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Plus500 platforms & trading apps at a glance

The trading platform, which brokers use to enable their clients to actively trade, continues to be an important criterion for comparison. Behind every trading platform is a specific software whose main task is to offer the trader a trading interface that is as functional and easy to understand as possible, through which he can, for example, place his orders or manage his account. Professional traders in particular today place high demands on the trading platform and expect numerous features, comfortable handling and as many free additional functions as possible. For this reason, there are quite a few Forex brokers who adapt their trading platform at regular intervals and implement new features.

Plus500 offers several trading platforms:

Another important quality feature is that mobile trading is also possible in addition to a stationary trading platform. In this respect, more and more traders are making sure that the mobile trading platform in the form of the apps offered can be used by as many end devices as possible.

What services do traders expect from the trading platform?

As mentioned at the beginning, the vast majority of traders today expect various functions and thus services from a high-quality trading platform. It is therefore not surprising that in the area of Forex trading, the MetaTrader is still the world’s leading trading platform, which has been the case for more than five years now. The MetaTrader, as a trading software for all brokers, is characterized by many features and a very user-friendly handling. For an overview of all brokers who offer their clients trading via MetaTrader, please refer to our MetaTrader Broker Comparison. Via this, but also via numerous other trading platforms, clients can use the following functions for example:

  • Display of multiple charts
  • Trading from the chart
  • Display of real time courses
  • Account and portfolio management
  • Financial news
  • Retrieval of historical data
  • customizable designs and functions

These and other functions are extremely important for more and more traders, which in sum means that the trading platform is becoming increasingly important when comparing brokers.

Two stationary trading platforms at Broker plus500

With regard to the trading platforms offered by brokers, it is usually possible to divide them into two groups, namely the stationary and the mobile trading platform. The stationary trading platform simply refers to the trading platform that can be accessed from a home PC or even a notebook. The stationary trading platforms can also be divided into so-called desktop versions and WebTrader.

The Broker plus500 deliberately offers its customers both variants, i.e. both a desktop version and a web-based solution. The desktop version contains numerous functions, which are a bit more extensive in total than the WebTrader. However, for some traders a small shortcoming is that before using the trading interface, a download must be made and a software must be installed afterwards. This means that the trading platform can only be accessed from the device on which the download was previously carried out. For some traders, this is too inflexible, because then they cannot trade from another location, for example from a laptop, or they must have the software installed there as well.

For this reason, many traders do not opt for the desktop version of Broker plus500, but for the WebTrader as a browser-based alternative. The WebTrader is characterized by the fact that this trading platform can be accessed directly via the Broker from any PC or laptop with internet access. The WebTrader itself contains numerous functions, such as the display of several charts, real-time quotes are displayed and of course the trader has the possibility to view his complete account and portfolio data for the present and the past at any time. One-click trading is also possible via the broker’s trading platform.

Mobile trading with Broker plus500

In addition to the desktop version and the WebTrader, the broker plus500 provides its customers with a third trading interface, namely a mobile trading platform. A positive aspect in this respect is that mobile trading is not only available for iPhone and iPad as well as for Android devices. You can access the mobile trading platform via app even if you have a device that uses Windows as operating system. Thus, there are three different operating systems in total that are compatible with the mobile trading platform of Broker plus500.

Via the corresponding apps, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google PlayStore, for example, you can now trade over 1,000 CFDs on a wide range of underlyings. In terms of functions, we have been able to gain the impression in the past that an estimated 70 percent of all features that can be used via the stationary trading platform can also be accessed via the mobile version. In addition, the apps provide customers with news, such as financial news and important real-time prices.

Conclusion on trading platforms & apps

On the positive side, we believe that the trading platforms offered by Broker plus500 are extremely clearly arranged. Three versions are available, namely a desktop version, a WebTrader and a mobile trading platform. All three alternatives are characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness and numerous features, so that the comparison point platforms should certainly speak for the broker in the sum total. Of course, Plus500’s trading platforms do not have the same range of functions as MetaTrader Broker, but the user-friendliness of the trading platforms is clearly in the foreground.

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