Tickmill demo account: Test and overview

The broker Tickmill acts as an offer of Tickmill UK Ltd and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. With an offer of more than 80 trading securities, the broker addresses a broad target group. Trading Forex and CFDs involves a high level of risk. Not only beginners are often faced with the question of how much they want to invest and how high the possible losses are.

Try out the services of this broker for free

It is helpful to start with a demo account or use it to work on your own strategy. The Tickmill demo account is an offer from the broker. Registration for a real money account is not necessary and the normal minimum deposit of 100 Euros or US-Dollars is also not required.

Facts about the Tickmill demo account at a glance:

  • Free demo account with large balance
  • No limitation of useful life
  • Access to all advantages of MetaTrader 4
  • Access to all trade values

The Tickmill demo account at a glance – classic demo version on offer

The broker advertises with his Tickmill Test Account and thus points out to the trader that he can start without risk and without liabilities. In general, a very good overview of the different account types is provided. So traders can choose from:

  • Classic account
  • Pro version
  • VIP account
  • Professional users
  • Islamic account
  • Demo account
Choose from a multitude of account options

Already the overview makes it clear that the broker wants to address beginners and advanced traders alike with his offer. In this context, it also provides a demo account. The Tickmill Demo Trading Account is not bound to any specifications. It can be used quite simply. It is also not necessary to open a real money account. The Broker gives traders full access to the trading platform and ensures that positions can be opened and monitored without risk.

No time limit for demo account

One of the problems with many demo accounts is the time limit. This means that they can only be used for a certain period of time. The reason is the original idea behind the account. Brokers want to give traders a quick and easy overview of the offer as well as support with the first positions. The Tickmill Demo Account is not time-limited. Traders can therefore use it even if they have been active with the broker for a longer period of time and would like to explore new paths with their strategies.

Register for a demo account without a time limit

That is why the use of a demo account is helpful

Whether the Tickmill Demo Account is really useful for a trader, usually only becomes apparent when using it. In principle, however, the recommendation is to use a test account before the first positions are set with real money. The advantages of a demo account are especially versatile:

  • No losses on the positions: Uncertainty is one of the most common factors that can trigger a loss. In order to prevent this from happening in the first place, the demo account can be used to set trades as a test. In this way, traders gain experience but do not incur losses.
  • Experience: Experience is an important keyword for a test account. They support the trader in making the right decisions. They are also a great help in correctly assessing price developments. If you do not want to make these experiences on the basis of positions that are closed with a loss, you can use the test version.
  • Try out new things: Not only beginners appreciate the opportunities offered by the demo version. Experienced traders like to try out new strategies and choose trading stocks that might otherwise not be included in the portfolio.
Gain experience with trading assets

In order to benefit from a demo account, it should not have any restrictions. Ideally, it should offer full access to the trading platform and all underlying assets should also be available.

Registration for the Tickmill Demo

With the choice of different account types, traders can decide to open a demo account. It is not necessary to decide to open a real money account at the same time. Those who wish to do so can test the offer at their leisure and without a minimum deposit. After providing his name and e-mail address, the trader can now decide to make a virtual deposit. This is a particularly interesting aspect. Most brokers set the virtual deposit directly, at Tickmill you can decide yourself. The minimum deposit is 100 Euros or US-Dollars.

Setting up a demo account does not take long

The broker sets the maximum deposit at 5.000.000 USD. This means that there is enough credit available to trade in peace and quiet and not to take any risks. In addition, the trader chooses from the account types. Classic, Pro and VIP are available. So if you are not yet sure which of the accounts you want to use, you can use the demo account to get an overview of the advantages and functions. In addition, the leverage can be selected.

Wait for confirmation and start trading

Once all information has been entered and the selection made, the trader now waits for confirmation by e-mail. After the confirmation has been received, the link to be found in it can be selected. The demo account is then available. The registration only takes a few minutes and the e-mail is also sent quickly. Whoever discovers during use that he or she would like to become active with the broker with real money can also open a real money account. However, verification is necessary here. This is not required for a demo account.

If questions arise the customer service can be contacted via chat

The Demo MT4 Tickmill – the insight into the trading platform

Tickmill works with a WebTrader or with MetaTrader 4, which means that traders can decide for themselves which trading platform they want to use. Via the Tickmill Demo, it is possible to work with MetaTrader 4. The trading platform is a popular classic that can be completely customized to the trader’s needs. Partial executions are not carried out here. Instead, traders can open CFDs on the various trading instruments and also integrate EA trading systems.

The main features of the MetaTrader 4

These are automated trading systems that can be used. Automated trading has an important influence on trading success. Traders are often guided by their own emotions. In doing so, they forget to look at the price developments. Automated trading systems help to work effectively – without emotions. However, traders must first learn how to use the systems. This is possible via a demo account.

Adapt the trading platform to your own wishes

For successful trading, the equipment of the trading platform must be right. However, the adaptation of the platform may take some time. This already starts with getting to know each other. Since positions can often be opened with just one click, it is particularly important that traders are familiar with the platform. MetaTrader 4 is very flexible. It is set up in such a way that the interface can be adjusted with just a few clicks. The tools available here for trading are practical and effective. They can be used as a support for the development of a strategy.

The MT4 offers traders various possibilities

Chart analysis as an important support

With regard to the tools that can be used through the trading platform, it is worth taking a look at the chart analysis. It is a popular basic tool and is highly recommended in order to be able to correctly assess the trading values. Indicators can help a trader to predict the price trend. The price trend is the most important aspect of CFD trading. In fact, it is only possible to look at the past. What price trends have occurred here?

There are many ways to learn about trading

In order to find out how prices can develop further, we, therefore, use chart analysis. This is provided by MetaTrader 4. The Webtrader is also equipped with the necessary tools. Basically, traders can use the MT4 Tickmill demo or the Webtrader demo to find out which indicators are important for their own ideas. Especially well known are variants like:

  • Bollinger Bands
  • Alligator
  • MA
  • MACD

The indicators provide information about which trends can be found on the charts. For this purpose, the price trends are set and checked as a basis. The demo account is indispensable for determining which indicators are helpful for your own strategy. Often beginners have not even heard of indicators. They are dealing with analysis for the first time and are faced with the question of how exactly to start. This is where it helps to try it out. This is difficult, however, if you have direct credit. With the demo version Tickmill helps you to find a way to your own strategy.

Mobile trading – simply practice via the demo

Many brokers provide an app. The offer of an app plays an important role for many traders. Especially when trading Forex and CFDs it is important to be fast when prices change. This applies to the opening and closing of positions. The mobile offers are therefore gladly taken up. But here, too, traders first have to find out how they can act. It is important to know that there is no separate Tickmill app.

Trade with a mobile device

Instead, the broker provides the web trader. This allows traders to open the website simply via the browser on their mobile device. This is immediately adapted to the screen. By entering their personal access data, they have full access to their account with the broker. From this moment on, traders can also start to become active via the mobile device.

Full demo access also with mobile devices

This allows the Tickmill Demo to be used easily and quickly via mobile devices. It’s not just about finding out what the trading platform looks like on a smaller screen and where exactly the positions can be opened, closed, or simply observed. It is also important to check how the trader can react quickly. Basically, there are no differences compared to the use on a PC. Only the layout of the page may differ. Nevertheless, it is recommended to work quietly mobile with the demo version to get a comprehensive overview.

Experience trading not just via pc

Try out trading tools

The Tickmill demo account not only allows you to perform extensive chart analysis. It also allows access to the other tools offered by the broker. Tickmill is very well positioned in this context. The list of tools is long:

  • Forex calculator: The individual calculators are a great help in calculating the margin, for example, or to find out which pips to expect. This can save traders a lot of time.
  • Autochartist: The comprehensive analysis tool should not be missing if the strategy is to be built from scratch. Especially in the area of technical analysis, Autochartist plays an important role.
  • Economic Calendar: The price developments are based to a large extent also on the developments in the economy. This makes it all the more important to always keep an eye on individual events and indicators. This is where the Economic Calendar helps. It is clearly arranged and indispensable for the strategy.
  • StereoTrader: This tool allows broker users to test automated trading. But manual trades can also be set. Due to the numerous different features, the tool can be important for successful trading.
  • One-Click-Trading: Open positions with just one click – this too has to be learned. With the demo account, you can therefore test One-Click_Trading.
  • Note: The demo version is also very well suited to check which hedging possibilities exist for the positions.
Use additional tools to get the most out of the demo account

The additions to the Tickmill demo account

Offering a demo account is not the only way to learn at Tickmill. The website provides an extensive area for education and training. The webinars are especially helpful. These take place at irregular intervals and deal with various topics related to trading. If you are looking for inspiration here, you can find it in the webinars. Beginners are very often confronted with the question of what is behind a term.

Get familiar with financial terms

At this point, the Forex glossary is a great help. In the glossary, the most important terms are compiled and briefly explained. Those who would like to learn more about trading with brokers directly on-site can participate in the seminars. However, these are usually offered abroad and deal mainly with advanced topics.

Extensive offer of training and further education opportunities

In addition to the already mentioned variants around the training it is possible to use eBooks at Tickmill. These are particularly suitable if traders like to have extensive knowledge at a glance and also want to look it up. Those who prefer to visualize the information can also use the trading videos. Infographics and informative articles round off the offer for training and further education at the broker. Tickmill is very well positioned and interested in supporting the traders from the beginning. Even with the demo account it is possible to take advantage of these offers and thus acquire basic knowledge about trading.

Expand your knowledge

Get to know the tradable values at Tickmill

The range of trading instruments at Tickmill is wide. More than 80 different values are available. For many traders it is important that they can cover as wide a range as possible through a broker. They want to build up an extensive portfolio and in this context be able to diversify their capital. The type and number of instruments play a role in this. Tickmill has opted for a fairly classic selection and offers traders the opportunity to choose from the following instruments:

  • Forex: More than 60 different currency pairs can be traded through the broker. Unbeaten in its liquidity, the Forex market is still one of the most popular markets for investments. The ability to earn high returns in a short period of time is important for traders. Tickmill also focuses on Forex trading.
  • Precious metals: With regard to the security of investments, it is often pointed out that the focus should be on precious metals. In fact, these show themselves to be particularly stable in price and are therefore also very well suited for beginners. At Tickmill it is possible to trade CFDs on the individual precious metals.
    German government bonds are very well suited to be included in the portfolio. At Tickmill they can be traded without commissions.
  • Stock Indices: The possibility to trade international stock indices via the platform is gladly taken up by traders.
    Tickmill offers a wide range of tradable stocks. Even though there are brokers with a much larger selection, Tickmill covers a wide range of interests.
Trade with a wide range of assets

Trading as a professional client at Tickmill

The Tickmill demo account is not only used by beginners. Professional traders also like to use the demo version when they work out their strategies. The broker offers the possibility to open an account for professional traders. However, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met in order to be considered professional. It should not be confused with the VIP account. This is also already designed for frequent traders.

Advantages of becoming a professional client

However, the possibilities for professional traders are more extensive. In order to open the account, it is necessary to have been with the broker for four quarters and to be able to prove at least 10 transactions per quarter. However, the transactions must have a certain minimum size. In addition to this, it must be proven that the portfolio has a value of at least 500,000 USD – including cash deposits.

Professional experience necessary

Tickmill is aware that it has a responsibility to its customers. For this reason, there is a further requirement that the trader must have been active in the financial sector for at least one year. Proof of a professional profession in this area is accepted, in which the trader would also like to become active with the broker. Once the classification has been made, traders can benefit from higher leverage, among other things.

You need to fill out an application form to become a professional client

The customer service at Tickmill – many ways lead to support

The demo account is a very good basis to clarify open questions and to familiarize yourself with trading in peace. However, if not all questions about access to the internal area can be clarified, support comes into play. Here Tickmill offers a very well set up FAQ area. This means that the most frequently asked questions from customers are taken up and answered directly.

Tickmill offers a very detailed FAQ area

If you can’t find your own question, you can contact the support. There are different options for this. Traders can use the hotline. It is available from Monday to Friday from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm CET. Very practical is the possibility to ask for a callback. This saves customers long waiting times on the phone and allows them to concentrate on trading.

Written support – Mail or live chat

The written support can be carried out by mail or also via chat. The mail address can be found on the website. The broker will indicate that a reply will be sent within 24 hours on working days. If you want it to go even faster, you can use the chat. Here too, however, there are consultation hours. In the chat window, the language can be selected. Tickmill provides support in many languages. In addition, it is possible to leave a short message here and ask the staff to contact you. The contact possibilities with the broker can be described as very good.

Support is available through various channels

Conclusion: The Tickmill demo account leaves nothing to be desired

When looking for a broker who can provide a good demo account, Tickmill is often mentioned. . It quickly becomes apparent that Tickmill is one of the providers with whom the demo account can be used without any obligations.

No obligations but many advantages

This means that there does not have to be a real money account and a minimum deposit is also not necessary. Traders can get to know the trading platform at their leisure and place their first trades. The broker is particularly generous with regard to the virtual credit balance, which can be determined by the trader himself. An amount up to the seven-digit range is possible here. This provides sufficient basics to go beyond one’s own limits with the demo account and thus make mistakes that can help to learn.

With its entire offer, the broker addresses a very extensive target group. Already through the different accounts beginners, advanced, and also professionals are addressed. The demo account can also be managed in different account types. It quickly becomes apparent that the test account for Tickmill is ideal for all traders who want to form their own impression of the broker, gain initial experience on the trading floor or create and test complete strategies. Tickmill does not restrict access to the trading values and the trading platform in the demo account and is therefore particularly generous towards the traders.

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