Sino Brokerage: Test & Review

Sino Brokerage user-ratings: 25000€
9.4 of 10 points 1 reviews
  • Asset varierity - 10/10
  • Trading platform - 10/10
  • Support - 10/10
  • Fees - 10/10
  • Deposit/Withdrawal - 7/10

Facts about the company:

  • Type: Stock, Bonds, and Funds Broker
  • Regulation: BaFin
  • Minimum deposit: 25.000€
  • Demo account: Free
  • Markets: 30 + international stock exchanges, Bonds, Funds, Futures, etc.
Comments Rating 9.4/10 (1 review)


  • Professional trading-tools
  • Reliable support
  • Direct trading without fee
  • Individual service
  • Versatile possibilities of trading (online, mobile, phone)
  • Training and webinars are offered


  • Minimum deposit 25.000€
  • Account opening takes comparatively long

Small but powerful – Sino: almost 400 customers move billions

Sino is specialized in very active traders and currently has about 400 clients with an average volume of more than 500.000 Euro. One Sino customer makes on average as many turnovers as several thousand Comdirect customers. Sino is a public limited company and celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year, 13 years of which were listed on the stock exchange. To get a feel for what Sino does with these almost 400 customers, here are the very latest figures from the annual report:

Screenshot of the Sino Brokerage website

In March, order book turnover on the Xetra, Frankfurt, and Tradegate trading venues was €130.3 billion, an increase of 12.3% compared with the previous month, when order book turnover was €116.0 billion (-21.1% compared with March 2018). As of March 31, 2019, Sino AG was serving 389 custodian customers.

The eighth participation in the online survey Online Broker of the Year by Börse Online once again gives Sino AG by far the best marks among brokers in Germany – at least in the special evaluation: as a highly specialized high-end brokerage provider, Sino AG simply lacks the number of customers to achieve the minimum quota of votes cast for the official ranking.

A strong bank at your back is important

Behind Sino is HSBC Trinkaus as a custodian bank. I came to Sino back then (still as an amateur trader) through a recommendation of a professional trader (who still trades at Sino today) whom I met at a lecture. I scraped together the 25.000 €, which was needed then (as well as today) to open a deposit there.

Direct Trading Partners of Sino

2003 was still in the middle of the economic crisis and Sino, with the strong HSBC Trinkaus as custodian bank behind it, seemed to be a solid banking constellation where I didn’t have to worry about my money. By the way, I still consider this argument to be very important today because the problems of the financial crisis were not solved but only postponed.

A strong bank in the background is therefore existentially important. At Sino, I can trade almost everything there is (stocks, bonds, funds, futures, etc.) and have access to over 30 international stock exchanges and 6 direct trading partners. CFDs are not offered.

Markets that Sino offers:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Funds
  • ETFs
  • Shares
  • Futures
  • Forex

Reliability and stable trading systems even in panic times

A huge advantage at Sino has always been the absolute reliability

Especially in times when the stock markets are extremely panicky (Lehman, Brexit, Trump), I have often experienced that the “normal” banks (I’d rather not mention any names) were not reachable or overloaded, so that one could not or only limitedly trade there. This is annoying because a lot of money can be made for a trader, especially in such phases. Here I have never had a problem at Sino, even in the biggest panic all systems always worked reliably.

The traders can be reached directly by phone without endless waiting loops and entries

If I am on the road and want to know something or place an order, I call and within seconds I have the order in the market. Everything is highly professional. From 8 am to 10 pm o’clock I always reach someone. And of course, there is also an app for my smartphone that I can use to trade while I’m on the road.

Support available:8 am to 10 pm
Telephone:0 800 800 7466

The credit line provides great additional benefits

Another big advantage is the credit line, which can be up to several times the equity capital and is made available to a trader. For example, if there is a big panic in the market (a prime example is Brexit, where many stocks were indexed between 10 and 20% lower early on), then I put a large number of tap-in limits in the market.

With normal banks, I have the problem that my equity capital and possibly also the 60 % lending limits are exhausted quite quickly, and then I can no longer place an order. That’s bad because I don’t know which stocks are crashing when I’m using the deduction limits, and I have to place as many orders as possible to get some order executions.

At Sino I can place orders up to several times the equity in the market. With this, I have earned a lot of money in the past, which I could not have realized with other brokers.

Fair fees for outstanding features

I’m sure there are brokers who charge slightly lower order fees, but just because of the credit line and the large number of orders I can place through it, I make up many times the cost.

In terms of fees, I think Sino is attractive, but there are cheaper providers, no question. The order fees for shares are between 0.1 and 0.15% with caps between 50 and 75 euros.

Monthly trading volumeCommissionMinimumCAP
0 – 5 Mio. €0.15 %8 €75 €
5 – 10 Mio. €0.125 %7 €60 €
over 10 Mio. €0.10 %6 €50 €

Futures are between 0.45 and 4.50 euros per half-turn, depending on volume. There are, however, possibilities to negotiate individual fees, depending on the trading volume and the market in which one is moving. Especially in the area of the future, this is very attractive.

Practically all investment funds available on the market can be purchased without an issue surcharge with the normal order fees. In comparison to the conventional deposits with Comdirect, Consors, etc. Sino is altogether cheaper in terms of fees. Partial executions are included. There are also no limit, change, cancellation, basic or custody fees.

Of course, there are also cheaper custodian banks, but they cannot offer the necessary range of services especially for the active trader. Those who only trade normal shares three times a month and perhaps a fund once in a while are better off with Onvista or Flatex, for example.

Speed is Trader’s trump card

Also, the speed of order entry is an important point for me. I do not need a PIN/TAN, but log directly into the MX-PRO trading platform and can then place orders with just a few clicks. If I need half a minute or longer for order at “normal” banks, I can be in the market within seconds at Sino.

Especially with futures, speed is very important. Here at Sino you can trade directly from the chart.

The GRID is an additional module of the trading platform Sino MX-PRO and directly integrated into the software. You can trade directly from the chart. Orders can be set, changed, and deleted simply by mouse click. This is highly professional and especially interesting for professional future traders – for example, trading EUREX, DAX, BUND, Eurostoxx futures, or other highly liquid instruments within seconds.

Screenshot of the trading platform Sino MX-PRO

The stable connection via the high-speed ETS interface to XETRA and EUREX ensures unsurpassed speed in order routing. The GRID also opens up new strategic opportunities for futures traders: The market history becomes more intuitively accessible through a graphical display and facilitates intuitive trading decisions.

Automatic trading systems can also be connected to the trading platform via API interfaces. However, I have never used this before.

Screenshot of The GRID

Right in the middle of short selling and corporate actions

Another big advantage: At Sino, I can also easily shorten stocks and sell them short (both intraday and overnight). This is usually not possible with “normal” portfolios. Sometimes it is also very useful to have this possibility, especially in the intraday area.

Furthermore, Sino offers the opportunity to participate in various capital measures such as re-placements or capital increases and subscribe to shares. Also, this is something that hardly any other broker offers me and over the years I have already earned some additional income.

At Sino, there is the possibility to keep up to date with an additional high-quality news program. I also have permanent real-time prices for all German stock exchanges. With this, I can e.g. create price lists with which I can sort the winners/losers of the day within seconds, as I have shown in the video above.

Complex orders bring more security and freedom for the trader

The ability to place complex orders (e.g. limited-stop buy orders, if-done) is also important. This allows me to automatically place stops or set a take profit target immediately after an order has been executed without having to sit in front of the screen all the time. And I can be sure that it works reliably. Some examples of this were also shown in the video.


The bottom line is that after more than 15 years and more than 10,000 trades, I can definitely say that Sino has an excellent overall package for active traders (> 25 trades per month), offering an outstanding range of services at a comparatively low price.

Most asked questions:

What is the Minimum Deposit at Sino?

If you compare the amount to other Brokers it is rather high. At Sino the minimum deposit ist 25.000€. Therefore, in return Sino offers an excellent package for active traders as well as an outstanding range of services ar a low price.

What Markets does Sino offer?

Sino offers a big range of markets to trade in. That counts Stocks, Bonds and Funds. But also ETFs, Shares, Futures and Forex (currencies) can be traded with Sino.

Is Sino a reliable Broker?

Yes – besides the reliable phone support, which you can reach between 8 am and 10 pm, Sino has a very stable trading system even in panic times. Other Brokers and Banks often either were not reachable or were overloaded. In these cases, one could not or only limitedly trade there. In contrast to that, at Sino, all systems always worked reliably.

Does Sino demand any fees?

Yes – at Sino, the fees are slightly higher that at some other Brokers. But Sinos outstanding Features and the large number of orders, one can place, is abolutely worth it. The order fees for shares are between 0.1 and 0.15% with caps between 50 and 75 euros.

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