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Here you can find a list of free indicators for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. all indicators can be used as usual in your MetaTrader trading platform to develop your own forex strategies or improve your trading results. if you wish, you can also implement the indicators in an Expert Advisor to automate the signals. Of course, you can also modify the indicators to suit your own needs.

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If you have problems installing the indicators, please read the following instructions:

  • MetaTrader 4 Guide to Installing Indicators
  • MetaTrader 5 Guide to installing indicators

MetaTrader indicators:

Aroon Up Down IndicatorAaron Up & Down (MT4, MT5) –

this MetaTrader indicator is based solely on the minimum/maximum of a certain time period. It does not use other standard MT4 or MT5 indicators. It is displayed in a separate window in the form of 2 lines and can be helpful to determine trend changes.

BB MACD IndicatorBB MACD (MT4, MT5) –

an adapted version of the standard MACD indicator, which can be used to determine the beginning and end of a trend, as well as the strength of trends (the wider the distance between the two lines, the stronger the trend).

Beginner IndicatorBeginner (MT4, MT5) –

this indicator shows the extremes of a trend (min/max).these marks can be used to determine support and resistance lines and help you identify current trend channels. Based on this indicator you could write an Expert Advisor, for example, which trades the breakout from trend channels.

BMA indicatorBMA (MT4, MT5) –

a version of the Moving Average Indicator, with the extension of 2 lines to the standard line. In the standard setting, the lines are 2% above and 2% below the main line of the standard moving average indicator and serve as pullback levels.

CCI Arrows indicatorCCI Arrows (MT4, MT5) –

this CCI based indicator signals trading signals by drawing blue and red arrows on the chart.

Coppock IndicatorCoppock (MT4, MT5) –

an implementation by Edward Coppock. The indicator helps to identify long-term highs and lows.

Detrended Price OscillatorDetrended Price Oscillator (MT4, MT5) –

a customized version of the price oscillator, which can be helpful in detecting short-term trend changes.

Easy Trend VisualizerEasy Trend Visualizer (MT4, MT5) –

visualizes the beginning and the end of a trend The Easy Trend Visualizer is based on the standard ADX indicator and provides quite reliable trend signals.

Fisher IndicatorFisher (MT4, MT5) –

finds the min/max marks of a given time period, calculates a relationship to the current price and draws a histogram of the trend, marking uptrends with green lines and downtrends with red lines.

Float IndicatorFloat (MT4, MT5) –

this indicator analyzes the latest trends and attempts to adjust this data to the current price. The beginning and end of the trend is displayed in a separate window. In addition, the Fibonaci Retracement Levelsm are displayed in the chart window.

Keltner Channel IndicatorKeltner Channel (MT4, MT5) –

this indicator offers a combination of trend/volatility moving averages and can be used to trade price breakouts from trend channels.based on moving averages.

Laguerre IndicatorLaguerre (MT4, MT5) –

Indicator in a separate window that uses a line to signal long and short positions when the line crosses the markers from top to bottom and vice versa.

Market Profile IndicatorMarket Profile (MT4, MT5) –

a classic market profile indicator developed for day trading in the Forex market.

Moving Average Candlesticks IndicatorMoving Average Candlesticks (MT4, MT5) – a classic moving average indicator in the form of candlesticks.

Murray Math Line X IndicatorMurrey Math Line X (MT4, MT5) –

represents pivot points in the form of lines on the chart. The position of the lines is calculated according to the Marrey Math rules.

Pattern Recognition Master IndicatorPattern Recognition Master (MT4, MT5) – this indicator is used to recognize Japanese candlestick price patterns. The indicator automatically marks each candle that fits this pattern and provides it with a special code. A legend of the price patterns and codes is displayed directly in the indicator.

Price Alarm IndicatorPrice Alarm (MT4, MT5) –

with this indicator, you can be notified via MetaTrader Alarm when certain price markers are reached. Very useful when you want to know when a price has been reached in manual trading.

QQE IndicatorQQQE (MT4, MT5) –

this indicator uses 2 RSI indicators to generate buy and sell signals.

Range Expansion Index IndicatorRange Expansion Index (MT4, MT5) –

this Tom DeMark’s oscillator indicator measures the speed of price changes and generates buy and sell signals.

Schaff Trend Cycle IndicatorSchaff Trend Cycle (MT4, MT5) –

an improved method of trend detection based on the oscillator. Developed by Doug Schaff.

Spread IndicatorSpread (MT4, MT5) –

this indicator shows you the current spread directly in the chart window of the currency pair. A good tool when trading with variable spreads.

Resistance and Support IndicatorResistance and support areas (MT4, MT5) –

as the name suggests, this indicator shows the resistance and support areas directly on the chart, based on the standard MT4/MT5 Fractal indicator. This is a very useful tool for finding good ranges for stop-loss or take-profit brands.

Trade Assistant IndicatorTrade Assistant (MT4, MT5) –

a multi-time window indicator that analyzes the market situation from M5 –

D1 time frame using Stochastic OScillator, RSI and standard CCI indicator. As a result, buy or sell signals are displayed in a separate window – a very easy to trade indicator for both small and large time frames.

Traders Dynamic Index IndicatorTraders Dynamic Index (MT4) –

shows the trend direction, volatility and strength of the trend, in a separate window in the MetaTrader Terminal. Suitable for many trading styles from long term to scalping.

TRO Multipair IndicatorTRO MultiPair (MT4) –

an indicator that monitors multiple time windows of a forex pair. 3 indicator points for up to 4 different currency pairs are displayed in a separate window. The more currency pairs show the same signal, the more accurate the generated signal is.

TZ Pivots IndicatorTzPivots (MT4, MT5) –

displays daily pivot points for information. The trader must set 2 parameters: The local time zone of the MT4 trading server (for example “0” if the server is located in London) and the time zone of the destination for which you want to calculate the pivot points (for example “+9”, for Tokyo trading time).

VAR Moving Average indicatorVar Moving Average (MT4, MT5) –

this indicator is based on the calculation of moving averages and changing time frames. The indicator looks for crossings and generates buy or sell signals. In addition, the current trend can be determined. If desired, one can also be informed acoustically about the signals.

ZigZagOn Parabolic IndicatorZigZagOnParabolic (MT4, MT5) –

improved version of the standard ZigZag indicator, which is based on the standard SAR indicator and detects and displays the extremes in the chart.

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