ROInvesting demo account overview

With a trading account with ROinvesting, clients can access a wide range of trading opportunities. The online broker is based in Cyprus and is regulated by the Cyprus Financial Services Authority. Those who are not yet sure whether ROinvesting’s services and conditions match their own requirements can learn about the trading conditions risk-free via the demo account. Registration for a live or demo account is free of charge with ROinvesting without the normal minimum deposit of 250 Euros/US-Dollars. The advantages of using such an account are discussed in the following article:

  • Open a live or demo account
  • Free registration
  • Test trading conditions without risk
  • Comprehensive training
Registration form for opening an account

Is there a demo account with ROinvesting?

A demo account is a useful tool to get your first experience with Forex and CFD trading. A look at the broker’s services reveals whether a demo account is available free of charge. However, the ROinvesting demo account is not available at first sight. With ROinvesting, it is possible to open a live or demo account, which is indicated next to the online registration form. On the website itself, there is only a button that forwards to the account opening. During service hours, inquiries can be made to customer support.

Open a new account with one click

Not every trader has been able to acquire knowledge about Forex and CFD trading, so the demo account is a useful way to familiarize yourself with the subject. Trading with leverage brings with it both opportunities and risks. In order to be able to assess both aspects, it is important to fully understand how leverage works. Traders can use a demo account to get an impression of the range of functions and learn how a position is opened and closed.

Many brokers in the market offer interested clients with a training area where knowledge can be expanded. A range of services that also includes a demo account will certainly prove to be particularly customer-friendly. By using such an account, beginners can practice the safe handling of the functions in order to be able to use them correctly when trading via the live account. Traders can prepare for trading not only through a training area but also through a demo account.

Contact Customer Service for questions

If you would like to find out more about the different types of accounts, you can also contact customer service. The customer service can be reached via different ways and this during the service hours from Monday to Friday from 06:00 am to 7:00 pm (CET). Service hours for Saturdays and Sundays are not listed. Quite a few people would like to clarify their concerns in a telephone conversation with a support employee. A German telephone number is provided, which should be helpful for many interested traders.

A variety of contact options

Furthermore, the postal address and an e-mail contact can be found under the contact channels. A live chat is available as well as a contact form. Thus, ROinvesting offers the usual channels to contact customer service. The broker also offers international websites in different languages. Even if there is no comprehensive information available for the ROinvesting Demo Account, the information provided on the offer is good overall.

For private customers, a look at the trading conditions and possible levers is provided. A demo account is another way to familiarize yourself with the trading conditions. For private customers, the leverage restriction applies, so that a maximum of 30 levers can be selected. Professional clients trading via ROinvesting have access to leverage of up to 500.

Advantages for beginners and professionals

In order for the ROinvesting demo account to be available quickly, the account opening should only take a short time. The test phase via the demo account should not only be free of charge but ideally also without obligation. When using the demo, the amount of virtual credit does not play an insignificant role. If higher stakes are planned when trading via the live account, these should also be realizable via the demo account. The demo account can bring advantages for both beginners and professionals.

Try out strategies with the demo account before using them on a live account

Those who are not yet familiar with the trading conditions can explore them via the demo account. In addition, new strategies can be tried out via the demo before using them via the live account. Some traders use a demo account parallel to the live account to always have the opportunity to test strategies without risk. With a ROinvesting Test Account, there is another advantage in that users can get involved with chart analysis.

There are different chart types that differ from each other not only because of the way they are displayed. If the price analysis is to be carried out using a chart, it is of interest to be able to read the displayed information correctly. For example, a candlestick chart, which is similar to a candle, shows opening and closing prices as well as highs and lows. Chart analysis can be used to derive buy and sell signals.

Demo available for Webtrader

A trading platform with a comprehensive range of functions offers far more possibilities than just placing orders. With ROinvesting, customers can participate in Forex and CFD trading via the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4. MT 4 has a user-friendly interface and numerous tools for technical analysis. Technical indicators are also included in the functional scope. Users also have the possibility to create their own indicators free of charge. The platform also offers various chart types, analytical objects and:

  • Real time quotes
  • Trading signals
  • Easy order entry
Try out the webtrader with a demo account

In order to use MetaTrader 4 via the desktop, the corresponding software must first be downloaded and installed. The software is available for download for Windows. Besides the desktop version, the trading platform can also be accessed via the Webtrader, which does not require download and installation. For the Webtrader there is a demo account with limited duration. The ROinvesting demo for the Webtrader can be used for 14 days.

The use of the demo is risk-free, as only virtual amounts can be used for trades. Users can try out all functions without risk and additionally prepare for trading with real money. Especially for beginners, a longer demo period is certainly useful so that the trading environment can be tested extensively. There is no information on whether the demo account duration can be extended upon request from customer support.

Extend knowledge through training

There are different ways to improve your knowledge of trading CFDs and Forex. The ROinvesting demo account is only one possibility. Among the services offered by ROinvesting, there is also a training area, which includes numerous learning contents. Different courses, which are not only tailored for beginners, are only a part of the training possibilities.

Educate yourself on various channels

In addition, a course for advanced traders is also provided, which deals with specific trading tools. Furthermore, the training area contains more than 10 e-books, which provide valuable information on market analysis, capital management, and more. In addition, the Broker provides instructive content through the following channels:

  • Video
  • Tutorials
  • Glossary

The tutorials deal with the trading platform MetaTrader 4 and the MT 4 App. With the help of the tutorials, interested traders can find out what MetaTrader 4 is. If you are overwhelmed with certain technical terms, you can use the provided glossary for help. Here you can find numerous technical terms with explanations. On the financial markets, there is sometimes a lot of movement. ROinvesting also offers an economic calendar so that traders can keep up to date on important events. The economic calendar also provides information about the importance of the respective event and also shows a forecast.

ROinvesting Live Account – three account levels available

Before trading on the live account, traders should consider the different account levels to make the appropriate choice. ROinvesting has three account levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The account levels differ in the services they offer. In addition, the account level is also of interest in terms of selectable leverage and spread. For example, the spread for the major pair EUR/USD is 2.2 pips for the Silver account version and 0.7 pips for Platinum.

Start trading professionally

In terms of services, customers with a Silver account can benefit from 10 hours of full support, but do not get access to free VPS, as is the case with a Platinum account. In addition, the Gold and Platinum account options include a swap discount, which does not apply to the Silver account. For the Platinum account, the swap discount is even 50%. In addition, an information service is also available with this account model.

Professional clients can trade Forex through the Silver account model with a leverage of up to 200. Whereas the maximum leverage is 400 with the platinum account level. In order to trade as a professional-client via ROinvesting, a corresponding application must be submitted. The online form can be found on the website. Certain conditions must be met to trade as a professional client.

What asset classes does the trading offer include?

Each trader has individual preferences. Quite a few traders have an extensive trading offer in mind, from which promising instruments for CFD trading can be selected. When trading CFDs, you participate in the performance of the underlying instrument. Some traders have chosen to trade in specific asset classes or industries, so this should be an attractive choice. If you click through the ROinvesting demo account, you can also familiarize yourself with the trading offer. The trading opportunities include a wide range of instruments from the following asset classes, among others:

  • Foreign exchange
  • Shares
  • Raw materials
  • Indices
Trade different assets

Tradable commodities include well-known values such as gold and crude oil. Among the indices, the Dax should not be missing, of course. In addition, the list of stocks is also quite respectable. Via the demo account, users can test how the instrument they are looking for can be found quickly and added to the order. In addition to the above-mentioned underlying, the trading offer also includes crypto pairs such as XRP/EUR and LTC/EUR.

The market for crypto-currencies is interesting for some traders because of the sometimes enormous price fluctuations. However, the risks here also prove to be high. To protect private customers, only low leverage can be chosen here. How the desired or available leverage can be set is also important to know before the first order is placed.

Start trading via live account

The main difference between the demo account and the live account is that the live account is used for real money. With the ROinvesting Forex demo account, users do not have to worry about losing real capital if the order is closed as a loss position. As a result, it is quite possible that the demo account will be riskier than the live account. Emotions such as fear are usually left out when trading via the demo account, as there is no risk.

Emotions should not be involved in trading

When trading via the live account begins, traders should be aware that emotions can lead to deviating from the strategy they have developed. Those who want to make quick money by trading CFDs take unnecessary risk, which is often far above their personal risk appetite. Various factors such as the individual risk appetite and the investment goal are incorporated into the trading strategy.

Through emotions such as greed, for example, unfavorable decisions can be made that deviate from the previously sensibly developed strategy. In order not to put themselves under too much pressure, many a trader starts trading with low stakes and less risk. Although the ROinvesting Demo is a helpful way to learn about the trading conditions, emotions are an aspect that becomes relevant through the live account and should not be ignored.

How to open the live account?

With ROinvesting there are no fees for custody account management as long as the account is actively used. The broker is one of the providers in the market where there is an inactivity fee. When the inactivity fee is charged is listed in the Price and Service Schedule. However, before trading can even be started, an account must be opened. Overall, opening an account is not very time-consuming and can easily be done step by step. In order to open a trading account with ROinvesting, you must be of legal age. In the first step of the registration process, personal data must be provided, including

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Country of residence
  • E-mail address
Signing in after registration

SSL encryption is used to protect the data transfer. The Broker is regulated within Europe and, in the interest of customer security, must ensure that customer accounts are kept separate from company assets. After successful account opening and verification, the trading account can be capitalised. For this purpose the broker accepts different payment methods.

When it comes to the ROinvesting demo account, the capitalization is not important, because the demo account does not need to be filled with real money. With ROinvesting, payment methods such as MasterCard and Visa are among the options. In addition, deposits to the demo account can also be made via Maestro, for example.

Trade on the international capital markets via trading app

For traders, a mobile trading app is also an important topic when it comes to flexible trading on the capital markets. The ROinvesting Demo Account is the first step to get to know the user interface. ROinvesting’s mobile app is equipped with a user-friendly interface, which is also clearly displayed via smartphone and tablet. The ROinvesting app is available for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. The app is available for download at Google Play and in the App Store.

Trading via app

If you have installed the app on your mobile device, you can watch the market happenings on the go. Those who want to be kept up to date on what’s happening at the markets can access market news via the app. In addition, users can view the app to see how orders are developing. Furthermore, account management via the app from ROinvesting also works well.

The app is a useful alternative to access the trading platform, especially for traders who spend little time in front of the PC. Those who keep an eye on the market can take advantage of promising opportunities. Traders can use the app to react quickly and place trades. The app’s range of functions is also impressive.

Differences with demo accounts on the market

How the services around the demo account are presented depends on the respective provider. It is certainly important that the demo account is free of charge and without obligation. The fact that a demo account is provided with a limited duration is rather common. Also, the ROinvesting demo is provided with a limited runtime, which users should consider. For traders with only a little time, a demo duration of 14 days can be rather short in order to get to know all functions. In the service offers of various brokers, however, there are also demo accounts without a limited duration. In most cases, these accounts can be used in parallel to the live account.

Combine the use of a demo account with further education

In the conditions of various brokers, it is expressly pointed out that an extension of the term can be requested from customer service, which is customer-oriented. The different demo accounts can differ in the amount of virtual credit. For financially strong traders it is relevant when using a demo that sufficiently high virtual amounts can be available.

Thus, similar investment amounts can be used as foreseen in the strategy for the live account. The functional scope of the live account does not always correspond to the functions of the demo account. The demo account should also have the same functions as the live account as far as possible so that users can prepare themselves well for using the trading platform.

Find entry into CFD trading via demo account

The interest rates on many overnight and fixed-term deposits are unpleasantly low in the course of the low-interest phase. As a result, many investors are looking for alternatives to invest capital. Unlike an overnight deposit, speculative trading with CFDs carries risks. However, CFD trading can also generate attractive profits if the CFD position performs well. Who is ready to take a certain risk, but is not yet sure whether CFDs are a suitable financial product, can collect impressions about the demo account.

Many options to trade CFDs

If the processes are understood, a first assessment can be made. CFD trading is not suitable for every trader, even though many traders are interested in it nowadays. Also, as far as the amount of the investment is concerned, traders can try out the demo account. Unlike various training materials, the handling of the demo account is not dry.

Users can actively try out the functions and place trades. Courses can be observed and analyzed using the available tools and features. Good money and risk management can also prove important for trading CFDs. In speculative trading, only money should be used whose loss can be absorbed. When trading CFDs, there are several important parameters, including choosing the right position size.

Conclusion of the ROinvesting demo account

With a live account with ROinvesting, clients can participate in trading on the financial markets via the well-known trading platform MetaTrader 4. In addition, the broker presents the web trader via which trading is also possible. In order for interested traders to get a first impression of the trading conditions, an associated demo account is offered.

Use the demo account for the MetaTrader4 trading platform

The demo duration is limited to 14 days so that traders do not have too long to test the trading platform. If you are interested in trading CFDs and Forex, a demo account will give you the opportunity to get your first experience. Traders cannot lose real money through a demo account, as only positions with virtual amounts can be opened. The demo account allows you to learn how to use the functions.

In order to support customers in trading, ROinvesting offers not only a demo but also various training courses. The contents are taught via e-books, tutorials, and courses. The service offer of the broker is well-positioned. Customer service is available by phone, e-mail, or live chat to assist with any queries. For quite a few, CFD trading is a completely new topic, so that knowledge must first be acquired. For this purpose, an extensive training area of the broker can be useful, but certainly also a demo account.

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