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Finding the best broker with a web platform is not always easy.
On you will find a comparison of all the major brokers with web platforms sorted by broker type, regulation, trading platform and deposit methods.
For each broker user you will find ratings from real traders to make the search easier.

Broker with Web Platform Comparison

The numerous brokers on the market, who for example offer trading in shares, foreign exchange or CFDs, can be divided into groups according to several criteria. One comparison criterion relates to the trading platform and includes whether it is offered as a desktop version or as a so-called web platform.

Such a web platform is usually also called browser-based and means that the trader does not have to install any software and download it beforehand, but instead gains direct access to the trading platform by calling up the website via the browser.

What are the advantages of a web platform?

There are different opinions among traders as to whether a desktop version of the trading platform or a web platform is the better alternative. The main argument in favour of the desktop version, where software must be downloaded and installed, is that these trading platforms are usually equipped with more and more individual functions and tools. In addition, it is not unusual for the customer to be able to make personal adjustments, which is not usually the case with a web platform. However, there are also some points that speak against the desktop version and in favour of the web platform. In any case, the significantly greater flexibility should be mentioned, because the web platform can be accessed from any end device with an Internet connection. The desktop version of the trading platform can only be used on the device on which the software was previously installed.

Another advantage of the browser-based trading platform is usually that it can be accessed very quickly. In principle, all you need to do is enter the address line in the browser, log in and you can start trading directly. Updates, as is often the case with the desktop version, do not have to be installed manually, but are normally carried out automatically in the background. Ultimately, however, it is a matter of taste whether the trader is more interested in desktop-based software or a trading platform in the form of the web platform.

Comparison of brokers with web platform

If you really want to choose your broker according to whether he offers a web platform or a desktop version of the trading platform, a comparison of brokers with web platforms makes sense. In such a comparison, the comparison of providers is thus limited to those brokers who provide at least a browser-based platform as an alternative. Nevertheless, you should of course go deeper into the comparison in the second step and take a closer look at the trading platform, for example, for which a demo account is helpful.

You should also consider additional comparison criteria, such as conditions, trading offer, demo account and mobile trading has become an important comparison feature for many traders. Brokers with web platform can be found in almost all areas, from stock brokers to CFD brokers, forex brokers and futures brokers. With each type of broker you can therefore differentiate which type of trading platform the provider provides. It can also be important in this context whether an app is provided in addition to the platform, which is the case with most brokers today.

How do I find the right broker with a web platform?

Read the experiences and evaluations of other traders about brokers with web
platform on and compare all listed brokers with
Web platform to find the best broker for you with a web-based trading platform
to find.

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