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With more than 2,000 trading instruments, the broker is very well positioned. Not only experienced traders appreciate the versatile offer. However, entering into trading is a challenge if you have no experience. This experience can be gained with the demo account. In general, training and further education at the broker is an important topic as well as the minimum deposit of 100 Euros or US-Dollars. Through numerous training materials as well as helpful tools for strategy development, the traders are accompanied from the beginning.

The registration form for a new account

Where the strengths and weaknesses of the demo account lie and why it can be a great help in trading, traders can find out here.

Facts about the demo account:

  • Free demo account without limitation of the duration
  • Credit balance of 10,000 Euro
  • Full access to trading instruments
  • Use of the tools possible

Overview of the demo account – Learn to trade without the risk

The Demo is provided free of charge. A real money account is not a basic requirement for use. However, it will be opened automatically if the trader decides to use the demo version. After registration, access can be granted directly. However, those who do not complete the registration process completely cannot use any credit. The demo account is then only available for an overview. This can already be helpful for traders to get a first impression. However, if you would like to practice, you should register.

Practice with the demo account before investing real money

Via the demo account, the trading platform is displayed in the overview. The simple and also intuitive operation is set up in such a way that beginners without experience will quickly see how to proceed. In addition to the possibility of saving favorites, there is also an overview of open positions and orders. Inspiration is also provided in the demo account. In addition to the most popular trades, the trends are also summarized.

Open positions with just a few clicks

Via the demo account, positions can be opened and closed with a few clicks. Speed is important when trading in order to profit from the prices or to be able to react to unexpected price changes. This can be practiced via the test account. A table displays the values for buying and selling the instruments. This allows you to react directly. The positions then appear in the overview and can be observed.

It was never that easy to open an account

Why is a demo account worthwhile?

A demo account is opened within seconds. However, many traders consider whether they really need the test account. The desire to start with their own credit is great. The thoughts of making money quickly with high returns are in the foreground. Nevertheless, the recommendation to use a test account first is always worth reading and should be taken seriously.

Before investing money, test your new strategies with a demo account

No frustration: Positions that do not develop in the desired direction can cause frustration. However, the frustration is even greater when the loss affects your own credit balance. With the use of a lever, the losses increase further. Far less frustration arises if the credit balance is not reduced. Traders can also see in a demo account how a loss can affect the balance. However, real money is not involved. Thus the joy of trading is not lost.

  • Strategy in focus: The strategy is the most important basis when it comes to trading. Regardless of whether Forex or CFD trading – when developing a strategy, traders think about it. They deal with the market and use tools. Via a demo account, they can try out in all directions. This makes traders much more courageous and allows them to go in directions they would not otherwise have taken.
  • Compilation of risk management: In addition to strategy, risk management also plays an important role. The hedging of positions is an important aspect. The demo account can be used for testing, which proves to be particularly effective. The risk management can then be transferred to the real money account.

To use the offer of a demo account at, registration is necessary. The registration for the demo version is provided directly via the broker’s website. With some brokers, this can only be done from the existing real money account. At, traders can use the test account at their leisure and then decide whether they want to use a real money account. The registration itself is completed within a short time. Please enter your data:

  • Mail
  • Password
  • Password confirmation

After entering the data, the overview of the account opens directly. In addition, a request appears to complete the registration process in order to receive a credit balance of 10,000 euros. When continuing, personal information is requested. You will be asked to enter your name and surname, telephone number, date of birth, and address. In addition, the broker asks for financial information and trading experience. This information is also of interest for the real money account. Anyone who decides not to provide the data can obtain an overview of the trading platform, but cannot open test positions.

Complete registration for full access

It is generally not necessary to carry out the registration directly. However, it is recommended. If you want to practice as a trader with the demo account, you have to complete the registration. In addition to this, time can be saved later on, as soon as the real money account is to be taken over. However, a verification must still be carried out for this account.

Complete the registration before logging in

Get to know the trading platforms with the demo

The Forex demo account is also advertised as a CFD demo account and is available for the broker’s trading platforms. The provider decides which trading platforms are made available by a broker. While some brokers’ own trading platforms are commissioned, many providers also make use of proven programs. At, users choose between the WebTrader and the MetaTrader 4, which can also be used as a WebTrader. However, it is also available for download.

There are multiple options to use the platforms

Get to know the advantages of the Webtrader

The demo account is a good way to find out if the WebTrader is the right choice for trading. Access to the trading platform via the Internet is often used because it offers a lot of flexibility. has therefore decided to offer the WebTrader. The advantages lie in the especially easy to use trading interface, which is no challenge even for beginners.

The webtrader is useful in many ways

The navigation is especially easy, access to the more than 2000 trading instruments is offered. Advanced traders, who attach great importance to being supported in their work, receive a comprehensive charting as well as numerous indicators. These can be tested at your leisure in the demo version. Interesting is the offer of the Trading Cubes. They have been developed to optimize the trading process and provide supporting instruments.

Get to know the MetaTrader with the Demo

The Test Account can be used to get acquainted with MetaTrader 4. It is important for traders to know that they need to download it. This means that the MT4 is available as a desktop solution or as a mobile version. It is considered one of the best and most secure platforms currently available in the market. The use of personalization makes it much easier for traders to work out and implement their strategies. Through the trading platform, the broker offers access to various trading values. These are:

  1. Forex
  2. Raw materials
  3. Bonds
  4. Indices
  5. Contracts for Difference

This allows the trader to decide for himself in which direction he wants to orientate himself.

Try out extensive tools

The MetaTrader 4 is equipped with various tools by default. This is intended to give traders a sufficient opportunity to find the right tools for trading. Often used is automatic trading. The use of tools for automation has a long tradition and is interesting for traders who want to hedge themselves when it comes to using the strategies. The tools execute the strategies according to your specifications. Traders do not get into the situation of reacting too quickly and working against their own strategy. In addition, the broker has other professional tools that can also be tested via the demo account.

Become mobile active – practice with the demo

The Demo Account can not only be accessed via the desktop. There is also the option to view the mobile version. The Broker provides an app that can be downloaded free of charge. Traders log in with their data and get direct access to their accounts. The app can be used via smartphone as well as other mobile devices that have iOS or Android. MetaTrader 4 also has a mobile version that can be used free of charge.

Also trade on mobile devices

Especially via the smartphone, trading has become an integral part of everyday life. This makes it all the more important to be able to learn it in peace. The Demo Account gives traders the opportunity to get an overview of the allocation on the mobile device and find out where the positions and tools are located. First positions can be opened without risk.

Trade directly – without compromises

The decision about which trading instruments to use as the basis for trading can be made easily and quickly by the trader via his terminal. However, responsible trading needs to be learned. works with a practice account for this. Via the practice account, positions with virtual credit are also opened in the app and can be monitored. Do they bring a profit or a loss? When do I have to intervene in case of unexpected price developments? In order to develop a knack for trading, it is worth using the demo account even after the initial period.


Discover the tools of

In the Demo, you can test different tools of the broker. Through the test possibilities in the practice account, traders quickly learn which of the tools are of advantage to them, where they can profit, and what is not worthwhile for them. The Broker is well positioned in this area:

  • Market News
    Market news is not necessarily a tool, but it has an important influence on trading itself. If you are about to develop a strategy with the demo, you need real-time information. Changes in the world market often have a direct influence on prices. Those who are informed about changes in real time can react much faster.
  • Trading Central
    If you have not heard of Trading Central before, you can check it out via the broker. Actually this is an investment research provider. It uses technical analysis to monitor prices, trends, and the course of the market and incorporates them into recommendations. The existing technical analysis tools are available on demand.
  • Procedure Rollover
    The rollover is information that can be of great importance to the trader. Traders always remain optimally informed about the weekly expiry rollover and can take a look at the current data. This offer is also less a tool and more a support in the development of the strategy. Nevertheless, the use of it should be practiced.
Familiarize yourself with trading central

To be able to use the trading tools and information correctly, a practice account is a great help.

The additions to the demo account

The Broker wants to help its traders to find a good start in trading. This does not only work with a Demo Account. Extensive training and further education can also help. Therefore offers a training center, which can be used by the customers. Many parts of the center are also available to clients who have not yet registered with the broker. Included in the offer are:

  • Beginners courses
  • MT4 Tutorials
  • Trading Instruments
  • Trading strategies
  • Forex Ebook

The beginner courses start right at the beginning. They enable training of the most important basics. There is an introduction to currency trading as well as to trading with other instruments. The first steps in developing a strategy are also presented. In the tutorials for MT4, the trading platform is examined in detail. Many traders do not even know all the tools and functions. With the tutorials, it is possible to get to know them and use them for trading. In general, the trading instruments in the training center play an important role. The tutorial gives an overview of the current trading market as well as tips on how emotional intelligence can help with trading.

For this purpose, the most important rules that traders should know in the context of the capital market are addressed. Please note, that it is recommended that traders take advantage of the training on trading strategies. There are detailed notes on the strategies for beginners and for advanced traders. At the same time, exclusive indicators are presented which can be accessed. The optimization of the strategies is also a topic.

The tradable values at in the overview

The assets traded through a broker play an important role in the decision for a provider. At, interested parties have extensive access to more than 2,000 tradable assets. The values include the areas:

  2. Indices
  3. Foreign exchange
  4. Raw materials
  5. ETFs
  6. Bonds
The broker offers a variety of assets

Share trading in the form of CFDs has gained in importance in recent years. Shares are normally used primarily for long-term investment. However, they can also be suitable for short-term financial investments if the main purpose is to profit from price developments. The broker is very well positioned, which the selection of shares. Thus a broad risk diversification can be achieved. Indices and bonds as well as ETFs ensure that the range is expanded. Interesting for many traders is the possibility to bet on commodities.

Commodities have quite stable price developments and are often used to hedge capital. In contrast, currencies are subject to much stronger fluctuations. Investments in currency pairs are extensively possible at From Majors to Minors to Exotics, everything can be found. Precisely because the broker’s offer is so broad, the demo account is a great help. It can be used to find out which trade values are suitable for your own strategy. It is also an interesting option to test new strategies with trading stocks that were not previously in the portfolio.

Go new ways with cryptocurrencies

The trading values mentioned are often found as classics with many brokers. The range of cryptocurrencies is less broad. With the Demo Account, traders can start working with digital currencies. CFDs on the stocks are also opened here. This means that at there is no need to create or link digital wallets. Instead, traders simply bet on the price developments.

Digital currencies have advantages and disadvantages

This means that the effort is significantly less. Digital currencies have for years had the reputation of being as dangerous as they are optimal for investors. Due to high price fluctuations, they make impressive returns possible. If a lever is then used, the profit margin is high. But this can also be applied to losses. These can also be high.

Well-known currencies on the rise

The broker currently offers the most popular digital currencies as trading instruments. The Bitcoin should not be missing. The mother of all cryptocurrencies was already launched on the market several years ago and has achieved impressive success. Further digital currencies followed. Therefore, decided to offer brokers trading possibilities with the values.

Trade a multitude of cryptocurrencies

You can choose among others from Bitcoin and Dash, from Ethereum and Litecoin. The leverage with the digital currencies is kept low. This serves to protect the trader. The spreads are relatively high. The opportunity to practice trading digital currencies via the demo account is not only for beginners a real chance to develop an effective strategy.

The customer service at

The website is available in different languages. Due to the detailed information about trading, the trading values, and the demo account, there are usually hardly any questions left unanswered. However, all ambiguities cannot be removed. The support is then the first point of contact.

This also applies to problems with the trading platform or difficulties with deposits and withdrawals.’s support can be used primarily in writing. A quick clarification is possible via the live chat. However, this is only available during office hours. It can be accessed via a small window on the website. If the chat is currently not occupied, customers can leave a message. As soon as a member of staff is available, a reply will be sent.

Customer services are available through various channels

Opening hours for customer inquiries

An alternative to communication via live chat is the request by e-mail. A telephone number is not provided. The support language is always English. Of interest are still the office hours of the provider. These start every Sunday at 10.00 pm CET and end on Friday at 10.00 pm CET. How long it takes for traders to receive an answer to their written request cannot be determined from the website. However, a few days should be expected, as the processing time usually depends on the number of requests.

The support can be reached at any time with this form

Conclusion: Get started without risk with the demo account attaches great importance to ensuring that traders receive sufficient support in training and education from the very beginning. The broker has therefore set up an extensive training center and offers a very well-positioned demo account that can be used free of charge. Since the registration for the demo version is completed particularly quickly, the training can begin immediately.

Find your way around trading different assets

It was noticeable in the examination that credit for the exercise account is only made available after all data has been entered completely. Even if the broker advertises that he can simply open a demo account, this is still connected to the data entry. The change between demo and real money account, on the other hand, can be done very quickly and easily. The design of the demo account is simple and clear.

Beginners therefore usually find their way around very well. You can be inspired by the most popular trading instruments or you can search for suitable positions yourself. There is enough time available, as there is no time limit for the demo version. Traders decide for themselves which trading platform they want to start with. The possibility of using the test account with the app is also to be positively evaluated.

This means that the Broker’s mobile versions can also be tested in peace and quiet. The demo account is an interesting offer for all traders who are unsure whether the broker is the right contact point for them. At the same time, it offers a very good basis for developing your own strategies, familiarizing yourself with the offer, or testing new ways.

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