Trading 212 demo account thorough test

Broker Trading212 is still comparatively new on the market, but can already provide a very good and comprehensive service package. This includes not only a professional trading platform, but customers can also use a fully equipped demo account. Moreover, the minimum deposit of 1 Euro or 1 US-Dollar is very low. Although the Forex Broker has so far only provided one trading platform to choose from, which in our opinion is absolutely no disadvantage.

Choose the trading that suits your needs best

This is because the trading platform is very customer-friendly, professionally structured, and contains numerous tools. The same applies to the demo account, which replicates the trading platform. In the following sections, we will inform you why a demo account is advantageous, which features the demo account of the broker Trading212 has and we will also discuss the offered trading platform and its features.

What does the trading account have to offer?

Before we take a closer look at the demo account that Broker Trading212 offers its customers in particular, we would like to answer the general question of what distinguishes a demo account. If we look back to the beginnings of trading with binary options, CFDs and foreign exchange, there were not many CFD brokers who even provided a trading account.

The big disadvantage for traders at that time was that they could only try out trading strategies during real trading. This in turn led to sometimes significant losses, especially at the beginning of trading activities.

Familiarize yourself with every option – also as an expert

In addition, customers also had to learn about the functions and features of the trading platform during live trading, which was definitely also a disadvantage. Today, the situation is much more positive, as almost every broker in the field of Forex and CFD trading now offers a free demo account. Trading212 also belongs to the group of brokers who do not want to deny their customers the opportunity to try out trading in the test environment.

In summary, the two main advantages of a demo account are as follows:

  • A Trader can try out the trading platform in peace and quiet
  • Real trading can be simulated by means of a demo account

In addition, there is another advantage, namely that the trader can familiarize himself with trading and at the same time become more confident in handling orders, charts, and tools. In the ideal case, the former beginner becomes a more experienced trader already during the test phase, which should definitely have a positive effect on the later trading success.

Trading212 demo account for riskless trading experiences

After we have answered the general question of why a demo account is useful, we would now like to take a closer look at the test account of the broker Trading212. The test environment is identical to the trading platform, which is already very positive. Furthermore, we noticed that the demo account is automatically filled with a virtual credit balance, which normally amounts to 10.000 euros.

Benefit from different analysis tools

Since the minimum stake when trading with foreign exchange and CFDs often does not have to be more than 100 or 200 euros due to the sometimes high leverage, this virtual balance can already be used to move a lot. The customer can definitely simulate many trading orders until the virtual 10,000 Euro play money is used up. But even after that, in our experience, it is possible to talk to the customer service and arrange for the credit to be topped up again.

What we did not like so much is that we could not find out for how long the demo account is available. So if it would be important for you to be able to get to know a demo account for an unlimited period of time, you should clarify this question with the broker beforehand. On the positive side, no deposit is required before you can make full use of the demo account. Furthermore, the test account is available in various languages. In summary, the demo account of Brokers Trading212 contains many positive features, only the question of the period of use is still open.

Learn with us: Educational feature of Trading212

Before we take a closer look at the trading platform provided by Broker Trading212, we would like to talk briefly about the trading offer. This is quite remarkable, as customers can now choose from over 400 underlings. These are around 100 currency pairs and around 300 CFDs that can be used for trading. The CFDs come from all categories, for example, shares, indices, and commodities. A further offer complements the demo account in a certain way or represents the more theoretical part of the training.

Different options to extend your knowledge

It is a comprehensive learning and further training center, which includes, for example, live training courses and even seminars on-site. In addition to the practical part provided to the trader by the demo account, the client can also expand his theoretical knowledge considerably here. The offer is also supplemented by numerous video tutorials. Furthermore, there is a detailed news and analysis area, where the trader can learn the basics, for example, in order to generate virtual orders via the demo account and thus test his strategy.

What trading platform is offered?

As we have already mentioned in our introduction, Broker Trading212 deliberately provides only a trading platform. Some traders may therefore perhaps lack a wider choice, but in our opinion, a trading platform is sufficiently provided that it is professional and user-friendly.

This is definitely the case with the Trading212 PRO trading platform provided by the broker. On the one hand, the trading platform is kept simple, but on the other hand, it is very user-friendly. The Trading212 PRO trading platform is called up via the browser. This means that the trader does not have to download and install software on his PC, which is often the first problem, especially for beginners.

Just one platform but two trading modes

The so-called Inhouse-Platform was designed by Trading212 itself, which can be seen as another advantage. Such broker-owned platforms can be quickly adapted to the changing needs of the customers, which would not be possible with a cross-broker trading software like MetaTrader 4.

The broker can therefore react quickly to changing circumstances and the wishes of his customers and adapt the trading platform accordingly. Currently, however, this is not necessary for our opinion, as the trading platform has extensive functions and numerous modules can be used.

Trading from anywhere via smartphone and tablet

By the way, anyone who wants to trade mobile via Broker Trading212 can do the same. This is possible with the following end devices:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android smartphone
  • Android tablet
Trade with mobile devices as well

Only for the operating systems Windows and BlackBerry no suitable app has been made available yet so that in this case the trader would either have to trade via the stationary trading platform or acquire a corresponding mobile device.

Conclusion: Useful trading account with lots of possibilites

The demo account of the broker Trading212 also serves the customers to get to know the offered trading platform Trading212 PRO. Functions can be tested in detail, which of course also applies to real trading with currency pairs or CFDs. The demo account itself is loaded with 10.000 Euro, which, according to our experience, can be transferred again by the broker after being used up.

Try out the offered services of Trading212 with a demo account

The real demo account does not require a prior deposit, but we do not know how long it will be used. Traders should definitely contact customer service if they wish to use the demo account for more than 30 days. Since the broker is limited to a single, self-developed trading platform, there is no choice of demo accounts. In our opinion, it is not necessary to provide several trading platforms in this case, as the trading platform Trading212 PRO was convincing in the test.

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