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TeleTrader user-ratings: $69
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  • Asset varierity - 10/10
  • Trading platform - 0/10
  • Support - 10/10
  • Charting - 10/10

Facts about the company:

  • Type: Real-time market data platform
  • Regulation: No
  • Price: From $ 69 per month
  • Markets: Forex, Commodities, Futures, ETFs, Bonds, and more
Comments Rating 10/10 (1 review)


  • Professional charting
  • Institutional service
  • Screener
  • Technical Analysis
  • News and fundamental data
  • The best market data


TeleTrader is the information platform for institutional users. It offers real-time quotes and histories, news and fundamental data, as well as charts and technical analysis, and much more.

The producer of the web and software applications and suppliers of financial data is TeleTrader Software GmbH, located in Vienna. Many financial portals are supplied with software and data from this software house.

TeleTrader website

The features of TeleTrader

  • Worldwide stock exchanges and trading centers
  • Real-time courses
  • Automatic push update of all quote data
  • Historical tick and day data
  • Extensive search and screener
  • Market depth and time & sales
  • Shares, indices, bonds, funds, ETFs, futures, commodities, currencies, interest rates, certificates, and much more
  • Fund comparison incl. closed-end funds
  • Watchlist, portfolio, and alarms
  • Data export and printing
  • Excel real-time link via RTD
  • Different products of TeleTrader

There are different products at TeleTrader:

  • WebStation
  • WorkStation
  • WebStation NOW!
  • Market data
  • Apps


The TeleTrader WebStation is the information platform for institutional users. Besides real-time quotes and histories, the WebStation offers news and fundamental data as well as charts and technical analysis. The browser-based platform makes it easy to supply large and distributed user groups, which is also fully supported by the permission system with group and individual activations of users, exchanges and other data sources.

TeleTrader WebStation


TeleTrader WorkStation combines state-of-the-art technical analysis with the reliable and fast delivery of quote data from all over the world. Individual design options of the work areas, a multitude of analysis tools and comprehensive news and fundamental data make TeleTrader WorkStation an indispensable platform for professional and private traders and investors.

An example for the presentation of the TeleTrader WorkStation with a display for the most important foreign exchange markets, stock exchange TV, charts and other price lists.

TeleTrader WorkStation

WebStation Public WebStation

With TeleTrader Public WebStation! you get access to the free license and TeleTrader opens directly in your browser.

TeleTrader Public Webstation

Market data

TeleTrader provides high-quality market data for all asset classes. In addition to price data, company profiles, and fund databases, there is also a large selection of special sources such as OTC, Forex, interest, and money market data.

The price data includes stocks, bonds, futures, options, certificates, warrants, indices, forex, funds, ETFs, and much more. Available data qualities are Level 2 (market depth), real-time, delayed data, or daily closing prices. There are also extensive daily, intraday, and tick histories (up to 50 years of history). In addition, the global coverage ranges from the most important North American stock and futures exchanges to broad European coverage and selected Asian trading venues.

TeleTrader Market Data

For funds & ETFs there is an extensive premium fund database with over 20,000 funds and comprehensive fund profiles. Fund key figures can also be calculated. It is possible to view the asset structure, benchmark comparisons, fund documents, and factsheets.

The company profiles cover over 4,000 companies. Furthermore, there are real-time updates of the SEC filings of the US stock exchange supervisory authority. Reporting data is available both quarterly and annually. Balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, calculated key figures, and company calendars can also be viewed. There are more than 250 data fields in total.

A direct link to global and regional news, ad-hoc services and analyst recommendations.

Data provisioning includes a comprehensive selection of innovative streaming APIs and query-based APIs.

There is also an XML web service.

TeleTrader Apps

TeleTrader also has several App’s.

The free app StockMarkets gives you access to live quotes and push data from markets around the world. With the help of the app you can display interactive charts, real-time stock screens, personal price lists, sample portfolios and much more. The app also supports AppleWatch.

TeleTrader Apps

If you already have a user account at TeleTrader, you can log in with the same user data and get the same data activation and access to your own WorkStation workspace.

The App CryptoMarktes provides real-time prices for all common cryptocurrencies and stock exchanges. You can display all top coins and tokens based on your market capitalization and create a watchlist. In addition, you will receive the most important news about the crypto market. It is also possible to display charts in different time units. With the Converter, you can quickly display the change rate of the respective cryptocurrency.

With the App Currency Converter you can easily check the current exchange rates between the major world currencies (including Bitcoin).

Breaking News is the app for important news about stocks, financial markets, politics, the economy, and technology.

Charts and Technical Analysis

You can display 11 different chart types:

  • Lines Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Candlestick Chart
  • Point Chart
  • Histogram Chart
  • Stage representation
  • Point & Figure Chart
  • Three Line Break Chart
  • Renko Chart
  • Kagi Chart
  • Heikin Ashi Chart

The time units are freely selectable. There are tick, intraday, daily, weekly and monthly charts. You can also display spreads or show different markets in one chart.

TeleTrader leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to technical analysis. All common drawing tools such as lines, trend channels, text, Fibonacci retracements and much more are included. Also included are over 200 technical indicators and studies. But these are also freely programmable. Additionally, there is a candlestick pattern recognition and pivot points in charts.

The display of a chart in TeleTrader. In addition, you can see the Bollinger Bands and the display of the freely programmable source code for them.

Further features are among others:

  • Study columns in price lists and Excel (via RTD)
  • Intersection alarms for overlapping chart objects
  • Study alarms to identify entry and exit points

News and fundamentals

Here, news can be displayed in real time through direct connections to global and regional news sources. You can also set up news filters and alerts. The news can also be displayed in quote lists.

In addition to analysts’ reports and recommendations, you can also access comprehensive fundamental data on global companies, as well as company and fund profiles and company calendars.

It is also possible to generate and export current PDF fact sheets.

A connection to all common news sources is possible. These are currently available:

  • dpa-AFX Services
  • APA services
  • Dow Jones Services
  • AWP Service


With the Screener, you can select as many filter criteria as you like and also combine price and fundamental data as well as technical indicators. In addition, the criteria can also be compared with each other.

TeleTrader Screener

Fundamentally one has the possibility to scan for example for key figures like market capitalization, performance, and P/E ratio. Technically, you can work with criteria such as moving averages, RSI, CCI, etc. It is also possible to scan for important candlestick patterns such as Hammer, Morning Star, Dark Cloud, and many more. You can also filter by performance and volume figures, but also by analyst recommendations, such as profit potential, upgrades, etc.

Support for customers

The support is good and competent and can be reached by email or phone. All inquiries were answered the same day and also the telephone inquiries were always answered in a friendly and nice way.

There is also the possibility to contact the customer service directly from the platform. Then you can also see the status of the request.

Accepted Brokers

Currently the following brokers are supported:

  • direct
  • Brokerjet
  • DAB Bank


The TeleTrader Workstation costs 69€ per month for private persons. For institutional traders, the price is 150€ per month. The package already includes a large amount of data in real-time and with a 15-minute delay.

The TeleTrader Webstation costs 399€ per month.

In addition to that, there are the respective real-time data, news services and additional services you need.

A price overview of the data, news and additional services can be found here.

Conclusion of this product description of the TeleTrader software
TeleTrader is a good platform, especially if you want to look at different markets at once and keep the overview. The data is also very good. There is also data for more exotic markets like bonds or the money market.

Both the webstation and the workstation are very user-friendly and have all the important functions for traders.

The only criticism is that you can only connect four brokers at the moment and none of them are really interesting.

But as an analysis and research tool, the software is extremely good. You can see that it is a software that is also used a lot by institutional market participants.

Conclusion of the TeleTrader review:

TeleTrader is the best adress for researching financial markets and prices. The platforms are easy to use and give you a good overview.

If you want to build up a diversified portfolio you should use TeleTrader for it. From our experience, it is a recommended trading service. You can even try it for free in your browser if you go to

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