XTB demo account overview of the features and test

The Forex and CFD broker XTB has been operating as an online trading provider for more than a decade. Investments in CFDs and in currencies are associated with high risk, but there is no required minimum deposit. Traders benefit from extensive returns, which they can achieve with enough experience and a knack for the right instruments.

To gain this experience the XTB demo account is helpful. The forex demo account is provided free of charge. Traders can sign up for the XTB test account and get an overview of the instruments, trading basics, and trading platform before investing real money.

A widely know international broker

Facts about the demo account of XTB:

  • Free demo account without time limit
  • Registration also possible without a real money account
  • Registration also possible without a real money account
  • Access to over 3,000 global CFDs
  • Full access to all functions of the trading platform

The XTB demo account at a glance – traders benefit from these features

The XTB Forex demo account is part of the offer and can be used free of charge. It is a non-binding offer. Traders who decide to sign up do not enter into a contract for a real money account and do not have to make a minimum deposit. Minimum deposits can be found in demo accounts if the broker connects the demo version with the real money account.

Available for many assets

XTB gives traders the opportunity to take full advantage of the demo account. This gives users access to over 3,000 global CFDs. In addition to this, around 1,500 shares and 50 ETFs are available. Beginners often decide to start with known CFDs or shares. Nevertheless, the extensive access at XTB in the demo version is helpful. The reason for this is that the demo account is not limited to a certain period of time. If the trader decides to open a real money account with XTB, access to the test version is still available. From this point on at the latest, it becomes interesting for the trader to be able to use all trading instruments.

Get to know tools and functions at leisure

In addition to full access to trading instruments, traders can also get to know all tools and functions. Tools and functions in a broker’s trading platform are of interest to those who want to develop their own strategy. To be able to use the tools effectively, test runs are helpful for the trader. The XTB demo account offer is rounded off with the free app. The created test runs can be easily controlled via the app.

Discover a variety of options

The advantages of a demo account for traders

The opening of positions via a demo account does not generate any income or expenditure. Work is done with a virtual credit balance. The virtual credit is provided by XTB. It has a value of 10.000 Euro. If it is used up, the demo account can normally no longer be used. It is worth to ask the support for more virtual credit. To see if an XTB demo account fits your own ideas it is worth to have a look at the advantages of demo versions:

  • No losses: In a demo account you trade without losses. Especially beginners, who are still uncertain in trading, will benefit. Losses on the first trades can quickly reduce the interest in trading itself.
  • Easy entry: With a good test account you have full access to the functions and tools of a trading platform as well as to the trading instruments. This allows traders to get to know the broker before investing money.
    Get to know the trading platform: The basis for successful trading is the trading platform. You can get to know it at your leisure. Errors in opening or closing positions have a particularly rapid effect on returns or losses.
Use a demo account to try out the services

Many brokers provide a demo account. Basically each of them has the advantage that the entry into trading can be done without risk. However, some demo accounts differ greatly – for example, due to the available balance, a restriction on trading instruments or tools.

The registration for the demo account at XTB

To use the XTB demo, a registration is necessary. It is simply done via the website. Interested parties enter their e-mail address and confirm the guidelines for processing personal data. Furthermore, it must be accepted that the broker may communicate electronically with the customer. In the next step, first and last name, mobile number and the desired trading platform are requested. With XTB you can choose between an XTB Demo MT4 and the variant for xStation. The trader then decides on an account type and creates the password. This also lays the foundations for a real money account.

Registration form of the demo account

Execute confirmation of the registration

To be able to start using the XTB CFD demo account, a confirmation of registration is necessary. The broker will send an email with a link to the given address. By clicking on the link the trader confirms that he has completed the registration and wants to use the demo account. In this way, the broker protects himself and prevents accounts from being opened in the names of others. The confirmation takes a little time. Within seconds it is done and the work with the demo account can begin. Please note that it is possible to switch directly from the demo account to real money mode. This makes it all the more important to enter the correct information when registering.

The demo account usage is limited to 30 days

Different trading platforms for the demo account

With XTB, trading is possible via various trading platforms. When registering, the trader chooses one of the variants. One of the options is the XTB demo for xStation 5, which is provided by the broker himself and is a so-called “broker-owned trading platform”. It is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced traders. The innovative concept in combination with the intuitive interface makes xStation 5 user-friendly. It also brings further advantages:

  • Order execution within a short time
  • Access to trading computers
  • Technical analysis can be performed
  • Chart trading possible
Try out different trading platforms

The trading calculator enables the user to see at first glance what losses or gains he can expect from a position. Chart trading is a feature that is advantageous for the trader if he can handle it. Here it is possible to act directly from the charts. With a few clicks, positions can be opened and closed directly.

Get to know XStation 5 via the demo account

Analyses are a basis for successful trading. To be able to use them effectively, training is recommended. This training can be accessed via the demo version. Both trading statistics and technical analysis are available. You can use the trade statistics to analyze your own trades. The professional view on the personal strategy helps to improve it. XStation 5 has more than 20 technical indicators that can be used by the trader.

Discover the XStation 5 with your demo account

Access to the mobile version via the XTB demo account

The xStation 5 is offered as a desktop version. In addition, XTB provides a mobile application. Many traders today like to use an app to stay up to date when trading. They can track their positions from their mobile device, use good prices for themselves or adjust their positions. With XTB, access to the app is also available in the demo account. This allows traders to get a first impression of the mobile application and check how well it integrates into their own trading routine. The advantages of the app are:

  • Close different positions directly at the same time
  • Access to all positions
  • Complete access to the offers of the trading platform
  • Use of technical indicators and advanced charts on the go
Trading can also be done via app

In order to keep the risk of Forex and CFD trading as low as possible, it is recommended to use your capital in a broadly diversified way. This often results in several open positions. In the app, it is possible to close them simultaneously. If a trader determines that several positions in his list are to be closed directly, he selects them and gives the order for closing. This saves time and in many cases also money. Please note that using a mobile app makes trading easier. Using the demo account, it is possible to get to grips with the app, address any uncertainties directly and thus be successful more quickly.

The XTB Demo MT4 – the alternative to the broker’s own trading platform

Within the XTB demo, traders can choose the trading platform MetaTrader 4. This is a classic platform that is often offered by various brokers. The platform was developed to enable traders to trade simply and effectively. It is simple and clean, modern in design, and advanced in the technology used. The MetaTrader 4 is also available as a web version and as a mobile app. In the demo, access to all variants is possible. There are no differences to the test version of xStation 5. As a Tip: If a trader wants to get an overview of both trading platforms, this is possible. It is recommended to contact the support with this wish.

Stay up to date with the latest news of the financial market

Get to know the features of MetaTrader 4

Technical analysis is one of the advantages of the trading platform. As a powerful tool, it supports the composition and optimization of strategies. Technical analysis contains various tools for determining trends and recognizing patterns. Traders can use the tools to determine their entry and exit points and are even more flexible in shaping their positions. Traders can hedge their trades by defining special functions such as Take Profit or Stop Loss. Orders can be closed or opened with a single click. Thus, MetaTrader 4 is very well positioned in terms of technical analysis tools.

Analyze market trends

Test strategies with the demo version

MetaTrader 4 comes with the Strategy Tester. The Strategy Tester was developed for use with automated trading systems. The so-called EAs are often used by experienced traders and are also a recommendation for beginners. They take over – according to the trader’s instructions – the opening and closing of positions. With an automated trading system you can trick your own uncertainties.

Test strategies for forex trading

Since the trader already indicates when to open and close the positions, it is not necessary to react constantly. Traders who tend to listen too much to their gut feeling can also take positions with an automated trading system that they would otherwise have closed early. With the broker’s strategy tester the trading systems can be optimized. It offers the option to carry out a backtest of your own strategy and thus find optimization possibilities.

Advanced trading platform with interfaces for automated trading systems

With regard to the Strategy Tester, it is worth mentioning that MetaTrader 4 provides the possibility of using automated trading systems. Different programs can be integrated through existing interfaces. Thus it is possible to find the optimal solution for your own requirements. In this context, the XTB Demo is a great help. It supports traders to deal with the trading systems and to optimize them for their own strategy.

Familiarize yourself with trading CFD’s

The additions to the XTB Demo account

The XTB demo account is just one way to familiarize yourself with trading and learn step by step to make the right assessments. In addition, the broker provides an area around the training. The Trading Academy consists of different teaching units. Traders can fall back on courses or use the units as much as time allows. The Academy is divided into levels. Basic knowledge is offered for beginners.

Traders first learn more about the instruments and receive information about the trading platform. After the units beginners are up to date to open the first positions. The basic knowledge conveys security and helps to take advantage of the trading platform.

Information for advanced and experts

The demo account is not only used by beginners. Experienced traders also use the option to work on their strategies and test new variants in peace and quiet. In the training area, XTB also does not only focus on beginners. There are units for advanced traders and experts. Through these, the already existing knowledge can be deepened. Notes on fundamental and technical analysis are taken up.

Enhance your knowledge

Another topic in the training area is risk management. At XTB, experts learn which tools and techniques are suitable for advanced traders and how the advanced functions of the trading platform can be used. Please note that the interaction of demo account and training and education area provides the trader with comprehensive basic knowledge for trading.

Get to know the tradable values at XTB

The demo account with XTB provides full access to the trading instruments which are also available for regular trading. With a choice of more than 3,000 global instruments, traders can diversify their portfolios. Available for selection:

  • Foreign exchange: In the area of foreign exchange you can choose from approximately 50 different currency pairs. Leverage can be used for trading. This makes it all the more important to first develop a strategy in the demo account.
  • Commodities: Commodities are one of the most popular instruments for trading if the trader has a high need for security and wants to bet on classic values. Thanks to their high liquidity and stable prices, commodities such as gold and silver are particularly suitable for entry.
  • Indices: Over 20 indices can be selected for trading. The low spreads and the option to trade around the clock are attractive for traders. High liquidity also speaks for opening positions with indices.
  • Shares: More than 1,500 shares ensure that the choice for trading is large. XTB’s clients can decide whether they want to focus on small companies or large corporations. A mix of different stocks in their own strategy is also interesting.
  • ETFs: In recent years ETFs have become an alternative in investment and can also be traded on XTB. Especially interesting for traders is the large selection of industries.
Discover the possibilities of indices

Digital currencies as a special extra with XTB

Investing in digital currencies is exciting for traders with a high-risk appetite. Cryptocurrencies have been established in the market for many years, but are still seen as a special form. Digital currencies are interesting for traders especially because of the strong price fluctuations. This enables them to generate a high return within a short period of time. The investment itself, however, is associated with high costs. Separate virtual purses must be created.

Check out the trading process of cryptocurrencies

If you want to buy larger quantities of coins, you need a lot of capital. Through CTB there is the option to trade CFDs in cryptocurrencies. The list of digital currencies that can be traded in this way via the broker has increased significantly in recent times. The classics Bitcoin and Litecoin are included. XTB also provides other currencies. Ripple and Dash as well as Ethereum and Stellar or EOS are included.

Perform risk-free tests via the demo account

High returns are attractive, but high losses on crypto currencies are not uncommon either. With a holding period of up to seven days and the possibility of using leverage for trading, digital currencies bring both risks and opportunities at the same time.

With XTB’s demo account, traders can take their time to explore the cryptocurrencies and get a feel for the price developments. On the broker’s website, selling and buying prices are displayed in real-time. This makes it possible to keep a constant eye on price developments and adjust strategies or hedge positions.

Try every asset there is

XTB’s customer service – clarify problems with the support

The demo account is designed to ensure that traders can clarify as many open questions as possible before they invest the money themselves. However, this is not always possible. Good support, therefore, speaks for a broker. The website is available to answer numerous questions. Translations in different languages are also available. Thus, ambiguities can possibly be cleared up already here.

XTB is available in many languages

By the detailed explanations as well as the use of tables the broker wants to inform from the beginning. However, if questions remain unanswered, contact can be made with support. The Broker has a branch office in different countries. The regional customer service is carried out via the branch office.

By telephone or in writing – The possibilities for contacting

Inquiries can be made in writing to the broker via the e-mail address provided. In the case of written inquiries, a few days are to be expected before an answer is received. The duration depends on the number of inquiries. If the problem is urgent, contact can also be made by telephone. For faster help, the broker has different hotlines for different areas.

Contacting customer support is easy

There is a hotline for questions about opening an account, a telephone number for questions about training, a hotline for marketing, and general customer service. If there is a problem with the demo account or if the trader wants to ask for more virtual credit, the general hotline number can be used. As a tip: A particularly quick clarification is possible via the live chat.

Conclusion: With the XTB demo account you can start trading without risk

Broker XTB has been operating for more than 14 years as one of the best-known contact points for Forex and CFD trading. Over the years it has made a name for itself. In addition to the wide range of instruments for trading, it is the solid training that traders can receive here that XTB is so convincing. The demo account contributes a part to this.

The test shows that XTB uses very classic equipment for the demo account. Traders are not forced to make deposits before using the demo version. Switching between demo and real money accounts is also possible at any time. This allows XTB clients to remain flexible.

Use the demo account to gain maximum insight into trading with XTB

For the demo account itself, you can choose between two trading platforms. The recommendation is to always choose the platform that will be used for real money investments later on. The test account is the best way for traders to get to know the platform. They can click through, use the tools, and finally check how to open and close positions fastest.

But also the extensive educational area as a supplement to the demo account should not be underestimated. With the use of several levels as well as various measures for education and training, the broker addresses a broad target group. The demo account is an interesting offer for all traders who want to build and test their strategy without risk. It can be used without any time limit and has a large credit balance to test numerous positions.

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