Skilling Demo Account test: Is it good?

Skilling is a young Forex and CFD broker with Scandinavian roots, supervised and regulated by CySEC. Since April 2019, traders from Germany, England, Sweden, and Norway can trade here at favorable conditions. Further countries will be added soon. Although the minimum deposit is only 100 Euros/US-Dollars, many interested investors do not want to deposit money at all at first but would like to take a closer look at the offer with a Skilling Demo Account.

Skilling Support Team
Skilling Support Team

This is possible without any problems, because such a demo account can be opened in less than a minute and used for an unlimited period of time. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the trading offer and the broker’s own platform including all functions in detail without having to take any financial risk.

Open a Skilling Demo Account in just 30 seconds

According to the information on the broker’s website, it only takes 30 seconds to open a demo account with Skilling and then trade with virtual credits. These details have been confirmed in practical tests: The access data for the demo account will be sent to you by e-mail, then you can log in and use all functions. If you decide to open a trading account after the test with the demo account, you do not need to plan much time for this either.

Registration requires some personal data

For legal reasons, some additional information is required, but after a few minutes, the opening of the live account will be completed. In order to be able to use it to its full extent, a verification must now be carried out, which can also be done online. The postal service is not required at any time.

Skilling Demo Account
Skilling Demo Account

The selection of underlying assets

In Skilling, almost 30 currency pairs, as well as many indices and commodities, can be traded. The crypto-currencies look very good, because not only the currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are also available at many other brokers, are offered, but a total of 10 different coins. All offered underlying can not only be traded with the live accounts but also via the Skilling Test Account.

Trade a variety of assets

This allows traders to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of an underlying asset and train the trade without having to invest their own money. As Skilling is still a very young online broker, it can be assumed that more underlyings will be added over time. The users will then of course also be able to trade these in the demo account with virtual credit.

Narrow spreads and no commissions

The trading fees are calculated in Skilling in the form of spreads. In comparison with other brokers, these have proven to be competitive. Even with a standard account, it is possible to trade all the underlying instruments offered at a favorable price. The spreads are even narrower with the Premium Account, but here an additional commission is charged for Forex trading.

Detailed information on every fee

The trading fees are also taken into account in the simulation with the Skilling demo account. This gives you a realistic impression of the costs already during testing and training and allows you to switch to a real money trading account later if necessary without having to adjust to changing conditions.

Included with the demo account: The training offer

Skilling offers both beginners and advanced traders the chance to improve their skills on a regular basis. For this purpose, the broker provides informative articles and video tutorials, with which the users can, among other things, get to know the trading platform and become familiar with several basic strategies. Access to the educational area is not linked to the opening of a live account.

The demo account also allows you to take advantage of Skilling’s full range of educational services and develop as a trader. The offer is also well suited for newcomers. You can get an impression of how trading with contracts for difference works and gain first experiences with the demo account without any risk.

Learning without any risks

The leverage with Skilling

Broker Skilling offers its customers the possibility to use a leverage of up to 1:30. This leverage can be lower for some underlying with particularly high variance, such as cryptocurrencies. With leverage, investors can use significantly more money for trading than is actually in the trading account. For this purpose, the customer provides a so-called margin from his trading balance, which serves as security for the broker.

Familiarize yourself with the individual leverage

Through the leverage, a multiple of this margin can then be used for trading. For example, if trading with a leverage of 1:30, only 100 euros need to be provided to open a position worth 3,000 euros. If the balance on the trading account is no longer sufficient to serve as margin for the opened position, it will be closed automatically after a so-called margin call.

Leveraged trading offers the chance of significantly higher returns and is therefore very popular with investors. However, trading with leverage also involves correspondingly high risk. It is therefore advisable to first familiarise yourself with leveraged trading with the help of the demo account and to use only a comparatively low level of leverage when using your own capital at the beginning.

Modern and intuitive trading platform

Broker Skilling provides its customers with its own trading platform, which can be individually adapted to different needs and is therefore suitable for both beginners and professionals. The charts can be displayed clearly and in various forms, and many different order functions are available. Positions can not only be opened or closed with a single click, but stop losses can also be set in order to better control possible losses.

The Skilling trading platforms

Other functions such as Trailing Stop, Take Profit and others are also available. Interested users can receive an introduction to the functions of the trading platform and how to use them in the broker’s training area, the “Skilling Academy”. Here, several articles and videos explain in detail how the individual functions can be used and how different strategies can be made effective with them.

Mobile trading with smartphone or tablet

The innovative trading platform of the broker Skilling can not only be used with a computer. It can also be accessed via an app for iOS and Android with mobile devices and enables customers to react immediately to price changes or current news even when they are on the move. It is also possible to log into the trading account via the Brokers mobile website and use the platform without downloading.

More and more investors want to access their trading account while on the move and therefore attach importance to a modern mobile trading service that does not require a computer. Skilling meets these requirements completely. Even on the smaller display of mobile devices, the charts are clearly presented. Touchscreen operation is convenient and intuitive.

Switching between different devices is also no problem, as the statistics are stored in the account and can thus be called up both with the PC and the mobile phone. Mobile trading can also be tested with the broker’s demo account. This gives users the opportunity to get to know the products on offer and get a comprehensive impression of Skilling even when they are on the move. Many users also use the demo access of Skilling to train new strategies on the go and thus improve their own skills.

The advantages of the offered trading platforms

Customer service at Skilling

The broker’s customer service is available on working days from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. via live chat and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. also by telephone. In addition, users can of course write an e-mail at any time, which is usually answered within 24 hours. Since the offer is in German, communication problems can be avoided from the outset. The FAQ section, on the other hand, is currently only available in English, but this could change soon, as Skilling is new on the market and will continue to make improvements to the already good service offer.

Even if you do not yet have a live account with this broker, you can still contact customer service if you have questions or problems with your Skilling Forex demo account. After all, the broker is interested in attracting new customers and is therefore also available to help users who trade with virtual assets without making a deposit.

No maturity limit for a demo account

You decide how long you want to use the Skilling Demo. While with many other brokers the demo account will be closed automatically after a while, with Skilling you can trade with virtual credit for an unlimited period of time free of charge and without obligation. Thus there is no pressure to open a real money account after all. Only when you are ready for it and convinced of the broker’s qualities, you should make the complete registration and deposit money into your trading account.

It is easy to submit a request

If you wish to close your demo account, all you need to do is send a short e-mail or make a request via the live chat. Since there are no costs and no personal data apart from the e-mail address need to be provided, it is not absolutely necessary to actively close the demo account if you no longer wish to use it. Even if the virtual credit provided by the broker should be lost, the Skilling demo account can still be used. In this case, simply contact customer service and new credit can be loaded free of charge.

Basic account with Skilling: Only 100 Euros minimum deposit

If you no longer want to trade only with virtual assets, but want to invest real capital, you need a trading account. This can be opened in just a few minutes. After opening the account you can make your first deposit. Skilling’s offer is suitable for professional investors thanks to the many functions of the trading platform and the narrow spreads, but is also aimed at beginners.

Different account options

For this reason, no high minimum deposit has been set, but with only 100 Euros a low amount has been deliberately chosen. This allows you to gain trading experience even with little money and, if successful, to slowly build up your account balance. The risk of loss always concerns only the balance on the trading account, because Skilling does not require additional funds. So you can easily control how much money you want to risk when speculating on the financial products offered.

Realistic trading simulation

For the virtual trading with the demo account, the same conditions apply at Skilling as for trading via the live account. The same rates are used and the trading fees are also taken into account in the demo. This gives interested parties a realistic impression of trading with Skilling. The exact simulation also provides ideal conditions for the training.

Find your way around commodity CFDs

For example, anyone who would like to implement a new strategy or trade with an underlying asset that has not been used so far can first try this out with the Skilling CFD demo account. Possible “beginner’s mistakes” can thus be made without affecting your own capital. Beginners and also advanced traders can try out whether the trading strategy they are planning can be implemented well in practice.

Choose the right trading sizes

With the Skilling demo account, you can choose how much virtual credit you want to test the trade with. It is advisable to choose this size so that it corresponds approximately to what you would possibly use with a real money account. This avoids the possibility that you might have to get used to new sizes and inadvertently invest too much capital per trade when switching to a live trading account. When trading with your own money, good risk management should always be in place. Therefore, we recommend that you take this into account when trading with the demo account.

Choose your preferences

EU regulation for secure trading

Skilling is an EU based broker and is supervised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). As a result, the company is bound by strict regulations to ensure the protection of clients’ data and capital. CySEC’s requirements include the requirement that customer deposits be kept separate from the broker’s assets in segregated bank accounts.

This means that payouts can be made reliably even in the event of insolvency. When trading with the demo account no money has to be deposited anyway, at the latest when a customer decides to open a real money account, but it is important that the provider is a reputable broker.

Skilling is regulated by CySEC
Skilling is regulated by CySEC

The protection of data is taken very seriously at Skilling. Even with a demo account, you do not have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands. On the one hand, you only have to provide a few details when opening a demo account anyway. On the other hand, the data transfer takes place via a secure connection. This means that secure deposits and withdrawals, as well as trading without hackers being able to interfere, are also possible later on with the real money account.

Trading hours

Trading at Skilling is possible from Monday to Friday. The trading hours depend on the chosen underlying asset and are indicated on the website. On weekends, however, not only are the stock exchanges closed, but trading at Skilling is also paused. As the real prices are used for the demo account, the corresponding times also apply. These can also be downloaded as a PDF file, whereby the closing times are also indicated due to holidays or other events. So you always have an overview when trading with the broker is possible.

The trading hours at Skilling

Training with the Skilling demo

The demo account provides access not only to virtual trading but also to the broker’s educational area. This gives you the opportunity to use the articles and videos and then put the content conveyed in them into practice without financial risks. Through the educational offer, beginners receive a good introduction to basic techniques and strategies and can get to grips with CFD trading without having to deposit money.

Familiarize yourself with CFD trading

Even if you have already opened a trading account and invest your own capital, training with the demo account can be useful. This way, new strategies can be learned, new techniques can be tested and deepened, and you can optimize your own strategy. Many experienced traders also use demo accounts regularly for these reasons.

The Skilling demo account is not associated with any obligations

Anyone who opens a demo account with Skilling does not enter into any obligations towards the broker. So you do not have to open a real money account at a later date and deposit money into the trading account. The demo account is intended to give potential clients a realistic impression of the trading offer, the broker’s own platform, and the conditions at Skilling. If you decide not to open a trading account after testing with the demo account, this is not a problem. Only if the broker fully meets your requirements, you should even think about investing your own capital with Skilling.

Customer experience with broker Skilling

Since Skilling is a new broker and trading there is only possible since April 2019, there are not many customer testimonials yet. But the first experiences are very positive and show that Skilling keeps the promises on its website. Since the operator enjoys a good reputation in the industry and with the license from CySEC the legal requirements are also reliably fulfilled, there is no reason to believe that Skilling is not working seriously. There is therefore nothing to be said against registering with Skilling if the test with the demo account has shown that the conditions meet your expectations of a good broker.

Where the broker is featured

How to open a Skilling Demo Account

To test trading at Skilling and open a demo account, simply click on the “Register” button on the broker’s home page. You will find it in the upper right corner. Then all you need to do is enter your email address, select an account currency, and create a password. Once you have done this and confirmed the process, you will receive an email to complete the opening of the demo account. Now you can already start virtual trading and have access to all functions.

The opportunity to upgrade our account

If you decide to invest real capital in Skilling now or at a later date, you can upgrade your demo account to a real money account at any time. To do so, some additional information such as name, address and date of birth are required. In addition, the regulatory authority prescribes a verification process in which the data provided is checked online. This is also done quickly thanks to the competent support, so that you can soon make full use of a real money account.

It pays out to compare brokers

The potential returns on traditional investments are limited, and due to the persistently low interest rates, certain forms of investment such as fixed-term deposit accounts are hardly worthwhile. As a result, trading with speculative financial products is becoming increasingly popular, and competition among online brokers is also growing. The various providers are trying to outdo each other with good conditions and attractive additional offers.

Gain the status of a professional trader

With our reviews of numerous brokers, we want to help our readers to get an overview of the many offers. But in the end, there is no one best broker that can be recommended for all users. After all, different traders have different requirements and each client sets individual priorities. A broker that is best suited for one client may therefore be a suboptimal choice for another. Demo accounts such as Skilling’s are therefore a good way to get an impression for yourself. Following your own test, you can best decide whether opening an account with the tested broker makes sense.

Conclusion: Fully-fledged Skilling demo account with many options

With the Skilling Demo Account, you have the possibility to test the complete offer of this broker in detail. So you do not need to open a trading account if you want to get to know Skilling better. The trading platform offers a wide range of functions and is explained in the broker’s educational section in a clear and understandable way. The virtual credit on the demo account is provided automatically by Skilling and can be recharged free of charge if required.

The opportunity to try out a new broker

As all trading fees are taken into account in the Skilling Demo, you will get a realistic overview of the costs you need to consider when implementing your strategy. If you decide to open a trading account later, you will have the choice between two account models. Most users opt for the basic account, which only requires a minimum deposit of 100 Euros. Professional traders can open a premium account and trade even cheaper. For this, however, a minimum deposit of 50,000 euros is required. Opening a demo account will cost you less than a minute. Convince yourself of the new broker now and test with the Skilling demo account whether the offer is also suitable for you!

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