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OneUp Trader user ratings: $105
10 of 10 points 1 reviews
  • Price - 10/10
  • Offers - 10/10
  • Support - 10/10
  • Profit - 10/10

Facts about the company:

  • Type: Capital funding service
  • Minimum fee: $ 105/month
  • Contract size minimum: 3 contracts
  • Accounts: 10 different accounts
  • Markets: Futures


Comments Rating 10/10 (1 review)


  • Free NinjaTrader license
  • Supports a lot of different platforms
  • Cheap program
  • Fast funding
  • Up to 80% profit split


Introduction of OneUp Trader

What is OneUp Trading and what does it offer the trader to trade at OneUp? It is quite simply explained! OneUp Trading is a leveraged investor, which means you trade the company’s money and not your own money. This is a very good possibility for traders with little capital to participate in the future market. The idea behind it is not new and OneUp Trading is an established provider and has been active for a long time, especially internationally. It is possible with OneUp to open an account from almost every country around the globe and to keep it.

How does it work?

OneUp and most other debt providers have different rules to follow. We introduced Leeloo Trading on our page ( please set internal link ), here the rules are the easiest to follow. But we would like to introduce all serious providers so that you can decide what suits you best as a trader.

As with every provider OneUp has different models to choose from. The overview of the different accounts in detail here.

At first you choose between Novice and Expert, the accounts differ depending on the size and the monthly costs.

OneUp Trader novice account
OneUp Trader expert account

You can choose between a profit split on all accounts between 50 and 80 percent, most will probably take 80 swaggers. The monthly additional costs are kept within limits in contrast to the profit and it is much better to start with the 80 percent profit split than with 50 percent.

Most traders will start with the Novice experience, here you can see in detail what conditions you have to meet to get a paid account.

1) Maximum 3 contracts

2) 1.500 $ Profit Target – minimum for this are 15 trading days

3) 1.500$ Draw Down – this loss must never be reached

4) 500$ Daily Loss – if you reach an open loss in this amount you are disqualified

5) The first $5000 after reaching the target belongs 100% to the trader

6) 100$ for restarting on rule violation

7) 105$ monthly costs, including the data feed

The comparison to the highest level of OneUp is quite extreme and certainly not advisable for most people but we still want to introduce it.

Here you can see that the number of contracts and also the profit is much higher but you have to consider that 25 contracts in the future market have an enormous leverage.

What happens if I trade during news or hold overnight positions?

OneUp does NOT allow this ! If you log in to your dashboard you will be informed about the news where you are not allowed to trade. All positions must be closed before the

End of the trading day. However, almost all instruments are allowed except FDAX, this is only allowed if you have passed the account.

What does the Dahsboard look like ?

OneUp offers the best dashboard to track the current phase. The dashboard has all the features you need to see exactly where you stand.

OneUp Trader dashboard performance 1
OneUp Trader dashboard performance 2

Which trading platforms can I use with OneUp?

OneUp offers support for almost all trading platforms that exist on the market. The following platforms are supported

OneUp Trader platforms

The evaluation offers the possibility to get a FREE NinjaTrader license with which you can trade! The Trader doesn’t need a license, which is a great thing especially for those who are switching to NinjaTrader, because there are no extra costs when buying the software.

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