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In this article we present you 25 very special trading experiences of private traders, which they have gone through in their daily trading life.
In this blog post we have taken the trouble to interview some private traders and asked them about their personal trading experiences that they would like to share with us. What came to light is partly amusing, partly frightening and mostly connected with a lot of nodding.

If you haven’t had any contact with day trading or swing trading yet, let us tell you that trading is one of the most difficult professions in the world and over 90% of private traders fail after a few months.

Failure means that the saved trading capital was gambled away after a few trades. The account is empty, the money now has “someone else”, because on the stock market you can only win if someone else loses (and vice versa).

This is how it came about that some of the interviewed traders reported trading experiences that really got under your skin.

They were funny, sober but also sad statements, as you will see in the following.

25 special trading experiences of private traders:

  1. my first trade with options brought me 8000 EUR from 5000 EUR in 4 minutes 18 minutes later the money was gone. Everything…
  2. i have given up trading in derivatives because i burned about 22000 EUR and today i don’t know how it could have come to this. I must have been in a kind of trance for days.
  3. I am a trained banker and learned about warrants for the first time in vocational school. Together with 3 classmates we threw EUR 1000 together and bet on a biotech share, which was traded as a buy candidate in the shareholder. Unfortunately, after a few days, the time value became pitiless and the warrant became worthless. Only months later did I even understand how a warrant works.
  4. trading is like a drug. Once you are caught by the market, there is no going back. How do you make it stop? I still don’t know.
  5. I had to explain to the taxman what futures are and how to account for the losses of the last few years. I don’t think he’s got it yet.
  6. I started trading alongside my main job as a commercial clerk. On an autumn day I got really sick and was written off sick for 5 days. Instead of recovering, I tried to trade the DAX with knockouts. That went so badly that I felt worse and worse instead of better and so I was put on sick leave for another week.
  7. if you hang in front of the screen from 08 – 22 o’clock without a break, you shouldn’t be surprised if your family turns away from you at some point. Unfortunately it happened to me like that.
  8. from my first profit (approx. 12.000 DM) I made a 3-week journey through Andalusia. Until today it was a sum which I did not reach with one trade. I understood only late that it is not about the huge profits, but about small but steady profits.
  9. I worked as a working student in an investment bank. There were about 150 people sitting in the trading room and it was loud throughout. But despite the loud noise, one of the employees managed to silence the whole hall. He had thrown his screen out of frustration (5 minustrades in 2 hours)!
  10. after 6 months of successful trading I quit my job and worked as a full-time trader in my home. After a few weeks I had reduced the capital I had built up by 50%. Only after a short time out did I realize that this was due to my home. I simply needed the spatial separation between my leisure time and my trading job. In a rented office space I practically started from scratch and it helped a lot.
  11. on a volatile day I made 230 trades on the markets and was 190 times wrong. Then at 21:40 I made a trade on the DOW (dead tired and completely exhausted). I overdid my small account to such an extent that the existing amount had to be deposited completely as margin. After a few minutes I thought it was finally over, as the price had moved against me. But to my complete surprise, my account was in the black – and clearly. How could that be? Quite simple. I was already so exhausted with my nerves that I had confused buying and selling. Luck is with the stupid…
  12. I tried a strategy in backtesting and the results were terrific. This strategy would have yielded a 1200% return over the last 3 years. Unfortunately, “real” trading with real money gave a negative result. So backtesting doesn’t really have to mean much.
  1. people from my private life wanted to give me money to trade, although they didn’t know whether I was good at it. All they heard was that I often talked about the stock market and therefore had to know Unfortunately, greed is a widespread weakness.
  2. In my first year of trading, I traded gold long on 30 December. The price had been poor all year round and I thought that some big boys had not yet earned their annual bonus. Anyway, the plan worked out and I made 3000 EUR with two gold trades that day. A lot of money for a student.

15th I had a mentor who always said: “Get all the worms out of the chart! You can’t see anything because of all the colors.” He didn’t think much of super-indicators in any given time unit.

  1. Three years ago, I subscribed to a penny-stock market letter. A few months later, I followed up on a recommendation. It was a Canadian mining company. The trading volume was so low that I had to wait 3 days for a sale and only lost 40% due to the spread.

17th If I were to start trading again today and had no prior knowledge, I would probably fall for binary options.

  1. I believed I could trust a copy trader with my money. He had a very good performance so far. Since my entry into social trading, he has lost 77%. Unfortunately, so have I.
  2. Honestly, I ended up in the profit zone through a crazy short trade. I had opened an account with a broker and directly opened a short trade on oil. Shortly afterwards my laptop broke and I had no access for days. Somehow the whole trade was then forgotten. The trade ran and ran without me knowing it anymore. In the end, the expiration of the futures contract caused the trade to end. Conclusion: 322% profit.

20th I was on vacation with my wife in the USA and completely lost the thread due to the time difference. In addition, I had open positions that were strongly against me. After 4 days I noticed that my wife was really annoyed by my mood. Without further ado I closed all open positions. That was very reassuring in spite of the minus amount and the holiday was still nice.

  1. I received 5,000 DM from my parents at that time. I had a lucky hand with Spanish shares in the 80s and was able to triple the starting capital in 14 months. Until today I never had to borrow money from you or anyone else. Maybe it was a happy phase, maybe not 🙂

22nd In 1998 I was offered a securities loan from my bank to trade higher positions. The risk disclosure was a joke at that time. After 3 profit trades followed a really fat minus trade with credit financed volume. It took me over 7 years to pay off the loan.

  1. today’s time makes it easier for newcomers to trade with derivatives. A few years ago, my broker wanted to see at least a 10,000 EUR deposit so I could trade at all. Today, anyone can start with 100 EUR starting capital. The prerequisites for practicing have become much better, because if you are disciplined in trading a small account, you can also do it with a large account.

24th I started trading together with a friend. We had our own accounts and at the beginning we discussed what we wanted to trade. But with the weeks of trading he withdrew more and more. I wasn’t doing very well and I thought he was doing the same. I was right but it was even worse. 6 months after the start of our trading career, he revealed to me that he had gambled away his house and home. All his savings were gone and the house was auctioned off. The guilt still haunts me today.

  1. I started trading after the fall of the Wall. In 4 years, I made over 190,000 DM from 13,000 DM. Then I lost almost everything in my divorce. Shortly before the turn of the millennium I worked my way back up to 190,000 DM. The dotcom bubble took almost everything away from me again. Today I live from trading and can’t let anything be taken away from me…

These 25 inspiring trading experiences from private traders are unique. I would like to thank all traders who participated in this survey and share their experiences with us.

It shows you how close the joy and sorrow in trading are and that we should be grateful for every 1 EUR earned. Markets change, people change. The most important thing is not to forget the overall picture of why we trade and what purpose we pursue with it.

Good luck on your personal trading journey.

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