ROinvesting: Detailed Review and User-ratings

ROinvesting user-ratings: $250
9.1 of 10 points 1 reviews
  • Asset varierity - 10/10
  • Trading platform - 10/10
  • Support - 8.5/10
  • Fees - 8.5/10
  • Deposit/Withdrawal - 8.5/10

Facts about the company:

  • Type: Forex and CFD broker
  • Regulation: CySEC (Cyprus)
  • Minimum deposit: 250 dollars
  • Demo account: free
  • Markets: 10,000+ Forex, CFD’s, crypto currency, indices, shares, commodities
Comments Rating 9.1/10 (1 review)


  • Demo account is available for testing
  • Over 10,000 markets tradable
  • Various account models with numerous extras
  • Spreads from 0.0 pips
  • Extensive further education area and news free of charge


  • A demo account can only be used for 14 days
  • Information deficits in payment services and payments

ROinvesting CFD experience: A young broker with a modern look!

ROinvesting experiences we have gained during our test with over 10.000 global markets, three account models, and interesting spreads. The first feedback: The broker is still young, but has a lot of potentials and shows itself in a fresh, modern look. Investors can not only trade countless CFDs but also take advantage of attractive conditions. In our opinion, ROinvesting is also at the forefront of knowledge transfer, as the broker offers courses, tutorials, and much more completely free of charge. In addition, there are numerous services, such as daily summaries of the markets or tools and indicators; also free of charge. We show how our impression of the CFD Broker was in the individual categories and also honestly reveal the categories with potential for improvement.

CFD trading offer: more than 10,000 global markets

We pass on our ROinvesting experience at this point and concentrate mainly on contracts for difference. The broker offers CFDs on more than 10,000 global markets. Traders can choose from various assets:

  • Foreign exchange
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Raw materials
  • Shares

The proportion of Forex CFDs is particularly large, as traders can invest in many major currencies, secondary currencies, and exotics. Above all, the selection of currency pairs to the main currencies is extensive, which means higher liquidity and thus less risk for the investors. However, Contracts for Difference are of course always associated with increased risk, which investors can see from the numerous warnings on the Website.

The information received from the broker is also repeatedly used as information. More than 30 Forex CFDs are offered, whereby the trading conditions and trading hours vary considerably.

CFDs on crypto-pairs
The offer of crypto-pairs is also interesting, as investors can also use contracts for difference. They do not need a wallet or have to purchase the digital currencies directly, but can simply speculate on price developments. The most popular cryptocurrencies are available, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ripple, and there are also several exotic cryptocurrencies that can be traded against USD or EUR. In total, according to our experience, there are more than 25 CFDs on the various crypto pairs.

CFDs on indices
Trading contracts for differences in indices is also possible with the broker. More than 20 of the world’s most famous indices are available at attractive conditions, including

  • DAX 30
  • DOW 30
  • IBEX 35
  • NASDAQ 100
  • SP 500

CFDs on raw materials
The range of contracts for differences in commodities is also extensive. For example, investors can trade cotton, corn, coffee, cocoa, sugar, and other coveted commodities. Even orange juice, soybeans, copper, or oil are available. In our experience, the range of products includes more than 15 commodity CFDs.

Equity CFDs in focus
In the ROinvesting Test, we looked at the equity CFD offers, because the choice is enormous. Investors can trade American, Australian, or European securities on CFDs, with the focus on the American and European offerings. The selection includes more than 50 equity CFDs. With the numerous CFD opportunities, investors have the opportunity to diversify their portfolio in the best possible way and spread the risk on different assets.

Raw material15+
Crypto currency25+
Number of options

CFD trading conditions: different levers and trading hours

With ROinvesting, private investors can operate with a maximum leverage of 1:30, while professional investors have much higher leverage available. However, they must also have the necessary expertise and a certain amount of equity capital in order to use the leverage. Let us take a look at the conditions for private investors.

Conditions for Forex CFDs
As far as conditions are concerned, we are again looking at the individual assets, as there are significant differences in trading times and levers. If you want to trade Forex Majors, as a private trader you can use a leverage of a maximum of 1:30. For the secondary currencies, it is 1:20. The trading times are also variable so that investors can trade from Monday to Friday (GMT+3) at the broker Forex CFDs in the time of (mostly) 0:00 clock to 24 clocks. However, some currency pairs, including EURSGD, are an exception; trading is possible from Monday to Friday between 2:00 am and 9:00 pm. There is no trading on weekends, as the exchanges are closed. The ROinvesting Test experience also shows that there are other differences in the trading hours of Forex CFDs; for example, XAUUSD can be traded from 1:00 am to midnight Monday through Friday.

Further levers in the ROInvesting Test
Of course, we also looked at the other conditions in the test. It is noticeable that private investors can also use index CFDs as well as Gold CFDs with a maximum leverage of 1:20. Those who trade commodity CFDs (except gold) can only use maximum leverage of 1:1. Maximum leverage is 1:5 for single stock stock CFDs and 1:2 for crypto-currency CFDs. The broker thus complies with the legal adjustments of ESMA regarding leverage.

Swap fees for business customers
investing experience shows that swap fees (according to the broker’s statement) are only available for business customers. They vary depending on the account model and the tradable CFDs. Private investors do not have to deal with these additional costs, not even when keeping a trading account. The latter is provided free of charge for private investors.

Become a professional trader
While many CFD brokers focus primarily on private investors, ROinvesting is different. Although there are many offers for private traders, the ambitious and professional traders are also particularly encouraged. Those who want to trade professionally enjoy a special service with the broker and can act with higher leverage. In order to benefit from this, investors must submit a request to support and prove their qualifications for professional trading. Once this is confirmed, traders receive a personal account manager, higher leverage and even VIP training with trading professionals at the highest level. However, the professional traders then have to cope with the higher risk and possibly higher losses. That is why there are these strict requirements for registration as a professional trader: to protect private investors in the best possible way.

Max leverage (private investors)1:30
DAX spread1
Minimum deposit250 dollars
Mini-contractsNo information available

Regulation & deposit protection: CySEC-regulated broker

ROinvesting is based in Cyprus and is therefore regulated by the Cyprus Financial Supervisory Authority. This provides investors with a regulatory environment for their activities, as brokers must meet strict requirements to obtain and maintain their license. These include keeping broker-owned funds separate from client funds. In the event of insolvency, customers’ funds are thus protected and are not used to satisfy creditors’ claims. In addition, there is a deposit guarantee of up to 23717 dollars per customer.

Licensed bank and partners
The broker relies on partners who are also regulated and have deposit protection at the banks that manage the accounts. This ensures that the customers’ liquid funds are safely deposited with the banks. There is also security in the transactions, as they are carried out in encrypted form via SSL connection using the latest technology.

Data protection regulations are observed
Personal data is also stored in encrypted form by the Broker, so that third parties cannot access it. Processing is only carried out for internal purposes, so that investors agree to the data protection regulations when registering and, if requested, can gain insight into the stored data by the support team. Customers can also request that their stored data be deleted by the Broker. However, this is only possible if the account is liquidated and a certain blocking period has expired. Due to legal regulations, ROinvesting is obliged to keep the personal data for a certain period of time (even after deletion).

Regulatory authority: CySEC
Deposit insurance:23717 dollars

Accounts & Accounts: the 3 trading accounts of ROinvesting

Investors can choose between different account models at ROinvesting. The standard account for private investors is available from a minimum deposit of 250 dollars. In addition, there are further account levels, which differ as follows:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The main difference between the three account levels lies in the spreads and services. In the test, we saw that there is hardly any information about the details without login. Instead, investors are referred to customer support, which is only available Monday to Friday between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. Anyone who has questions about the account models in addition to this must be patient until availability, as there are no explanations in the FAQ area either.

Silver account presented
The Silver Account is the most expensive of the other account models. For example, investors pay a spread of 2.2 pips to trade EUR/USD. For GBP/USD it is even 2.8 pips. There are also differences in maximum leverage (for professional traders): For the Silver account, it is 1:200 for Forex and 1:50 for Gold and Silver as well as Indices and Commodities. For shares/dividend securities there is maximum leverage of 1:20 for professional traders on the Silver account. However, there is no personal account manager or access to videos or webinars.

Gold account
The Gold Account is recommended for traders who want personal customer support and the use of training courses. With the Gold Account this is possible without any problems in comparison to the Silver Account. The spreads are also more attractive, as investors can trade EUR/USD for example with 1.3 pips. There are also differences in the maximum leverage, which is 1:400 for professional traders and 1:100 for indices.

Platin account
The supreme discipline among ROinvesting’s account models is the platinum account, as it offers the most attractive conditions. Not only can investors use the greatest leverage on the individual assets (applies only to professional traders, because private traders always have a maximum leverage of 1:30, depending on the asset), but the spreads are also extremely attractive. Investors can trade EUR/USD with 0.7 pips. The Platinum account offers even more advantages, including

  • Information service
  • Free VPS

Of course, this account also includes a personal account manager and access to training opportunities.


CFD trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 as a proven platform

A dedicated trading platform gives investors access to global markets and makes it easier to analyze prices. That is why ROinvesting has a platform that has proven itself in trading forex and contracts for difference: the MT4. Investors can choose from three different ways of using it:

  • WebTrader
  • MT4 as download for PC
  • Mobile application

If you decide to use the WebTrader, you get a mature and user-friendly system, which convinces with high functionality. Investors do not have to download the trading platform in a cumbersome way but can use it conveniently via their browser. Thus all options are open to trade the more than 10,000 markets at the broker and access live analyses as well as charts and other extras.

MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 4 has been known for many years as an innovative and highly functional trading platform and has proven itself especially in forex trading. ROinvesting clients can also take advantage of the benefits of the platform and easily download the MT. The installation can be done easily on the desktop, so that investors have immediate access to the indicators and tools for short analysis and trading decisions. Security is also provided, as data is exchanged via an encrypted SSL connection.

Mobile applications can be used free of charge
The smartphone or tablet has become a faithful companion for many investors during their trading activities. It is hardly surprising that even a renowned broker like ROinvesting provides a mobile application. Traders can easily access global markets with the app and simply download the application from the Google Play or Apple Store. This allows them to access their trading account and the markets at any time while on the move. Anyone who wants to can also be informed about interesting market opportunities via push notification and use them conveniently with just a few clicks on the mobile device.

iOS: Yes
Broker-owned software:No

Usability of the website: tidy and modern

In the ROinvesting test we naturally also took a closer look at the website and its handling. The impression is extremely positive because everything seems well structured and tidy. Investors can expect a modern website that does not lack content. The broker keeps up with the times and has adapted its entire presentation to mobile devices so that investors do not have to accept any loss of quality.

The good structure ensures faster navigation
The structure of the website has been chosen to be simple and clear. Investors can choose from various menu items in the upper section of the website and navigate to the individual items. This not only saves time but is also much more fun than having to search for individual items of information with great effort. The subdivision of the main topics is as follows:

  • Retail
  • Assets
  • Trainings
  • News
  • Info

Under the menu item “Trading”, traders will not find the financial instruments, but the trading platforms. In our opinion, a renaming of the category would be useful to avoid confusion. What would it be like if the term “trading platforms” was actually used? After all, the category is about that. The broker is very transparent about this in another category, the assets. In fact, everything that the category name suggests is presented informatively here. Investors find out which assets they can trade and can read the trading conditions and fees.

Training materials in a single category of advantage
Many traders are looking for a broker who offers as many and free training opportunities as possible. This is also the case with ROinvesting and the broker has its own category for this. Under “Training” investors will find everything they need to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. They can conveniently view the individual courses, tutorials, and other offers with a mouse click and have access to the economic calendar.

Using messages individually
We also liked the single menu item in the test, which tells the trader which announcements, daily summary, or current information are available. This point is especially interesting for news traders. We noticed positively that the information about the broker itself is also summarized under a separate menu item so that the traders can concentrate on the trading offers at first. If required, they receive information about the broker, its regulation, and the legal basis, summarized and structured.

Customer support

ROinvesting has its headquarters in Cyprus, so in the test, we assumed that no individual language support is available. However, we were proven wrong, as investors can even use a telephone number for example in Germany to ask their questions. From Monday to Friday, support is available from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm via various contact options. In addition to the telephone, this also includes

  • e-mail
  • Contact form
  • Live chat

Couldn’t get any better, could you? Experience has shown that it can take a little longer to answer, especially after the weekend, as experience shows that many requests have to be processed here. However, if you contact support directly in the live chat, you will often get help faster. In the test, we compared the different communication channels and are satisfied, because the support staff is dedicated and well trained; they try to solve the trader’s concerns as quickly as possible.

Support available:10 hours / every day

Personal customer support for selected account models
Those who choose the broker’s gold or platinum account not only have access to standardized support but also a personal contact person. However, experience shows that this is not the case with the Silver account. With this offer, the Broker is primarily aimed at traders who trade with a higher volume and would like to support them as much as possible. In order to use the special service, however, investors must also realize a higher trading volume, which is not the case with the standard account (for private investors).

E-MailPhoneLive ChatOn site

Payment methods: selected payment service providers

The broker has a limited choice of payment methods. Investors can capitalize on the account and use either the credit card or Maestro. Here we were disappointed in our ROinvesting test because competing brokers offer significantly more payment service providers. Investors have access to renowned methods with Visa or MasterCard, but very few. For example, Skrill, Neteller, or instant bank transfer are missing. If the broker manages to expand the range of payment service providers, investors can make a more individual choice and we too would come to a more positive assessment in the test.

Available:Credit card (Visa, MasterCard), Maestro
Missing: Skrill, Neteller, Instant bank transfer

Hardly any information on conditions
Normally every trader should be able to find all the information he needs without registration or login. Therefore we went looking for information about payments and especially about limits or possible additional costs. Again, the result was sobering, because the broker withholds this information at least for non-registered investors. Here, too, we see the potential for improvement, with investors being forced to contact support or register. Anyone who wants to receive information on payment options and conditions at the weekend is in a bad position, as customer support is not available at all at the weekend. There is also a lack of further information in the FAQ area, as the latter is also not accessible without registration.

Account capitalization only possible after verification
For all those who wish to use the account with their own credit, verification is required before the account capitalization. Thus ROinvesting ensures the identity of the investors. A valid identification document (identity card or passport) together with proof of address is required for verification. These documents will be checked by the support team after they have been sent to you and only then will the account be activated.

Additional offers: Advanced training and free analyses

Our impression in the ROinvesting test was more positive with the additional offers, because here the broker convinces all along the line. The investors receive numerous offers for further education in the form of videos, tutorials and much more. In addition, there is a special service: VOD. Here, traders can select individual subject areas depending on their experience and level of knowledge and further educate themselves via short films. There is differentiation according to categories:

  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Terms
  • MetaTrader

But that’s not all, because we saw a lot more in the test. The traders can also access interesting e-books and find out about numerous trading topics. The offer in the further education area is supplemented by tutorials and webinars, which are not available to every account holder. Those who opt for the Silver Account do not have access to the further training offers, this is only possible from the Gold Account onwards. But then there are numerous courses and interesting tutorials, like the detailed explanation of the MT4 with practical examples and much more.

Economic calendar and news for free
Also, according to our experience, a free economic calendar is available, in which all current events and their possible effects on the market are displayed. Traders can also use this service free of charge. There are also numerous free news and daily summaries as well as an overview of announcements. Of particular interest to investors is certainly the daily summary for each trading day. Here, the most important market movements are analyzed once again by trading professionals and it is explained exactly which tools and instruments have been used for this purpose. However, this service is only available in English, so we see room for improvement in this category.

Reports on individual markets
ROinvesting also provides numerous reports on large companies. For example, global players such as Netflix, eBay or Wal-Mart are presented in detail with their current reports. The traders get a good insight into the previous performance of the companies and can use this as a basis for their analysis and trading decisions.

Demo account
Like almost every good broker, ROinvesting provides a free demo account. It can be used for a total of 14 days and allows trading on various markets. We see significant potential for improvement in the time limit, because other CFD brokers offer a demo account without a time limit so that investors can act without pressure.

Interesting articles from expert authors
In the test, we also saw many interesting articles on various trading topics. Investors learn, for example, how to use their trading strategies and which strategic approaches can be interesting for their own trading style. However, all of these articles are only available in English, which somewhat dulled the positive impression in our test. We helped ourselves with an online translator so that we could still use the informative content of the articles.

Economic calendar:Yes
Online courses:Yes
Demo account:Yes

Awards: ROinvesting has already received several awards

ROinvesting has only been on the market since 2017 and has nevertheless already won a few awards. The broker has to compete with old hands in the industry in a direct comparison and does not come off badly at all. In our experience, there are still no awards from well-known trade magazines or juries, but that is not surprising given the still-young history. Especially in the early days, brokers often have teething problems and need a start-up phase to convince investors of themselves. We have seen in the test that ROinvesting can definitely take on the big players in the industry because the trading offer and the conditions speak for themselves. If the provider manages to accept criticism in the future and to improve the points, many trade magazines could become aware of him and reward the services with positive feedback and prices.

App convinces with positive feedback
The CFD broker relies on the quality and proven technology not only for the payment service providers but also for the trading platforms. Therefore it is not surprising that he provides the MT4 as a trading platform. The reviews in the Apple Store prove him right, as users consistently rate the mobile application positively with numerous stars. The focus of the positive criticism is above all the high functionality and user-friendliness, which we also found in the test. For all those who would like to see for themselves, we recommend the free demo account, because, with it, traders can test the broker’s offer for 14 days without risk.


In the ROinvesting Test we gained a good impression overall, although there is room for improvement here and there. Investors can look forward to a young broker that has been providing access to over 10,000 global markets and trading in contracts for difference with attractive spreads since 2017. The youthful flair continues in the page design and functionality, with a modern and well-structured website and mobile application. Shares, indices, commodities, and foreign exchange are tradable; crypto-pairs are also offered. Those who wish to invest can use one of the three account models with their own capital or opt for the demo account. For an easier start without risk, we recommend the demo account, which is available for 14 days. Investors can use it to get to know the broker and get an overview of the trading offer and conditions. We got a positive impression especially from the training opportunities and free news. If you would like to refresh and expand your knowledge of CFD trading, this is the right place for you. The traders can use the offer, however, only from the gold account. In our experience, there is potential for improvement here because theoretically, every investor should have the opportunity to use such offers without great additional costs and effort.

Most asked questions

Is ROinvesting a regulated broker?

Yes, ROinvesting regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) where brokers must meet strict guidelines to receive as well as maintain their license. The headquarters of this online broker are therefore also located in Cyprus.

Does ROinvesting offer a free demo account?

In short: Yes, this online broker also gives you the opportunity to test its services with a free demo account although the duration of use is limited to 14 days.

Is ROinvesting a well estabilished broker?

ROinvesting was founded in 2017 and can be considered a quite young company. Nonetheless, it has already won some minor awards.

Which markets can I trade with ROinvesting?

You can trade a variety of markets, over 10,000. This includes for example shares, forex, indices, commodities and crypto currencies.

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