Plus500 demo account

Plus500 demo account – trading platform for short-term investments

Plus500 is a Forex and CFD broker that provides a global trading facility. The company has been headquartered in London since its foundation in 2008. CFD trading is now handled by the subsidiary Plus500CY Ltd. CFD trading is based on financial instruments such as forex, commodities, stocks, indices and options. Currencies and, for some time now, crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, are also tradable with the online broker. The CFDs that are offered are derivatives. Therefore, it is not the respective asset that is bought, but rather a contract with which the underlying assets are bet on their performance. In 2013, the Plus500 company went public. The first sale of its own shares took place on the London Stock Exchange. Plus500 has a high media presence. The CFD broker describes itself as “the online trading module” that spans the globe – reliable, innovative and very simple.

The advantages and disadvantages of Plus500

  • +Minimum deposit of only 100 Euro
  • +CFDs as well as foreign exchange are traded
  • +more than 1000 tradable underlyings
  • +Regulation by the British tax authorities FCA
  • +Trading via App possible
  • +free Plus500 demo account with unlimited usage
  • +maximum lever: 1:30
  • -Spread on majors from 2 pips
  • -few opportunities for further training

At Plus500, traders will find a reliable, stable and well-structured trading platform that is easy for traders to navigate. Whether on their home computer or using the app, traders can enjoy the same features and benefits wherever they are. There is a clear design, easy account management, secure deposits and withdrawals and fast trading. The app for iOS and Android can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app store. The application requires little memory space and can also be used on older devices. Since Plus500 is regulated by FCA and CySEC, the broker is subject to EU directives. Opening an account with Plus500 is very simple. The Broker also offers a free, unlimited Plus500 demo account. The minimum deposit when opening an account is 100 Euro. There is a customer support service to resolve all questions and problems as quickly as possible.


Fees and costs can repeatedly occur, which reduce the returns. At Plus500 the costs incurred are as follows:

  • no commission per transaction, but a small surcharge
  • no service fees
  • for dormant accounts a monthly fee of 10 Euro is charged
  • for leveraged products, a margin of at least 3.33 percent of equity is charged
  • No commissions or commissions on incoming and outgoing payments
  • Minimum deposit of 100 Euro
  • When opening an account, you can choose between Plus 500 Demo or real money account
  • Account for professional, elective traders without ESMA leverage restriction
  • Trading App for Android and iOS

The online broker allows traders to trade commodities such as silver and gold, CFDs, foreign exchange, stocks and indices almost continuously, after the minimum deposit of 100 euros into the customer account. To try out trading, it is worthwhile to use the demo account.


For traders, Plus500 offers an all-round carefree package in terms of regulation and security. The online broker is one of the best known through which German clients trade. The seriousness of the company is demonstrated by its compliance with international trading standards. Plus500UK Ltd. is regulated by the FCA. Behind the abbreviation hides the Financel Conduct Aurority, the financial supervision of Great Britain. The supervision of Plus500CY Ltd. is the responsibility of CySEC. The abbreviation stands for Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commissions. Both companies have their own license number with the respective supervisory authority. These two authorities ensure that European minimum standards are met. The minimum standards include membership in the Investors Compensation Fund. The Investors Compensation Fund is a deposit insurance association to ensure that credit balances and client funds in client accounts are secure. Even if the online broker gets into trouble, the deposits on the trader’s account remain securely protected against seizure and other misuse.

As a regulated broker, Plus500’s client funds and corporate funds are held separately at leading European banks. This means maximum security for the trader’s deposits. In the event of any legal disputes, these will be heard in European courts. As a result, Plus500’s security is significantly higher than that of online brokers based in Asia or the Caribbean. Plus500AU Pty Ltd is regulated by the Australian financial regulator ASIC, which has established itself as a trusted regulator.

The following factors also speak for Plus500’s reliability:

  • The broker’s own assets are used for hedging
  • no speculative positions are taken on the market
  • there is no burden of government or corporate debt
  • no investments are made with the assets of clients

Our Plus500 experiences at a glance

If you would like to start trading Forex, forex, commodities, stocks and CFDs, you should first open a Plus500 Forex Demo Account or a Plus500 CFD Demo Account to gain initial experience in trading before starting real money trading. The Plus500 Demo Account allows traders to try different trading options and gain experience. The demo version allows traders to learn the features and procedures of trading, especially when trading is completely new territory. The demo account also offers many advantages for experienced traders, as it allows them to test new methods to optimize trading. The demo version is completely free of charge and is available to anyone, whether new or existing customer, with no time limit.

The registration is quickly completed with just a few details. There is a registration form on the Plus500 website, where you will find complete details of

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Password

can be made. In order to complete the registration process, all that is missing is the tick with which the general terms and conditions are to be accepted. If the choice falls first on the demo account, the trader will receive a virtual credit of 20,000 euros credited to the demo account. If the money is used up, the account can be recharged. Our demo account experience at Plus500 has shown that there are unfortunately no additional training materials that are very helpful for beginners in trading. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not hesitate to make improvements at this point.


The company, with subsidiaries in the UK, Cyprus and Australia, offers traders a wide range of trading goods for real money trading. This is one reason why Plus500 is so successful. Investors can choose from 53 forex pairs, 18 indices, 12 commodities and more than 600 stocks available for trading. This results in many different stock market situations and opportunities to invest money, generate nice returns and increase profits.

Traders also have the opportunity to trade with 20 different funds, all of which are listed on the stock exchange. A high diversification is guaranteed. There are hardly any other online brokers who can offer such a wide range of assets. The trading hours at Plus500 are the same as the trading hours of the world’s stock exchanges. Forex and commodities are traded during the week from Monday to Friday. Stocks and CFDs are traded from morning to night. Because markets are open globally with a time lag and are traded internationally, trading is available almost around the clock.


Trading CFDs is another investment opportunity that has the potential for high returns, but can also result in equally high losses. Trading is done over the counter. The trader speculates on a rising or falling price. This can be done by using a special market or other instruments such as indices, stocks or commodities to estimate whether the price will rise or fall. A product that is subject to the price is not bought. Various crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash are also traded on the digital marketplaces. Since CFD trading relies on price fluctuations, terms like go long and go short fall. Going long means betting on a rising price and going short means betting on a falling price. With CFDs a lot can happen from buy to sell. If the trader has bet on a rising price and this scenario occurs, he generates nice profits. On the other hand, a misjudgement leads to losses.


Forex trading is a specialty of Plus500. This trading opportunity is characterized by high price fluctuations, which, however, provide a variety of trading opportunities. The currency market is available to traders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can trade currency pairs at any time of the day or night. Forex trading does not look at long-term trends, but rather refers to short-term fluctuations in the market, on which the trader makes an assessment. There is a lever, also known as leverage. It is used to generate maximum returns, and at Plus500 it is at a maximum of 1:30.


Options on individual stocks and indices can be traded on Plus500 as CFDs. There is the possibility of using a leverage of 1:5. Traders only need to deposit 20 percent of the total value traded as margin. When trading options, guaranteed stops provide better risk management. This means that a position is automatically closed at the exact price that the trader has previously set. In addition, price alerts can be used or OR functions such as trading stop and stop loss can be accessed. Trading with options can be tested in the same way as trading with other underlying instruments via the demo account, as the Plus500 demo account experience has shown us.

There are 12 different indices and stocks available for trading with options. The trader has a nice choice with regard to the strike price within the individual underlying asset. This allows the trader to implement trading strategies and find out when it makes sense to buy options at what strike price.

There is the minimum margin level, which represents the capital that should always be maintained in order to hold the open position. Traders can find out on the trading platform under “Details” what minimum margin requirement should be available for a particular instrument. The demo account experience is a good thing when trading options.

Open a demo account with Plus500 – it’s easy

To open a demo account with Plus500, you must first read the agreements, provide an email address and set a password. Once registration is complete, the trader will be able to use the demo account. This is very useful for learning how to trade in the Forex market. Because there are not only great opportunities of nice returns, but also just as many risks. Therefore, it makes sense to use it to familiarize yourself with trading. Users learn how spread and price formation work. There are 20,000 virtual euros to try out. As the broker calculates trades made, traders can quickly estimate the difference between buy and sell price.

It can be tested on the trading platform and find out which positions open in a timely manner, whether there are delays or complications. At the same time, a test of the chosen strategy can take place.

By the way: Support also helps with questions and problems concerning the demo account. The employees respond to the traders and provide them with advice and support. Basically, the demo version hardly differs from the live version. Traders are well prepared for the later change to the live version if they want to trade with real money, as the functionality is already known.

Due to the system expansion at Plus500, all Plus T trading accounts will gradually be upgraded to gold accounts. This will give traders a different unit for the trading volume and a 5 percent discount on all fees incurred for overnight funding.

  • the Plus500 demo account is available in PC, download and mobile versions
  • the opening is free
  • unlimited use
  • the deposit of the virtual credit can be changed afterwards
  • there are real conditions for practising
  • unfortunately there are hardly any educational offers


The online broker deals with all cost aspects in an open and transparent manner, so that customers know directly what to expect when trading. Opening an account with Plus500 is free and there are no account management fees. Anyone who is inactive for more than 90 days will have to pay a monthly inactivity fee of 10 euros. The trader is only asked to cash in when positions are actually opened actively. The broker has a cost model for this. This model is based on the fact that the difference between the buy and sell price of a spread is the central point. No commissions are due for individual trades.

For example, if a trader wants to open a call position on USD/EUR and the Plus500 offer on this position is 1.3000 for opening, the trader would receive a price of 1.299 for selling. So the spread is 1 pip.

The size of the spread also depends on the trading time. There are also underlying instruments with a minimum spread. Even without registering, customers can view the detailed view of the relevant underlyings. There is not only information on the current price, but also the spread and details of the initial margin.


Traders’ deposits are insured by the statutory deposit insurance scheme up to an amount of GBP 50,000 per investor. This is quite interesting when assessing the online broker, as it increases confidence. However, it is clear that the deposit insurance only applies to the account balance. Any losses resulting from trading in foreign exchange or CFDs are not covered. Plus500 Ltd is listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. Listing on the exchange provides additional security for traders. This is because listed companies have to comply with strict regulations. These include annual reports, turnover and balance sheets, which must be disclosed. Therefore, not only the FCA has a supervisory function, but also the stock exchange supervisory authority.


No fees are charged for deposits and withdrawals. In the same way, the Broker assumes the costs for payments made with a credit card. Yields earned will not be reduced even with the payout. In order for deposits to be made, it is necessary to provide some personal information. The company would like to know from the trader what the general experience with trading is. In addition, the trader is asked what his or her assets look like, whether he or she is willing to take risks and what planned amount is to be invested. Based on this information, Plus500 will decide whether the investor will be approved for leveraged CFD trading. Those who have passed the verification process positively now have an account to start trading.

After the verification process, a payment method can be selected. Plus500 offers customers the option of depositing via credit card, SEPA wire transfer or Paypal and Skrill. If Paypal is used for deposits, the process must be completed through the e-wallet website.

Conditions at Plus500

The terms and conditions of Plus500 are very customer-friendly. The relatively low minimum deposit of 100 euros is pleasing, as this investment can also be made by small investors. Just as customer-friendly are the small transaction sizes. They only amount to one lot, i.e. 1,000 currency units. A maximum leverage of 1:30 is calculated, and only a small amount of capital is used to trade in euros, for example. The spread on majors, i.e. on world currencies such as the US dollar, Swiss franc or euro, starts at 2 pips on average. This is significantly more than with other online brokers. If you want to trade with exotic currencies, spreads can sometimes be 10 pips or more. There is a maximum allowed amount of 40,000 euros. In order to withdraw money from your Plus500 account, a withdrawal must be ordered. A copy of your passport is required for this.


If you want to be always up to date and place an order on the go, the Plus500 app is the perfect solution. It is available for iOS and Android and can be easily downloaded to smartphones and tablets from the respective app store. The online broker’s website provides all the important information for downloading. Since the program is web-based, it can also be conveniently accessed via the browser without having to perform an installation first. Thanks to numerous features and simple operation, traders can quickly obtain information about trades and prices, call up news and view chart analyses. Even beginners will find their way around very well, as the app is designed to be intuitive and simple.

In the desktop version, traders will find the menu on the left side, where the tab for trading is also located. In the same way, an order overview and already closed positions as well as the account balance can be viewed there. Even though Plus500 offers a detailed video introduction, the range of support and learning material can still be expanded. Other online brokers offer various e-books, webinars and tutorials.


For many traders, customer service is an important aspect to be supported by helpful staff when questions or problems arise. Plus500 support is available via email and online chat. According to the online broker, the service is available to traders 24/7, 365 days a year. Unfortunately there is no telephone hotline. Registered customers can reach a contact person via the chat function, who usually also speaks German.

Another option for traders is the FAQ area with extensive information. Many questions and problems can already be solved by the more than 50 answers. Traders will also find an explanation of their own business model, references to valid licenses and the security mechanisms for customer funds explained in more detail.

Conclusion: Our Plus500 experience

At Plus500, traders can rely on the seriousness of the company. The online broker falls under the jurisdiction of the FCA and provides deposit protection that is subject to CySEC regulation and ASIC supervision. This provides the best conditions for safe trading.

The numerous trading goods, which clearly differ from other brokers, have a positive effect. The large selection of assets includes 53 Froex pairs, 12 commodities, 18 indices and more than 600 stocks from which the trader can choose, enter into trading, make money and increase profits.

There are also around 20 different funds that can be traded, all of which are listed on the stock exchange. While CFD trading is not without risk, it allows for high returns to be generated when traders can keep an eye on prices through the real-time financial chart. Deposits and withdrawals are done quickly. With the free, unlimited demo account, newcomers and experienced traders have great opportunities to practice CFD trading or try new strategies.

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