

Withdrawals sometimes take three business days. Even if only a minimum deposit of 100 Euros or US dollars is required when opening an account, 50 Euros or US dollars must remain on the live account so that it is still considered active and trading can continue. If there are still open positions, they must first be closed or waited for contracts to expire. uses the same payment methods for withdrawals as for deposits.

When making deposits, you should always check whether the broker has agreed special conditions with payment institutions or whether the payment provider itself has special requirements for the customer. It should therefore be weighed up whether the preferred payment method is sensible and does not ultimately reduce the return. The same applies if payouts are to be made. Under certain circumstances, there may be only limited free payouts. Some payment service providers allow free deposits and withdrawals only once a week or even only once a month or quarter. Problems can also occur with credit and debit cards, as these sometimes only allow payouts up to the amount of the deposit. For all other amounts a reference account must be used, which must be verified beforehand. In addition to the additional work involved, other sensitive data is also transmitted. That’s why it’s worth taking a close look at’s payment options.


When trading Forex, offers spreads starting at 1.7 pips. Leverage is selectable between 1:20 and 1:2000. In addition, the broker does not charge any other fees or commissions. The broker will even take over any transfer fees incurred from a deposit amount of 2,500 Euros or more to the live account. A further cost factor, which actually does not belong to the fees in the usual sense, but still has to be considered, is the margin. It represents a kind of deposit for the broker. With this, protects itself against the trader’s so-called obligation to make additional contributions, especially in the case of leverage products. The margin level is determined by the broker himself and is often closely related to the chosen leverage.

If you want to trade currency pairs, the online broker offers EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD with a spread of 1.7 pips. The maximum leverage in Forex trading is 1:2000 and depends on the financial instrument. Thus, MetaTrader 4 allows traders to specify a lot setting, i.e. the value and minimum size of the leverage. When trading CFDs, offers commodities, indices and securities that can be traded at fixed or variable spreads. Leverage available for CFDs ranges from 1:5 to 1:100 depending on the instrument. When trading stocks, there are few exceptions to the general 1:100 leverage. The levers are set quite low, in contrast to other trading platforms.


Traders have a wide range of options available to them for trading CFDs and Forex orders. This includes not only the basics like buy and sell, buy and sell, long and short or call and put. In addition, the respective order can be supplemented with a sensible hedge and with a deposited security deposit. In order for newcomers to trading to become professionals and be able to trade prudently, order types and sensible order supplements are required. With, a specialist in Forex and CFD trading, traders are in good hands. Because there are market and limit orders. These include One-Cancels-Orders, Trailing Stop Loss Odres and Entry Stop Orders, which can affect returns and risk. This is a great way for traders to hedge individual trades.


If you want to use social trading, you should choose the Webtrader Sirix at It is very clearly designed and can be easily operated even by beginners. In addition to numerous live chats and analyses, the software can be used to display favourite currencies in trading cubes and to follow trends. Furthermore, it is possible to track the activities of other traders. This gives less experienced investors insights into successful strategies of other traders and allows them to use them for their own trades without any problems. Not only the last 100 trades can be found, but also the currently open positions that have already been placed but not yet closed. This is a great opportunity especially for those who have not been trading for a long time and want to gain important experience. The learning potential is enormous, as you can look over the shoulder of professional traders. For those with more experience, also offers the Autotrader. This is designed to implement trading strategies completely automatically.

Special Features of

In addition to the versatile trading options, the online broker is characterised by special features. One of these is the mobile trading app. Because for a long time now, brokers’ customers have not only included stockbrokers wearing a tie who have a business degree. As more and more normal people are signing up with online brokers, a high demand for information, knowledge of market economy correlations and opportunities for trading is naturally very important, especially when customers have little knowledge of trading. This is not only a big disadvantage for traders, but also for brokers. Uncertain and ignorant customers will at first only cautiously start to buy a few positions and slowly approach the stock exchange business. Brokers make money on the spreads that arise with every position they take. The more cautiously the trader approaches the trade, the less money the broker ultimately earns. At, we have a great educational program to teach new clients in particular, giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to trade actively. That’s why we have video tutorials, webinars, encyclopedias and a great support service to help you gain insight into Forex and CFD trading. The knowledge transfer creates a good basis of trust and binds customers to this platform. The loyalty of the customers is rewarded with bonus programs.


At, even with a small deposit into a live account, customers receive a welcome bonus. New customers receive a 10 percent bonus regardless of the amount deposited. This shows that even those who make only a small deposit into their account are important to the online broker, not just those who make a large initial deposit. A maximum of 2,000 euros is credited to the trading account by the broker. In order for the bonus to be credited, conditions usual in the industry must be met. At, these are well within the industry standard. Each Euro to be credited to the trading account requires a trading volume of 1,000 Euro. The leverage provided by the broker is naturally included in this amount. For example, if you use a leverage of 200:1 when trading, you only need to use 50 Euros to reach the required volume of 10,000 Euros.


An important criterion is customer support when evaluating an online broker. At, traders can always count on the help of staff when questions and problems arise. A free hotline is available for German customers, which is by no means common for all Forex brokers. This is especially beneficial for newcomers to the market who are moving into this new territory. A further possibility to contact us is provided by the live chat. Except during off-peak hours, traders almost always meet a staff member who speaks German. In addition to the easily accessible customer service, traders receive daily updated analyses that support them in their trading. To make sure that these are also cut and dried, has hired Bill Hubard, one of the most renowned economists. He has been in the investment business for over 40 years. The professional has worked for funds, banks and later for the business channel Bloomberg. There is also a free e-book available for download. The book conveys compact and concise important knowledge that is a great help especially for beginners. There are some training courses that can be used even before depositing into the live account. The available video material is of very high quality and can be used free of charge for registered customers. Once a certain level of trading has been reached, regularly invites traders to participate in workshops and seminars. These are held by first-class speakers, who give lectures on important topics concerning Frorex trading and thus add the finishing touches to the training. For those who prefer to use their own evaluations, the latest news and commentary is available 24 hours a day from various institutes.

Conclusion: – trading platform with a good offer and many extras

The online broker makes a very good impression in many ways and has already won several awards for its convincing appearance, high security mechanisms and customer satisfaction. Anyone who registers on the platform can use the free and unlimited demo account before making their first deposit into their live account and take their first steps into the world of Forex and CFDs with 100,000 euros of virtual money. Unfortunately, the demo account is only available for the MetaTrader 4 platform. This is sufficient to understand how trading works, as all the essential technical tools and instruments are available. Since the other platforms work slightly differently, it would make sense to also provide a demo version for this platform. Not only for newcomers, but also for traders with experience who want to discover, it is important to explore the many possibilities before trading with real money. For example, the online broker also offers trading via the Sirix Webtrader trading platform, which provides many tools for customization and is certainly interesting for traders.

Forex trading is possible from as little as 1.7 pips and opens up nice returns with a sensibly chosen lever. You can already start trading with a minimum deposit of 100 Euro. The trader is offered stocks, currency pairs, indices, commodities and crypto currencies. Transparency and security are very important to the online broker. The regulation is carried out by SySEC, which works according to the EU guidelines MiFID. Deposits of up to 20,000 euros per trader are protected by the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). Well thought-out training opportunities and easily accessible customer support round out’s offering.

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